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by Free Market Duck

Where in Hell did Our 3 Branches of Government Go?
(Jan 22, 2007)

Washington, DC – Newspaper headlines:  Bush continues "warrant-less" wire-tapping.


   With secret "warrants" OK'ed by secret "national security court" authorizations, that’s how.

   Hey, are you the Executive Branch and want to expand your powers past the 3 branches of U.S. Government?  That's easy.  All you gotta do is create your own secret Judicial Branch within the Executive Branch and call it the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

   Created in 1978, the 7-member FISA Court in the Executive Branch grants itself secret judicial powers to save everybody from "terrorists."  American revolutionaries were “terrorists” to the British in 1787.  Do we have real “terrorists” out there in 2007?  Yes, we do, but why can’t we obtain search warrants legally through the Judicial Branch of government?

   Our Forefathers created 3 branches of government for checks and balances so we would not fall into the same governmental quagmire of secret courts and abusive powers as the Brits did to their own people, which were us, at that time.  It appears that we are cycling back around to do exactly what we, as previous British citizens in America, did to ourselves in the 18th century and thus had to revolt against our British government.  (Remember, Americans were not Americans, they were British citizens in the 1700s.)

   Unfortunately, 250 years later, we have thrown away the concept of checks and balances by creating multiple versions of the 3 major branches of government and embedded them within each of our main branches.  We now have IRS tax courts and secret FISA courts within the Executive Branch of government.  We have a private banking corporation, the Federal Reserve, unconstitutionally “authorized” by the Legislative Branch and operating under Executive Orders of the Executive Branch to (1) repeal the gold standard (FDR), (2) redefine money as paper instead of “gold or silver coinage” as required by the U.S. Constitution, and (3) manipulate America’s fiat paper money and credit.

   Constitutionally, the Legislative Branch can no more “delegate” its powers of checks and balances such as voting on Bills or creating money to other branches of government (or private corporations) than the Judicial Branch could delegate Supreme Court decisions to the Legislative or Executive Branches of government -- or to a private entity such as Wal-Mart or Joe’s Supreme Court Company.  To delegate Congress’ money-making responsibilities to a private banking corporation is not only illegal, it is a complete travesty of ethical justice, worse than hiring coyotes to guard the hen house.

   As if the above wasn’t enough to breach checks and balances of the 3 branches of government, how about creating a secret legislative branch (and simultaneously a judicial branch) within the Executive Branch called the National Security Agency and CIA?  These secret service branches get to vote themselves unlimited budgets of billions of dollars annually to do with who knows what, in direct contradiction to the Legislative Branch’s responsibility to initiate all budget appropriations.

   Note something ominous here:  the secret budget for our NSA and CIA first required the illegal creation of the Federal Reserve monetary manipulators in order to effectively fund them.  How ingenious.  Americans have now lost direct control of their government by having the relationship between paper money stripped from gold.  If you don’t like what your government is doing, you can’t withhold funding from them by refusing to pay taxes or withholding funding because all the Feds have to do is print up more paper money, the only legal tender allowed.  He who controls the definition of money, controls the nation.

   The upshot:  the creation of the Federal Reserve has essentially dumped the concept of checks and balances in America, and perhaps the entire world.  Gold money is a moral contract expressing individual property rights between free market traders.  Destroy gold money and you destroy the moral epistemological basis for the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.  All we now have left are the political power brokers in Washington scampering for total control of American citizens through the implementation of a totalitarian welfare state, a dictatorship under the guise of altruistic state collectivism called a mixed economy, socialism, communism, or fascism.  At the other end of the political spectrum is total anarchy.  In between is what economist Nelson Hultberg calls “The Golden Mean,” a limited government, much like our initial U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, whose only function is to objectively protect a priori individual rights.

   Now that we have all 3 branches of government re-created multiple times, embedded within each of the 3 major branches of government, the concept of checks and balances has become a sick joke.  Additionally, we have created a hundred thousand independent bureaus, committees, commissions, boards, and agencies, all of which are now implementing their own brand of executive, judicial, and legislative branches of government, complete with Orders, Rulings, and pretended law.

   We have IRS Rulings, FDA Rulings, EPA Rulings, HUD, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the DOE, and, well, the list runs into millions of rulings and volumes of contradictory bureaucratic statutes.

   So, when President Bush and U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales claim that the secret FISA Court created by the Legislative Branch and placed under the Executive Branch grants them jurisdiction over our Judicial Branch of government to eavesdrop on Americans to save us all from terrorists, which court within which branch supersedes and where the hell did “checks and balances” between the 3 major branches of government go? – FM Duck

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