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by Free Market Duck

Idaho's Looming Fake Health Care "Crisis"

  Want to know what Idaho's economy will look like after the State Legislature implements Hillarycare for Idaho?  Let's take a quick gander at Tennessee, the Davy Crockett state that implemented TennCare.

   The Wall Street Journal reports that, in 1994, Tennessee legislators implemented a state health care program that was supposed to "lower health care costs while covering more of the 'uninsured.'"  TennCare currently covers 1.3 million of Tennessee's 5.8 million people, hundreds of thousands who do not qualify for Medicaid -- including some who earn a six-figure income, and supposedly provides volume discounts, preventative care, and ad infinitum.

   If you need an aspirin, TennCare pays for it.  If you need Tums for your tummy, TennCare pays for it.  If TennCare refuses to pay for it, you can sue TennCare -- i.e., the taxpayer -- up the waazoo.  Each appeal costs Tennessee $1,600 and 10,000 appeals are filed each month.  That's a shark frenzy of $16 million per month or $192 million per year in legal fees.  It's cheaper for TennCare to pay for the damn aspirin.

   After 10 years of TennCare, what are the results?

   TennCare eats up one-third of Tennessee's budget and is growing rapidly.  Three of the 11 private health insurance carriers are bankrupt.  Tennessee's Governor Bredesen can't get past the shark frenzy of lawyer-lobbyists at the Tennessee Justice Center to implement new legislation that would dump TennCare.

   As predicted, TennCare's outrageous expenses have chopped into another state program: Tennessee's public education system (which should be called TennIQ, an apt description of the IQ level of those who voted for TennCare).  The Governor of Tennessee, the Tennessee state legislature, and Davy Crockett and all his coonskin caps are now praying for the good ol' days of simple-minded medical fraud, bureaucracy, and mismanagement called Medicaid.

   Wake up Idaho.  Even if one doesn't understand the philosophical praxeology -- human action, individual rights -- of free market capitalism and the dislocations resulting from governmental intervention into the economy, one should at least be able to learn from empirical evidence such as TennCare.  Even Sweden and other socialist nations are now running toward private medical care as their Big Brother national health care experiments have failed miserably.

   Watch the new 2005 Idaho legislature.  The Liberals and GOP RINOs are already clamoring to clone TennCare into an IdaCare.  Like public education, state health care is Idaho's latest bogeyman in Alice's socialist Wonderland.  If you think Idahoís $1.1 billion for Medicaid is expensive, just wait until itís free.

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