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by Free Market Duck

Philosophy Rules, Science Drools

   If anyone ever doubted which direction America is headed and who’s leading the charge, one need look no further than the recent endorsement of socialism by 48 Nobel laureates in science.  The supposed intellectuals signed an open letter to America that stated Liberal Presidential hopeful John Kerry, “will restore science to its appropriate place in government and bring it back into the White House.”

   And if anybody still doubts that the philosophical basis for academia’s predominant socialist intellectuals does not rest upon Karl Marx’s philosophy of the individual as a sacrificial animal to the collective Welfare State, the Nobel laureates went on to say, “The Bush administration has ignored unbiased scientific advice in the policy-making that is so important to our collective welfare.”  Really?  Whose unbiased scientific advice for whose government policies for whose collective welfare?  What happened to individual free market science independent of government?

   Note that the 48 Liberal scientists are not questioning the philosophical premise of statism.  Nor is their argument about socialism -- i.e. the government -- engulfing science.  Their argument is:  whose scientific programs should be funded by the collective state:  the GOP’s or the Liberals’?  Science controlled by the government -- socialism at its worst -- is accepted as a given.  Socialism at its worst because science used to be synonymous with intellectual free-thinking in a free market of ideas.  Now it is synonymous with Big Brother and George Orwell’s 1984.

   But the GOP is no friend of individual rights and free market capitalism either.  Bush’s GOP campaign spokesman, Steve Schmidt, replied, “…the president’s budget raised federal research and development funding to $132 BILLION for 2005, a 44 percent increase since taking office.”  So much for the Republicans leading the charge for intellectual free-thinking, individual rights, and free market capitalism.

   Both major political parties agree with the philosophy of the Welfare State.  Both parties view scientists as useful nerds to provide the politicians with war toys funded from research grants by taxing the public to keep both parties in power.  Physical and biological scientists are driven by the predominant ideas of social scientists, the philosophers, in academia.  And our current philosophers have abandoned all logic and reason as they fail to understand the self-evident basis for inherent individual rights obtained from Nature.  They may have read the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights but they did not understand the philosophical meaning of those documents.

   Philosophy doesn't tell us what to think.  Philosophy tells us how to think.  Ironically, the 48 Nobel laureates clamoring for socialism and science have not completed their education.  They have not learned how to think.  All 48 Nobel laureates should receive a big fat “F” in basic philosophy and economics.

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