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by Free Market Duck

Bodo developer proposes Boise's Watergate method to rip down, rebuild Boise's main library
(Aug 14, 2006)

Boise, ID Bodo developer Mark Rivers proposes that Boise sign one-year leases costing $2 million per year for umpteen years to rip down and rebuild Boise's current Main Library -- the same unconstitutional technique that Ada County and The Friends of the Ada County Judicial system, Inc. used to pay for the new Ada County Courthouse AND the 14.25 acres for the failed $136 million University Place fiasco.

   This unconstitutional method to get around Article VIII, Sect 3 of Idaho's Constitution which requires a 2/3 majority vote of the voters to go into long term debt, is outlined in my latest book Boise's Watergate and was the precursor to an even bigger scam: University Place.

   In short, University Place was simply a clever method by which local Boise lawyers, an outside California development firm nicknamed Cryptic Partners, and many leading politicians and educators (including ex-Governor Kempthorne and his Chief of Staff, Phil Reberger) allegedly conspired to illegally launder interim finances through the Univ of Idaho Foundation from the University of Idaho, $28 million, to build a U of I extension in downtown Boise.  Kempthorne and the major political perps then allegedly rammed a $136 - $150 million ISBA bond issue through the state legislature and signed off on it in 7 days flat -- an all-time Idaho speed record -- in order to COVER UP and REPLACE the illegal interim financing with permanent financing before an end of fiscal year audit by the U of I and UIF by erasing the interim self-dealing "loans" from the books.

   All was revealed when the Univ Place project collapsed after a Moscow-Pullman news reporter spilled the beans and U of I Executive Director of IPB, Wayland Winstead, stated, "University Place was a speculative real estate development that threatened an Enron-like implosion of our finances."

   The plot thickened, however, as Boise's Watergate revealed the connection between the $100 million Courthouse fake-lease purchase scheme and the ill-fated $136 million University Place project -- using the same method now being contemplated by Bodo developer Mark Rivers and one of the same players in the Boise Watergate fiasco, CCDC, Boise's Urban Renewal Agency.  The connection between the Courthouse and Univ Place developments?  It was the same perps who orchestrated both schemes.  Namely, Cryptic Partners, who walked away with $28 million, and The Boise Lawyers, who got $1.6 million for doing essentially nothing but scamming the public and the U of I.

   While a secret civil lawsuit agreement doled out cookies to the Univ  Place perps and absolved everybody of everything, except Cryptic Partners who author Deep Throat II predicts is being thrown to the US Attorney as the scapegoat to protect the Idaho politicians and lawyers, a federal criminal investigation is still ongoing by the US Attorney's District Office in Portland, Oregon.

   And now, as predicted by author Deep Throat II, since the Univ Place culprits have not been indicted, arrested, or charged with anything and are likely to get off free, the Good Ol' Boys of Boise are at it again, only this time it's a development scheme that includes The Library for $42 million instead of the U of I.  Not only that, now we hear rumblings from the Greater Boise Auditorium District, GBAD, that they are considering using the same unconstitutional technique to build another convention center that the voters have already said, "NO," to twice.

   Maybe, just maybe, good gal lawyer Heather Cunningham who this year just beat the litigious crap out of the airport parking perps at the Idaho Supreme Court in a similar case, has set a precedent against Idaho's stupid "judicial confirmation" methodology (also outlined in Boise's Watergate), which is a corollary to Idaho's illegal fake-lease purchase scheme being considered by Bodo's developer and concocted by leading members of Idaho's judicial community, members who go all the way up to the Idaho Supreme Court.

   You want proof of the Courthouse scam?  Deep Throat II has copies of canceled checks for $800,000 that the Ada County Treasurer paid to The Friends of the Ada County Judicial System, Inc. as their first illegal payment for the Univ Place project property.  And get this, voters:  The Friends paid zero in property taxes for 14.25 acres in downtown Boise for all the years they pulled this stunt.  They, unlike you, were incorporated as a 501 c (3) tax-exempt corporation.  Ada County, rather You the Citizens, don't own the Courthouse; it's rented in fake one-year leases renewable every year for 30 years.  I guess the Idaho Constitution isn't worth the toilet paper it's written on when the rigged Idaho judicial system can wipe its ass on it every other whipstitch minute.  (Yeah, you should be upset.  And ex-Gov Kempthorne's $3 billion GARVEE Highway Plan, a multi-year deficit, should be on the Nov ballot, too -- Article VIII, Section1 of the Idaho Constitution, Long Term Debts -- but it won't be.) -- Deep Throat II

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