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by Free Market Duck

Sex is Illegal in Idaho?

   Peek-a-boo.  Are you married?  If not, and you're participating in an act of conjugal endearment in the spud state, the Idaho Sex Police may want to talk to you.  What for?  Idaho's outdated fornication law prohibits consensual sex between unmarried couples.

   A 14-year old Twin Falls girl was recently saddled with a criminal conviction for having sex with her 18-year old boy friend.  While her 90-days in the hoosegow was suspended, she now has a criminal record.  Her boy friend was charged with lewd and lascivious conduct.

   But the fornication law applies not only to underage victims, it applies to anybody not married.

   Let's summarize it all up now:  Sex between unmarried couples in Idaho is criminalized.  There are only 4 abortion doctors in the entire state of Idaho.  Idaho has the highest teen suicide rate in the nation.  One-third of Idaho women do not finish high school.  Only 20% finish 4 years of college.  60% of Idaho women work, but not as managers.  In fact, the IWPR ranked Idaho at 51, flat out last for women as professionals and managers.  Does religion help or is it the cause?  Idaho is highly religious.  There is a Mormon church building on or adjacent to nearly every public high school property in Idaho, barely skirting the separation of church-state issue.  Mormon women are considered baby machines in Idaho.  Idaho is the most GOP Christian Socialist state in America.  Bible Banger Bush didn't even have to show up to garner Idaho's 4 electoral votes.  Women's rights overall are rated an F+ in a recent IWPR comparison of all 50 states plus the District of Columbia.

   Hey!  Is there a correlation between all these facts that relegate Idaho women to a status of 2nd class citizen or am I just going bazonkers in Boise this week?

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