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by Free Market Duck

Saddam Hussein
(Dec 30, 2006)

Baghdad, Iraq "God is great!" yelled Saddam Hussein as he dropped through the gallows in Iraq this morning before sunrise.

   But wait a minute.  God is also on the side of those who executed Saddam Hussein this morning at 6:30 am.  So whaddaya think, Margie?  Is this a conundrum or what?

   I mean, how can somebody pray to an Omniscient to help against one's enemies when said Omniscient, by definition, is all-knowing, all-seeing, and also is on both sides of every argument?  In fact, Saddam's enemies cheering for his hanging this morning also yelled, "God is great" at the same time that Saddam yelled, "God is great!"  Is it logical for each side to invoke an Omniscient for opposite outcomes?

   And that's what's wrong with most major religions: they don't make much sense.  They're not logical.  Those who claim that religions are not supposed to be logical are condemning their own brains.  Religion, they claim, is supposed to be taken on faith, not logic or reason.  (I guess that explains the Catholic Inquisition.)

   But that's nonsense (no pun intended).  One's religion, or moral philosophy, is the logical compass, the reasoned foundation, upon which one must guide one's life.  It is the basis for an objective legal system.  It is the foundation for individual rights, a limited constitutional republic to protect those rights, and the basis for the only moral economic system ever devised by mankind: free market capitalism.  (What do you think the moral foundation of a totalitarian system such as communism, socialism, or fascism is?  At the other end of the spectrum, what is the moral foundation of anarchy, no government?  As I stated in my first book, Bread and Circuses, totalitarianism and anarchy both eventually merge into the same system of little military dictatorships precisely because their moral philosophies are illogical and, therefore, brutal dog-eat-dog statist systems.)

   Next time Saddam Hussein goes to the gallows for a good hanging, like maybe in his next reincarnation if he's a bad boy, he should not yell something so inane as, "God is great," unless he means the universal force that exists throughout the universe and ties everything together via what we know as string theory in physics.  However, if he's trying to invoke some anthropomorphized Omniscient to help him out of his current predicament, he's a Bozo who doesn't realize that the universal force is not a human and does not choose sides.  Man must make his own choices via a process known as free will.  You live by the sword, you die by the sword.

   So let's not have any more of this, "Dear Lord, please help us beat the other football team that you're watching over today, too" baloney.  Otherwise, I got a good one: "Yo Lord, please help me win the $88 million Power Ball Lottery tonight, OK?"

Summary:  The main problem on earth today is that most people do not think that it matters whether moral philosophy is logical.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The illogic of today's major religions is the main cause of most of our conflicts at all levels of government and economy and our personal lives.  Also, be careful how you judge Saddam Hussein or Adolph Hitler or even so-called prophets such as Jesus Christ or Muhammad because we are all part of the universal creation and everybody chooses how and what to learn through experience and mistakes before entering each life on earth.  By the way, there is no such thing as a Devil or Hell, unless you mean the IRS or the monetary crooks at the Federal Reserve. -- FM Duck

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