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by Free Market Duck

Boise needs a Drug Czar like it needs a Snicker-doodle Czar
(July 18, 2006)

Boise, Idaho – The Idaho Statesman says Jim Tibbs, Idaho’s new Drug Czar and a previous cop for 34 years, needs to create a massive treatment plan for all the prisoners in the state.

   This implies that (1) an individual’s choice of drug use is a “problem,” (2) an individual’s drug use “problem” is the fault or responsibility of collective society, and (3) therefore, it is up to collectivist society to declare a War on Drugs, lock up victims for making the “wrong” choice (as defined not by individual rights laws but by a state-collectivist mentality), and – here’s the punch line -- REHABILITATE the drug “problem” prisoner with state “TREATMENT” and state “RE-EDUCATION.”  If this sounds like Big Brother in George Orwell’s novel, 1984, it is.

   In reality, the War on Drugs is a War on Individual Choice and Responsibility.  The collectivist philosophy underlying the War on Drugs is dangerous for the precedent it sets.  It is the same collectivist philosophy underlying the War on Tobacco, the War on Abortion Rights, the failed War on Alcohol, and recently Idaho’s War on Candy Bars (see state legislative Bills in 2004 and 2005 introduced by Rep M. Henbest to save us from obesity).  All of these Wars are wars against the concept of individual rights, the right to choose and take full responsibility for one’s choice.  Claiming that an individual’s right to choose ultimately hurts society, this collectivist theory becomes a bogus excuse to do away with individual rights and implement the collectivist state.  It’s an excuse that all dictators have used throughout history.  At its very premise, the War on Drugs is a thinly-disguised philosophy of a War of Statist-Collectivism, i.e., socialism, vs. individual rights and the free market.

   Not only is this a War on The Individual, statist politicians are busy making up laws based upon flimsy excuses given by those who are arrested.  If the robber says he robbed the local 7-Eleven convenience store to get money for his next drug fix, his lame excuse (true or not, it’s irrelevant) is used for further War on Drugs legislation.  Under American law, one should be arrested for the act of robbery, the act of initiating force, not the excuse given for the act of robbery.  What if somebody said, “Well, OK, you caught me, the reason I robbed Bank of America was to get money for my next swimming pool in my back yard?”  Should we create a War on Swimming Pools and then create a Swimming Pool Czar to stamp out bank robberies because that's the excuse given to rob the bank?  Thank God nobody has given “a trip to Bermuda” as the reason he robbed a Stinker Gas Station in downtown Boise or the Statesman editors would be calling for a Jamaica Vacation Czar.

   And so the socialist editors at the Statesman newspaper prattle on, spewing forth their idiotic collectivist editorials calling for a Drug Czar to create multi-million dollar drug treatment and detox centers for our overcrowded prisons bulging at the seams with poor victims of the collectivist state’s victimless crime laws, the same collectivist mentality which now pervades every nook and cranny and service and commodity in our country.  At this rate, I expect the state to call for a War on Ice Cream Cones to save us from cavities next year.

   Let’s get real.  Drug users are individuals who have made a choice just like everybody else makes a hundred choices at the grocery store, liquor store, and at work every day and each individual, not collective society, must take full responsibility for their choices.  Recreational drug users do not need to be locked up.  Neither do beer drinkers.  They have not committed a crime against anybody.  Robbers, rapists, and murderers need to be locked up.  They have initiated force or fraud against others.  The War on Drugs is not a war against drugs; it's a philosophical war of state collectivism vs. individual rights.

   The Statesman’s ridiculous call for Idaho's Drug Czar to create treatment plans and a detox center simply reveals their pro-socialist and anti-individual rights mentality.  We need to let those non-aggressive, victimless crime victims of the state’s stupid War on Drugs out of prison, not develop stupid programs for them.  By the way, the next time you’re arrested for robbing 7-Eleven, tell the cops you did it to support your beach volleyball habit.  Maybe the Idaho Statesman will call for a Rio de Janeiro Czar and send you to Brazil 1st class for R & R. – FM Duck

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