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by Free Market Duck

Boise's Watergate goes to Washington...
Gov Kempthorne nominated as Secretary of Interior
(March 17, 2006)

How is it that President Bush's standard FBI investigation into the backgrounds of candidates for a White House Cabinet position failed to discover that Gov Kempthorne is one of the participants still under federal criminal investigation by US Attorney Allan Garten for his alleged role in Idaho's University Place fiasco?

Is Kempthorne a shoo-in or will he be outted at the Senate confirmation hearings?

Kempthorne's history of alleged land development manipulation from the O'Neil boondoggle at River Run in SE Boise when he was Boise Mayor to the $136 million Univ Place fiasco still under federal criminal investigation to his $3 billion multi-year unconstitutional GARVEE debt for Highways w/o a majority vote of the voters as required by Article 8, Sect 1, or Sect 3, of the Idaho Constitution does not bode well for a future Secretary of the Interior.

Has Kempthorne struck a deal with the feds to allow 70,000 tons of nuclear waste to be sent to the Idaho National Laboratory in exchange for an appointment as Sec of Interior?  Only former Govs Batt and Andrus are complaining; Gov K has zipped his lips on the nuke issue.

If Kempthorne truly is being groomed for the Presidency in 2008, somebody please send a copy of Boise's Watergate to Hillary Clinton of NY so she can slap him around with the book during the Presidential debates -- make it a hardback copy.

Boise, ID If Gov. Kempthorne is confirmed by the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources (on which sits Idaho Senator Larry Craig who played a minor role in the Univ Place fiasco and allegedly a more major role in convicted California Rep. Cunningham's "Pay-for-Votes" legislation) and history follows itself then one should look for the following scenario to occur at the federal level based upon history at the state level:

1. New Secretary of Interior Kempthorne declares eminent domain, sets up a re-development deal with Idaho lawyers Ken Pursley, Roy Eiguren, Ed Miller, and Frank Lee of Givens Pursley to repurchase the entire Louisiana Purchase from New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin after declaring Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas and parts of Texas as blighted.

2. A shopping mall with a Theatre anchored by defunct Albertson's is planned, along with an extension campus for the University of Idaho on Bourbon Street, and a brand new Ada County Court House.

3. In order to get around approval by the U.S. Congress, Sec of Interior Kempthorne and several of the Justices of the Idaho Supreme Court will create a dummy 501 c (3) tax-exempt corporation called The Friends of the Louisiana Repurchase Buddies, Inc. to obtain $10 trillion from Idaho Senator Crapo's Banking Committee, so they can "rent," not "repurchase," the Louisiana Territory from the Mayor of The Big Easy, while their tax-exempt "Friends" use the $10 trillion to repurchase the land.  After 4 years, the U.S. government can then "re-buy" the "rented" Louisiana RepurchaseTerritory from "The Friends" for ONE DOLLAR.  (Hey, it worked in Boise, why not at the federal level?)

4.  Sec of Interior Kempthorne will see to it that Boise's Urban Renewal Agency (CCDC) issues an RFP and chooses Cryptic Partners of Newport Beach, CA (currently involved in multiple lawsuits and a federal criminal investigation) to manage this re-development of a Theatre-Hotel-U of I Extension-and Court House Complex with lots of above-ground parking on The Louisiana Repurchase Territory.

5.  The law firm of Givens Pursley from Boise will simultaneously represent all adversarial parties of The Louisiana Repurchase Agreement with 15 backdated nolo conflicto letters and a backdated Memorandum of Understanding.

6.  None of the temporary deficit interim financing for pre-development costs allegedly incurred by Cryptic Partners to develop The Louisiana Repurchase Territory will be reimbursed by either the U.S. Congress or the Federal Reserve.

7.  Cryptic Partners will be "fired" by new Sec of Interior Kempthorne in a "Reconciliation Agreement" in which Cryptic will receive another $6.2 billion cash plus $350,000,000 a year for the next 30 years.  (Hey, it worked in Boise, why not at the federal level?)

   In unrelated environmental activities, new Sec of Interior Kempthorne will implement special sturgeon fishing rights by a secret 27% co-location factor for President Bush and VP Cheney after signing off on the shipment of 70,000 tons of U.S. nuclear waste to be buried on top of Idaho's Snake Plain Aquifer, which is the size of Lake Erie and whose underground volcanic caldera connects from Yellowstone National Park all the way to the San Andreas Fault.

   As a final gesture before Sec of Interior Kempthorne runs for President in '08, he sells off all the U.S. Forest land to Tamarack Resort near Lake Cascade in Idaho where he happens to pay property taxes of 41-cents per acre in a special developer's exemption for the 14 acres he owns.

   Oh, yes Margie, the Senate should definitely confirm Gov Kempthorne as Secretary of the Interior, girl friend.  He's so squeaky clean. -- FM Duck

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