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by Free Market Duck

Did Japanese Mafia steer Hurricane Katrina down Bourbon Street for fun and profit...or revenge?

Ah so, Taganaki-san.  Please to pass another hot sake on the rocks while I turn dial up on Scalar Interferometer for Bourbon Street in Big Easy.   Just like Maxwell Equations predicted in 1800s.

New Orleans, LA If the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza, really did use Scalar Interferometer technology (electro-magnetic weapons developed by the Russians in the 1970's thru today as per the lopped off portions of Maxwell's Equations in EE physics) to add or redirect EMP to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita as retribution for the U.S. dropping nukes on Japan in WW II, then the U.S. Meteorological Bureau should rename the last two hurricanes "Bonzai Nagasaki" and "Remember Hiroshima," respectively.  (You can bone up on electrical engineering theory and weather wars at or )

   If, instead, it was just President Bush's fault -- as both the Democrats and the GOP claim after he confessed on national TV -- we should rename the hurricanes "FEMA Buster I" and "FEMA Buster II."

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