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by Free Market Duck

Oil Companies Turn Earth into Giant CO2 Soda Pop Bottles

   Epicenter of Indonesia's huge tsunamis that killed over 225,000 people located directly under Exxon-Mobile oil drilling site in Indian Ocean.

Will Idaho implode Snake Plain Aquifer into future giant sink hole by allowing over-pumping of underground water and then explode into a giant firestorm across Pacific Northwest as aquifer cave-in shifts against Yellowstone's largest-in-the-world underground volcanoes?

Idaho received over $4 billion to build INL nuclear research and waste site directly over Snake Plain Aquifer.  How smart is that?

Boise, ID -- The Wall Street Journal's Jeffrey Ball reports that In order to comply with the international Kyoto Treaty's greenhouse emission standards -- of which the U.S. is not a signatory -- major oil companies around the world are busy pumping hundreds of millions of tons of CO2 into Mother Earth and capping them off.  Or so they think.

  • BP is pumping 20 million tons of CO2 underground in the Sahara Desert.  Will Algeria, 100 miles away, explode like a ruptured Coke bottle one day?

  • Chevron-Texaco plans to pump 60 million tons of CO2 underground in Australia.

  • Norway's Statoil ASA already pumped over 7 million tons of CO2 into the Earth under the North Sea.

   How smart is this?

   Turning the Earth into giant six-packs of carbonated soda pop bottles to hide a fraction of the 24 billion tons of CO2 produced each year by humans who can't figure out any other way to produce clean energy may well backfire on everybody.  The WSJ reported that, "in 1986, CO2 and other gases that existed naturally below a volcanic lake in Cameroon suddenly rose into the air, asphyxiating more than 1,700 people nearby."

   We already know that the epicenter of the recent humongous tsunamis that killed over 225,000 people in Indonesia was located under the oil drilling site of Exxon-Mobile in the Indian Ocean.  We already know that when hundreds of millions of gallons of oil are pumped out of the ground, releasing tons of natural gas pressure built up over millions of years by decomposing plant and dinosaur sludge, the tectonic plates of Mother Earth can shift, causing earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis (tidal waves).

   Who's responsible for the resulting human deaths?  Free market capitalism says it's the oil companies' responsibility to not infringe upon the rights of others while pursuing their profits.  Typically, it's not unbridled free market capitalists who are the culprits.  It's governments who protect big business with corporate welfare and other protectionist legislation -- turning capitalists into socialists -- that are the problem.  Governments protect their non-free market friends in business by not enforcing existing liability laws.  If your neighboring coal-fired energy plant spews smoke into your eyeballs, they should be liable for the cost, including shutting the plant down until the infringement is fixed.

   What does this have to do with Idaho?

   In the same manner that oil companies induce Mother Earth to burp and hiccup her tectonic "unnatural" disasters upon humans living on her surface -- after repeatedly raping her underground -- pumping too much water from Idaho's huge Snake Plain Aquifer can produce the same results.  While everybody down at the Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Oregon State Houses are busy playing corporate welfare with their corporate agri-business friends who have already over-pumped the great southwest aquifer, nobody is thinking about the possible ramifications of shifting geology.  The problem of drought in Idaho is not a shortage of water; it's overpopulation.  Everybody wants more economic growth and thus more people for more taxes for more government projects.  This vicious socialist circle continuously bites itself in its own statist-collectivist ass.

   What are the possible ramifications of over-pumping Idaho's aquifer?

   Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho sits on top of the largest volcanic structure in the world.  Idaho's National Laboratory -- previously called INEEL -- just received over $4 billion from the feds to continue nuclear fission research and receive America's nuclear waste.  The INL sits directly over Idaho's over-pumped, ready to cave in Snake Plain Aquifer.  If the half-empty aquifer caves in and shifts the underground volcanic structure next door, it could trigger an earthquake and volcanic explosion with a 600 MPH firestorm filled with nuclear waste that could wipe out the entire Pacific Northwest as we know it -- all the way to California.  Your residence on Main Street in Boise may become glowing beach front property in Malibu, minus millions of dead people.

   Building a nuclear research and waste site on top of a human-created, half-empty aquifer sink hole is stupid.  Like Boise's recent government-induced University Place fiasco whose finances finally imploded like Enron, Idaho's politically over-pumped Snake Plain Aquifer to support more and more growth to get more and more taxes may be ready for an Enron-like implosion itself and then a volcanic nuclear waste firestorm like you won't believe.

   Remember Genesis World Energy who promised clean energy from water?  They put on a dog and pony show down at the Boise Centre on the Grove in 2002.  So where is GWE's clean energy when you need them?  Did the federal government tell GWE to shut up, or buy their technology and shelve it, or is GWE a giant fraud?  (GWE  maintained an updated web site at until 2006 after which they simply disappeared.)

   So how smart are current Idaho and U.S. political energy policies?  The giant oil companies' injection of millions of tons of CO2 into the Earth and Idaho's over-pumping of the Snake Plain Aquifer with a nuclear facility sitting on top of it next to Yellowstone volcanic Park are about as stupid as Wile E. Coyote jumping up and down on a nuclear bomb perched precariously on an Acme Catapult sitting over a volcano.

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