—  Sun May 31, 2015  One year ago, the American-trained Iraqi Army, armed with tons of super duper US weapons, peed their pants and ran off into the sand dunes when 700 rag-tag ISIS Bozos threatened to overrun — right, overrun — thousands of Iraqi Army chicken shifts.  Last week, after another umpteen million dollars created out of thin air by the US Federal Reserve, thousands of American-trained Iraqi Army chickens, cluck cluck, threw down their weapons, deserted their Humvees, and ran off into the sand dunes again when it was rumored that a couple of ISIS Jihadists were in the neighborhood of Baghdad, Mosel, or The Last Chance Date Shoppe.  At least they didn’t strip off their Army uniforms and dump them into the laundry like last year.  What’s it gonna take for the US to understand Rule Number 1:  Don’t try to arm chicken shifts with high caliber US weapons, tanks, guns, Humvees, and lollipops because they’re going to cut and run as soon as Sponge Bob comes traipsing over the hill.  What’s the problem?  I mean, with the Iraqis, not the US trainers, we’ll get to the latter later?  The Iraqis are a bunch of rag heads whose allegiance is to their little tribal leaders, not to a country known as Iraq.  Iraq is a joke.  It has no meaningful constitution of inherent individual rights, especially for women, just like in all the other little tribal countries comprising the Middle East.  Their social political economic philosophy is a big fat zero.  All they understand is mob rule, tribal warfare, and how to rule by testosterone force and fraud.  They did not evolve from the thought process of Divine Right of Kings to Natural Rights philosophy like the Europeans and Americans.  The moral philosophy of the Middle East is the Allah Akbar Fairytale comprised of Sharia Law and whoever holds the biggest club.  Training Iraqis to fight for Natural Rights philosophy is an expensive waste of time.  It is not the Iraqis who are stupid — well, actually their moral philosophy is stupid — as much as it is the American politicians running the Middle East war who are too stupid to understand what they got themselves into, namely, a lose-lose situation if they think they can train Middle Easterners who want a Caliphate and to beat their women every other whipstitch Wednesday into fighting for “limited government,” Mom, apple pie and baseball.  It ain’t gonna happen.  And how did it all come to this?  Some stupid central bankers created a Petro Dollar Deal, formed OPEC to force the rag heads to buy and sell their oil in only federal reserve notes so the bankers could pump up the money supply and make themselves filthy rich, and so the central bankers could guide the US military to fight phony orchestrated wars in the Middle East to protect their oil investment.  The Saudis got filthy rich and rewarded the US by providing 17 of the 18 US World Trade Center bombers — and notice how fast former Prez Georgie Pordgie Bush whisked the sons and daughters of Saudi princes out of American colleges the day after the rich 17 Saudis blew our asses sky high — and made a fortune by shorting airline futures.  Now we got the Hillary Clinton Foundation doing essentially the same type of thing when Twinkle Toes Clinton was Sec of State, selling billions of dollars worth of favors and US arms to Middle Eastern and other nations in exchange for “donations” — ha ha, “donations” — to the Bill and Hillbilly Foundation so Bill and Hilarious Clinton could garner the Democratic nomination for the presidency in 2016.  Works like a charm, too.  Dumb bell Liberals praise Bill and Hillbilly for saving natives in the jungle from HIV and Polio and Bad Breath while paying themselves (Bill and Hilly) hundreds of millions of dollars in salaries and cookies and simultaneously collecting illegal contributions from foreign nations for their presidential campaign coffers.  Smiling all the way to the White House, too, where, if Hillbilly wins the presidency, she will finish Obama’s job of turning America into a socialist hell hole where we have totalitarian social justice, distribution of monetary equality (total poverty for all), and a raging civil war in every major city in America.  Instead of trying to train Iraqis to fight for non-stated non-objectives in the Middle East, the US and whoever it can convince to become true allies, should simply STOP training any Middle Easterners, STOP providing weapons to ISIS via the chicken shift Iraqis who always cut and run at the mere mention of Mickey Mouse and Tinker Bell, and proceed directly to GO, Collect $200, and then bunker bomb the nuclear facilities of Iran to make sure the Mullahs don’t get a nuclear bomb.  If, on  the way to GO the US can liberate women and children from Sharia Law, good luck.  And while we’re taking out Iran’s nuclear facilities, we should think about erasing the DMZ between North and South Korea.  Whoever drew that line in the sand was a total idiot.  Kim Jung Un or il or Dinkleberry is just a fat little brat who will no doubt drop dead of diabetes type II before age 40 — going on 14 — anyway.  When is the US going to wise up?  You can’t train people to fight who don’t see what’s wrong with the way they are living in the first place.  Like beating their women and selling them into slavery.  Stop providing the camel drivers with US weapons.  Period.  End of story.

— Fri May 22, 2015  News Flash to Megyn Kelly at FOX News and all 2016 presidential candidates who have forgotten recent history:  Did Saddam Hussein have Weapons of Mass Destruction or not?  Read the following by Ann Coulter:  Knowing What We Know Now, Would You Say that Jeb Bush is Retarded?  More…

—  Sat May 16, 2015  Super Bowl quarterback Tom Brady and the Players’ Union are sing the National Football League (the NFL) for blaming Brady for deflating footballs during an NFL playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts.  Brady’s team, the New England Patriots, was fined a million smackeroos, Brady was barred from playing their team’s first 4 games next season, and the Patriots lose their first two NFL draft picks.  FM Duck’s Big Question is:  Where in hell do the referees in the NFL stand in all of this?  It is up to the refs to “ref” the game, isn’t it?  Don’t they touch the football a thousand times during each 4-hour game?  Are they not responsible for making sure the football during the game is properly inflated?  Who’s responsibility is it?  The Fat Lady in the end zone bleachers?  The Head Ref’s grandmother?  C’mon, sports fans, judges, juries, other football players, the Ref Association, and beautiful blonde sportscaster women who have never thrown a football in their life and ask the coaches at half time how their little toe feels.  It is up to the referees.  Period.  End of story.  But nobody in the NFL, nobody in the news media, and no Fat Lady in the bleachers has popped up and said, “Hey, what are the refs getting paid for if not to adjudicate the damn football game?”  And that includes the amount of air in the football, you clowns.  Next thing you know, the refs are going to ask people on live twitter what the next call should be since the refs have no responsibility for reffing the game, right?  Headlines:  “Tom Brady fined for throwing football spitballs using Vaseline hidden in his jockstrap.  TSA forgets to X-ray Tom Brady before Super Bowl Game.  Obama trades Tom Brady and four receivers for Bowe Bergdahl.”  Where does this end?  Let’s use some common sense.  Make the refs do their job: namely, check everybody’s balls, especially the blonde women sportscasters, the latter for which I volunteer.

—  Sat May 16, 2015  Boston Bomber Islamic terrorist Abduhl Mohammed Bozo Tsarneav Whatever received the death penalty from a jury in Boston yesterday for his part in setting off bombs that killed and maimed runners at the Boston Marathon finish line last year, or was it a year ago?  Who can keep track of all the atrocities that the Islamic terrorists are committing on a daily basis?  Does this mean that Bozo gets to claim himself as a martyr for Allah, if ten years later after the fact (the bombing) he is hung, shot, lethally injected, or electrocuted for his act of knocking off infidels?  That seems like a long stretch to claim that Abduhl Bozo will have died in the act of killing infidels.  I mean, the appellate process alone will probably take about ten years.  Does the Islamic religion claim that you can set off a bomb, twiddle your thumbs in a prison cell for ten to fifteen years, get fried in the electric chair, and still claim that you died in battle?  Really?  Whoa, what a Klingon warrior.  But why not?  Sharia Law and the Islamic terrorists seem to be making up their own moral philosophy as they go along, sort of like a bunch of little kids playing marbles on the playground and arguing that because it’s Friday it’s now OK for little Johnny’s thumb to be inside the marble circle when he shot little Freddie’s cat’s eye marble out of the ring.  Uh-huh.  Kind of like the Obama White House:  the rules for his executive authority change every day.  Let’s see now, is this Tuesday?  Well, hell, then it’s OK for Obama to release 5 Gitmo terrorists in exchange for US Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl without asking Congress, plus if it’s an even numbered day, Obama can throw in an unconstitutional authority to grant amnesty to 10 million Illegals storming across our southern border so they can vote for the Democrats next year.  Merry Xmas.  Yessss, indeed.  And that’s how Islamic terrorist law works, too:  by the seat of their turbans, the little butt heads.  Back to the scene of the crime.  Perhaps the Boston jurors in the Bozo Tsarnaev case should have voted for life imprisonment for little Brother Bozie.  That way, he would not be granted martyrdom by the Islamic terrorists, at least as the Islamic rules currently stand at this nanosecond in time.  Tisk, tisk.  Bozo’s older brother who died during his terrorist act of trying to escape gets to go to Islamic Heaven and rape 72 virgins but poor little Brother Bozo who gets life imprisonment in Super Max, Colorado, receives no Medal of Martyrdom and goes directly to Hell for getting caught by the infidels.  Tough luck Little Boze.  You should have strapped your bomb to your own ass, driven out to hodunk, and blown yourself up (with three infidel ducks in the marshes) to Kingdom Come.  Then again, maybe President Obama will pardon you and let you out of Super Max in three months, trading you for a dead elephant from Pakistan.

—  Fri May 15, 2015  All of the GOP presidential candidates were recently asked by Megyn Kelly and other FOX News journalists, “Knowing what we know now, namely that there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) in Iraq after the New York Twin Towers attack, would you have authorized going to war against Saddam Hussein in Iraq?”  Dutifully accepting the premise that there were no WMDs in Iraq, all GOP presidential candidates from Carly Fiorina to Jeb Bush to Rand Paul to Marco Rubio to you-name-it said, “No.”  Really?  But wait a minute.  It was just reported by the NY Times, Wall Street Journal and other news rags that ISIS in 2014 found all kinds of WMDs in Iraq as they stormed over major Iraqi cities after Obama pulled essentially all the US troops out of Iraq.  ISIS discovered caves full of sarin gas rockets and other terrorists have found lots of yellowcake, the precursor to making nuke bombs.  The condition of the sarin and mustard gas rockets were in bad shape but that does not mean they were in bad shape when George Bush initiated the war almost 13 years ago.  And who says that ISIS can’t pick up the formula from these weapons to create new ones, especially since stupid Obama left so many US weapons on the battle field in his hasty retreat of American troops from Iraq including billions in accessible bank accounts?  The tons of nuclear yellowcake can be converted to nuclear bombs today.  And who is invading Iraq?  Iran.  And who is President Obama trying to make a nuclear deal with, with no success?  Iran.  ISIS is Iran and the Mullahs who are running ISIS have just lucked into a whole lot of WMDs that they can now exploit.  So, the real problem is that the GOP has now bought into the baloney that George Bush started a war in Iraq when, the left Liberals claim, there was and, they believe, still is no proof of WMDs, even though the left Liberal news media are reporting that ISIS has found many WMDs.  GOP presidential candidates:  please check your premises before you answer questions whose premises may be false.  If the news about ISIS is correct, then the correct answer to the question, “Should Bush have gone to war against Saddam Hussein because Saddam was stockpiling and using (he gassed a lot of his own people) WMDs?” should be a resounding, “Yes, indeed!”  It wasn’t a question of whether there were WMDs, there apparently were.  However, the war going in by Bush, and the war going out by Obama, were both executed very badly — especially the exit by Obama.  Yes, people (including Americans and others) needed to be saved, just like in Vietnam, the average every day Joe Doe needed to be saved.  But once the politicians took over, in both Vietnam and Iraq, everything went to hell in a hand basket.  The GOP should find out the truth and then answer news journalists accordingly instead of just accepting erroneous premises.  It is Obama and the left Liberals who are now placing the entire world in jeopardy as they totally underestimate ISIS and the moral philosophy of Islam.  Pied Piper Barack Obama has led the youth of America into a false future scenario with socialist sophisms of sugar plum fairy day dreams, and they will pay for it dearly unless a more enlightened presidential candidate suddenly emerges.  We do not need a war hawk who simply supports crony socialists in the military industrial complex (they are not free market capitalists) and we do not need pacifists falling for the lies of Islamic Mullahs.  We need leaders who have the experience and rational logic to understand how to strategically and tactically undo the current rampage of altruistic state collectivism, which in the Middle East is altruistic religious collectivism.  Forget Obama’s “good intentions.”  The road to hell is paved with “good intentions.”  Watch Hillary Clinton win the presidency in 2016 as the Left gains the sanction of their victims:  namely all the Republican presidential candidates who have failed to check their premises in many areas of social political and economic thought.

—  Sun May 10, 2015  OK, this is Mother’s Day, so let’s talk football.  What’s all this crap about accusing Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady with “deflating” footballs used in the NFL?  Even if each opposing team gets to provide their own footballs for any given game, they cannot do much to affect the inflation of their footballs outside the given guidelines.  First, every game has at least 7 referees, many of whom handle the football multiple times before and after EVERY SINGLE PLAY for 3-4 hours per game.  Are we supposed to believe that some player on one of the teams can deflate all of his team’s provided footballs below the legal limit and not one of the 7 referees has the ability or brains to detect that the footballs are too flabby or wobbly?  Second, both teams get to use the same footballs throughout the game.  If a lower poundage helps one team then it would also help the other team.  It’s not just the quarterback that handles the ball, it’s also the center, the receivers, the cornerbacks, the halfbacks, the fullbacks, the punters, the point after the score kickers, and so on.  To suggest that lowering the air pressure in all the footballs provided by one team for a game helps that team’s quarterback and does not help the opponents or even hinders said quarterback’s other teammates approaches a level of total absurdity.  In the specific game under question — all this whining and cry-babbying by the Colts who lost to the Patriots in a playoff game before the Super Bowl Game in which the score was something like 38 (Patriots) to 3 (Colts) — stretches this entire Deflation Gate Hypothesis to incredible stupidity.  The bottom line is:  the 7 referees handle the footballs multiple times per pay for 4 hours each game.  If they are unable to tell the difference between a legal football and an illegal football, we need to shut down the NFL and go watch tennis, in which, by the way, the tennis players choose (during each serve throughout the entire match) which tennis ball offered up by the ball boys/girls that they want to use for each serve and thus which ball is used during the resulting play after each serve.  Similarly, the 3-4 refs in soccer check the balls used during a soccer match and are responsible for the inflation of each ball.  No, it ain’t up to the goalie, Martha; it’s up to the referee of the game.  Back to football: News media and other whiners who probably couldn’t throw a spiral if their life depended upon it, zip your lips about the possibility of a quarterback affecting the inflation poundage of all the footballs used in a game, fooling all the refs, and thus determining the outcome of a game.  That’s ridiculous.  Go 49er’s!  And Manchester United…

—  Wed Apr 06, 2015  Addendum on freedom of speech.  The reason that one must confront the religion of Islam vis a vis freedom of speech is that one of the basic tenets of Islam denies inherent individual rights, especially for women.  While so-called peaceful Muslims claim they do not agree with Islamic terrorists, where are these peaceful Muslims?  Who is really in charge of the Muslim religion, the Mullahs in Iran and other Middle East nations or Muslims sitting around in America doing and saying nothing about how their religion is being expressed throughout the world?  Doing nothing, not confronting the bullies in Islam who are slaughtering innocent victims, has brought about the fanaticism of Islamic terrorists all across the world.  All the major Earth religions are different forms of moral philosophy.  Any moral philosophy that holds as one of its basic tenets that women do not have inherent individual rights of freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of movement, freedom of religion, or any other inherent freedoms is not a true religion — not a true moral philosophy — that supports an individual’s right to life, a right to one’s own mind, body, and soul.  For example, if a major religion claims that its adherents can rob banks, kill people, and redistribute other people’s money, and claims that it’s OK because that is part of their religion, they are morally wrong.  Any religion whose basic axiomatic primaries contain the abrogation of other individuals’ rights, is not a true religion; it is slavery.  Any religion that claims contradictory concepts that disregards others’ inherent rights is not a religion.  At least it is not a religion for life.  At best, it is simply a vicious cult.  And those who adhere to those principles — such as Sharia Law in which women have no rights — but claim they are peaceful or moderate are truly kidding themselves and, in fact, are simply subsidizing bad behavior.  Islam, as it is expressed today throughout the world via Sharia Law, is a bankrupt moral philosophy that does not recognize even the basic inherent rights of men, women, and children.  Those who initiate force and fraud have, by their actions, given up their rights.  The victims of Islamic terrorists have the right of self defense and that is exactly what Ms. Geller who set up the Mohammed Cartoon Drawing Contest did to protest the current bankrupt cult of Islam, and she did it in a peaceful mode of protest.  She did not initiate force or fraud against the two Islamic terrorists who showed up to kill innocent people who were peacefully protesting Sharia Law at the Dallas Cartoon Contest.  And FOX TV news reporter Megyn Kelly seems to be the only commentator who stood up for inherent individual rights by stating it is not the CONTENT of a speech that defines freedom of speech, but rather the act of peacefully speaking.  The fact that a peaceful Cartoon Contest questioning the tenets of a contradictory vicious religious cult was physically attacked by adherents of the very religion that Ms. Geller was protesting speaks volumes about who is right and who is wrong.  Nobody has the right to initiate violent attacks against somebody who is peacefully protesting the tenets of Islam or any other religion.  That is what freedom of speech means and too many news commentators, both on the left and the right, still do not get it.  Once again, a religion’s basic tenet cannot be the abrogation of other individuals’ inherent rights.  Otherwise, that religion’s moral philosophy is nothing but a collectivist cult of illogical, disconnected thought globs.  Welcome to Islam.

—  Wed Apr 06, 2015  Two Islamic jihadists showed up to a Dallas convention center in order to knock off as many attendees as they could at a Draw a Cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed Contest.  But as soon as they encountered a police security blockade at the convention parking lot and then jumped out and opened fire with automatic weapons against the police, one of the security police shot and killed both jihadists with his trusty 9 mm service weapon.  Now the news media, including some at FOX TV News are blaming the deaths of the jihadists on the sponsor of the Mohammed Cartoon Drawing Event, Pamela Geller.  Ms. Geller states that she was holding the Cartoon Drawing Event (1) to show Islamic terrorists that they cannot prohibit her First Amendment right to freedom of speech, and (2) in sympathy with the French and European cartoonists who were murdered for also drawing cartoons of the so-called prophet Mohammed.  FOX News host Bill O’Reilly joined with the typical left Liberal journalists and TV commentators in saying that while Ms. Geller has a First Amendment right to hold such a contest, they think that it was rather rude and unnecessary to do so.  They blame Ms. Geller and the cartoon participants for the shootings and deaths.  So, let’s analyze exactly what the issue really is.  First, everybody agrees that Ms. Geller has the First Amendment right to implement such a drawing contest.  But then, this is where those who do not understand the true philosophy of freedom of speech go bezonkers as they criticize the Muslim Prophet Cartoon Contest.  Namely, they jump ahead to one of the possible outcomes — that Muslims would be offended and might murder somebody — and then, based upon that possible illegal outcome, claim, therefore, that Ms. Geller’s action — freedom of speech — should not happen or be allowed to happen.  But wait a minute.  Isn’t that exactly the point?  That is, curtailment of freedom of speech should not be dependent upon what some loonies, or terrorists, or even peaceful Muslims may or may not do, or may or may not think, about the speech, the cartoon drawings in this case.  This is not the same thing as crying “Fire” in a crowded theatre where there is no fire since in that case, crying “Fire” is the initiation of fraud by an individual who has an implied contract with the other theatre-goers to not lie about a hazardous condition inside a darkened theatre.  Drawing cartoons to question the tenets of any religion whether it be Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or Voodoo Witch Doctors on Bourbon Street in New Orleans is the inherent right of every American.  The reason the Foundation Fathers put freedom of speech in the US Constitution was exactly what Ms. Geller used it for:  to argue against other people’s moral philosophy that denies inherent individual rights, especially those rights of women.  It is just as much your right to make fun of Muslims who claim they get to cohort with 72 virgins if they knock off a Christian or a Jew as it is your right to make fun of Christian Easter Bunnies and kids searching for Easter eggs or Jews wearing beanie hats with propellers on them, or whatever.  The big difference is that Islamic terrorists are currently slitting Christians’ and Jews’ throats all over the world and claiming Mohammed said it was their duty to do so.  To make things worse, the so-called peaceful Muslims not slitting anybody’s throats are simply sitting around doing nothing and thus condoning those actions.  Inaction is often the same as support for bad actions by others.  The only TV news host who appeared to understand the meaning, both legally and philosophically, of inherent individual rights to freedom of speech was Megyn Kelly on FOX News.  It is not the subject matter per se, i.e., the content of the speech, that matters but rather the moral philosophy that allows the act of freedom of speech.  What one says is not the issue; the inherent right to say it is what matters.  In fact, the more incendiary the subject matter — omitting the false cry of “Fire” in a crowded theatre when there is no fire — the more important it is that Americans should exercise their freedom of speech.  What if Adolph Hitler was trying to take over America and you wanted to blast him with a speech.  Should you not do it because Adolph might call out the Brown Shirts and shoot up the crowd?  What if Adolph said you can’t talk against his Nazism?  That is what Ms. Geller and Ms. Kelly were stating:  the Nazis of the Islamic terrorist group who are embedded in the general Muslim religion do not get to dictate whether we are allowed freedom of speech.  Good for you Ms. Kelly, for recognizing and standing up for the real philosophical issue in this case, and good for you Ms. Geller for showing the Islamic terrorists and everybody else that they cannot dictate the terms of any individual’s right to freedom of speech.  The rest of the news media?  Cowards.  Their motto:  Oh, sob, sob, don’t challenge the bullies or they might get angry.  Good.  Let them get angry.  It’s about time somebody stood up for inherent individual rights and made the Islamic terrorists angry.  God knows, ain’t nobody in the US Congress or the Obama Administration standing up for our rights.  In fact, Obama and Congress are both destroying our freedoms left and right, except for a few Tea Party Libertarians such as Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz

—  Thur Apr 30, 2015  President Obama popped onto national TV to tell everybody that the cause of the riots in Baltimore is lack of enough social, education, and jobs funding by Congress.  Really?  Let’s look at this assertion.  According to reporter/analyst Michelle Malkin, Obama and the Liberals in 2009 rammed an $840 billion “stimulus” package through Congress to ha-ha “stimulate” the economy.  Right.  Counterfeiting the money supply is now called a “stimulus.”  Perhaps none of that trillion dollar pork made it to Baltimore, ya think?  $64 billion went to public school districts; $50 billion went for “other education” porky pig programs, including $13 billion for low-income public school kids, $4.1 billion for Head Start and other babysitting services so mom and dad could wheel and deal drugs down at the corner of Walk and Don’t Walk without being bothered by little Johnny or Suzie, one of about six of unwed Mommy’s children, $650 million for educational technology like how to turn the pages of a book or log onto the Internet with a cell phone, $200 million to working college kids forking over $33,000 per year for a degree in Underwater Basket Weaving and wondering why they can’t get a job, and $70 million for homeless children, the same children whose moms and dads are selling crack down at Filth and Main.  On the jobs welfare front, Obama distributed $230 billion of money looted from American taxpayers for “shovel ready” jobs which did not exist.  $26 billion went to Big Labor Unions for an EduJobs program.  The feds already had 47 jobs programs funded by nine different federal agencies.  The federal robbers in each agency must have been tripping all over each other’s shoelaces performing the same bureaucratic bull$hit in quadruplicate.  In 2014, Obama cranked up another $1 billion for early childhood education for kids aged birth to five.  Right after Obama’s $1 trillion booty distribution in 2009, he created a SERVE America Act to dispense another $6 billion, $1.1 billion for “investment in national America services,” $97 million for Learn and Serve America Youth Engagement Zones — whatever the Hell that means — and $400 million for the Social Innovation and Volunteer Generation Fund.  Ditto, what does that mean?   Apparently somebody hijacked Maryland’s portion of all this loot on its way to Baltimore?

—  Wed Apr 29, 2015  Race riots continue in Baltimore, Maryland, as President Obama urges the rioters to continue demonstrating peaceably because, as he states on national TV, “there is racial inequality that still exists all across America.”   So, outside agitators, taking their clue from our clueless leader, continue throwing rocks and bricks at the police, burning down senior citizen homes and small businesses, and bust open windows of liquor and other retail stores to steal bottles of booze, TVs, and other items.  Like, President Obama and the DOJ had no idea that their little race-baiting sycophants such as Al Sharpton and other paid outside agitators wouldn’t burn down the city of Baltimore as they did Ferguson for the same ridiculous reasons.  Never let a good crisis go to waste, right?  So, what’s really going on in Baltimore, Maryland?  As FOX reporter Bill O’Reilly stated on national TV last night, here are the ethnic crime stats for Baltimore:  90% of the murders committed in Baltimore are committed by blacks; 90% of the victims of murder in Baltimore are committed by blacks; 80% – 90% of the robberies, assaults, rapes, looting, and general crime in Baltimore are committed by blacks; 80% or more of the victims of all crime committed in Baltimore are blacks; blacks constitute 65% of the population of Baltimore; the Mayor of Baltimore is black; the majority of the Baltimore City council is black; the police chief of Baltimore is black and the majority of the police department is black; the Maryland House Majority Leader is a black woman.  Hmmm, does this sound like we have a RACIAL problem in Baltimore, OR… is something else going on?  And Baltimore is not unique in its ethnic crime statistics.  Chicago, New York, LA, Oakland, Washington DC, and other large cities report similar ethnic crime stats.  Why?  What is the cause for the high ethnic crime rate, besides the fact that the majority of the residents — vics and perps — are both black?   What other factors exist?  One of the main factors is that the federal and state governments have intervened into the lives of the inner city residents with a “War on Poverty.”  Yes, a War on Poverty.  The left Liberals in America are now witnessing the results of altruistic state collectivism, socialism, social welfare programs consisting of food stamps, aid to single moms with tons of children, “free” medical care, and all sorts of government welfare.  Thus, the War on Poverty has created exactly the opposite of what the left Liberals in America anticipated:  namely, that socialism can solve poverty when, in actuality, socialism creates poverty.  It also creates lots of crime as everybody tries to respond to the government to become as impoverished as they can be in order to collect free government welfare.  Women try to have as many babies as possible; the more children the more government money.  Women strive to not get married; single household women with lots of children receive more government money; hence, children grow up with NO FATHERS.  Coupled with the government’s War on Drugs — which is a national joke and doesn’t work — youths in the ghettoes quickly find out they can make more money dealing in drugs than obtaining an education.  Coupled with the War on Poverty (socialism) and the War on Drugs is the War on Education, namely the government’s implementation of a federally controlled Public — i.e. socialist — Education System.  Youths in the ghetto do not take Public Education seriously, and therefore don’t attend, because it doesn’t pay as much as dealing in drugs relative to the expended output of time and energy.  In short, governmental intervention into America’s major cities with welfare handouts has been a total failure and President Obama and his race baiters causing riots all over America want you to believe that the solution is for everybody to hold hands, sing cumbayah, and the federal government should continue playing socialist welfare games.  Blaming it on white police doesn’t work any more because the majority of many city police departments are black.  Now what?  Instead of President Obama — an economic village idiot of the first degree — urging for a return to free market capitalism, he, instead, proposes more and more welfare socialism, keeping inner city blacks under the government’s thumb and obtaining more and more government power for the bureaucrats in Washington DC who are happy to receive huge salaries for mismanaging all their Wars on Everything.  No wonder the people in Baltimore are rioting.  They’ve been set up for this outcome by the government.  The War on Poverty has turned into its only logical social and economic outcome:  a Poverty War.  And the only reason race riots don’t — or historically didn’t  — break out in heavily socialistic cities in Europe such as Germany, the USSR, Latin America such as Cuba, and Indonesia such as China, and North Korea is because those governments not only implement socialism but they also mow down any would be rioters with automatic machine guns, Nazi Brown Shirts, and horrendous prison systems and Concentration Camps.  Is that where America is headed, because the so-called “race riots” in cities like Baltimore, which are really government socialist welfare riots, are not going to be solved by holding hands, marching down Main Street singing cumbayah, and the federal government passing out more “free” cookies.  One last thing:  from where does the government obtain all these “free” cookies if not from law-abiding producers in the free market?  And, is that exactly what the Obama Administration is trying to destroy:  the American Middle Class, the Fountainhead of economic productivity because Daddy Obama was a card-carrying Communist?  Are things starting to make sense now?  Things starting to fall into place?  Yes, this is a war of ideas, of objective moral philosophy:  inherent individual rights and responsibilities vs. state collectivism.

—  Sun Apr 26, 2015  Ah yes, tonight’s White House Correspondence dinner, more like the White House’s Laugh-a-Minute Republican Roasting dinner, which was far, far removed from anything funny.  What a spectacle.  Hundreds out of 2,600 general attendees including journalists, politicians, movie stars and businessmen attended a dinner hosted by President Barack Obama and members of the WH Press Corps applauded at what has to be the lowest level of non-intellectual and social political economic immorality ever put on by our 4th Branch of Government:  namely, the left Liberal drive-by media.  Here is the group that is supposedly protecting our First Amendment Rights of Freedom of Speech, but instead of holding an adult discussion of journalism and freedom of speech, this group of WH correspondents and the President of the United States celebrated themselves by lowering the format and content of their celebration dinner down to the level of welfare ghetto speak and out and out grammatically-twisted use of the “F” word in an attempt to parody and mock America’s foundational documents and concepts of freedom with regard to Obama’s recent illegal executive actions.  To wit:  Obama said he was asked, in regard to the 4th quarter of his presidency, whether he had a “bucket list.”  He said his response was “no” but he had something that rhymed with the word “bucket,” after which he paused long enough for the audience to understand that he meant a “Fu$k it” list.  Many people laughed.  Some did not.  Obama continued, and said, so when people questioned whether it was legal for him to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, he said, “Buck it,” meaning of course, “Fu$k it.”  He continued this play on words referring to his other illegal actions, unconstitutional actions, and said his answers were, “Buck it.”  Some people didn’t laugh.  Many in the audience appeared to be appalled that the President of the United States would stoop so low.  Playing on words to lower oneself down to gutter language was not the worse part.  The worse part was lowering one’s intellectual level (Obama’s) of trashing the foundational concepts of our limited constitutional government down to the level of “fundamentally transforming America” to a socialist dictatorship.  Remember that Obama stated on national TV over 25 times that it would be unconstitutional for a president to unilaterally grant amnesty to illegal aliens, and then he did exactly that, in an act of “Buck it” which he meant as, “Fu$k it” — clearly slapping the US Constitution right in the face.  Those who laughed should be ashamed of themselves.  After roasting every Republican candidate running for the 2016 presidency — is that the job of the president and White House Press Corps?  is that a topic for them to celebrate? — President Obama then introduced an alter ego “rage” interpreter (a black actor) to stand behind him and translate into the microphone everything Obama said into “rage” talk as if that was what Obama really meant.  So, Obama babbled his standard platitudes to the WH Press Corps and his alter ego “rage” actor re-stated Obama’s words into stereotyped black ghetto language for the audience.  So when Obama said something such as, “I’m glad everybody here at the Press Corps dinner…” became, “All you white people better grab yo little white asses and…”  and it went downhill from there.  What was supposed to be funny, turned out to be a highly racist stereotype rapping “rant” that was not very funny at all.  Imagine Obama talking to the audience using the stereotypical language of Amos and Andy, but updated to today’s hip-hop recording rants.  And this was the level of journalistic intellectualism and racist immorality put on at tonight’s White House Correspondence dinner.  Imagine if former President George Bush or Ronald Regan had done the same thing from a white racist point of view.  They probably would have been impeached.  The upshot was that Obama soon went into a fake rage himself and said the same type of things that the black actor was saying and then the black actor walked over to Michelle Obama and uttered, “He crazy…”  After Obama’s gutter talk, some lady comedian from Saturday Night Live finished the evening by even more roasting of all the Republican candidates for the 2016 presidency, throwing a couple of doggy bon-bon ha-ha’s pretending to roast a couple of Democrats, too.  Of special note was how Obama’s speech writers zeroed in on all of his supposed “conspiracy theory” issues such as where he was born, smoking dope, and being gay in Chicago, in order to cover them up by openly making fun of them.  A clever debating trick used by lawyers:  confessing the truth by pretended denial.  How intellectual, this WH Press Corps dinner.  One wonders why attendees such as Donald Trump and GOP Congressmen/women did not stand up and walk out the room when Obama went through his “Fu$k it” comedy routine and his fake alter ego racist “rage” actor routine.  Is that how low our American culture has dropped, that those who are supposedly the intellectuals and protectors of the concepts of our foundational documents can think of no better way to celebrate their so-called journalistic activities than to lower themselves down to gutter talk, gutter actions, and state collectivist gutter concepts?  No wonder the US is in such a sad state of national and international affairs.  Look at our leaders; look at our journalists.  Enough said.  You be the judge.

—  Fri Apr 24, 2015  News Flash!!  Bill and Hillary Clinton sold America to Russia for $145 million — plus $500,000 in speaking fees for Slick Willy.  That’s right, $500,000 in “speaking fees.”  Adding insult to injury, Bill Clinton received $500,000 in speaking fees — hardy har har har, “speaking fees?” — from a Canadian bankers’ investment meeting in Alphabet-stan (spelled Russian boot licker) where the Clintons and Russian attendees applauded the transfer of control of 20% of the Uranium mined in the United States.  Not only was this Uranium deal illegal according to US law, Hillary Clinton signed off that this deal was AOK while she was Sec of State.  She was not the only signer.  Sec of Defense and others signed off on this sell-out of American Uranium to our enemies in direct contradiction to not only the current law but also a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that Sec of State Hillary Clinton and others signed at the start of their term with the Obama Administration.  Which also begs the question:  why hasn’t the Obama Administration brought these activities to the American people’s attention since President Obama knew, or should have known, about the Uranium deal and other illegal transactions as they were posted — according to the Clintons — all over the Clinton’s Foundation Web Site?  And since it has now been revealed, why hasn’t Obama said anything about this illegal activity, i.e., selling a 20% interest in control of US Uranium commodities which can be used to make nuke bombs, by his Sec of State, Hillary Clinton?  While the controlling interest of 20% of the mined Uranium from the United States was sold, one must remember that Vladimir Putin’s purchase of this Canadian company now amounts to a 51% majority control of the company by Russia.   In essence, Bill and Hillary Clinton just sold a 51% majority control of a Canadian mining company that itself controls 20% of America’s Uranium, a sizable amount that can be used by Russia to make yellowcake, the nuclear material used to further make nuclear weapons.  Further, Russia has hinted at possibly sending Uranium to:  yep, you guessed it:  IRAN, along with the ICBM’s they are sending to the terrorist Mullahs in the Middle East.  That means that Bill and Hillary Clinton, and President Obama, are essentially negotiating deals with Russia and Iran in allowing Iran to develop nuclear bombs.   Where is the Dept of Justice’s US Attorney General Eric Holder in all of this hullabaloo regarding the activities of Bill and Hillary Clinton through their Clinton Foundation?  No wonder Hillary Clinton, as Sec of State, ran her own private computer system for emails and other communication instead of using an approved secure government system.  She needed to be able to hide and destroy all of her crap.  And then, when ordered by US Congressional committees to provide her emails to the State Dept to determine which emails should be deleted, Clinton refused and, in fact, revealed that she had already deleted some 30,000 of the 60,000 emails transacted by her during her tenure as Sec of State, an action not within her authority to perform.  And this is what the left Liberal Democrats have brought to the American people.  Subsidizing America’s demise on every front possible, both domestic and international.  Let’s be clear about one thing:  these illegal and immoral activities by the Clintons and Obama are not examples of free market capitalism.  They are not “crony capitalism” either because there is no such thing as “crony capitalism.”  As soon as the government participates in the deal — namely, Sec of State Clinton and President Obama — their activities reek of state collectivism, government intervention to help the players, socialism, fascism, communism, government dictatorship.  No way in hell do these activities represent free market capitalism.  Rather, they represent the money-grubbing greedy Clintons who are simple-minded socialists using government power of force and fraud to acquire their illegal cookies — putting the rest of America and the world at risk of a civil war and/or WW III.  The Clintons and Obama, for all of their illegal activities should be thrown into jail and we should throw away the key.  Their actions are despicable, treasonous, and immoral as they continually undercut the entire philosophy of inherent individual rights and limited government upon which this country was built.  Welcome to state collectivism.  Who is John Galt?

—  Fri Apr 24, 2015  Republican Sens. Kelly Ayotte (N.H.), Thad Cochran (Miss.), Susan Collins (Maine), Jeff Flake (Ariz.), Lindsey Graham (S.C.), Orrin Hatch (Utah), Ron Johnson (Wis.), Mark Kirk (Ill.), Rob Portman (R-Ohio) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) joined Senate Democrats in approving the nomination of Loretta Lynch as the next US Attorney General.  The vote was 56 – 43 and the big question is:  why would these Republicans vote for a DOJ leader who appears to be at least as bad as current DOJ leader Eric Holder?  In fact, rumor has it that Loretta Lynch is a close buddy buddy of — you guessed it — Eric Holder’s wifester.  Look for more of the same INJUSTICE from the new DOJ as we’ve already experienced from the current DOJ Eric Holder.  In 2016, don’t forget to go to the polls and vote OUT the above 10 RINOs if they, indeed, are running for office at that time.

—  Sun Apr 19, 2015  Dept of Homeland Security Director, Ms. Dinkleberry Leonhart, testified before Senator Mike Lee’s Committee in Congress the other day that she could not reprimand, fire, or slap upside the head, DEA agents who are working for her.  Really?  Who’s in charge at the DHS anyway?  Mickey Mouse?  Donald Duck?  And what did Ms. Leonhart’s DEA agents do that was so wrong?  Well, it seems that various agents have been humping and partying down with prostitutes provided by major drug cartels in foreign countries for the last umpteen years.  In addition, the drug cartels hosting said parties have also been kind enough to “watch” the DEA agents’ cell phones (copying addresses), “watch” the DEA agents’ laptop computers (snooping into what cases the agent are working on), and “watch” the DEA agents’ firearms (making sure they don’t work correctly or oiling them up with molasses) while the horny agents were dashing through hotel corridors playing 50 shades of grey with the hired hookers.  Asked of Ms. Leonhart by Senator Trey Gowdey, “So, what the hell do you do if not manage the Dept of Homeland Security?  What do you mean that you can’t fire agents who have violated the DHS’s rules of conduct?”  Ms. Leonhart’s answer:  “Duh… , I dunno… collecting my paycheck from Obama?”  Well, folks, that makes about 3 or 4 heads of Obama’s departments, Lois Lerner at the IRS who got off on violating targeted audits of GOP political rivals, DOJ jokester Eric Holder who has been cited for contempt and general wrong doings by the US Congress for not doing his job plus helping to start race riots across America, and the list goes on and on in this current administration.  What’s next?  Is Obama going to quarter Nazi Brown Shirts in every citizens’ home to make sure they eat Michelle’s high carb diet so we can all grow big butts like the First Lady?  Under President Obama’s wonderful “intentions” the nation is going to hell in a hand basket, destroying the entire Middle Class, expanding the Caliphate war in the Middle East AND Europe, and totally wrecking America’s health care system.  There is now no law, no justice, and no management of any government workers in the current administration.  It’s an Executive Dept free-for-all.  America’s social, political, and economic structure of limited government, checks and balances, and free market capitalism is rapidly breaking down — just like Obama and his socialist Commies have planned all along.  In the long run, however, if the GOP doesn’t take back the government in 2016 and re-establish some sense of rational order, Obama and his Muslim terrorist-leaning apologists will be at the top of ISIS’s hit list.  And Obama thought he would be applauded with open arms by the Iranians and the other Islamic terrorists if he capitulated to all of their terrorist demands to allow them to make nuclear bombs.  There’s a sucker born every minute.  Unfortunately, one of them landed in the Oval Office and is now, like the Pied Piper, leading the youth of America down the path to socialist Hell.  And if he doesn’t finish the job of destroying America, you can bet Hilarious Clinton will.

—  Sun Apr 12, 2015  Yeaaa, lying former Sec of State Hilarious Clinton announced today that she is running for the President of the United States.  Just what the Republicans wanted.  Hillbilly Clinton should be so easy to whip in the 2016 presidential elections that a blithering village idiot with his left brain tied behind his back should have no problem beating her.  Meanwhile, President Barack Obama is in Panama meeting with the other dictators of the world, pretending that Fidel and brother Raoulie Castro — the Laurel and Hardy of Cuba — are just a coupla wonderful guys and it’s big bad America’s fault that the Cuban government has been murdering, torturing, raping, and throwing the Cuban people into jail by the tens of thousands over the last 5 decades.  So, Obama-rama-lama-ding-dong, ignoring history, thinks he is opening up Cuba and freeing all the people who have been oppressed by the US by lifting economic sanctions.  Really?  Typical of most American Progressives, they blame America for what ails socialist countries rather than blaming socialism itself.  The problem is not America; the problem is that Fidel Castro is a murderous dictator who has steadfastly refused to allow Cubans to exercise their inherent rights of freedom.  Lifting economic sanctions against the Cuban government does not help the Cuban people.  It helps the Cuban dictators continue their reign of terror against the Cuban people.  The best thing that Obama should promote is a revolution for freedom in Cuba and the establishment of a US-style Constitution with a Bill of Rights, not lifting economic sanctions that help brothers Fidel and Raoul Castro.  As usual, Obama has it bassackwards… again… .

—  Sun Apr 05, 2015  Happy Easter to all the Christians in the world.  After all the hullaballoo surrounding last week’s Indiana Law to protect the rights of Christians and other religious groups to be able to go to court to argue their right to choose to not participate in gay marriage ceremonies — or any other morally objectionable practice, like baking a cake for Nazi’s or the KKK — Christians deserve to take a spring break and hold Easter Egg Hunts for their kids today.  The left Liberal Gay Group that blasted some poor little pizza parlor that said they (the pizzeria) would have to refuse to participate on religious grounds in holding a gay wedding reception on their premises, were summarily blasted themselves as the mainstream news media tried to spread the news.  Then, the mainstream media were blasted as the majority of Americans said, “Leave the Christian pizza parlor alone!”  After which Americans sent over a million dollars in donations to the little pizza parlor to help them rebuild from the onslaught of the Gay Special Rights Group that had obviously overstepped their bounds — and the First Amendment.  Those who stood around in the street and chanted that all businesses must cater to and participate in acts that said businesses consider morally reprehensible looked like a bunch of zombies who just didn’t get the Memo that the US Constitution protects individuals and their religions from governmental mandates to perform actions reprehensible to their religious beliefs.  The right to choose, the right to morally discriminate, the right to make a morally conscious decision on one’s private property — as long as one does not initiate the use of force or fraud against others — is covered as an inherent right in the First Amendment.  Gays, Blacks, the KKK, NAZI’s, and the public at large DO NOT have the right to force others to do whatever Gays, Blacks, the KKK, NAZI’s, and the public at large demand.  Individuals have rights.  There are no special Gay rights, or Black rights, or Latino rights, or gender rights, or any other GROUP rights because the concept of rights is not a collective concept, it is an individual concept.  All of the above groups fall under the category of INDIVIDUAL RIGHTs and thus they should stand up for individual rights, not tribal, mob, or group collectivist rights.  Joining together with like-minded people is OK, but joining together with like-minded people and demanding special GROUP rights is to miss the point of rights philosophy in the first place.  That’s why our Constitution speaks of individual rights, and why we implemented a limited Republic instead of a Democracy with democratic majority rule.  The Founding Fathers were very clear about this distinction in the Federalist Papers.  The Gay Left Liberal Group that overstepped their bounds last week should re-read the Federalist Papers, if they’ve ever read them in the first place.  Today is also a good day for President Obama and Sec of State John Kerry to put on their pink bunny suits and go on all the national TV talk shows to babble about how they created a non-framework, non-deal, between nobody in Iran to allow the Mullahs to keep on keeping on with their development of a nuclear bomb.  What a joke:  a non-Memorandum of non-Understanding.  That’s like making a fake verbal deal with Harvey the Invisible White Rabbit.  This current administration is leaning so far over to the Islamic terrorists in Iran that they have baklava honey and Yellowcake dripping all over their fingertips.  Happy Easter Obama and Kerry.  Go hide those Easter Eggs for all the American kids you’re busy lying to and setting up for a future WW III.

—  Sat Apr 04, 2015  Well pull up the barn floor and pour yourselves another hot cup of Rocket Java, girl friends.  President Obama and Sec of State John Kerry have just declared that they’ve struck a “non-deal deal” with the Turban Terrorists of Iran.  Yes, indeedy-doody, a non-written, non-binding, Memorandum of Non-Understanding with the leading terrorist nation in the Middle East.  What are the imaginary terms of this imaginary Non Agreement?  Whatever either side pretends they want the non-terms to be or not to be.  And that is the question:  what the hell is going on?  The answer is:  nothing.  Actually, the real answer is:  whatever the Mullahs were already doing by lying, cheating, misleading, trickery, and oooh looky-looky at my right hand while I shaft you with my left hand.  That’s what’s going on in Iran.  The Mullahs, laughing in their tea at Obama and Kerry, are still manufacturing Yellowcake, still spinning their centrifuges, and still planning to crank up a nuclear bomb as soon as possible to destroy Israel and America.  And who says all the centrifuges have to reside in Iran?  The Mullahs could be working in multiple nuclear enrichment facilities in different countries to add all their Yellowcake together to make a nuke.  Who knows?  Certainly not the IAEA.  And certainly not Obama and Kerry.  Nobody even knew two months ago about Iran’s hidden facility that is now cranking up Plutonium like there’s no tomorrow, which, ironically is exactly what they’re planning on:  no tomorrow for you and me and everybody else.  Word on the street is that Sec of State John Kerry is more interested in winning a Nobel Peace Prize — temporary as it will be — just for inking a “deal” with Iran, which he has yet to do in his latest Fairytale since nobody has signed off on anything.  Obama continues to claim that he will “veto” any Congressional legislation that votes “no” on The Big Unwritten Lying Deal With Iran.  But that’s not how it works.  Treaties can be proposed by the Executive Branch, i.e. President Jarrett, oops I mean President Obama, but said “Treaty” — which must be in writing so somebody can read it — must be ratified by 2/3 of each House of Congress.  There is no “vetoing” of anything unless Congress writes a Bill.  If 2/3 of Congress tells President Valerie, I mean Barack, to take a long walk off a short pier, then the so-called “treaty” is nullified.  Nor does the President have the authority to authorize that the UN override the US Congress regarding America’s treaties.  Once again, President Obaloney is trying to not only overstep his executive boundaries, he is obviously trying to put Israel and other nations at high risk for a WW III when the Mullahs renege on any non-deal deal that may be created.  Currently, Obama has already initiated removing of economic sanctions against Iran because he and Valerie Jarrett want to go shopping for camel side-saddles and whatnot in Teheren next summer.  Whatever.  The point is, Obama has already jumped the gun on removing sanctions that Congress previously passed.  Did anybody see the Hollywood propaganda machine in full regalia last night as staged groups of Iranians drove through the streets cheering and whooping it up as if a “real deal” had been struck between the US and the Turban Terrorists?  Meanwhile, President Barack Jarrett popped onto national TV and babbled like a French mime, saying nothing, stating that a non-Framework of a non-Memorandum of non-Understanding had been not-struck in invisible ink between Nobody and Harvey the Invisible White Rabbit.  And the mainstream news media, like clockwork, gobbled it up for breakfast.  Yum yum yum, nothing but hot air.  Why are we wasting our time in Switzerland playing Tiddly Winks with the Iranian Terrorists?  Because somebody’s Daddy was a Muslim.

—  Thur Apr 02, 2015  The current hullaballoo about Indiana’s Religious Rights legislation that was just signed into law is an attempt by the far left liberals to destroy the concept of individual rights while pretending that they are protecting individual rights.  There is no such thing as special individual rights for gays, for women, for blacks, or people with long purple noses.  The concept of inherent individual rights applies to individuals, not special sects, gangs, or tribes of individuals delineated by some attribute in addition to, or other than, being an individual per se.  As soon as one attributes an adjective to the concept of “individuals,” they are not individuals in rights philosophy but rather they are now a special group.  One does not obtain inherent individual rights from Nature or God because one is gay, or because one is a woman, or because one is Christian, or because one has a long purple nose.  One obtains inherent individual rights because one is an “individual.”  Note also that one does not obtain one’s rights from the government, rather the government obtains its existence from the exercise of a priori inherent individual rights.  Therefore, from a true individual rights philosophy, one has the right to discriminate against anybody else for whatever reason as long as one does not initiate the use of physical force or fraud, and one is doing so within the bounds of one’s own private property.  Nobody can discriminate against anybody else on public property, or government property such as down at the DMV.  So, if two KKK members in full white hoods walk into an African American’s bakery and order him to bake them a “We hate black folks” chocolate cake, the owner of the bakery, regardless of the owner’s personal attributes, has the right under inherent individual rights philosophy to say, “No, thanks.”  Similarly, if two gay people walk into a bakery run by Christians who hold that gay sex is morally reprehensible to the owners, or for any other reason, and the gay couple demands that the bakers make a cake portraying a gay marriage on top of the frosting, the owners have the right to say, “No, thanks.”  While the owners in the two examples above have the right to say no, I am not stating that they are exercising a smart decision or that I agree with their discretion.  The owners may lose lots of business and may go bankrupt but that is their decision.  The point is that it is not the function of the government or other individuals to initiate the use of force or fraud to force the owners to bake cakes that they do not want to make for any customers for any reasons, whether religious or racial or gender or the shape of the customer’s nose.  Individuals have the inherent right to discriminate, to choose, for whatever reason whether it’s stupidity from somebody else’s point of view or not.  It may or may not be intelligent business-wise but it is their right to choose.  So, why all the hullaballoo by the left liberals on this issue?  As usual, the Democrats want to destroy the concept of inherent individual rights and replace it with government or state force.  At the conceptual level, liberals want to destroy the moral philosophy of inherent individual rights upon which the US Constitution was founded and replace it with the concept of tribal rule, gang rule, democratic majority force and fraud.  Instead of the rule of law, they want the rule of men.  The rule of the tribe.  It is a veiled attempt to lower Western Civilization back down to the Dark Ages of state collectivism and their dirty little secret is that the promulgators of these concepts against individual rights to discriminate, the right to choose, is to make you feel guilty.  They are pulling their same old stunt of attempting to gain the sanction of their victims:  you.  Instead, all individuals should exercise whatever good judgment their moral philosophy dictates without, of course, initiating the use of force or fraud against others.  The reason that the free market works is because there are always those who will gravitate to make exchanges with those whose moral philosophies they agree with.  As an aside, note how those who want to force their views on others at the bakeries in the above examples are actually carrying out the very same “discrimination” of which they accuse the bakers.  Republicans, Libertarians, and others need to face this question head on, and unequivocally point out that all individuals have the inherent right to “discriminate” in their choice of who they deal with — which is what everybody does already in society when they choose their life’s work, play time, and marriage.  Democrats and left liberals need to go back to Moral Philosophy 101A and stop trying to initiate another phony crisis for our phony President to hide behind while he perpetrates his high crimes and treason against the US.  If some Christian baker doesn’t want to bake a gay themed cake for a couple of gays, that’s the baker’s right.  If a Jewish baker doesn’t want to bake a Nazi-themed cake for a Nazi socialist couple with a big swastika on top, that’s the baker’s right to choose.  If an Afro American baker doesn’t want to bake a wedding cake for a KKK couple showing the hanging of a black man on a tree with a burning cross on top, that’s the baker’s choice.  Moral discrimination is an inherent right.  Period.  Case closed.  And we don’t need a bunch of RINOs in Washington or at the state governor’s level to stand up on national TV and babble nonsense about how everybody should learn to get along, how they’re going to create special categories of individuals to protect, and sing cumbayah.  By the way, what’s this crap about special categories of hate crime?  It’s the same claptrap from liberals as discussed above.  It doesn’t matter why the crook robbed the 7-Eleven store and shot the clerk.  It is the act of initiating force or fraud against another individual that matters, not because the victim was black, or Jewish, or a woman, or had a long purple nose.  There should be no special categories of “hate crimes.”  A crime against an individual is a crime against an individual.  Period.  Get the definitions of your individual rights philosophy logically correct. And what’s this crap about groups such as Congress’ Black Caucus or Latino Caucus or White Caucus or Purple Nose Caucus which should have no place in government, especially in Congress?  There are no gay rights; or black rights; or women’s rights; or Christian rights.  There are only individual rights and you have the right to choose who you deal with.  Period.

—  Sun Mar 29  It is sheer folly for the Obama administration to pretend that it can make a nuclear “deal” with the Mullahs of Iran.  First, check your premises.  Axiomatic Primary of Iran’s leaders:  it is OK to lie to the infidels.  Agreements between infidels are not binding and, in fact, are suggested ways in which to achieve the objectives of the Islamic terrorists:  i.e., establish an Islamic Caliphate to take over all of planet Earth.  Bonus:  blow up the entire planet while implementing the Islamic Caliphate and — according to Islamic moral philosophy — ensure that one reaches Muslim Heaven, plus 72 virgins, plus lots of baklava with honey and dates, and… whatever.  Therefore — think about this President Obama — it is a given premise that NO LOGICAL RATIONAL DEAL can be made with the Mullahs of Iran because if one’s primary givens are false, then the results must be false.  False premises yield false results.  In every field of endeavor, from math to engineering to social political economic philosophy.  The Big Question is:  why does Obama persist in going down an irrational political path?  Is he suicidal?  Does he think the Mullahs will love him and spare his ass when they blow up Israel, America, and planet Earth?  What is going through President Obama’s tiny little brain that he can’t comprehend that 2 + 2 = 4 in the realm of social political economics?  The answer is that there is no rational answer because Obama’s premises are not rational.  Therefore, he — whether he knows it consciously or not — is on a suicidal mission and he is willing to take the rest of the world with him as he lives out his short socialist fantasy.  Let’s face it, Obama is living out a 200 year old economic fairytale called Marxism and he wants to drag the rest of America with him to discover what we already know:  the false economic sophisms of socialism — labor theory of value, zero sum wealth, etc. — all of which were disproved over a hundred years ago.  And let’s also face the fact that Marx’s socialist state is the same moral philosophy as Iran’s Mullahs socialist religious state.  No wonder it is so easy for Obama to slip into the same moral philosophy of altruistic state collectivism of socialism and Islamic terrorism.  Both deny the existence of inherent individual rights, especially women’s rights in the Middle East, and both worship the collectivist state.  That explains why Obama is busy running around America talking up a storm about how wonderful state collectivism will be in the US, such as socialist medical care, and simultaneously how he can make a nuclear “deal” with Islamic terrorist state collectivists in the Middle East.  It’s the same moral philosophy:  stupid state collectivism.  Except for one thing:  Obamacare will not blow up planet Earth; but a fake nuclear “deal” with Iran will.  The only saving grace may be that those who follow Billy Meier and his human ET contacts, the Plejaran, know that said Plejaran will not allow the total blowing up of planet Earth with nukes because — their words, not mine — planet Earth happens to exist in a section of one of the Milky Way Galaxy’s spiral arms connected to other human ET’s in our space-time continuum and they would be adversely affected if the Bozos on Earth actually blew up the entire planet.  Short of that, however, the use of chemical, biological, conventional, and limited nuclear warfare will be, well, just tough luck for Earth humans and nobody on or off planet will be coming to our rescue.  Let’s hope that President Dumb-Dumb gets impeached before he can do much more harm than he has already done at home and in the Middle East.  So what’s the solution?  The US and other nations such as Britain, France, Australia, and Israel need to join together and simply march into Iran and tell the Iranian leaders to clear out the scientists from their un-needed “secret” nuclear facilities while said united nations completely dismantle the Iranian nuclear facilities.  No need to blow up Iranians, they want and have asked for the US to free them from their Mullahs.  If that doesn’t happen, if the US leadership and a coalition of other nations don’t step up to the plate with a pair of cajones, prepare for the unleashing of nuclear bombs by the Islamic terrorists in the very near future.  Remember, it’s OK to lie to us infidels, including lying to President Obama and his Iranian Mommy, Valerie Jarrett, who are simply regarded as useful idiots in the Mullahs’ overall Game Plan to take over the world.  Worse bad news dukie would be the Islamic terrorists additionally marching into France, and with the five million disenfranchised jobless Muslims living in the NO GO Zones of Paris, take over France’s military and nuclear arsenal and blow up half of Europe as they implement their Caliphate throughout Europe.  Wake up England, you’re next on the Mullahs’ List.  Meanwhile, Russia’s Putin is licking his chops and is contemplating how to take over portions of Northern Europe and then Canada and Alaska while America is going broke trying to fight the Islamic terrorists in the Middle East.  Think it can’t happen?  Think again, Americans.  Obama the Pied Piper is leading the youth of America down the path to total economic obliteration.  That’s why he talks every day at a different college campus in America:  to convince the stupid youth that Marxism and Islamic terrorism are simply figments of the Conservatives’ imaginations.  Meanwhile, the old line Conservatives are RINOs, scratching their heads, trying to figure out what’s going on in the world in between maintaining their elegant outrageous lifestyle in Washington DC.  Why can’t the US Congress spell I-M-P-E-A-C-H?

—  Thur Mar 26, 2015  News Flash!!  The US Military announced yesterday that PRIVATE Bergdahl has now been charged with (1) deserting his post on the battle field, and (2) putting his platoon and the military in harms way when he left his post and went wandering off to search out a meeting and joining up with Al Qaeda/Taliban/Middle East terrorists.  This was a conscious decision as PRIVATE Bergdahl asked his Platoon leaders how to pack up and ship his personal belongings home, which he did, the day before he deserted his post.  This was a conscious decision as PRIVATE Bergdahl voluntarily joined the US Military — after failing to join the French Foreign Legion — and then decided that he didn’t like the way the US Military was conducting the war in Iraq.  Not that he was a pacifist; he didn’t like the door-to-door meetings and discussion with the locals.  He wanted more action.  Not that he wanted to kill people but that he wanted, according to his Platoon buddies, more running around the countryside, hopping, skipping, jumping, and zip-lining all over the place.  Maybe he should have joined the Olympics, who knows.  But one doesn’t voluntarily join the Army, take an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States, and then decide on the battle field to play Commander in Chief — or more like Benedict Arnold — and then dash off to join the enemy while his comrades think he is standing guard to protect them as they did for him while he slept.  This is not the action of a hero or somebody serving his country with “honor and distinction” as the Obama Administration claimed on national TV talk shows.  This is the action of a lying coward, and is a court-martial offense if not a firing squad on the battle field.  Kudos to the US Military for not caving in and playing politics with the Obama Administration that tried to get the Military top brass to dismiss the charges and pretend like nothing happened, move along, nothing going on here.  Yeah, uh-huh.  The really sad part of this entire Obama Bergdahl fiasco is that 6 soldiers were killed in the initial search for Bergdahl as the US Military thought he may have been captured or led off post.  Very shortly, however, they discovered he purposely deserted and the Taliban was, with Bergdahl’s help, tricking our soldiers who were trying to save him by leading them into houses that blew up and ambushes in which our soldiers were killed.  All this, as President Obama choreographed a phony baloney Rose Garden charade during which he hugged, kissed, and put his arms around Bergdahl’s parents when Obama announced his Big Trade to bring Berdahl home in exchange for releasing the five worst terrorist commanders at Gitmo so they could then go back into the Middle East fight against Israel, America, and anybody else they targeted.  This was probably one of the most shameful acts of treason and showboating by any US Commander in Chief, ever, in US history.  And to top it off, Bergdahl’s father stood in the Rose Garden, speaking in Arabic, and praised his son’s despicable act of desertion as President Obama — the Commander in Chief — smiled on like it was some kind of birthday party for a two year old.  On the first count, Bergdahl could get five years in prison.  On the second count, he could get life in prison.  Nobody at the White House mentioned the 6 soldiers who died searching for Bergdahl.  They will not be coming home — except in a coffin.

—  Tue Mar 24, 2015  Tum tee tum tum twiddle thumbs.  What is Hilarious Clinton waiting for?  She’s finished as a candidate for the 2016 presidency.  She should be duly prosecuted for her blatant violation of security protocol vis a vis running her Sec of State communications in the clear on her own hackable private servers at her home instead of on the official more secure servers mandated by the government.  Congressional Democrats are no doubt sitting in their back offices smoking Cuban cigars and drinking fine Scotch whiskey as they plan how exactly to dump her and choose another one or two candidates to run in the 2016 Presidential Elections.  It’s over, Hillbilly.  It’s over.  The sooner you wake up and admit this to yourself, the sooner you can take a long vacation to Sing-Sing Prison after your federal conviction and talk trash with all the other inmates who only robbed a 7-Eleven store instead of putting the entire US population at risk with your buddy President Obama.  Speaking of Obama, have you stopped to ask yourself:  is he going to throw you under the bus before you throw him under the bus?  Now’s there’s a political wrestling match that the public deserves to see on national TV.  If you do nothing, Obama wins and you lose anyway.  If you squeal on him, you both lose but you may be granted immunity for a coupla weeks as you tell the truth about what the hell the President and his Puppet Master Valerie Jarrett from Iran have been orchestrating over the past 6 years or more.  Just think, girl friend, you have a chance to redeem yourself.  Well, sort of.  But not enough to think you can then run for the 2016 presidency.  Nope, that option is long gone.  And, guess what, you get to help drag President Obama through his impeachment proceedings in the House and then trial in the Senate.  All you have to do is to stop your Big Denial because even the left Liberal Progressives in Congress are not going to let you continue to get away with… what?… murder…? treason…?  gun running…? what?  who knows?  Why not come clean now instead of being forced to make a fool of yourself on public TV during all the Congressional hearings?  Tum tee tum tum twiddle thumbs… Just waiting…

—  Thur Mar 19, 2015  Once again, President Obama demonstrates that he does not understand the concept of “inherent individual rights.”  Yesterday, while on his perpetual never-ending forever-and-ever campaign trail, Obama said it should be a requirement that every citizen be forced to vote.  Really? Forced to vote?  What part of the word FREEDOM does President Obama not understand?  Freedom means choice.  It means the choice to vote or not to vote.  If the government can force you to vote, then it can force you to do anything because to accept the proposition of no inherent individual right of choice in one endeavor is to accept the proposition of no inherent individual right of choice in any other endeavor.  Such as freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of religion, freedom of you name it.  Plus, the concept of “inherent” means you don’t get your inherent individual rights from a government; you get it by the mere fact of being born, or of conception at some point in that process.  Forcing citizens to vote is the same as forcing citizens to, hey, how about purchasing a government health care program?  Wowie zowie!  What a coincidence.  Obama The Messiah has already tried to shove a forced GOVERNMENT health care program down everybody’s throats.  Force is not the answer to obtaining the best, cheapest, most comprehensive health care system.  Inherent individual rights, a true free market, not the fake free market that existed before Obamacare, is the correct route to go.  We need to “force” every American to vote like we need another hole in our heads.  Go back to sleep, Obama, you still don’t get it, dude.  Better yet, why not retire before you get impeached?

—  Thur Mar 19, 2015  News Flash!!  BiBi Netanyahu kicks derriere in Israeli election for Prime Minister.  Despite all the efforts by the Obama Administration to politically sabotage the Israeli elections, Benjamin Netanyahu won a landslide victory to continue as Israel’s PM for the next two years.  The very issue that President Obama accused Netanyahu and the US Congress of doing, namely involving themselves in the election process of a foreign government by asking Netanyahu to come speak to the US Congress and American people regarding the Bad Deal that Obama was about to enter into with Iran vis a vis granting Iran a clear path to obtaining nukes, is EXACTLY what Obama and his cohorts did themselves by DIRECTLY involving themselves into the election process in Israel last week.  I mean, Obama’s thugs showed up to Israel and openly campaigned against Bibi Netanyahu.  Too bad for Obama that his obvious intervention in Israel’s election process backfired and actually boosted the votes FOR Netanyahu because even “Liberals” in Israel understand that any deal with Iran is a joke and Israel’s life depends upon it.  In typical Obama style, he continually does exactly what he accuses his opponents of doing.  He plays the race card while accusing others of being racist.  He claims he has no constitutional authority to allow illegal immigrants into the United States while issuing EOs and Memo to allow 5 million to 10 million illegal immigrants to storm across our southern border, receive entitlements, and transport said illegals to live in suburbs all over America.  And so it goes, on and on, President Obama doing exactly what he accuses his opponents of doing.  Why?  To keep the citizens of America CONTINUALLY wrapped up in all kinds of concocted civil strife.  Just when you think you’ve caught President Obama creating one issue of civil strife, his administration creates another issue.  It just keeps going on and on AND THIS IS NO ACCIDENT.  This is the guerilla warfare he learned from his communist teachers, right out of the Saul Alinsky Playbook on How To Rip Down A Nation.  And it works, up to a point, depending on how soon the victims discover what is happening to them, what is really going on behind the scenes.  Add to that, we have a President and his puppet masters such as Valerie Jarrett, an Iranian Islamic terrorist sympathizer, pushing Obama in the direction of supporting the Islamic fanatics raging all over the Middle East slitting people’s throats and burning them alive.  Not to mention openly selling women and girls as sex slaves in various Middle East markets.  So where are all the Left Liberal Progressive Democrats in the US, not standing up for women’s rights?  Why don’t they question President Obama’s foreign policies that support such abhorrent sex slavery behavior?  Because they only think in terms of disconnected thought globs and that is why you see every major news outlet wringing their hands and bemoaning their grief about Bibi Netanyahu winning by a landslide the office of PM in Israel yesterday.  Democrats are incapable of connecting a rational thought process of what Obama is doing to America and what is going on in the Middle East.  That’s why Obama did not — and perhaps may never — call Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu and offer congratulations on winning the election that Obama tried through direct intervention to make Bibi lose.  Shameful.  Say, Valerie Jarrett, how’s it going, babe?  Is your puppet falling down?  Is Hillary clipping your strings?

—  Wed Mar 18, 2015  Hesto presto!  Hillary Clinton did not sign Form OF-109, as mandated by law, when she left her job as Sec of State.  Or, at least nobody at the State Dept can find it.  Therefore, Ms. Clinton, for two years has violated her exit stage left.  Wait, claims the State Dept.  The State Dept has claimed that they also cannot find signed Form OF-109 for the previous two Secs of State, Candy Cane Rice and Gen Colin Powell, too.  Whoa, so if two previous Secs of State have missing forms, then it’s OK for Hilarious Clinton to not have signed her OF-109 form, too?  What if the previous two Secs of State robbed Bank of America?  Is it then OK for former Sec of State Clinton to rob Bank of America, too?  The more people who commit a crime, the less of a crime it becomes?  Let’s stick to the point.  Hillary Clinton ran all State Dept communications on her private server, which is a violation of national security because her server could be hacked by foreign intelligence agents.  Her server was not a secure line.  Ms. Clinton mixed classified communications with private communications.  A big no-no in the intelligence community.  Ms. Clinton willfully chose and destroyed whatever emails and other State Dept communications she desired.  All of the above are felonies and she should be dutifully prosecuted.  But here’s the coup de grace:  He or She who violates the provisions of form OF-109, including failure to sign said form, can not only be fined and sent to prison, DUM DA DUM, pay close attention now:  THEY CANNOT HOLD ANY FUTURE PUBLIC OFFICE.  Period.  Zip.  Zero.  End of story.  So, even if Secs of State Colin Powell and Condaleeza Rice did not sign form OF-109, that doesn’t let Hillary Clinton off the hook.  It simply means the law applies to Powell and Rice, too.  In fact, doubly so because the Sec of State is in charge of making sure this law is carried out.  Period.  Zip.  Zero.  End of those guys’ stories, too.  So, which laws do Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and anybody else in government service get to break?  How about election laws?  How about just suspending the Bill of Rights?  How about quartering soldiers in people’s houses?  Where does it stop?  Is the excuse, “I just thought it didn’t apply to me,” OK?    or, “I just thought it would be more convenient if I did it my way,” an OK reason?  The US government, especially the Executive Branch with Valerie Jarrett running Obama like a puppet and Hillary Clinton doing anything she feels like doing, has turned into a completely lawless joke.  If Hillary Clinton is not prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and if President Obama is not impeached for breaking every law imaginable, then the United States is no longer a Union, no longer a Republic, not longer a nation of laws.  Rather America has turned into a hodge-podge of tribal mob rule.  Rule by whoever carries the biggest gun.  What a giant step backwards in social political economics that would be.  Ayn Rand was absolutely correct in her assessment of the cause of America’s continuing downfall:  altruistic state collectivism carried to its logical ultimate result, individual and national suicide.  Moral philosophy does matter, and we are watching it erode into Atlas Shrugged right before our eyes.

—  Sat Mar 14, 2015  FOX TV News talk show host Megyn Kelly has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to obtain one simple form from the US State Dept:  Hillary Clinton’s OF-109 form which Hillary was mandated by federal law to sign when she left her job as Sec of State two years ago.  Form OF-109 states under penalty of perjury that Ms. Clinton must sign off that she turned over ALL of her communications — public and private — to the State Dept upon leaving and the State Dept will then determine which communications, including emails, belong to the federal government and which communications can be taken home by Ms. Clinton.  Ms. Clinton has already publicly stated that she did not use a government server or computer during her entire four year term as Sec of State and that she only used her private DOT.com communications system.  That’s it, just one document being requested by FOX News host Megyn Kelly:  namely, Hillary Clinton’s OF-109 form.  If Hillary did not sign a OF-109 form upon retiring from her Sec of State post, she and the US Dept of State are in serious trouble.  If Hillary did indeed sign a OF-109 form upon retiring from her Sec of State post, then the Big Question is:  where are all of her documents?  Did she destroy any of them?  If so, can they be recovered from either Hillary’s private server or from recipients of her communications?  Were any of her communications classified documents?  Did she communicate and then destroy any classified documents with President Obama’s White House administration?  Either way, Hillary Clinton is in deep trouble because she apparently willfully broke the law and that spells F-E-L-O-N-Y… one felony count for each missing document… .  And there are apparently tens of thousands of documents involved in this debacle.  That’s a long time in prison for an arrogant, “Oh yeah, I just thought it was more ‘convenient’ to do everything on my own private server… you know, in case I needed to hide anything I didn’t want the public to know about… .”  Really?  LIke what?  Like gun running with Obama to Al Qaeda terrorists that went awry in Benghazi, Libya and Syria, and resulted in the murder of our Libyan ambassador and three other people, not to mention the terrorists obtaining a billion dollars worth of American high tech weapons?  And then lying about it by blaming some idiot Hollywood Youtube video making fun of Mohammed?  Aiding Al Qaeda terrorists to fight Syrian terrorists and other groups could be construed as a treasonous act by President Obama and Sec of State Clinton.  Watch how fast Hillary drags down Obama as she goes down in this debacle.  No honor among thieves, right?  Let’s all sing together, “Yo-ho, yo-ho, a pirate’s life for me…”

—  Thur Mar 12, 2015  Ah yes, Government Form OF-109.  That’s the official form that former Sec of State Hilarious Clinton was supposed to have signed upon leaving her government position two years ago.  The form says, “Hey, bureaucrat, under penalty of perjury, you have to sign on the dotted line that you have given us (the government) all your communications, including emails, that you handled during your tenure as such-and-such a government employee.  And if you willfully refuse to do so, then you are committing a felony and can go to prison.  And, in addition, we (the government) are the ones — not you, former Sec of State Hillbilly Clinton — who get to decide what communications you can take with you and which ones you cannot.”  If Hilarious Clinton did not sign Form OF-109 upon leaving her Sec of State job and for two years thereafter, then she and others at the State Dept have committed a crime.  If Hillbilly Clinton did sign Form OF-109, then the Big Question is:  so where are all the communications that you were supposed to turn over to the State Dept?  What?  Zero?  Let me get this straight.  Former Sec of State Ha-Ha Clinton worked for the State Dept as a Cabinet Member for President Barack Obama-rama-lama-ding-dong and during all those four years neither Clinton nor Obama sent any classified communications to each other?  Remember, Clinton only used her home-grown servers and computers for her emails and communication.  Clinton has admitted that she did not use any government secured communications equipment because it was “more convenient” that way.  Yeah, I bet it was.  Especially if one had something to hide.  Like Benghazi crap that she and Obama do not want the world to know about.  There were no emails between the White House and Sec of State for months — that’s months, unbelievable — during the Benghazi crisis and aftermath.  She sent nothing to Obama during this time?  And he sent nothing to her?  Really?  So what messages was she sending?  Communications is not just a one way street.  Clinton was not talking to herself.  She was talking to President Obama.  And he must have sent messages to her.  Wow.  What a revelation.  Imagine, the President of the United States actually talking to his Sec of State.  Who’d a thunk?  So….. where are all the messages, Hillary?  Barack?  Classified and not classified?  Oh….  Hilarious Clinton deleted the ones she thought should be deleted and kept the ones she thought were OK to keep on her personal non-government server, whether said messages were classified or not?  Is there a new country existing inside the United States called Clintononia, with Dictator Hillary running her own show?  Is that how it works in Washington?  Is there another nation within America called Barack-a-rama-Obama in which Dictator Obama gets to do anything he wants and is exempt from the US Constitution, checks and balances from the real government and the other two branches, the Legislative and Judicial Branch?  Is that how it all works?  Holy Moley, they taught us all wrong in Jr. Civics Class in the 8th Grade, right?  There is no United States of America and no Sec of State.  It’s everybody for themselves, whatever they think is best or gives them the most power, and the law be damned because that’s exactly what is now going on in Washington DC, with Obama doing anything and everything he wants, and same for Hilarious Clinton, and God only knows who else in our government is just doing whatever the hell they want to do and making up phony stories to cover their own asses when they get caught breaking the law.  What law?  Whose law?  The rule of law seems to be gone.  Now it’s the Rule of Men… and, apparently, women.  Unless Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama do not get away with it.  The Founding Fathers created the remedy for both situations:  Obama, when it’s finally discovered that he has broken many different laws can be impeached by Congress and former Sec of State Clinton can be taken to federal court and then prison for felonious crimes she committed during her tenure.  Never mind Hilarious running for Obama’s job in 2016; she will be lucky if she doesn’t spend the rest of her life at Sing-Sing for placing the security of the United States at high risk.  Time for the US Congress and the Judicial Branch to develop a pair of gonads and implement the law against our nation’s Top Two Laurel and Hardies:  Baloney Obama and Hilarious Clinton.

—  Sun Mar 08, 2015  Yo, Mr. President, what color is your turban?  President Obama’s recent refusal to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during Netanyahu’s visit to speak to a joint session of Congress last week revealed many things.  The first thing it revealed is that Obama did not want Congress or the American people to know ANYTHING about his (Obama’s) ridiculous nuclear arms deal with the Mullahs of Iran.  That’s right, nuclear arms.  Iran needs a nuclear power plant like they need more desert sand.  They’re sitting on millions of barrels of oil.  Or, if they really are Greenies and are trying to save planet Earth from the pollution of non-replaceable fossil fuels, they can implement Tesla’s free energy from the vacuum (space all around us), which is currently available today from many different sources.  There is only one reason for Iran to pursue an increase in their capability to produce nuclear grade yellowcake:  so they can do what they’ve been preaching for the last several decades, namely, to wipe Israel and the United States off the face of the Earth.  Holy mackerel, President Obama, you mean Iran is off and running on some type of Islamic Jihad against the rest of the world?  Yeah, you betchum.  They’ve said so.  Over and over and over.  But Obama either thinks he can control Iran’s Mullahs because he thinks he’s Jesus Christ Mohammed and Buddha reincarnated and all rolled into one, or he thinks he’s the swiftest most intellectual neighborhood negotiator in the whole wide world.  Uh-huh.  Actually Obama is acting more like an Islamic Bozo acting on Iran’s behalf.  Which side of the Table is he sitting on?  What is the color of Obama’s turban?  The second thing that Mr. Obama’s reaction to Netanyahu’s speech before Congress revealed is that Obama thinks he can legally make foreign treaties without the US Congress.  Beep-beep, wrong!  Since when does the US Constitution grant the Executive Branch the authority to make secret treaties with other nations?  It doesn’t.  Then again, when has that ever stopped President Obama on his dictatorial stampede to unilaterally take over all three branches of US government?  To date, he has taken over GM, taken over the US health care system, taken over the US Immigration system for his future 10 million to 20 million new Democratic voters, taken over the 2nd Amendment to deny Americans bullets for their guns and right to bear arms, taken over local, state, and national judicial systems to issue “legal” results opposite to what grand juries have already ruled, taken over the exchange of war criminals for army deserters without consulting Congress, taken over the running of guns in secretly botched up deals with Mexico and Islamic terrorists in the Middle East, pretended to have captured, shot and killed, and secretly buried at sea World Trade Center terrorist Osama bin Laden, and now he wants to grant — yes, GRANT — Iran the right to keep on creating more and more nuclear grade material so the biggest sponsor of Islamic terrorism in the world can take out Israel and America.  Not only does Obama’s Iran deal allow them to create more fissionable material, after 10 years all restrictions on Iran are slated to be abolished which allows Iran full, unrestricted capability to do whatever they want to do vis a vis their nuclear activities.  Ten years.  Wow what a brilliant negotiator Barack Obama is.  I wouldn’t send him anywhere to negotiate how to get a mouse out of a wet paper bag with ten tons of cheese.  I’m sure he would “eff” that up, too.  The third thing revealed by President Obama’s “furious reaction” to Netanyahu’s speech before Congress is Obama’s assertion that a foreign dignitary running for office back in his own nation in two weeks somehow disqualifies him from speaking to the Congress or Parliament of another nation.  Really?  Especially concerning something so time sensitive as Bozo Brain Obama making a nuke deal with said foreign visitor’s next door enemy whose “treaty” includes how to wipe Netanyahu’s country off the face of the Earth in ten years or less.  Obama is simply throwing out a straw man to demolish.  Nobody in the US can vote for Israeli PM Netanyahu anyway — except for two people living in New York who may have dual citizenships.  Wow, big voting block.  Once again, methinks President Obama doth too much protesteth regarding Israel’s PM Netanyahu speaking before Congress.  What’s Obama got to hide from Congress and the American people?  Why is he so nasty to PM Benjamin Netanyahu?  What color is your turban, Mr. President?

—  Sat Mar 07, 2015  President Obama and the DOJ proved they were die-hard racists yesterday as Obama and AG Eric Holder — while admitting that the DOJ investigation, grand jury, and all investigative information related to the Ferguson case in which police officer Darren Wilson was acquitted by self defense of shooting and killing Bad Boy What’shisname — continued to speak to audiences, mostly black, that Officer Wilson somehow got off on a technicality because Obama and Holder just know, deep in their hearts, that white racism is just running rampant all across America.  Buzz, wrong, Mr. President and AG Holder.  What the DOJ investigation just showed was that white racism IS NOT only not running rampant in America, but that it isn’t even dribbling across the sidewalks anywhere in the US.  The only racism we see today is President Obama and AG Eric Holder lying through their teeth on national TV.  Mr. Obama and Eric Holder must be living in an alternate universe, like back in the 1960’s, because over the last 50 years everybody with a pair of eyeballs can see that racism is over, finished, deader ‘n a doornail… well, except for those who are still trying to make a business out of it, like The Right Reverend Holy Roller Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who are still running around jacking up businesses for guilt money.  It’s called extortion.  At least “guilt” for those businesses whose CEOs are stupid enough to fall for this obvious scam.  The problem with President Obama and AG Eric Holder, however, is that their actions are an attempt to dump, discredit, and ignore America’s rule of law and substitute it with the rule of men.  Which men?  Why, whoever is currently in power in the Executive Branch of government.  As France has recently discovered, no nation can survive with two sets of jurisprudence: French law and Sharia Islamic law, the latter now being practiced in the No Go Zones in France.  Similarly, President Obama’s continual babblings about how he thinks racism is running rampant across America is a blatant attempt to destroy America’s judicial system and replace it — as we keep pointing out — with his social political economic view of tribalist Marxism.  This, of course, is the result of Obama’s thorough brainwashing in altruistic state collectivism — socialism, communism, fascism, Islamic tribalism — that he learned all through his youth.  Nor does he seem capable of intellectually understanding why his premises are ridiculous, contradictory, and false.  Hence his oft-quoted phrase that his goal is to “fundamentally change America.”  By “fundamental” he means he thinks you get your rights from the government, rather than the government gets its existence from inherently free individuals who consciously chose to establish not a democracy but a limited constitutional republic with a rule of law, not Divine Right of Kings, or the current President of the United States.  Obama and his administration — hi, ya, Valerie Jarrett, how’re you doing today — think that it is their duty to dismantle our limited republic — along with your inherent individual rights and responsibilities — and replace it with the Rule of Men, men with the biggest guns, men with the most power.  To this goal, they purposely create crisis after crisis after crisis and then take illegal actions to “solve” — ha ha, “solve” — their self created crises.  Lenin, Stalin, Adolph, and Mao would be proud of Obama and Holder.  This is about as low a level of intellectual non-thinking that an individual can stoop to, and that’s exactly where our current president and his administration are at.

—  Fri Mar 06, 2015  News Flash!  Bye-bye, Hillary Clinton.  As the song said, “Good night, sweetheart, well it’s time to go…”  After discovering that former Sec of State Hilarious Clinton spent her entire tenure as Sec of State using her own personal email system installed at her home to perform government business, much of it obviously classified communications, the US House led by Rep Trey Gowdy is now investigating how is it that she thought her actions were legal.  Sec of State Clinton obviously had security clearances at the highest levels, same as President Obama — and, by the way, the same as I had when I worked with SSD, ACSI, Special Security Detachment, Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence, in the Pentagon and MACV HQ in Saigon, helping to prepare intelligence briefs for the President, Sec of Defense, and the Chief of Staff.  So how is it that she thought it was OK to do all of her communications work on a non-government, non-secured network?  If I had taken any type of classified documents out of our cypher-locked, leaded comm lines top secret crypto eyes only vault at the Pentagon or MACV HQ in Saigon, I would have been court-martialed faster than a New York minute.  Nor was I allowed to discuss anything about my job down at the cafeteria or anywhere else.  So how is it that Sec of State Hillbilly Clinton conducted her duties on insecure email networks?  And where does she get off claiming that she is the one who gets to decide what she thinks is classified and not classified communications that she can send in the clear?  What are we to conclude about what is going on here?  We can speculate that, since Hillary had her “secret” network installed one week before being called before the Benghazi Investigative Committee in the House, perhaps she did it knowingly in order to pick and choose, to hide, whatever Benghazi communications she wanted to cover up.  Did any of these alleged communications come from or go to the White House?  Anywhere else?  We already know that the Benghazi Embassy bombings and murders were a cover up by the Obama Administration for gun running to Al Qaeda terrorists that went awry when half the billion dollars in payment and weapons were diverted to other terrorists.  Somebody at the White House probably said, “Stand down,” and if I had to guess, my guess is that some of Clinton’s  communications may have talked about this information.  If this is true, and if Hilarious Clinton has deleted or in any other way covered up this information, she is facing prison time at the Big House on The Rock: dum-da-dum, Alcatraz.  I think Hillary would look good in blue and black prison dresses, and sometimes if the light is shining just right, the dress colors may change to white and gold.  At any rate, it appears that the left Liberal Progressives will soon throw her chances to run for President in 2016 under the bus down at the corner of Walk and Don’t Walk.  Especially since we also just discovered that the billion dollar Clinton Foundation has been receiving millions of dollars in illegal donations from nations such as Saudi Arabia while Ho Ho Hillary was Sec of State.  Tisk, tisk, that’s a conflict of interest, my dear.  And Bill, who obviously doesn’t get his cookies off with Hilarious, has been seen — and logged onto air flights — at Orgy Island with billionaire convicted pedophile Jeffery Whomever, an entourage that includes Prince Albert of England, for hot dates with under-aged teeny boppers.  How did the Clinton Clan ever get this far in politics?  Welcome to the moral philosophical premises of the average Democrat:  total disconnected thought globs of irrational gobble-dee-gook.  And President Barack Obama is cut from the same cloth, if not worse.  Look for Hilarious Clinton, once she finally realizes that she’s not getting out of this mess, to spill whatever beans she has on Nowhere Man Obama and bring him down, too.  Why should she lose out on being the first woman president and take the fall for the Islamic Trojan Horse playing golf at the White House?  Nothing like a good presidential impeachment to liven up the party, I always say.

—  Sun Mar 01, 2015  Shut up, pull up the barn floor, and listen up, girl friends.  Pour yourselves another hot cup of Rocket Java.  Next week is going to be a very busy week.  The US Congress passed a budget for the Dept of Homeland Security that expires in one week.  After which, we get to see whether the House has the cajones to pass another budget that funds the necessary agencies within DHS while exempting funding for Obama-rama-lama-ding-dong’s illegal Executive Order amnesty for 5 million border busters, which we all know will actually morph into an amnesty for 10 million to 20 million illegal immigrants two weeks later.  Number 2, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will show up this week to talk to the US Congress under huge protest from, once again, you guessed it:  Obama-rama-lama-ding-dong.  Why is Obama-alphabet-ding-dong protesting Netanyahu’s speech before Congress?  Because Netanyahu is going to rail against Obama’s Neville Chamberlain moment:  namely, Obama’s absurd attempt to make a deal with Iran in which Obama — and, therefore, America and Israel and the entire planet Earth — will be taken to the nuclear cleaners.  Obama proposes to remove economic sanctions against Iran and give them lots more time to finish creating a nuclear bomb — oh, excuse me, peaceful nuclear energy, sorry.  Yeah, “Islam” doesn’t mean “submission,” it means “Green Peace.”  Uh-huh. And the Islamic terrorists — headquartered in Teheran, Iran — are not hell bent on destroying Israel, America, and the entire planet if necessary, in the name of an anthropomorphic, nonexistent omniscient who they fantasize is dangling 72 virgins as a reward after death for the Islamic terrorists.  The 72 virgins fairytale is worse than the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus Fairytales.  At least in the Easter Bunny Fairytale, little children get to run around and search for colorful eggs hidden by some rabbit in the grass, and Santa Claus gets to slide down chimneys to deliver presents to people.  Nothing too sinister about a moral philosophy that contains the Fat Man and the Rabbit fairytales.  But no moral philosophy should contain a fairytale about getting to screw 72 virgins and throw rocks at women if you blow up planet Earth.  C’mon.  Let’s get reasonable here.  And yet, President Obama wants to play, “Let’s Make a Deal,” with the Mullahs in Iran, betting the entire North American continent, Israel, and all the inhabitants of the rest of the known world on his, “Yeah, man, I got a hunch the Iranians are gonna tell us the truth and let us inspect their building of peaceful nuclear power plants,” said Adolph Hitler to Lord Chamberlain at the Munich Agreements in 1938 just before invading Prague and the entire Czech nation to start WW II.  Thanks Obama, you’re a real genius of a neighborhood negotiator.  Reminds me of the children’s TV show, Mr. Rogers in the Neighborhood.  Tra-la-la-la-la.  Hi ya, kids.  Let’s play:  Be the first kid on your block to rule the world.  Back to our upcoming busy week.  Number three, the US Supreme Court is slated to hear the arguments by 26 states that are suing the Obama Administration over its illegal implementation of Obamacare.  Here’s a Big Chance for Chief Justice John Roberts to make amends to the American public by doing what he failed to do the first time that Obamacare came before the Supreme Court:  VOTE NO ON OBAMACARE.  It is patently illegal at all levels of rational and constitutional analysis.  It was presented under admitted false pretenses by MIT economic village idiot Professor John Gruber, and is being implemented by whatever EO’s and special favors that Obama has declared like John Luc Picard on Star Trek, “Make it so.”  Then he, Obama, waves his magic wand and saunters off to play another 18 rounds of golf in Palm Springs while Americans are losing their doctors, their health care, and being beheaded in the Middle East.  In his last Big Chance, Chief Justice Roberts folded like a wet paper napkin and voted YES that Obamacare was constitutional — after previously arguing for 4 hours that it wasn’t — and added insult to injury by injecting new imaginary paragraphs into Obamacare that said Obamacare contained “taxes” — which were not mentioned in the 3,000 page Obamacare legislation — not “fines” and, thus, reasoned Justice Roberts the nonexistent “taxes” clause was legal and, therefore, Obamacare was legal.  I mean, did Michelle Obama hold a gun to Chief Justice Robert’s head?  Did the Obama administration threaten to kidnap Roberts’ children or what?  We may never know.  But Roberts’ 5-4 first decision on Obamacare was probably the most disastrous decision ever made against the US economy and inherent individual rights by a Supreme Court Justice… EVER.  The ramifications of Roberts’ decision, if not rescinded, threaten to “fundamentally change” the entire constitution and economy of the United States, turning it away from individual rights and freedoms to a dictatorial fascist state, dragging all the other executive agencies such as the IRS, EPA, FCC, FDA, ATF and other alphabet soup of federal bureaucracies into Obama’s version of the future American Caliphate.  Have a nice week.

— Mon Feb 23, 2015  Ah yes, the 2015 Oscars last night!  What a joke.  The Best Movie and Best Director of the year should have overwhelmingly been American Sniper, just from the box office receipts alone.  But no, of course not, because politically Conservative director Clint Eastwood who directed a thoughtful movie about the life of an American soldier protecting his fellow combat troops in the Middle East was outvoted by the politically Democratic socialists in Hollywood.  However, the last laugh will be by Clint Eastwood all the way to the bank as his movie American Sniper grossed nearly one half of the entire box office receipts for the last year, far outstripping the individual box office receipts of every movie that the Hollywood fascists voted for.  And that tells the real story:  the majority of American theatre goers agree with Clint Eastwood and the American Sniper.  The movie Selma, a dredging up of civil rights marches and standard cliches of the 1960’s integration struggle, won best song.  Whoop-tee-doo.  Hollywood touchy feely left Liberals may feel guilty for that which happened 50 years ago but most American youths were not alive then and do not see racial integration as relevant in their daily living of today.  African Americans have excelled in sports, music, acting, business, medicine and in every endeavor in America and everybody can see it.  Only the current administration in Washington and guilt-ridden Hollywood actors and actresses are playing the race card because they don’t know that racism is over, finished, dead, and oh so yesterday.  Civil rights is not on young people’s minds in this century.  Obamacare, economics, no jobs, illegal immigrants storming over the border, and the Middle East War are the concerns of today, not civil rights 50 years ago in Selma, Alabama.  Over all, the 2015 Oscar Night was a flop and a half.  The EMCEE was not funny and made many ridiculous statements and insinuations about everything from gay rights to showing up in nothing but his underwear, socks, and shoes — some type of slap stick comedy that only 10 year old children might think was funny.  Nobody else with a brain did.  And everybody was supposed to hold their breath and not pee their pants in anticipation of some singer called “Lady Gaga.”  Wow.  If Lady Gaga was supposed to be the highlight of the 2015 Oscar Night, we can all hang it up and not bother to tune into the 2016 Oscars, because if it’s anything like the 2015 Oscars you would do better watching old re-runs of Butt Head and Beavis, which is about the intellectual level of the writers for the 2015 Oscars.  And now, the winner of the Best Idiot Running Around on Stage in His Jockey Shorts Trying to Get Laughs from 5 Year Olds… .  Ho hum, Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z.  Rating:  1/2 of a Popcorn Bag.  By the way, as an aside, the film with the most important political message was not Selma, it was the Imitation Game.  Americans should realize how important it was for the British and Allies to break the German cipher code of the Enigma Machine — as shown in theImitation Game — because if they didn’t, you would be speaking Nazi German today — if you survived the Third Reich’s genocide, especially blacks, Jews, and other non-Aryan looking individuals.  And we are faced with the same prospect today with the Islamic Caliphate breathing down our necks with a President and administration saying, “Islamic terrorism, what’s Islamic terrorism?”   Pay attention:  history is about to repeat itself, but with possibly far more tragic results.

—  Thur Feb 19, 2015  President Barack Obama held a Conference on the subject of Islam over the last two days to try to convince America and the world that the moral philosophy in the latest version of the Islamic Koran is A-OK and that it has simply been mis-interpreted and hijacked by wierdo terrorists who are murdering people all over the world.  He also claims that Islamic terrorists have become terrorists because they need a job.  Really?  How droll.  His second claim is almost true in that the nations of Europe where there are No-Go Islamic Zones operating under Sharia Law are socialist nations in which Islamists are excluded from work because they are not brothers or sisters or aunts or uncles or buddies of the ruling socialist bureaucrats in said socialist nations and thus are living on welfare in those countries.  These Islamists have not been integrated into the work force of their host nations because there is no free market.  Thus they glom together in Islamic unemployment ghettoes of No Go Zones, shooting at any “infidels” who happen to wander into such Zones, including the local cops.  However, this simply proves a point against Obama’s own political ideology of altruistic state collectivism (socialism) that he is trying to implement in America.  Socialism has no real jobs; it’s just a giant welfare state.  So he is arguing against himself and his own policies regarding his stated reason for Islamists becoming terrorists: lack of jobs, which his own policies are bringing about in America today.  However, on the first point, the question remains:  does the moral philosophy of Islam contain the basic premises for terrorism against other religions and ethnicities?  That is, are the basic tenets of Islam itself to blame — never mind the deranged or fairytale portions of Islam that the supposed “hijackers” of a so-called “peaceful” religion are claiming, such as killing “infidels,” and the scoring of a hot date after death with “72 virgins” clause?”  President Obama seems to conclude (unwittingly) that Islam does contain such tenets as he compared Christianity to Islam on national TV and said that Christians should “get off their high horses” because they are just as bad as Islamists for all the nasty deeds Christians did in the Inquisition and Crusades a thousand years ago.  If he was not saying both religions were equally “bad,” then why did he make the comparison in the first place and then scold all the Christians in the audience at the National Prayer Breakfast?  He wasn’t simply saying Islam was good and great, but rather that  Christianity was just as bad as Islam by making the comparison.  He was — again, unwittingly, as he is wont to do — stating that both religions had a lousy historical record of atrocities committed against each other and against other people in general.  He even stated that the terrorism or “sin” is inherent in each religion, insinuating or concluding that that somehow makes both moral philosophies — bad as they both are, he insinuates — OK.  It’s a lot like a six-year-old saying to his parents, “But Mom, Johnny stole some cookies at the grocery store, too,” meaning, “just like I did.  So that makes it OK, right Mom?”  That’s how a little child reasons, until they learn better.  Two wrongs don’t make a right.  One child’s bad deed is not exonerated by his friend little Johnny’s same bad deed, or as President Obama was really saying at the National Prayer Breakfast, Christianity is just as bad as Islam, so “get off your high horses” all you Christians out there trying to blame Islamic terrorism on the religion of Islam, just like I (Barack Obama) just blamed Christianity for the Inquisition and the Crusades.  Duh, you can’t have it both ways, Obama.  Either you is, or you ain’t, that is, blaming both religions as bad and thus that makes them both OK.  Rather contradictory, of course, but what else is new with the Obama Administration?  As an aside, many Christians claim that the Crusades that occurred a thousand years ago were actually acts of self-defense and thus justified since the Islamists back then had marched all over the Mediterranean and Europe taking land, and raping and pillaging.  The Christian Crusaders, they claim, were just trying to reclaim their cookies.  Because Obama keeps going on and on about how terrorism is not inherent in the moral philosophy of Islam, let me quote William Shakespeare, “Me thinks thou dost too much protesteth,” meaning that when somebody protests wayyyyy too much in the defense of an issue, there is often a grain of truth in the initial accusation.  I.e., perhaps Islam is — at its root premises — inherently violent, especially against other religions and ethnicities.  After all, the word Islam, according to many Muslims, does not mean “peace.”  It means “submission,” which is exactly what the Islamic terrorists are shouting as they slit people’s throats, burn others to death, call Jews in Israel “little Satans” and everybody in America “big Satans.”  I don’t see how much more immorality —  philosophically speaking — one can reveal about their religion than “submission” of one group to another and calling others “satanic.”  Islam certainly does not seem to respect the concept of inherent individual rights, especially for women.  It’s a lot like claiming there is “good socialism” and “bad socialism,” which is what President Obama obviously thinks as he tries to implement the equivalent of national socialism in America.  Witness the national socialist health care mess called ObamaCare.  Unfortunately for Obama, “socialism,” by definition, is inherently bad since it denies fundamental principles of inherent individual rights.  Rights to “receive” are not true rights, they are welfare redistributions taken from others by force.  Health care is not a right; neither is education.  It is — or should be — treated as an economic commodity, an exchangeable service, traded in the market like any other service or commodity while respecting the inherent individual rights of the exchangers.  Force and fraud by government is not necessary as an axiomatic primary to implement either health care or education in any nation that respects individuals’ rights.  Once again, it is becoming more and more obvious that President Obama is — wittingly or not — some sort of Islamic Trojan Horse living in the White House and attempting to make excuses for all types of collectivism, whether it’s national socialism or a global Islamic Califphate.  The former is economic and called Nazi-ism, the German term for national socialism.  The latter is moral philosophical and called an Islamic Caliphate with Sharia Law that disregards the concept of inherent individual rights.  Both are totalitarian dictatorships and that currently describes both the national and foreign policies of President Obama.  As President Obama continues to go overboard in making up more and more contradictory excuses for his obvious ideology of state/religious collectivism, i.e. his national redistributionist economic policies and religious tribalism of Sharia Law, his moral philosophy is becoming more and more obvious to everybody.  He is fooling nobody at his National Islamic Seminars and National Prayer Breakfasts as he keeps sticking his big foot deeper and deeper into his own mouth…, well, nobody except maybe the talk show hosts on MSNBC who, like Obama, continue to babble in the New Speak of disconnected, social political and economic thought globs.

–  Mon Feb 16, 2015  Left Liberals are now claiming that Albert Einstein was actually an idiot.  Why?  Because he didn’t graduate from college.  Really?  I guess that means that both the General and Special Theories of Relativity are untrue.  That’s right, said Howard Dean, screaming in an interview on national TV.  E does not equal mc squared.  Uh-huh.  Hallelujah!  In a related revelation, left liberal MSNBC TV talk show hosts also claim that Microsoft founder Bill Gates does not have a well-rounded education because he, too, did not finish college at Harvard.  Tisk, tisk.  Yeah, what a dummy Bill Gates is.  You bet.  And ditto for Dell Computer CEO Michael Dell, and Facebook’s Zuckerman, and Apple’s Steve Jobs, and American Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, etc. etc. etc. the list goes on and on.  Ya-yesssssss!  What we need are more naive, narcissistic, economic village idiots like Islamic terrorist sympathizer Barack Obama who — rumor has it — graduated from Harvard Law School, served as editor of the Harvard Law Review (without having edited or authored a single article for the Law Review, by the way) but even though he supposedly graduated from Harvard, doesn’t know the difference between $hit and Shinola.  Oh, by the way, Gov Scott Walker of Wisconsin, claim the left Liberals, needs a Phd from Princeton in order to run for the Office of the President of the United States.  Maybe Gov Walker should study theology under Rev. Jeremiah Wright for 20 years, too, just like President Obama.  And smoke a coupla joints with bombing terrorist Bill Ayers.  That would qualify Gov Walker for President in 2016, uh-huh, you bet, just like Barack Hussein Obama-rama-lama-ding-dong.

—  Mon Feb 16, 2015  Left liberal Mayor Dinkleberry DeBlasio of New York City has formed a new public education bureau that encourages poor mistreated students to file complaints and lawsuits against rotten vicious public education teachers and principals after said students kick the crap out of the teachers and principals.  Yes, the poor have-not little snots beating up their pub ed teachers are simply misunderstood and the nasty educators must be taught a lesson.  Meanwhile, 85% of the students in The Big Apple are teaching the NY pub ed system a lesson of their own:  namely, they have bailed out of the pub ed system altogether and are enrolled in private schools.  Think about that for a second:  only 15% of the students in NYC attend public school.  85% attend private schools.  Soon, there will be no students attending the pub ed school system in NYC.  The only people showing up to work will be teachers and administrators who still think they have a job.  Maybe they can spend all day drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes in the teachers’ lounge.  After 20 years, they can collect their outrageously over-priced pensions for doing absolutely nothing.  See how socialist education systems work?  In the beginning, socialists said we needed pub ed because the poor could not or would not educate or provide for the education for their own children.  So, after 50 years of total pub ed failure, the socialists have finally reached the very result they claimed they needed to solve:  namely, no education for the poor.  Funny how socialism always brings about the very condition the socialist left Liberal Progressives claim they are trying to prevent.  Maybe it’s inherent in the act of altruistic state collectivism in the first place.  Ya think?

—  Mon Feb 16, 2015  Yesterday, Islamic terrorists ISIS just slit the throats of 21 Egyptians who traveled to Libya to find work to provide for their families.  Last week, Islamic terrorists burned a Jordanian pilot to death in a steel cage.  Why did they kill the Egyptians?  Because they were Coptic Christians.  That’s right.  Because the Egyptians held a different moral philosophy than the Islamic terrorists.  Meanwhile, President Obama, as usual, was spending three days playing golf in Palm Springs, California.  The White House issued a press release, essentially saying, Sorry Charlie, that’s life, what else is new?  “Fore,” on the 18th hole, yelled Obama.

—  Wed Feb 11, 2015  President Obama, meet Lord Chamberlain.  Lord Chamberlain, meet President Obama.  Lord Chamberlain was the Bozo Prime Minister of Great Britain just before WW II who signed an agreement in Munich with Germany’s Adolph Hitler in which good ol’ Adolph — who went on to murder umpteen million Jews in concentration camps — promised he (Adolph Hitler) would not invade Czechoslovakia or any other European nation.  Then, a coupla weeks later, Hitler launched a blitzkrieg of panzer divisions (tanks) into Prague and took over the Czech heartland.  Shortly thereafter, the Limies booted Lord Chamberlain through the goal posts of life and elected a new aggressive Prime Minister named Winston Churchill.  Churchill worked with the Americans and, as you know, the US-British-and-Other Allies kicked Hitler’s Axis of Evil back to the Danube in Krautland.  So, what’s all this have to do with President Obama today?  Take a quick look at what Obama is now engaged in on the international scene.  The Mullahs of Iran have promised President Obama that Iran is not creating a nuclear bomb in order to blow up Israel (who they call the Little Satans) and America (who they call the Big Satans).  No, no, no, claim the Islamic terrorists running Iran.  They just want to crank up a coupla friendly nuclear power plants to light up the light bulbs in their homes as they sit over tons and tons of barrels of oil in the Middle East.  Yeah, that’s it.  Iran simply wants to create cleany greeny nuclear power plants on top of some of the largest oil deposits in the known world because they love Green Peace.  Uh-huh.  And President Obama — repeating the history of Lord Chamberlain — is falling for it.  Obama said yesterday that the Mullahs of Iran promised — ho, ho, ho, promised — that creating and using nuclear armaments is not within the moral philosophy or beliefs of the Iranian Islamic terrorists, even though Iran is recognized as the Middle East center for such Islamic terrorists.  In Obama’s ridiculous Peace Treaty with Iran, he proposes to give (and already has given partial payments) to the Iranians billions of dollars in cookies and lollipops and plans to finish off the terms of the Peace Treaty with Iran several months to years later.  Which gives Iran more time to finish developing their nuclear holocaust machine.  Yeah, like the Mullahs of Iran aren’t sitting around snickering in their turbans at probably the most naive and stupid president America has ever had?  A President who by all actions and measurements of the last six years — not to mention all of his Islamic and radical Marxist formative years — shows that he and his administration (which, by the way is fully loaded with Islamic terrorist sympathizers, some of whom were born in Iran or the Middle East) is extremely naive and about to make the same horrible mistake that Lord Chamberlain made in pre-WW II Europe?  The way I see it, President Obama is doing one of two things:  (1) he is being extremely naive about making a “peace” deal with the Iranian Islamic terrorists, or (2) he knows exactly what he is doing and is a Trojan Horse implementing exactly what he believes in his moral philosophy of purposefully attacking America, a country that he wants to “fundamentally change.”  LIke what:  turn the US into an Islamic Caliphate because “the sound of the calling to prayer every evening by the Islamic whomever is the sweetest sound on Earth?”  Quote unquote paraphrase by Barack Obama.  Think about it:  would you trust the intelligence and integrity of somebody who spent 20 years in the hateful congregation church of Rev. Jeremiah Wright?  Anybody who has spent over 20 seconds in the ridiculous religious congregation of Rev. Wright who screamed at the top of his lungs, “No, no, no, not God Bless America… God Damn America,” is not somebody who has America’s best interests at heart.  Nor would this person be able to pass even the lowest US security clearance, just on the basis of his past actions and acquaintances.  And yet, this is the person — President Obama — who we now have trying to consummate a peace agreement with the clever, crafty, lying sacks of camel dung in the Middle East who have lied to the US over and over and over and broken every deal.  When do Americans stop being suckers?  The Mullahs are not playing Tiddly Winks or Marbles.  They are playing world politics for keeps with genocide for Israelis, Americans, and all “infidels” even if it means blowing up the entire planet.  And we send Howdy Doody to make a deal with those who think their salvation lies in exterminating everything on planet Earth?  Anybody from another Galaxy flying by planet Earth is probably looking down and saying, “Pass.”

—  Sun Feb 08, 2015  OK, girl friends, pull up the barn floor, shut up, listen up, and pour yourselves another hot cup of Rocket Java.  It didn’t take a professional shrink to figure out what’s rumbling around in President Obama’s brain a couple of days ago when he addressed the National Prayer Breakfast and told the audience “to get off their high horses because many horrible acts were done by Christians during the Inquisition and the Crusades.”  He was, of course, comparing the mostly Christian audience to the latest actions of the ISIS Islamic terrorists who recently burned a captive Jordanian fighter pilot alive in a cage and posted the video on the Internet.  This is like saying, Oh yeah, they (ISIS) are not so bad, you Christians are just as bad as the Islamic terrorists because your forefathers a thousand years ago committed atrocities in the Inquisition and the Crusades.  Really?  There are many untruths and fallacious twists of legality in Obama’s statements.  So, let’s analyze what Obama was really revealing, mostly about himself.  First, he just revealed that not only is he a devout Muslim, but he is actually supportive of current Islamic terrorists.  That’s why he told the audience — mostly Christians — to “get off their high horses.”  He was implying that, by tribal association, the Christian audience was just as bad as he and the Islamic terrorists are.  He’s not condemning himself.  He’s condemning the audience.  Therefore he doesn’t think of himself as a Christian.  He identifies with the Muslim Brotherhood.  Note that Obama presumes everybody belongs to a tribe, either social, political, economic, ethnic or religious.  He doesn’t mention the concept of individuals, inherent individual rights, or private property rights.  Only tribal collectivist Hatfield vs. McCoy feudal actions.  That’s why he scolded the audience; they’re just as bad, he was saying, as he and the Islamic terrorists are.  Note also that Obama was saying that “children” are responsible for the sins of their fathers, or their grandfathers, or their great-grandfathers and all the way back to 700 – 1,000 years ago.  Plus you are guilty, according to Obama, if your ancestry doesn’t even trace back to whoever committed atrocities during the Inquisition or Crusades 700 years ago but rather because you are a white European or American who belongs to what Obama is trying to classify as ethnic tribes, Christianity and Islam.  He is a collectivist, a state collectivist when babbling about Marxist and socialist economics; a religious collectivist when babbling about Islam and Christianity; a racist collectivist when babbling about black-white relations; and, in short, President Obama is simply arguing for tribalism, not a limited government whose sole function is to protect individual — not tribal, individual — rights and freedoms.  Nobody in the audience at the National Prayer Breakfast was guilty of any crimes or atrocities committed 1,000 years ago.  And at no time did Obama talk about INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, inherent individual rights.  That’s because he is too busy bloviating about tribal rights, collectivist rights, as if any action taken by any member of a tribe is the fault or responsibility of every member of that tribe.  If a Chinese guy slit some European guy’s throat a thousand years ago, then all Chinese are guilty, implied Obama.  So, what Obama truly revealed was that he is an ethnic tribalist — and, in fact, an Islamic terrorist tribalist, which is why he brought up his “get off your high horses” dear audience speech because all you white religious guys out there are just like me, says Obama, since your tribal affiliation is the Christian Inquisition and Crusades while his is Islamic terrorism.  That’s why Obama refuses to state what everybody else already knows:  Islamic terrorists are threatening to take over planet Earth.  His analogy unwittingly reveals his personal thoughts about himself:  namely, he is what he claimed the audience was, not a Christian terrorist but rather an Islamic terrorist.  That’s why he made the comparison, and, in fact, it was less a comparison as it was a revelation about himself.  Wow.  What an unconscious thought process he just unloaded about himself coming right out of his own mouth to be televised on national TV.  If this wasn’t a true confession, I don’t know what is.  Many of the Christians attending the National Prayer Breakfast didn’t understand the full content and meaning of what Obama said.  They were simply upset that he accused their religion of having done bad things.  Most did not pick up on the observation that Obama was making a personal comparison to himself.  Nor did they “get it” that nobody in the room was guilty of any sins of their or other people’s ancestors.  The take away upshot of Obama’s National Prayer Breakfast:  as suspected, this, and all the other actions taken by Obama BEFORE and AFTER the start of his presidency six years ago, is beginning to confirm that he and many members of his administration are Islamic terrorist sympathizers who are doing everything possible to destroy the US Constitution, the American Middle Class, and the concept of inherent individual rights and freedoms.  Destroy the US economy with Obamacare, open the borders to flood America with illegal immigrants, destroy the US military with the Bergdahl exchange of releasing five Islamic terrorists from Gitmo, supply the Taliban and Al Qaida with US arms and money in a “gun running” cover up at Benghazi, use the NSA to spy on Americans, use the IRS to target audits against Republicans, don’t consult Congress for any legislative actions but rather just issue EOs, and the list goes on and on.  Obama’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast should be a turning point, a wake up call, to Americans and Congress that it’s time to impeach President Obama for high crimes and misdemeanors against the people of the United States.  What’s it going to take:  a suitcase nuke in a major American city by Islamic terrorists who have tap danced their way across our open borders because of Obama’s insane amnesty program?  Do we have a Trojan Horse living in the White House?  Tune in next week as Oil Can Barry ties up the Statue of Liberty on the railroad tracks of Islamic terrorism with a Caliphate choo-choo train bearing down on her ass…  Who will come save her?  Who is John Galt?

—  Sun Feb 08, 2015  President Obama casually traipsed up to the podium last week and announced that he thinks the federal budget next year should be $4 trillion.  By the year 2020, he thinks it’s OK for the US budget to be about $20 trillion.  Uh-huh.  So picture this.  Some Bozo — that’s Obama — presumes to know all there is to know about 100 trillion different economic exchanges happening in the market every day all across the US and internationally to such an extent that he knows how much he can personally rearrange 100 trillion exchanges of commodities and services through bureaucratic redistribution of said commodities and services in the market.  In order for somebody to think they can re-arrange the trillions of future actions per hour in the US economy presumes they have perfect knowledge of what’s going on at that level right now.  For President Obama to casually saunter up to the microphone and propose how much to spend next year on choo-choo trains, child care, community colleges in Hodunk, iPhones, health care, Amtrak, the US Post Office, and hula hoops is the height of economic insanity.  Nobody knows this information.  Especially President Obama who is too busy playing golf to study MIT Gruber’s economic fantasy models, which, Gruber admitted, are lies anyway.  At most, they model the historical prices of aspirin and potatoes, which have no bearing on future prices of the tea in China or anywhere else for that matter.  Economics ain’t physics.  And using calculus to play with fake economic models whose input was based on subjective historical decisions by consumers at that time for whatever subjective purposes has no bearing on future subjective exchange ratios.  So, President Obama, please stop pretending that socialism works and go back to sleep in the Oval Office.  If you have the knowledge to know that the US budget for next year should be $4 trillion, you should run for Special Omniscient in 2016 and why not propose a budget equal to, hmmm, how about infinity squared or however fast the Federal Reserve can print up or create in the bowls of its mainframe computers the counterfeit money you think you may need to save the world from hunger, poverty, your personal Air Force One taxi fuel costs, and purple lollipops for New York City on Wednesday nights past 10 pm?

—  Fri Jan 30, 2015  President Obama steadfastly refuses to call the global occurrence of Islamic terrorism of differently-named Muslim groups by one term:  namely, Islamic terrorism.  His purpose in doing this is manifold.  First, he is trying to pretend that the classification of objects, issues, or concepts is wrong.  This goes along with the left Liberal precept called “profiling,” which they label as “bad.”  True profiling, however, is not bad.  It is the basis of logical thinking and the reasoning process itself. Classification of concepts is rational thinking.  The President and left Liberals are attempting to discourage and disparage rational thinking, the classification of concepts into logical categories, in order to convince people to NOT THINK rationally.  It is an attack against reason, an attack against the thinking process itself.  In this clever attack against rational thinking, Liberals try to substitute theirdisconnected thought globs method of non-thinking as the new method of how one should “reason.”  Liberals using a disconnected thought globs type of non-reasoning is an attack against the rational thinking process so that Liberals can then put forth their disconnected thought process as “good.”  So, in this clever manner, President Obama can claim that the global occurrence of Islamic terrorism by differently-named Muslim groups has no concepts in common and that anybody who tries to group them or classify them as one issue, a classification of related concepts, is wrong.  Second, it is becoming obvious that the President of the United States, Barack Obama, may well clandestinely fall into the very group that he is trying to disprove the existence of:  i.e. Islamic terrorism.  Think about it.  The Fort Hood shooting where the perp yelled “Alu Akbar” as he killed other service men was reclassified by Obama as “workplace violence.”  The Bergdahl Army deserter exchange to release five Gitmo Islamic terrorists has been renamed “a simple end of war prisoner exchange,” pretending Bergdahl did not desert, even though the US Military has already issued a judgment that he did.  Obama is holding up the release of this judgment.  The Libyan Consulate murders have been reclassified as the result of some Hollywood film maker’s video ridiculing Allah instead of Islamic terrorism, terrorism which was the result of President Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s gun running escapade to various Islamic terrorist groups in the Middle East that went awry.  The President’s insistence on amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants flooding across our southern borders, allowing Islamic terrorists to freely enter our country, has been reclassified as a touchy-feely act of humanity.  Never mind the possible suitcase nukes the Islamic terrorists could be carrying across our porous border.  The upshot is that President Obama is walking on very thin ice trying to cover up the logical reasoning process, rational thinking, and the logical classification of issues, objects, and concepts that would lead any rationally-thinking individual to conclude, and therefore take action against, Islamic terrorists.  It is becoming increasingly obvious that President Obama is acting more and more like a Trojan Horse — whether on purpose or by stupidity — for Islamic terrorists called Hamas, Islamic terrorists called Hezbollah, Islamic terrorists called The Taliban, Islamic terrorists called Al Qaeda, Islamic terrorists called ISIS, Islamic terrorists called Boko Haram, and the list goes on and on, choose your country in this global Islamic Caliphate.  The scientific method depends on the grouping of similar objects, issues, and concepts to reach logical conclusions.  Archimedes, Pythagoras, Galileo, Einstein and others came to conclusions based upon the grouping, the classification, the categorization of similar concepts and observations.  This is called rational, step by step thinking.  Liberals would call the scientific method “profiling” or “discrimination” and label such thinking as “bad.”  So, for Liberals, rational thinking is bad.  Disconnected thought globs, according to Liberals, is good.  All detectives, Crime Scene Investigators (CSI), scientists, military tacticians and strategists, cryptologists, intelligence officers, police, judges, doctors, and elementary school children learning why 2 + 2 = 4 should be discouraged from rational thinking because it is, according to President Obama and Liberals, “profiling?”  That is Obama’s goal.  And God help America if we find out that President Obama is actually a self-appointed Trojan Horse for the worldwide Caliphate being formed by all the not-so-disparate terrorists who have at least one thing in common:  namely, they are all Islamic terrorist groups committing acts of terror in the name of Islam, the definition of which is not “peace” but rather “submission” — i.e. submission of “infidels” to self-appointed Muslim dictators.  There goes the concept of inherent individual rights and freedoms right down the drain.  If you plotted all the Islamic terrorist groups on a graph against their actions, changing only their names, you would get a straight line with the term “Islamic terrorist” being a constant in this equation.  Duh, who’d a thunk:  2 + 2 = fricking 4?

—  Fri Jan 23, 2015  According to FOX News, the Obama administration on Wednesday paid $490 million in cash assets to Iran and will have released a total of $11.9 billion to the Islamic Republic by the time nuclear talks are scheduled to end in June, according to figures provided by the State Department.

Today’s $490 million release, the third such payment of this amount since Dec. 10, was agreed to by the Obama administration under the parameters of another extension in negotiations over Tehran’s contested nuclear program that was inked in November.

Iran will receive a total of $4.9 billion in unfrozen cash assets via 10 separate payments by the United States through June 22, when talks with Iran are scheduled to end with a final agreement aimed at curbing the country’s nuclear work, according to a State Department official.

Iran received $4.2 billion in similar payments under the 2013 interim agreement with the United States and was then given another $2.8 billion by the Obama administration last year in a bid to keep Iran committed to the talks through November, when negotiators parted ways without reaching an agreement.

—  Thur Jan 22, 2015  Immediately after President Obama babbled his 2015 State of the Union socialist speech in Congress in Washington DC, he jumped onto Air Force Uno and flew to Boise, Idaho to reiterate his Marxist philosophy to a mostly student crowd of about 2,000 to 3,000 youths.  Idaho is overwhelmingly Conservative except for the voters in Boise’s 16th, 17th, and 19th District.  The state legislature is about 90% Republican and many Districts do not even field a Democratic candidate because they are going to lose in the elections anyway.  Many Districts have only one Republican running in elections.  All two of Idaho’s electoral votes in 2008 went to GOP McCain and in 2012 went to GOP Mitt Romney.  The big political discussion in Idaho is whether the GOP is Tea Party enough or whether the GOP candidates are RINOs.  So why would President Obama waste his political campaign time and money stopping off in Boise, Idaho to preach to a VERY limited choir of socialist students?  Because his message is videoed by the major news media and they will show his speech on national TV.  In today’s age of advanced communications, it really doesn’t matter where President Obama stops off to deliver his socialist campaign speeches, except that it wouldn’t look good for him — marketing-wise — to always fly to Hawaii and lounge around on the beaches while filming his socialist speeches for national TV.  That’s why he flies all over the country, stopping off in Hodunksvilles from Boise to Hoboken, to deliver his socialist clap-trap:  it looks good on TV to be talking to the masses.  Everything Obama does and says is orchestrated by his movie script writers and comes off like a well-oiled Coca-Cola ad during half time at the Super Bowl.  In Boise, he even hee-hawed around about BSU’s unique blue football turf, over which the students had the collective orgasm that his marketing speech writers knew would happen.  The Blue Turf, “Yeahhh!” the crowd goes wild.  Tax The Rich, “Yeahh!” the crowd goes wild.  Free Child Care, “Yeahhh!” the crowd goes wild.  Free Community Colleges, “Yeahhh!” the crowd goes wild.  Free health care coverage.  “Yeahhh! the crowd goes wild.  “And you can keep your doctor…”  oops.  Total silence.  Welcome to 1938 in Austria.  History repeats itself.

—  Wed Jan 21, 2015  The President of No Authority.  That should have been the title of President Barack Obama’s 2015 State of the Union Speech last night.  In that speech, the President said that He wants to tax the uber rich and redistribute that money to other people in the form of government handouts for “free” child care and “free” community colleges.  His reasoning:  the ultra rich billionaires do not need or would not miss the extra $50 million in increased income and capital gains and death taxes.  But wait a minute.  By what authority does the President of the United States step into the middle of voluntary transactions in the free market in which millions of individuals voluntarily exchanged $89 each to Bill Gates’ company Microsoft for a copy of his Windows operating system for their computers?  Perhaps Bill Gates had already determined that if made $50 billion in profits he wanted to donate $50 million to the School of the Blind.  By what right does President Obama tell Bill Gates that the government wants to take away Gates’ donation to the School of the Blind and, instead, give said money to welfare families in Detroit and Chicago for their child care and community college costs?  Are we a nation of individual rights and freedoms, free market capitalism, backed up by objective laws or are we a nation of Presidential and government dictatorship?  This issue is a question of individual rights vs. state collectivism, i.e. collectivist so-called “rights to receive based upon alleged relative NEED.”  It is also a question of the definition of the term “rights.”  Bill Gates and the consumers voluntarily exchanging money in a free trade agreement for his Windows product represents freedom.  President Obama taxing Bill Gates and taking part of the money exchanged by the consumers for his product and claiming government bureaucrats should determine how Bill Gates spends his “excess” profits represents state interventionism in a dictatorship.  Bill Gates has the right to spend however much of his voluntarily obtained money for the School of the Blind, for computers in classrooms, for the SPCA to help abandoned puppies, or to build a huge $20 million mansion for himself (for which he will be employing hundreds of workers to build such a mansion), or he can give all of his money to his children, some of whom may be donating half of their share to fight the Ebola virus in Africa.  Their decision, not President Obama’s.  The point is, whose rights are we talking about?  Certainly not the welfare recipients receiving money stolen from Bill Gates by President Obama and redistributed to whatever cause Obama desires.  The recipients of stolen money have no right to receive anything from anybody.  They only have the same rights as the producers, the people participating in the exchange of money or other products to purchase Bill Gates’ Windows product, or other products.  The real issue, as stated above, is not where President Obama thinks that Bill Gates’ profits should go, but rather the issue is a rights issue in which Bill Gates, not the government, gets to determine where to spend the fruits of his time and labor.  Otherwise, why should Bill Gates or anybody else bother working?  And it begs the question: who are you working for?  This is, of course, the classic case of Socialism vs. the Free Market.  What President Obama was blathering about in his State of the Union Speech last night was simply his immoral philosophy of altruistic state collectivism — socialism based on the false assumption that Obama, as the government dictator, has the right and authority to step into the middle of voluntary exchanges in the free market, take whatever He thinks is “excess” profits, and redistribute that according to his misguided/personal philosophy of “need.”  Obama’s philosophy, socialism, is whoever claims to be the most “needy,” has some sort of right to initiate government force to take the fruits of others’ labors and redistribute it to themselves.  We have another word for this:  it’s called robbery.  In summary, President Obama’s 2015 State of the Union Speech should be looked upon by the 535 members of Congress and the public in general as a dictator’s speech trying to vindicate robbery.  As Ayn Rand would have said, Obama’s 2015 State of the Union Speech was simply a frail attempt at trying to gain the sanction of his victims, because at his base premise he is arguing for the government to strip individuals of their inherent rights and freedoms.  Never mind the stolen commodities, it is the loss of individual rights and freedoms that you should be concerned about.  In short, Left Liberal Progressivism is simply a war against inherent individual rights of the individual.  It is a war against the underlying philosophy of the US Constitution, which includes the Bill of Rights.  It is a war against the rule of law, and an attempt to implement the rule of men, Mob Rule, better known as state collectivism whether it be socialism, fascism, or communism — all of which always turns into a brutal dictatorship and economic ruin for everybody including — in the long run — those who proposed it.  President Obama is a President of No Authority and his 2015 State of the Union was simply another socialist joke.

—  Fri Jan 16, 2015  “The militant Muslim is the person who beheads the Infidel, while the moderate Muslim holds the feet of the victim.” — Marco Polo, circa 1200 AD

—  Wed Jan 14, 2015  Prediction:  France has already lost the war against Islamic terrorism.  Why?  Few people realize that socialist France is not really a nation any longer.  What constitutes a nation?  A nation has geographic boundaries.  A nation has a unique culture, even if it is comprised of immigrants.  Litigiously, a nation has founding documents, with such institutions as an executive branch, a congress or parliament, and some type of police and judicial system.  That is what broadly defines a nation.  And that is not France.  There are now about 20 million Islamic Muslims living in France today.  Five to six million Islamic Muslims live in non-integrated ghettos surrounding Paris.  These Islamic ghettos are called No-Go Zones.  Regular non-Islamic French citizens do not venture into the No-Go Zones — hence the name — for fear of losing their life.  Even the French cops do not enter the No-Go Zones.  No-Go Zones have their own Sharia Law, their own court system, and no French police.  In other words, France is no longer a nation as one typically defines a nation.  How can a nation exist with two different systems of law?  If a regular French citizen or tourist makes a wrong left turn and ends up in a No-Go Zone and accidentally bumps his/her car into a pedestrian, for example, does said driver fall under the legal jurisdiction of the main French government or under the legal jurisdiction of Sharia Law?  Do the Islamic Muslims have the right to stone a woman to death in the No-Go Zones of Sharia Law for, say, smooching some dude on the street, or does that non-crime under French law fall under the regular French judicial system?  See what I mean?  Who owns France?  What kind of nation is it, besides being a highly socialist welfare state?  Tactically speaking, from a battle or war position, Parisians are surrounded by the Islamo terrorists in what used to be their (the French’s) own country.  Duh.  How did France get to this level of strategic military impotence?  As the Caliphate from the Middle East continues to expand, the French are in a very precarious position.  Can 25,000 or even 75,000 Paris police protect Parisians against 5 million Islamic Muslims bent on rioting and tearing down the city when the shooting begins?  I think not.  Certainly not without shooting a boatload of Islamic Muslims rioting against Parisians.  What will the French do?  We know what the French did when the Nazis marched into their nation in WW II:  they quickly gave up and welcomed the enemy with open arms.  Nazi Germany ran France for many years until they were liberated by the Americans.  Any military tactician worth his salt would say, whoa, dudes, the French are surrounded and when a huge Islamic terrorist conflict finally occurs, France the non-nation, the split nation with a huge Trojan Horse of Islamic terrorists already in the middle of the country, will fall, and in fact will become the European central headquarters for the Caliphate as they attack the rest of Europe.  If you think this can’t happen, you better take a good look at many other European nations.  If you do, you will find that Britain is also not a nation.  It too, has No-Go Zones where Sharia Law exists rather than British law.  Germany has a large contingent of Islamic Muslims who also are sympathetic to the Islamic Muslims.  Other nations in Europe may not be split into two types of judicial systems, yet, but they contain millions of Islamic Muslims, too.  Denmark, Norway, Finland, Holland, Belgium and other European nations are becoming non-nations.  Never mind Indonesia.  Never mind African nations.  They’re already majority Muslim.  And what else?  The United States is on its way to being a non-nation, too.  It has a President who is obviously a Muslim — note all his actions — and who is pretending to be a Christian.  The only thing that explains the non-cohesive un-American actions of President Obama is:  he is a Trojan Horse, an Islamic Muslim, following the moral philosophy of state collectivism (socialism) and religious collectivism (Islamic Muslim).  The moral philosophy of Church and state collectivism is what has turned France into a non-nation and if nothing happens to curb this moral philosophy, it is what will turn other nations, including the US, into a split nation, too.  A split nation is a non-nation.  Therefore, the United States, if Obama continues unabated, will cease to exist as the United States.  As Sherlock Holmes would say, when everything one has examined does not explain a result, then whatever remains must be the truth.  Obama’s dismantling the Middle Class, allowing uncontrolled immigration, releasing Gitmo Islamic terrorists, supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, abolishing the words “Islam,” “fatwa,” and others from intelligence agencies’ documents, refusing to call Islamic terrorism in America — and lately in France — by its real name, Islamic terrorism, add this and more all up over the last six years and what does one get?  Not an accident.  Not a mistake.  Not a coincidence.  Not stupidity — except in the long run — on the part of Obama.  What one gets is a President whose planned, philosophical, Trojan Horse strategy is a conscious plan to turn America and the world into non-nations and end up with a World Islamic Caliphate.  Nothing else explains Obama’s actions over the last six years of his Presidency.  And the French had better soon learn more about how to just hold candles, march in the street singing cumbayah, and read satirical magazines.  The Frogs are surrounded.  And all the “Je suis Charlies” living in France are probably unarmed; no 2nd Amendment in France.  Good luck Froggies!  “Ribbit!”

—  Fri Jan 09, 2015  Shut up, girl friends!  Pull up the barn floor, pour yourselves another hot cup of Rocket Java, and listen up.  The crack shooters on the French SWAT team certainly tracked down and knocked off the 3-4 Islamic terrorists — oh yoo hoo, President Obama, the Islamic terrorists screaming, “Alluhu Akbar,” — referring to Allah, an omniscient who nobody can prove exists but don’t let rational logic stand in your way — claiming that Allah is great, and is the only God, far as they know, and, basically, I want my Mommy — yes, the Islamic terrorists who murdered 12 people in Paris yesterday including Charlie Hebdo magazine journalists, at least one Paris cop, and anybody else who got in their way, namely a few people held hostage at a Jewish delicatessen.  More deaths of innocents may soon surface.  While the French cops were like Speedy Gonzaleses to the rescue, it would have been nice if the crack SWAT team had aimed a little lower and just shot the Islamic terrorists in the legs so they would still be alive and we could QUESTION them.  I mean, crack shots, SWAT team, why not shoot low on purpose, earn that Sharpshooter Medal that you were awarded at the School de la Gendarmes and capture the cowards instead of purposely killing them?  You see, the intelligence game is like a giant 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle:  you have 50 or 100 pieces and don’t know what the picture of the jigsaw puzzle looks like.  But the Islamic terrorists know. And the key to intelligence is to capture and interrogate the perps to find out what the Big Picture is.  So while the French SWAT team should be commended for an outstanding job in BOLO and apprehension, they score a big fat zero for intelligence gathering.  Then again, maybe the French are like President Obama and Diane Feinstein in the US Senate, who released a report against CIA interrogation techniques which foils the entire rationale regarding gathering intelligence in the first place, who knows?  What would have happened if the Islamic terrorists had done the same thing at the New York Times in The Big Apple?  First, President Obama would have said, “Uh, it looks like just another case of workplace violence, nothing happening here, move right along.”  New York City Mayor De Blasio would have said, “The racist NYC cops better not shoot any of the disgruntled ethnic alleged perpetrators of this friendly workplace dispute, everybody stand down while we convene a meeting to find out what the problem is… .”  Al Sharpton would have said, “I can’t breathe, black lives matter, what do we want:  dead cops, when do we want them:  now.  Send your checks and money orders to my Swiss Account in Geneva.”  And US Attorney General Eric Holder would have sent 200 lawyers and Acorn agents from the New Black Panther Party to New York City to check out who shot whom at the NY Times, what each of the victim’s and perp’s skin color was, immediately claimed “racism” and inquired whether the perps’ getaway car was properly smog-checked by the EPA.  Plus did the perps buckle up their seat belts and not use cell phones while driving to and from the scene of the workplace dispute?  Important questions, like, you know, did anybody have a 32 oz Big Gulp soda pop at the scene of the crime or in the getaway car?  Without proper intelligence methods, look for more shoot-outs and bombings by Islamic terrorists — oops, I mean disgruntled workplace non-workers trained in combat in Iraq, Iran, and Yemen — coming soon to a major city near you in Europe and America.

—  Sun Jan 04, 2015  Lest you think America could never reach the hyper-inflation absurdities of Germany’s Weimar Republic, you are witnessing this process right now as it unfolds in Washington, DC. $18,000,000,000,000 (trillion) in debt.

Economic History Lesson 101A, Weimar Republic, Germany, 1920s  In 1914, Germany’s Fed Reserve, the Reichsbank, suspended conversion of its paper money into gold.  By November 1923, after continual “injections of liquidity,” Reich Marks in circulation soared past 92.8 quintillion Marks and skyrocketed past 496 quintillion Marks through July of 1924.  On Oct 25, 1923, the Reichsbank apologized that it had been able to only print 120 quadrillion Marks that day, but the demand was for one quintillion Marks.  Finally, after nobody would accept the Mark, the Reichsbank devalued to a new Rentenmark convertible at 1 trillion to one.  By Nov 1923, circulation had increased 245 billion times and prices 1,380 billion times.  Inflation finally stopped in one day when 4.2 Rentenmarks (4.2 trillion old Marks) exchanged for 1 Dollar, which was convertible into gold.  Germany, via the Dollar, finally went back to the gold standard, after destroying its entire economy in 9 years through hyperinflation of its non-backed paper money. – Dr. H. Hazlitt, Economist

Sound familiar?

Today, in 2015, after FDR dumped the gold standard in 1933 and Nixon cut all dollar ties to gold in 1971, our derivative markets currently exceed a half a quadrillion dollars or $680,000,000,000,000 – six hundred trillion dollars – of non-collateralized paper fueled by America’s central bank, the Federal Reserve.  And what is it that everybody is screaming for more of?  The injection of trillions and trillions of more non-collateralized paper money as “liquidity” to “spur” the “growth” of the economy.

—  Sat Jan 03, 2015  Yahoo, the new US Congress will get sworn in on Mon Jan 05, 2015.  Republicans in the US House gained an even bigger majority than it previously had and Republicans in the US Senate took over as a majority.  That means there is no excuse for the Republicans to not solve all kinds of problems, even if Bozo Obama vetoes their legislation.  They can refuse to finance any of his new crap that he has tried to foist down Americans’ throats over the last six years.  And they can repeal legislation upon which Obama’s illegal Executive Orders rest.  In that clever manner, the EO will be abolished.  Will the Republicans do what the electorate gave them a clear majority to do in the 2014 midterm elections or will they all turn into RINOs and go left liberal on us?  We shall see.  One of their first steps would be to abolish President Obama giving an oral State of the Union Speech on Jan 19th or 20th and simply ask for it to be delivered to Congress in writing only.  That would be a nice intro for Congress into this new term.  Slap Obama upside his state collectivist rhetoric and get on with repealing ObamaCare and all the other gobble-dee-gook socialism that Uncle Barry has tried to dump on us.  We shall see whether the Republicans are really limited government Congressmen and women or whether they are simply Democrat Jackasses in Elephant suits kissing each other’s multi-million dollar earmarks.

—  Thur Jan 01, 2015  Happy New Year to everybody!  Let’s see now, yesterday in the Fiesta Bowl (football) the Boise State University Broncos, rated # 20 in the BCS, whipped Arizona who was rated #10 in the BCS.  The score:  38 BSU, 30 Arizona.  BSU had it 21 to 0 in the first quarter.  Arizona was in 2nd place in the Pack 12 Conference, being the only team that beat the Oregon Ducks who were # 1 in the Pack 12 and # 2 in the nation (BCS).  So, what we got here, folks, is:  BSU beat Arizona who beat the Ducks who will beat Florida State today and then the Ducks will beat the winner of the Alabama/Ohio game in the BCS Title Bowl game.  That means Boise just won the BCS Title Bowl game in 2015 since we beat the teams that consecutively beat everybody else.  Is this a math proof or what?  What can I tell you?  That’s the way it happened, moving into the Pacific Northwest.


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