Citizens Against Government Waste Oink, Oink!  Which U.S. Congressmen waste billions of your tax dollars?  See who tops the monthly Porky Pig Awards.

Freedom Keys by Rick Graber, All the free market news, quotes, jokes, and links you can stand.

Freedom for Medical Choice Association of free market physicians.

Free-Market Net Host site of free market think tank International Society for Individual Liberty.
Freedom of Education Choice Great source for educational liberty and free market schools.


  Separation of School and State Info.

Word Spy by Paul McFedries, when you need a new phrase such as “parachute kids” or “fictomercial” or “stealth parenting” or “metrosexual” or “kiddiot,” this is the place to go.

A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket, author of popular children’s satire including The Miserable Mill, The Vile Village, and The Hostile Hospital among others.

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