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by Free Market Duck

In Defense of the Woman

   Idaho has only 4 abortion doctors in the entire state of 1.3 million people:  one in Pocatello and three in Boise.  The reason why Idaho's abortion statistics are low is not because Idahoans do a brisk business in chastity belts.  Idaho women have to run to Oregon to obtain a simple abortion.  Therefore, many Idaho abortions are recorded in Oregon, not Idaho.

   And you ask why Idaho has the highest teen suicide rate in the nation?  Who does an unmarried pregnant teenage girl turn to in Idaho for help?  Not her Bible Banging parents.  Not her Bible Banging church.  Not her Bible Banging preacher.  Not her Bible Banging friends.  And not her Bible Banging state legislature.

   She has been told by her highly religious parents, her highly religious church, and the highly religious state legislature since age one that sex is bad, bad, bad -- even within marriage unless you're procreating for the Bible Banging church.  And so she offs herself because there is nobody else to turn to except God.  She hopes He will forgive her.

   What is wrong with modern Judeo-Christianity?  The same thing that is wrong with most major religions.  Women are second-class citizens.  Women in America are not freer because of Judeo-Christian philosophy but rather in spite of it.  They are freer because of free market capitalism brought about by the secular Deist philosophy embedded in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights by our Forefathers.

   It is not coincidental that Idaho is dead last of all 50 states and the District of Columbia on women's rights issues -- especially rights to their own bodies.

   Let's face it.  The fetus has no rights.  The fetus is not socially, economically, politically, or physically an independent individual, yet.  The fetus is living at the will of its host, its mother, in a parasitical symbiotic relationship.  The mother's private property rights to all portions of her body supersede until the fetus is born and the umbilical cord is cut.

   That's why we call freedom and rights "birth rights" and "individual rights."

    And we're not talking about immune systems or metabolic heart rates.  "Individual rights" is not a biological term; it is a political term.  For the same reason that a fetus doesn't obtain political rights at conception, in today's modern biotechnology, a fetus or life form from whatever source or method -- cloning or stem cells or Parthenogenesis  -- is private property belonging to the mother, not the state, whether the developing life form is in vitro or in vivo.

   Defining life and individual rights at conception, instead of birth, is not only becoming meaningless in today’s biotechnology of cloning and adult – not embryonic -- stem cell research, it is also a philosophical double-edged sword.  Switching the source of individual rights from Nature – a woman’s right to her own body -- to the state – power of attorney for the fetus -- means the government could either demand abortions (China) OR demand no abortions (Idaho).  Either way, we will have overturned the concept of the Bill of Rights and redefined individual rights away from “inherent from Nature” to individual rights as whatever the state says.  Then we must inquire, “And who gets to be the state?”

   There may be life at conception, but until birth there are no more separate political rights for the mother's fetus than there are separate political rights for the mother's left elbow.  This issue is about a woman's individual rights, her private property rights.  Until birth, the fetus has no "birth rights" because it is not yet politically an individual.

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