PHILOSOPHY is a weekly journal of local, national and international commentary from a free market point of view.

Ayn Rand’s best-seller Atlas Shrugged embodies the underlying philosophy in

Where do we stand?  The happiness of the individual — not the alleged public good, not a collectivist religion, and not the collectivist welfare state — is the goal of free individuals.

We posit as a given axiomatic primary that man is inherently born free, obtaining his individual rights from the fact of his existence, his very Nature, regardless of geographical birth, gender or heredity.

Based upon this given philosophical principle, all individuals inherently obtain freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of voluntary association, freedom to their own minds and bodies, and all corollary freedoms of voluntary economic exchange.  Individual freedoms are individual rights obtained at birth, not from any government.  Individual rights are defined as rights to voluntarily give or exchange, not rights to receive from others by coercion or fraud or democratic majority rule.

Based upon individual freedom, the only legitimate form of government that can be created without violating individual rights is a limited constitutional republic.  The function of all legitimate governments is to protect individual rights.  The only legitimate form of economic organization that can be created without violating individual rights and freedom is laissez-faire capitalism with no special interest groups receiving special consideration from government.  Any other form of government or economic organization must result in a logical contradiction and thus violate the individual’s inherent rights and freedoms.

We, therefore, reject the notion that individuals are not born free.  We reject the notion that individuals obtain their freedoms and rights from another individual or collection of individuals whether that collective is a government, a religion, the so-called public good, society, or any other collectivist group.

We reject today’s philosophy of altruism or self-sacrifice as the highest ideal for individuals.  We reject the notion that the individual must exist as a sacrificial animal for any other individual, the collectivist state, religion, or any other collectivist organization.  We reject today’s philosophy of collectivist statism as the highest social order.  We reject today’s philosophy of anti-capitalism, whether it’s called socialism, fascism, communism, or a mixed economy — as a moral form of economics.

We reject today’s philosophy of “rights to receive” from others by force or fraud such as taxation by the government to redistribute any individual’s legitimately earned wealth.  We reject today’s notion that everyone has the right to receive services or commodities from everybody else, thus creating involuntary servitude of one person to another.

The philosophical basis for the weekly commentary in is:  (1) inherent individual freedom obtained at birth, (2) a limited constitutional government as protector of individual rights, and (3) free market capitalism as the only moral economic order.


Created in Sep 2002, began as a satirical humor site and quickly moved into the # 1 position out of 7,800 humor sites at  In 2004, morphed into its current format:  a weekly periodical of free market news commentary for Boise, Idaho in particular, and state, national, and international commentary in general.  In the Fall of 2006, retained its free market commentary function and added a forum for writing including non-fiction, novels, screenplays, marketing, and other forms of communication.

With a population of 450,000 in Boise’s Treasure Valley, the only other major newspapers available are decidedly Left Liberal.  Our goal is to provide an alternative view, a free market interpretation of current events, for intelligent readers in Idaho as well as to our national and increasing international audience.  No murders, no robberies, no car crashes, and no socialist editorial opinions.  Only kick-ass free market commentary about what’s going on in the Boise metropolitan area, Idaho, and the nation and globe in general:  from Education, Health Care, Money & the Federal Reserve to what’s happening in the Idaho State Legislature and U.S. Government and how it affects you.

As a corollary to individual rights and free market news commentary, Free Market Duck corporation publishes investigative journalism in the form of books such as Boise’s Watergate: University Place & All The Governor’s Men and Bread and Circuses: The Politician’s Primer, both available at major online bookstores such as

Sports?  Sometimes but only soccer, the thinking person’s “chess on grass.”  Baseball (yawn) is boring, basketball is too easy (317-316), football requires a Harvard Law degree to interpret the rules, and golf is too slowww (ho-hum Z-Z-Z-snore).  Ice hockey is boxing on ice.  Boxing?  We don’t report sports whose goal is to dislodge another person’s brain by purposefully inflicting cerebral hemorrhages called “knock-outs” — except for commentary to ban this stupid sport.


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