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by Free Market Duck

Birth:  Natureís Transfer of Private Property Rights

   Professor Grier is correct.  An embryo has a long way to go before it obtains individual rights.  Individual rights philosophy is not based upon biological development but upon SEPARATION of the natural symbiotic relationship between mother and child.

   All individual rights are ultimately private property rights to oneís own mind and body.  Private property rights refer to socio-politico-economic rights.  Two sets of individual rights exist here:  the motherís and the fetusí alleged rights.

   The motherís private property rights to her mind and body include her NON-SEPARATED cells, the fetus.  The embryoís alleged private property rights do not exist yet because the embryo lives in a parasitic relationship, biologically.  The state cannot act as power of attorney for the embryo without violating Momís individual rights.

   So where does the fetusí private property (individual) rights eventually come from?  From Mom, during birth; not from the state.

   In summary, one could view the cutting of the umbilical cord as Natureís involuntary private property rights transfer from Mom to the child at viable birth.  The function of the state becomes:  to protect the motherís private property rights during pregnancy and the childís upon viable birth.  As usual, timing is everything.

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