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by Free Market Duck

CAMBR fraud at U of Idaho?
(Feb 16, 2007)

Moscow, ID Oh no.  Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the U of Idaho, another corruption scandal pops up.  The U of I released an audit report that reveals a series of waste, fraud, and abuse of funds and property at its Center for Advanced Microelectronics and Biomedical Research (CAMBR) in Post Falls, Idaho.


   Whistleblower retired employee from the U of I, Isabel Bond, not only points out various monetary discrepancies of hundreds of thousands of dollars of misused funding, equipment and office and storage space by U of I researchers, she also points out that these are violations of state and federal statutes that cannot simply be "corrected" or swept under the carpet by U of I President, Tim White.


   U of I President White does not have the authority to play judge, jury, and executioner to settle violations of law.  He does have authority and, in fact, the duty to correct financial and auditing discrepancies but not grant immunity to those who may have committed state or federal felonies.


   Just when you thought the $136 million University Place fiasco had been swept under the litigious carpet -- except for the upcoming April 2007 civil trial of Cryptic Partners in  Boise and US Attorney Allan Garten's ongoing federal criminal investigation -- more waste, fraud and abuse of your Idaho Education taxpayer money pops up at the U of Idaho.  More on this later. -- FM Duck

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