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by Free Market Duck

Who’s Your Favorite Socialist Candidate for the 2008 Presidency?
(Feb 11, 2007)

Washington, DC – Who's your favorite socialist candidate for the Presidency in 2008?

   Socialism is defined as the state controlling the means of production; free market capitalism is defined as the individual controlling the means of production (under objective law with no special interest legislation).  Here's the entire political spectrum:

  1. On the far left is total govt: socialism, fascism, communism, and military dictatorships.
  2. On the far right is NO govt, total anarchy.
  3. In the middle is a limited govt based upon a priori individual rights (not the tyranny of majority rule "democracy".)  This middle position is most of the original U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

   Where is the U.S. currently in this political spectrum?  In between (1) and (3) the far left and the middle, which is a Huge Welfare State on its way to Big Brother Socialism with Radio Frequency National Identity (RFID) Cards.

   Based upon the above definitions and political spectrum, where do each of the current early candidates for the 2008 Presidency stand?


Senator Hillary "It Takes a Village" (hint-hint, it takes a state collective) Clinton is an out-and-out socialist.  She wants socialist health care, socialist education, and socialist ad infinitum.

Senator Barack Hussein Obama, who attended Catholic and Islamic schools in Indonesia, and whose parents were radical Muslims, is steeped in collectivist philosophy from both major religions.  He, too, is an out-and-out socialist advocating socialist health care and govt intervention into every aspect of your life.

John Edwards is your standard left liberal welfare statist who continually rants on and on about Karl Marx's Economic Fairy Tales about the rich Bourgeoisie vs. the poor downtrodden Proletariat.


Senator John McCain waffles back and forth between socialism and the welfare state.  His political campaign finance legislation violates the First Amendment for Free Speech and did exactly the opposite of his stated intention: control political spending by the "fat cats."  Five years in a Vietnam prison camp did not imbue McCain with principles of basic free market economics or individual rights philosophy.  He paid his dues and we owe him, but not as President or Commander-in-Chief of the United States.

Gov Mitt Romney just implemented socialist health care in Taxachussetts last year, as did CA Governator Arnie Alphabet.  Both plans violate the fed's ERISA statutes that allow private companies to standardize health and other HR benefits across all 50 states.  Romney is a GOP socialist.

Ex NY City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is a Welfare Statist who co-authored (with Newt Gingrich) a ridiculous socialist proposal (more like a military dictatorship) -- modeled after FDR's socialist Job Corps program during our Great Depression -- for an Iraqi Job Corps program to be administered by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, who, by the way, are under investigation in at least 93 cases of waste, fraud, and abuse in the expenditure of hundreds of millions of dollars to local and U.S. contractors in Iraq.  Giuliani is simply another GOP socialst.

   So, who else can we vote for?

   How about U.S. House Representative from Texas, Ron Paul, who is a staunch free market capitalist, proponent of individual rights (both social and economic because he understands the connection), and COMPLETELY understands how the central bankers of the private Federal Reserve have dumped the gold standard and continually manipulate our fiat monetary system.

   While Congressman Paul understands the need for a strong military defense system, he does not agree with Bush's current Iraq war methodology or attempted socialist "democratization" of Iraqi society.  Ron Paul is running on the GOP ticket for Presidency in 2008 and, if you value freedom, you would be wise to vote for him. -- FM Duck

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