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by Free Market Duck

Idaho Baptists launch missiles against California Catholics?
(Aug 07, 2006)

Beirut, Lebanon – How about Vermont Methodists bombing Pennsylvania Quakers?

   Sound screwy?  Yes but it happens every day in Lebanon and Israel 

   Why aren’t the religious sects in America blowing each other up like the religious sects in the Middle East?  How do terrorist groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas get away with calling themselves religious sects and simultaneously legitimate political parties?  That’s like the Ku Klux Klan calling themselves Christians and running candidates for the U.S. Congress in between burning crosses on the lawns of African-Americans.

   Can you imagine the Christian KKK installing 15,000 missile sites in Boise (you know, like hiding an elephant in your living room) – as Hezbollah did in Lebanon -- and launching hundreds of Russian rockets into Seattle and San Francisco on a daily basis?  Imagine the Governor of California, Arnold the Terminator, retaliating with F-16s and Apache helicopters, strafing the hidden missile sites installed at Boise High School (like the students wouldn’t notice), St Luke’s Hospital (neither would the nurses) and It’s A Small World After All Day Care Center on Cherry Lane (like the kids wouldn’t be climbing all over the warheads playing tag)?

   What’s the major difference between the moral philosophy of the Middle East and America that accounts for this difference?

   Separation of church and state.

   Our American forefathers were mainly Deists (which says, yes Martha, there’s a God but he doesn’t interfere), not Theists (which says, OK, Martha, God chooses sides and your side is always right).  The Founding Fathers revolted against the idea of the Divine Right of Kings, an idea that said individuals are born into a caste system with no rights except those granted by either the collective state or the collective church.  Instead, our forefathers embraced the new idea that everybody was born with equal rights and they embedded this idea into the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  It’s called separation of church and state.

   The concept of the separation of church and state is derived from the concept of inalienable individual rights.  The major religious sects in the Middle East do not understand nor accept the concept of inalienable individual rights.  They only accept the concept of collectivist mob rule, cloaked in religious robes.  Put simply, World War III in the Middle East is a war of church-state collectivism vs. individual rights.

   The reason it is important to understand the concept of inalienable individual rights is because that will answer the next logical question, which is, what constitutes a legitimate government?  If you choose the moral philosophy of individual rights, you will end up defining “a legitimate government” as one that prohibits infringements upon individual rights.  If, however, you choose the moral philosophy of a collectivist church-state, you will end up with a religious dictatorship with no individual rights.

   Governments that do not respect individual rights are not legitimate governments and their rulers have no legitimate claim of sovereignty.  This is as true for the Middle East, China, Syria and North Korea as it is for America.  By this definition, the majority of governments represented in the United Nations are not legitimate.  Therefore, the resolutions of the U.N. are nothing but collectivist babblings and the U.N. should be dismantled immediately.

   In conclusion, World War III in the Middle East is a philosophical war of the collectivist church-state vs. the philosophy of individual rights.  The major religions of today are simply immoral excuses for collectivist dictators to claim nationalistic legitimacy over the individual rights of humanity on planet earth.  And who grants them that power?  You do.  By subordinating your rational thinking to faith-based fairytales. – FM Duck

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