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by Free Market Duck

Oink-Oink, Boise City Council Feeds at State & Federal Pig Troughs
(Feb 9, 2007)

Boise, ID – Yo, girl friends, did you know that money grows on cherry blossom trees in Washington DC?  It also springs forth from the concrete flowerpots down at our Boise state Capitol, the state legislature.  Wow.  What luck.  Free money.


   In order to get our “fair share” of the "free" money from Washington DC and Idaho, Boise Mayor Dave Bieter and the Econ 101A-challenged Boise City Council have hired two lobbyists to go get the "free" money.  Boise City pays Lyn Darrington $45,000 of your tax money to show up to the state legislature and ask for more of your tax money to pay for a local option sales tax.  Let me get this straight now:  Boise taxpayers pay $45,000 to implement more taxes on themselves.  What for?  For a new Boise mass transit system, Boise air quality, a new Boise detox center, a new Boise community college system, and the Boise homeless.  Why should we pay taxes to a lobbyist to ask for more taxes?


   At the national level, Boise City pays Vicki Cram of Ball Janik LLP $66,000 of your tax money to go to the U.S. Congress and ask them to increase your taxes – and everybody else’s in the nation -- for BSU geothermal expansion ($5.25 million), Boise emergency preparedness, Boise Airport funding, Boise HUD funding, and – once again, what are we a bunch of drunks? – a Boise Detox Center.  Boise City Council President Elaine Clegg says, “Lobbyists can reap dividends for the entire region… If we are able to get transit legislation out of committee and passed, the Boise region stands to gain billions of dollars in much needed services.”


   What a minute.  How stupid is this?


   Boise will reap billions of dollars from an increase in taxes?  And who does Boise City Council Babe Elaine Egg-For-Brains Clegg think is going to pay for all of these billions of dollars?  Open both eyeballs, Elaine.  With your LEFT EYEBALL you will see that the government is TAKING a billion dollars out of our citizens’ LEFT POCKETS.  With your RIGHT EYEBALL you will see that the government is simply FUNNELING BACK the same billion dollars into our citizens’ RIGHT POCKETS – minus the brokerage fee since we have to pay the lobbyists and the tax-and-spend bureaucracy.  There is no such thing as a free lunch and, on net, Boise cannot possibly get rich at the expense of all the other 50 states in the nation.


   What is really happening here?


   Politicians at the city and state levels have now figured out that since the city and the state cannot legally print up money, only the federal government can print up money, and the cities and states have maxxed-out on local taxation without starting a tax revolt, they are turning to the Feds to obtain “free” grant money, which is either created by the Federal Reserve out of thin air – causing hyperinflation and devaluation of our money supply – or increasing federal taxes on everybody in the nation.  There is no money growing on cherry blossom trees in Washington DC or down in the flowerpots at the Idaho State House.


   What is truly disconcerting is that we have elected local politicians who are so stupid in Basic Economics that they think they can enrich Boiseans at the expense of everybody else in the nation while everybody else in the nation is trying to do the same thing. – FM Duck 

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