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by Free Market Duck

Catholicism in Latin America Morphs into Socialism

   Six Catholic countries down and one continent to go as the people of Uruguay elect an avowed socialist as their new Presidente.  Sound like a conflict of moral philosophies?  Not hardly.

   As Ayn Rand stated years ago and I have stated over and over in these pages, there is no philosophical difference between Catholicism -- Judeo Christianity -- and socialism.  Both rest upon the altruistic philosophy of the collectivist state (or church) vs. the individual.  Both preach the subordination of individual rights to the so-called "public good" or "society."  Both are anti-free market capitalism and both always lead down the road to economic serfdom.

   Ironically, in the end, the major altruistic religions will merge into altruistic socialism; collectivist Catholicism will morph into socialist atheism.

   Need empirical proof?

   Six highly Catholic countries in Latin America just voted yes for socialism.  Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and now Uruguay have joined Castro's once-Catholic Cuba as Marxian socialists.  With sugar-plum visions of Economic Disneyland dancing in their heads, the Christian socialists of Latin America stick their wrists out to receive their economic chains from their newly elected dictators who promise, as always, a free taco in every pueblo.

   North America is not far behind.  And for the same reason.  In fact, it's almost laughable to hear U.S. Christian socialists such as Prez Bush, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Ann Coulter attempt to support individual freedom and free market capitalism with their contradictory bible-banging philosophy.  Pres Bush preaches individual freedom and free markets and then pushes a billion dollar faith-based welfare program via churches, deficit finances a national health care fiasco ($700 billion), and introduces a national government education program called Leave No Child Behind.  O'Reilly, Hannity, and Coulter want to subordinate a woman's individual rights to her own body to a double-edged sword of power-of-attorney to the state for her unborn fetus, defining the start of life according to their Catholic views.  The Religious Right is worse than the left Liberals because the bible bangers pretend to support individual freedom and the free market while undermining it at its basic moral philosophical level.

   (Side note:  Rights refer to socio-political-economic rights.  The fetus is not independent from its mother, and thus has no more independent rights than the mother's left elbow.  It is absurd for the state to assume power-of-attorney for a woman's fetus or left elbow and bio-technology may well bring this very issue into question in the near future since, theoretically, the DNA in all somatic cells are capable of reproducing into a total human being or portions thereof.  Whose private property rights are being infringed upon?  The woman's?  The collectivist state?  This is not idle chatter and you may soon be forced to confront this issue.  Be careful of the legal precedent you ask for.  You may just get it.  Note that China assumes power-of-attorney for an unborn fetus -- subordinating the individual rights of the mother to the state -- and forces thousands of Chinese women every year to undergo forced abortions.  American bible bangers forget that pro-choice means the right to choose, not advocating abortions.  And, of course, Libertarians do not support state finances for abortions since that would force others to finance morality they do not believe in.)

   Once again, the moral philosophy of our major religions is no different than the moral philosophy of socialism.  Note that it was not Jesus or Muhammad who preached the current collectivist moral philosophies of our major religions.  It's mankind, church and state politicians, who have twisted original meanings to suit their Divine Right of Kings philosophy to rule the masses.  

   250 years of free market proof and the people of Latin America still don't get it.  That's OK.  Neither do the U.S. Congress and most Norde Americanos.  There's only a thin piece of paper standing between us and them:  the Bill of Rights, and that's slowly being ripped to shreds in favor of both major U.S. political parties' philosophy of altruistic statist-collectivism.

   In Latin America, Catholicism has finally morphed into socialism, as predicted.

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