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by Free Market Duck

GOP “Intellectuals” Propose Socialist Job Corps Program to Rebuild Iraq
(Updated: Jan 15, 2007)

Washington, DC – As Ayn Rand stated in her Objectivist writings and we have stated over and over in the FM Duck Web pages, there’s not a dime’s worth of moral philosophical difference between America’s left Liberals and the GOP Conservatives.

   Listen to what two GOP political leaders, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, wrote in a Wall Street Journal Op Ed article entitled, “Getting Iraq to Work:”

   “The administration should direct a small percent of that amount ($100 billion) to create an Iraqi Citizen Job Corps, along the lines of FDR’s civilian conservation corps during the Great Depression.  The Job Corps can operate under the supervision of our military and with its protection.  The Army Corps of Engineers might be particularly helpful in directing this effort.  It will place our military in a constructive relationship with the Iraqis – both literally and figuratively.”

   Are you kidding me?  Giuliani and Gingrich, two supposedly limited government, free market capitalist thinkers, are proposing the equivalent of economic fascism or socialism – i.e., the government controlling the means of production – rather than free market capitalism to rebuild worn-torn Iraq.

   After babbling on for paragraph after paragraph about how socialism or fascism is the best possible means by which to pull a war-torn economy out of economic hell and into a prosperous “democracy,” which, by the way, is what Iraq already is, that is, a tyranny by the religious majority controlling all the Ministries of everything – as opposed to a limited constitutional government with separation of church and state, individual rights, a 100% gold-backed currency, and free market capitalism – Giuliani and Gingrich continue with:

   “Subsidizing unemployed Iraqis with a meaningful wage in exchange for meaningful work rebuilding their society is well within the means of the U.S. and its allies.”  (Really?  Whose tax money are we talking about here?  And how is spending billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars for Iraqis to sweep streets and paint government buildings any different than the welfare state redistribution of taxpayer money fiascos in the U.S.?)  “The entire effort will help stabilize and grow the Iraqi economy.”  (Really?  So now we assume that economic fascism or socialism is a viable economic methodology to grow economies?)   “The program should be overseen by the U.S. military,” (Oh great.  Proposing an economic military dictatorship?) “not private contractors, to avoid unnecessary delays in deployment or accusations of cronyism in the bidding process.”  (Like there has already been no cronyism or waste, fraud and abuse in the previous $500 billion already spent by the U.S. military in Iraq?)  “Our military will still be devoted to its primary role of hunting down terrorists and patrolling the streets, but administering a jobs program would be a direct extension of their effort to secure law and order.”  Holy moly, folks, judge, jury, and executioner all rolled into one.  Once again, in socio-political-economic terms, this is called a military dictatorship.  Austrian free market economists F.A. Hayek and Mises must be turning over in their graves.

   And finally, the punch line by Giuliani and Gingrich:  “The creation of an Iraqi Citizen Job Corps will help expedite the establishment of a more stable civil society and improve the growing Iraqi economy through the transforming power of an honest day’s work.”  Oh my God, is this straight from Mussolini, or Stalin, or Mao Tse Tung, or Fidel Castro or Marx & Engel’s Das Capital or Venezuela’s socialist president Hugo Chavez?

   Can you believe that the above words came out of the mouths of GOP Conservatives?  Believe it because they said it!  And the WSJ printed it.

   With supposed free market supporters like Giuliani and Gingrich, who needs socialist enemies?  Apparently, the GOP leadership has already rotted out from within.  No need for the Liberals to attack them.  Just let the GOP pseudo-intellectuals open their mouths and outdo the left Liberal socialists all day long.  And, in the world’s leading supposed free market business newspaper, the Wall Street Journal.  Journalistic etiquette should have prevailed here and the editors at the WSJ -- whose supposed motto is "principles of free people and free markets" -- should have exercised their scissors on the chopping room floor.  Not to stifle freedom of speech but rather to save Giuliani and Gingrich future embarrassment when their children read their stupid article back to them in the year of our next Great Depression in 2020 right after WW III.

   Once again, those who do not understand the relationship between the epistemological foundation for individual rights and free market capitalism will inevitably come to wrong conclusions.  Philosophy matters.  And those who fail to comprehend the basics are doomed to relive the horrors of statist-collectivist history.

   So what is the proper course of action for the U.S. with regard to Iraq?  Let’s start with the limited reasons for why we should have gone there in the first place:

  1. The objective:  remove the threat of WMD to America, which Saddam DID HAVE AND MOVED to Syria before we got there.  I'm tired of continually reading in the major press that there were no WMDs in Iraq.  That's not true.  Those WMDs exist and are now spread out across various nations.  Not only that, many sources report that there are nuclear suitcase bombs hidden away in major cities in the U.S. and Russia.  We have a cold war stale-mate going on.  Read the Dulfar Report.  By the way, the War in Iraq was not a “pre-emptive” attack by the U.S.  It was a legitimate act of “self-defense” since Saddam and others such as Osama bin Laden created and initiated the use of WMD in the Middle East and also attacked the U.S. World Trade Centers.
  2. Remove military dictator Saddam Hussein.  Done.  Time to go home but let’s hang out briefly to EDUCATE the Iraqis.  It’s all voluntary.  If they don’t want to listen, that’s their choice.  But let them not say that we did not try to provide individual rights and free market education to them.  So, let’s go to Voluntary Freedom Classes 101A – 101 whatever:

a)     Show the Iraqis a copy of the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Europeans fought many battles against the Divine Right of Kings and discovered the concepts of a priori individual rights.  The Iraqis would do well to think about their major ideological hang-up:  the lack of separation of church and state.

b)     Show the Iraqis how to set up a 100% gold-backed currency.

c)     Show the Iraqis how to privatize their economy by, first selling their state oil companies to private oil companies for equal shares for all Iraqis to do with as they please.  This is highly dependent upon understanding the concepts in (a) and (b).

d)     Undo all state-run Ministries, e.g., power, water, etc.  Allow free market capitalism to rebuild Iraq through natural private enterprise protected by an objective judicial system, including investment capital and international free trade.

e)     Repeat steps (c) and (d) for all other state-run industries.

f)       Tell anybody who thinks about invading Iraq in the future that if they do we will return and level the government buildings and the leaders, but not the people, of Iran, Syria, and North Korea.  If you have to ask me why these particular nations, you are a fool.

g)     Remove U.S. troops and Go home.

   The U.S. should NOT increase the number of troops in Iraq or try to install FDR's socialist WPA or Job Corps programs down the Iraqis throats via a U.S. Military Dictatorship.  Anybody who has studied America's Great Depression knows that it was the Federal Reserve's previous inflationary monetary policy that created the 1930s Recession and FDR's governmental intervention with his New Deal socialism that shoved the U.S. into a prolonged Depression.  The solution should have been a return to a non-fractional monetary system backed by gold and free market capitalism.  For the same economic reasons, we should not try to emulate FDR's New Deal socialism in Iraq.  We should only participate as voluntary educators of individual rights and free market capitalism.  If the Iraqis are not yet ready for these ideas, too bad, so sad, and bye-bye, baby.

   Giuliani and Gingrich, go directly back to Basic Free Market Philosophy and Economics !01A.  Do not pass GO.  Do not collect $200.  And do me a favor.  Take President Bush and the entire U.S. Congress with you since they don't get it either. – FM Duck

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