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by Free Market Duck

Big Brother mandates vaccine for 11-year old girls
(Feb 8, 2007)

Washington, DC Big Brother has now stomped on your individual rights to medical choice.  Texas Gov Rick Perry issued an Executive Order mandating that all girls entering the 6th grade as of Sep 2008 must receive a 3-shot vaccine against the human papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually transmitted virus that some doctors claim causes cervical cancer.


   This, of course, presumes the Viral Theory of Cancer as opposed to the Trophoblast Theory of Cancer.  Read When Good Cells Go Bad (cancer:  who's right: viral theory or trophoblast theory?  More... ) for the controversy.


   The bigger problem is one of usurpation by the government of individual rights to one's own mind and body.


   What if viruses don't cause cancer but rather all cancers are simply different manifestations of the  morphologically-identical trophoblast cells naturally occurring in your body from the meiotic meiosis of diploid totipotent cells lodged throughout your body as they missed the gonad targets when you were a fetus?  This would explain why Superman the actor's wife died last year of lung cancer when she and about 13% other lung cancer victims never smoked a cigarette in their lives.


   Without freedom of choice, how does one undo erroneous bureaucratic mandates of Big Government and Big Merck Laboratories, who, look out, will soon bring their new $360 for a 3-shot vaccine to a neighborhood near you?  This is not about medicine; this is about individual rights. -- FM Duck

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