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by Free Market Duck

Boise residents pay 10-12 times as much in "M & O" school property taxes as Meridian for same number of students

"You raise up your head and you ask, 'Is this where it is?'
And somebody points to you and says, 'It's his,'
And you say, 'What's mine?'
And somebody else says, 'Where what is?'
And you say, 'Oh my God, am I here or all alone?'
You know something is happening here but you don't know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones?" -- Bob Dylan, Ballad of a Thin Man

Boise, ID -- Shh, listen up, gather around, shut up, girl friends.  Pay attention and keep yo hands to yoself.

   Boise has 30,000 students.  Meridian has 30,000 students.  Do I got to play Aristotle with you and prove that 30,000 equals 30,000?  No?  Good.

   Boise's population is 220,000.  Meridian's population is 60,000.  That means Boise has 3 1/2 times as many taxpayers as Meridian to pay for their equal number of students.  So, in Boise, we each can pay less -- like 3 1/2 times less -- than the taxpayers in Meridian, right?


   According to the Idaho Statesman, not only does each home owner in Boise pay MORE per student in Maintenance & Operations (M&O) school property taxes, the M&O TAX RATE is about 3 times higher in Boise ($646 per $100,000 in property valuation) than in Meridian ($270 per $100,000 in property valuation).

   Hey, wait a minute, Einstein.  Not only should Boise taxpayers be able to spread its M&O costs over 3-4 times as many people with each person paying 3-4 times less than Meridian due to population alone, why is Boise's TAX RATE 3 times greater than Meridian's?  This multiplicative effect -- 4 x 3 -- means Boise taxpayers are paying 10-12 times as much in M&O school property taxes than Meridian for the same number of students.

   Math & Social Science Quiz:  Where in hell is all the Boise school tax money going? (Choose one):

1.  I don't know.
2.  You don't know.
3.  Nobody the hell knows but one thing is for sure, girl friends:  we need a whole lot more money for Pub Ed.  What for?  For little Einstein sniffing drainpipes in grades 3-8.  Plus the poor underpaid teachers need a 22-week vacation instead of just a 15-week vacation per year.

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