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by Free Market Duck

Boise State outsmarts Oklahoma with Statue of Liberty fake pass,
Wins Fiesta Bowl 43-42 in nail-biting overtime

(Jan 02, 2007)

Glendale, AZ Three ABC TV sports commentators accidentally ripped off their IBM suits and ties to reveal their true colors, red Oklahoma University jerseys, while broadcasting the Fiesta Bowl in Phoenix, Arizona last night.  "What WE got to do to win this thing ...," said supposedly neutral sportscaster Big-Foot-in-the-Mouth Fred Sooner as the Boise State Broncos were up 14-0, "is to, oops, I guess it's obvious I'm for Oklahoma...," and then the cameras switched to somewhere else, anywhere else, and never came back to the three sports broadcasters for the entire 2nd half and overtime.

   Undaunted by the Sooner-leaning sportscasters or bad calls by the refs or the Oklahoma All American football players, or even the Shetland ponies pulling a dinky Schooner covered wagon into the stadium, the Boise State Broncos out passed, out ran, out intercepted, out recovered, and outsmarted the OU-ain't-gonna-win-it-tonight Big Dogs at the sold out Frito Bandito Bowl.

   You had to see the game to believe it.  Competing for the trophy of the best college game ever played, It's right up there with UC Berkeley's 7-lateral, no seconds left, stomping of John Elway and The Stanford Band back in the 1980's.  BSU jump started to a 14-0 lead vs. Oklahoma in the first quarter.  From then on, it was Boise State all the way until Oklahoma caught up with questionable ref calls in the 4th quarter.

   Oklahoma zoomed past Boise with an interception but Bronco QB Jared Zabransky, with 18 seconds left, threw a hook and lateral, a pass to James who handed off to Rabb who ran and dove into the end zone.  Tie game.  Overtime.  OU quickly scored 7 points on one play.  Boise goofed around for three first downs, finally threw a touch down, and then,...and then..., screeeech, skid marks, time out.  Score: Oklahoma 42, Boise 41.  Oh-oh, Boise decides to go for the 2-point conversion instead of a 1-point kick.  It's Do or Die.  Three Boise players line up on the right to go out for a pass in the end zone, QB Zabransky fades to the right to throw, Oklahoma covers all the Boise receivers and their grandmothers and dogs and automobiles, but wait.  Zabransky's arm goes up to pass but huh? there's no ball.  Ian Johnson, pretending to hang out behind Zabransky, drinking coffee and crocheting a blue and orange hat for his new wife, grabbed the football that Zabransky sneakily held out behind his back -- the old Statue of Liberty (below the belt) fake pass -- and ran it into the end zone to win the game, Broncos 43, Oklahoma 42.

   Whoa, free corn chips for everybody in Boise for a year, courtesy of the Fiesta Bowl sponsors.  Plus, $3.5 million in cash and $700,000 worth of diamonds on a golden football trophy.

   And no, Idaho State Board of Education and the socialist cheerleaders down at the Idaho Statesman, we don't need to dream up a thousand different ways to blow the Bronco's $3.5 million Fiesta Bowl winnings on $100 million worth of luxury box seats at the Smurf Turf stadium in downtown Boise over the next three years.  Especially without a constitutionally-mandated 2/3 vote of the people of Idaho to go into multi-year debt.  Let's try saving, not spending.

As a post script, because you just know all the Idaho welfare statists are going to jump on the bandwagon, Oklahoma spends $64 million a year on its football program; Boise spends $3 million, 21 times less.  Oklahoma's head coach earns $3.5 million a year; Boise's coach Peterson earns several hundred thousand dollars, 10 times less.  And who won the Fiesta Bowl?

   Maybe the Bronco's last play, the Statue of Liberty, was a foreshadowing of things to come:  privatize Boise State University and build it into a metropolitan research university through a free market process instead of Welfare State taxation.  The Broncos didn't win because of BSU's welfare state infrastructure.  Witness spendy Oklahoma.  The Broncos won because they were damn smart football players. -- FM Duck 

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