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by Free Market Duck

State Grocery Stores

   Imagine if we treated grocery stores like education:

   You're taxed for the state grocery store in your district.  You can shop at a private grocery store but you're still taxed for your district's state grocery store.

   If you object to your state grocery store's prices or selection of groceries, you get to stand in a bureaucratic line and complain to committees and boards who won't listen and don't care.

   If you ask for a tax voucher or tax credit to shop at a private grocery store such as Albertson's or Fred Meyer's, you're told no because the state grocery stores would go bankrupt.  So you pay twice.

   If you ask for a tax voucher or tax credit to buy food at a private grocery store for your church dinner, you're told no because your grocery tax money is now state public money that can't be used for religious food.

   Your state grocery store cannot sell kosher food, pork, bacon, Christmas pudding or chocolate Easter Bunnies.  Nothing in the store can have the word "God" printed on it.  No Bibles or the Koran can be sold on state grocery store magazine racks.

   If you suggest that non-parents and seniors not pay the state grocery tax and shop at private grocery stores because they do not have children in the state grocery system, you're told no because they and society in general may benefit in the future from little Johnny who buys groceries at the state grocery store and may become a brain surgeon one day.  But you don't get a tax refund if he becomes a wino instead.

   If you suggest dumping state grocery stores for a free market system of competing grocery stores, you're told that you are insensitive and hate children.  Then you're told no because some nasty parents living in a free market would not feed their children unless the state forced them to shop at the state grocery stores.

   Replace the word "grocery" with the word "education."

   Ask yourself why we’ve allowed Big Brother to take over our most precious commodity:  our children’s education.

   What’s next?  State grocery stores?  State health care?  State potato chips?

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