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by Free Market Duck

U of I Wallace pleads guilty to state criminal charges in $136 million University Place fine and 3-year probation...
Latah prosecutor Thompson says Crimes?  What crimes, I don't see no crimes, no theft, no robbery, no conspiracy, nobody else and only "good intentions"
(Nov 30, 2006)

Really?  So if Wallace acted alone but didn't take the money and run off to Acapulco to spend it on himself and some floozy, where did all the money go, who got how much, and who, if not the taxpayers, was forced to pay it back to the UI and UIF in a roundabout "secret" civil settlement partially funded by an Idaho State Insurance Fund? -- Deep Throat II, Boise's Watergate

What really happened is the citizens of Idaho repaid the citizens of Idaho -- hey, that's themselves -- in a very clever "secret" and highly creative accounting methodology whose sneakiness and creativity was excelled only by the original creative accounting and project practices in the University Place crime itself. -- Deep Throat II, Boise's Watergate

If one breaks any crime down to an infinite number of individual actions, 99% of those individual actions, in and of themselves, will not constitute a crime.  Driving a car is not a crime; driving a getaway car from a bank job is a crime.  Shooting a gun is not a crime; shooting the bank teller is a crime.  Prosecutor Thompson either stupidly, or on purpose, broke the Univ Place scam into an infinite number of individual actions, disconnected each action, and then proclaimed no dynamic crime spree existed except for one action, poor Wallace secretly moving millions of dollars from the UI to the UIF for apparently no reason at all (because if prosecutor Thompson admits the money was for temporary financing to build the UI satellite, then he would be, de facto, defining the connected activities of others such as Hoover, ex Gov Kempthorne, the Boise Lawyers, and Cryptic Partners).  Using Thompson's absurd myopic litigious methodology, if only Wallace had obtained permission to move the money, then, Thompson concludes, the entire $136 million Univ Place scam would not have been illegal because nothing else was illegal.  Therefore, Scott Peterson who murdered his pregnant wife and unborn son in California, should be freed immediately since not one individual piece of evidence or action by Peterson was, in and of itself, illegal.  Yet, taken as a dynamic continuum, we know Scott Peterson murdered his wife.  In Idaho, Peterson would have gotten a three year probation, no fine, and sent on his merry way to commit more murders, which is exactly the message now sent (more financial scams) to all the perps in Boise's Watergate fiasco.  Or, will Idaho throw Cryptic Partners to the wolves in a fed crim indictment?  Only US Attorney Garten knows for sure. -- Deep Throat II, Boise's Watergate

Boise, ID Ya-yess, girl friends.  Nobody except Wallace did anything wrong in the $136 million University Place Scam.  Just ask Latah prosecutor Bill Thompson.  Boise's Watergate was just a big Fig Newton of your imagination.  There was no tricky land deal to build the Ada County Courthouse, there was no Friends of the Ada County Judicial System, Inc. to trample the Idaho Constitution, there was no Cryptic Partners and law firm Givens Pursley raking in millions of dollars in this non-existent boondoggle, nobody sat on multiple committees, commissions, boards, and bureaus approving the Univ Place scam, Gov Kempthorne and his Chief of Staff Phil Reberger were innocent bystanders, U of I President Hoover was vacationing in Timbuktu at the time and knows nothing nohow, Wallace was in the basement mixing up chocolate chip cookies, the students have to pay 24% more tuition, the "secret" civil settlement using State Insurance Funds to pay off the non-crimes doesn't exist, and I'm a monkey's uncle.

   Meanwhile, since there's obviously no crime at Univ Place, why is US Attorney Allan Garten from Portland, Oregon, still conducting a federal criminal investigation into one of the biggest non-crimes in Idaho's short history?  Did somebody mail a letter across state lines or step on a federally-protected drosophila melanogaster, the common fruit fly, on the way down to the mail box?  Oh my God, Margie, slap their little wrists, will ya?  Two hours detention in your room, Wallace, and no ice cream tonight.

   What's left for Idaho's tangled $136 million Univ Place fiasco?  Out of state developers Cryptic Partners' civil trial date has been moved from Jan 22, 2006, to next April 2007 by Judge Hurlbutt.  Cryptic Partners (Steve Semingson) was not absolved in the "secret" civil settlement (multiple lawsuits) last May and faces charges of "questionable" invoices totaling $7 million billed to the U of I Foundation for supposed cough-cough pre-development costs.

   And don't forget, sports fans, even though ex VP Wallace was granted immunity from future state civil and criminal charges that may arise in future lawsuits and trials, US Attorney Allan Garten says NOBODY has been exonerated in his ongoing federal criminal investigation of this huge and ridiculous University Place fiasco.

   Oh yeah, don't forget the Idaho State Bar Association will be conducting a trial in this Big Mess against Givens Pursley lawyers Roy Eiguren and Ed Miller for simultaneously representing both sides of all the major parties in the Univ Place Scam.

P.S.  Sioux City Mayor and their city council who erroneously think Boise's Watergate is over and are faced with a $250,000 (or 10% $25,000 down payment) default by Cryptic Partners in their Hotel-Theatre Complex must be slow learners.  They bought the old Pierce Hotel for $400,000 with taxpayer money and sold it to a new developer for ONE DOLLAR ($1.00).  Whoa, Mayor, I got a Golden Gate Bridge you can buy for only $2 billion.  -- Deep Throat II

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