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by Free Market Duck

Boise "needs" a detox center like it "needs" another snort of crack
(Nov 17, 2006)

Boise, ID Oh no, here we go again, Margie.  Boise Mayor Dave Bieter and his socialist cheerleaders down at the Idaho Statesman want you to pay umpteen millions of dollars for a 12-bed -- wow, 12 whole beds -- detox center in downtown Boise.

   What the hell is a "detox center?"  And why should taxpayers pay for it?

   A detox center is where drunks and nose candy freaks can take a break after overdosing on booze and/or Speed, Horse, Mary Jane, and Nose Candy, girl friends.  Like, you know, isn't it the responsibility of the taxpayers to finance a Jr. Hilton Hotel For The Night when alcoholics and dopers party down, OD, and then flip out?  I mean, God forbid that a doper or druggie should be responsible for his or her own actions and financial obligations after mainlining Horse or Crack into his veins and chugging down a fifth of Old Grandpa Rotgut.

   How did we evolve to the point that our politicians and news media gurus think that it is the taxpayers' responsibility to take care of the drunks and dopers of Boise?  Easy.  It's called altruistic state collectivism in which the undefined premise is that everybody, based upon "need," has a "right to receive" all services and commodities from everybody else.  In polite academic circles at all the major universities where they play philosophical circle jerk with your children's brains, we call it socialism or a mixed economy.  Out on the street, we call it stupid.

   Nobody has the "right to receive" anything from anybody else.  Individuals only have the right to voluntarily exchange or give to others.  We see this bankrupt philosophy of alleged "rights to receive" express itself for many other market commodities including Hillary Care national health programs, public education, national trains (AMTRAK), and a plethora of other governmental interventions into the free market.

   The Statesman says the argument for or against a detox center has "never been about need -- but instead who pays how much."  Really?  Apparently the dopes down at the Statesman don't read the FM Duck News Journal.  If anybody still doubts the socialist leanings of the Statesman editors, you only have to re-read their above quote.  "Need" and "rights to receive" are the philosophical premises for every state interventionist proposal that the Statesman, and others from the U.S. Congress to our local county commissioners, continually put forth for their tirades against individual rights and free market capitalism.  Nor do they see the principled connection of social individual rights as the basis for free market rights.  (But that's their tough patootie luck.  They should read the FM Duck News Journal more often, where we squash socialist sophisms on a daily basis in five seconds flat.  Whoa, don't get me hopped up on free market economics, girl friend, or you might have to truck me on down to the new proposed detox center for adrenaline overload.  Yipes!)

   But one governmental intervention begets a thousand more.  Which is how we got to where we are now in Boise and why, of course, socialism is the road to serfdom.  A mixed economy is simply "socialism on the installment plan."  It also explains why, at the local and national political levels, we have morphed into Mob Rule in which everybody is attempting to prove they are the most "needy" to receive the most federal funds (Porky the Pig earmarks), which ends up being a culture of political corruption "with everybody trying to live at the expense of everybody else through that great fictitious entity called the state."

    Add it up, mathematicians.  Even if it was morally correct, it doesn't take an Albert Einstein to figure out that Boise or Idaho doesn't even come close to having enough tax money to pay for (1) a new detox center, (2) a new system of Community Colleges, (3) $5 billion for "Connecting Idaho" Highway Projects, (4) a new "Library Blocks" project, (5) a light rail, medium rail, or heavy rail mass transportation system, (6) expanding BSU to a "Metropolitan Research" university, and (7) a state doughnut shop for my brother. -- FM Duck

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