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by Free Market Duck

Will "Blueprint for Good Growth" morph into Boise Trolley Gate?

   "To be successful, ADA's land use plan needs teamwork," cries the editorial page of the Idaho Statesman.  "It will take a lot of money to write an ambitious document to guide land use and transportation across ADA County," added the Statesman.  "Boise Mayor Dave Bieter and ADA County Commissioner Judy Peavey-Derr have set aside their differences to work together to seek more money to finish the Blueprint for Good Growth," the Statesman concluded.

   The Idaho Statesman has no idea how socialist it is.  Nor has the Statesman learned anything about Boise’s recent $136 million University Place fiasco which is still under civil and federal investigation.

   First, absent a socialist government, the free market automatically takes care of all land use “problems” since the land under discussion is – or should be – private property.  Individuals control private property, not the state.  The problem occurs – as in the University Place fiasco – when the government pretends to play private enterprise and botches up every development they touch.  Not only that, governmental intervention invites so-called public-private land use scam artists such as Cryptic Partners in Boise’s Watergate fiasco, plus the hoards of lobbyists, lawyers, and power-hungry politicians.  We don’t need government “teamwork” to solve “Ada’s” supposed “land use” problems.  We need private property rights and private enterprise.

   Second, how much money is “a lot of money to write an ambitious document to guide land use and transportation?”  $815,000 says the Statesman.  And the socialist exterior decorators are $219,500 short, even though Boise and Ada County are each dumping another $50,000 into the socialist pot – or should I say plot.  Why is it a plot?  For the same reasons that the University Place fiasco was a plot.  A shark frenzy plot to route taxpayer money into the pockets of the perps.

   Third, who are the land development perps this time around?  And what is this euphemistic socialist document called the “Blueprint for Good Growth?”  The players are Boise Mayor Dave Bieter and, oh-oh, Ada County Commish Judy Peavey-Derr?  Say, wait a minute.  Wasn't Judy Peavey-Derr the Chairbabe of the ADA County Commission's 11-member Committee for Selection of the Court House Developers, Cryptic Partners (then known as Wilmore Holdings from California in about 1996 and who are now under civil and criminal investigation for the University Place scandal)?  According to, Judy Peavey-Derr received a political donation from Wilmore Holdings (now Cryptic Partners) who won the bid.  Whoa, conflict of interest?  (Lawyer-lobbyist Roy Eiguren, major perp in the University Place fiasco, is currently lobbying a 14-member legislative Transportation Committee to build a light rail choo-choo train system for Ada County.)  Teamwork, indeed.

   We don’t need more teamwork.  We need individual rights.  We don’t need more taxes.  We need tax relief.  We don’t need more socialism.  We need more private enterprise and free market.  And finally, we don’t need another Boise Watergate fiasco, a Boise’s Trolley Gate:  Choo-Choo Train Crack-Up & All The Governor’s Men.  The socialist Idaho Statesman can throw its transportation “Blueprint for Good Growth” into the trash with the University Place’s Blueprint for Education Bankruptcy – the investigation of which has already cost the Idaho taxpayers over $1,000,000 to date.

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