—  Fri Dec 26, 2014  In light of the recent race-baiting by President Barack Obama, DOJ Eric Holder, New York Mayor Bill De Blasio, and the whacky Rev. Al Sharpton meeting in the Oval Office with Obama as his spokesman for “racial equality” in America, we should ask ourselves an important statistical question:  what is the definition of “racial equality?”  Are we referring to numbers of equal outcome, or equal opportunity or what?  Once defined, so we know what we’re talking about, how does one calculate that number and to which companies or organizations does it apply?  Race baiter Al Sharpton and upper level politicians from President Obama down to the Mayor of NYC are babbling three falsehoods:  (1) proclaiming that all police departments and other organizations are predominantly white, and (2) that American corporations or organizations such as police departments do not reflect the percentage of blacks (13%) living in America, and (3) the result of Falsehoods # 1 and 2 are the causes of “racism.”  All three are not true.  Racism in two recent police incidents — Ferguson, MO and The Big Apple — was shown by a grand jury NOT to be a factor.  And the NYC police department is not predominantly white.  Many members on the grand juries were black.  Al Sharpton’s claim that SONY corporation — involved because of the recent hacking of its internal communications system by the North Koreans, thus revealing that some corporate leaders may have sent racist emails internally — does not meet Sharpton’sundefined opinion of racial equality.  What that number is, he does not elaborate.  Neither does President Obama and his minions in reference to their race-baiting rhetoric.  Nobody defines their premises but they all claim to know the answers to their disconnected thought globs.  Let’s assume that Sharpton and Obama and their race-baiting gang think that racial equality means that all corporations in America should be 13% black, the percentage of African Americans living in the US.  That total number would be 13% times 315 million citizens equaling 41 million blacks.  So, should 13% of SONY’s employees be black, otherwise the SONY corporate leaders are “racists?”  Let’s look at other US corporations.  Take the National Football League (the NFL).  It is a nonprofit 501 (c) (6) corporation with 32 teams and 53 players per team.  The NFL has 1,696 players.  But wait.  68% of the NFL players are black.  According to Al Sharpton’s implied definition of “racial equality,” only 13% of the NFL should be black.  That number would equal 220 black players in the NFL and 1,476 should be white.  So, is the NFL a racist corporation AGAINST white football players?  There is no evidence of that.  The drafting of NFL players from hundreds of college football teams is carried out by objective competition and bidding by all 32 NFL teams every year.  The fact that 68% of NFL players are African American does not appear to be based upon “racism” or procedures purposefully creating “racial inequality.”  The free market in choosing NFL players happens to result in 68% black players, not the type of racism that Al Sharpton and our upper level politicians are insinuating exists for American corporations, police departments, and the Girl Scouts.  Let’s look at another corporation.  The percentage of black players in the National Basketball Association is 78%.  Does that constitute Sharpton-Obama-Holder-De Blasio “racism,” too?  Based solely on percentage statistics, only 59 NBA players should be black; 391 should be white.  Is this the result of racism in America or is it just the voluntary free market?  The big question is:  who are President Obama, DOJ Eric Holder, NYC Mayor De Blasio, and the whacky Rev. Al Sharpton to define what percentage of which ethnicity should be employed in any free market business or even the police departments of the United States?  Are blacks inherently better athletes than whites in football and basketball or are whites being held back by “racism?”  Are whites better businessmen than blacks at SONY and other corporations or are blacks being held back by “racism?”  Are we back to arguing about nature vs. nurture in genetics and biology?  Who knows?  But one thing that we do know is:  we essentially have laissez-faire, a free market, in the determination of who, no matter what ethnicity, progresses to whatever level one is capable of in America, notwithstanding the economic disadvantages that the president’s own Democratic Party has created as welfare ghettoes in most of America’s major cities.  Even this does not explain why a large number of blacks have escaped the welfare ghettoes to predominate in corporations such as the NFL and NBA.  The President of the United States and whacko race-baiters such as the Rev. Al Sharpton should stop falsely yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theatre.  Overt and institutionalized ethnic discrimination by local, state, and federal government and corporations went out in the 1960’s.  There is no fire and there was no “racism” in the recent police response to the perps, the thugs, who instigated attacks against the police in Ferguson and New York City.  Two New York police officers have already been killed due to false race-baiting by the President and others.  Rioting and looting have also occurred as a result.  Advice to the President, other politicians and race-baiters:  give it a rest, or take the legal responsibility for falsely yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theatre.  Go 49ers!

—  Sun Dec 21, 2014  Tw weeks ago in these very pages, we wrote how those who falsely cry “Fire!” in a crowded theatre should be held accountable for the results of their fraudulent act.  Falsely yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theatre is not free speech since it is a violation of the implied contract that theatre goers have between each other that nobody is going to commit this type of fraud.  It is, in fact, a crime.  Similarly, the President of the United States falsely crying “Racism!” on national TV to those cities whose ethnicities are predominantly African American and where a grand jury has already determined that racism was NOT an issue in their jury case(s), is committing the same type of fraud, the same type of crime — if not worse — as the person who falsely yells “Fire!” in a crowded theatre.  Others who joined in the President’s false accusation of “Racism!” — namely DOJ Eric Holder, race-baiter politician Al Sharpton, and the Mayor of New York City, De Blasio — after grand juries already judged that race was not an issue in both cases, are guilty of inciting riots, looting, and attacks against citizens by hooligans who took the President and other officials at their word.  And so now we wake up to yesterday’s murder of two New York City policemen, one Asian and one Latino, who were shot down and murdered as they sat in their police car eating lunch, by an individual from Baltimore who took President Obama, DOJ Eric Holder, Mayor De Blasio, and the Rev. Al Sharpton at their false words of “Racism!” and decided to take action based upon those false cries.  We know this from the perp’s emails and communications issued on the Internet before he committed his crime.  Aren’t the false words of high level political figures issued to the citizenry of a nation actionable as crimes if they incite the citizenry to perform actions based upon those false accusations?  If the President of the US showed up on national TV and said that the North Koreans had just dropped a nuclear bomb on Hoboken, New Jersey, and it was not true but people rioted while trying to leave the area or looted stores to stock up on goods, is he not to be held accountable for the results of his fraudulent speech?  This is just one in a long string of fraudulent utterances and declarations by Obama and his Administration in all areas of social political economics in America over the last six years.  Lies are lies and they should be held actionable in a court of law by those who falsely commit such fraud — especially by very high level officials who are lying to the public.  The proper judicial procedure against the President of the United States for such fraudulent behavior is specified in the US Constitution and is called impeachment, which is removal from his office.  It is up to the US House to initiate impeachment proceedings and the US Senate to act as a court to try said impeachment.  Where is the US House today?  Where is the US Senate?  Do we have to wait for the President to blow us all to Smitherines before Congress wakes up and takes proper action to stop this type of illegal action by the highest level of our Executive Branch?  Re-read the Declaration of Independence.  Isn’t it starting to sound exactly like the description of why the American colonists revolted against the monarchy of King George in the 18th century?  King George was trying to fundamentally change America, too.  What’s next?  Will President Obama quarter soldiers in our houses next week?  Our little Emperor is not even issuing his dictates as Executive Orders any longer.  They are not in the Federal Register as such.  He simply issues them as “Memos” from his desk in the Oval Office.  How clever.  How crafty.  Obama just stated the other day that he will continue to do whatever he thinks he can legally get away with no matter what Congress does.  Really?  What is the US Constitution, just a set of voluntary “guidelines?”  If so, Congress is just an afterthought and can be disbanded, let’s see now, how about next Tuesday?  Altogether now, let’s sing along with President Obama’s latest hit song, “Yo-ho, yo-ho, a pirate’s life for me…”

—  Thur Dec 18, 2014  Barack Obama’s Big Hoax # 1001:  Open Relations With Cuba.  American citizen Alan Gross was supposedly a prisoner in Cuba for 5 years.  Was he really?  Or was he a fan of the Cuban socialist system, sitting around eating tacos on Tuesdays?  Note that in the photo of Alan Gross with his attorneys and publicist in their offices in the US, there is a picture of Cuban mass murderer Che Guevara hanging on the wall in the background.  What does that tell us?  Well, here’s one guess:  Obama and the Gang worked up a deal to “free”  — yeah, “free” ha ha — Alan Gross in exchange for the US giving up 3 Cuban spies and both countries opening up trade with each other, even though Cuba was recently put on the US’s terrorist list.  Hmm.  Socialist Obama, behind the scenes announced at midnight — another one of his Zero Dark Thirty moments — another cleverly concocted “issue” (granting free cookies to Cuba) in order to drag everybody, especially the news media, away from his previous “crisis” and continue his ongoing perpetual crisis after crisis after crisis style of Imperial governing of America.  All we do in this country is jump from one governmental crisis to another.  You’d think the Republicans or somebody out there in news media land would finally catch on to what Obama and His Gang are trying to do to the US:  namely, completely destroy the entire middle class and set America up for a civil (racist) war and international WW III.  If you tried to dream up a better way to wipe America off the face of the earth and “fundamentally change” its foundational documents and moral philosophy of individual rights and free market capitalism, you couldn’t concoct a better method than what Dictator Barack Obama is doing.  He’s doing everything possible to shred the US Constitution, especially the concept of checks and balances between the three branches of government.  Every Obama issue is new crisis and for God’s sake we can’t “let a good crisis go to waste,” can we?  This recent Cuban fiasco crisis covers up the latest $1.1 Trillion GOP cave-in for the 2015 budget crisis of last week.  The $1.1 Trillion budget crisis of last week covers up the Diane Feinstein and Democrat’s one-sided anti CIA terrorist interrogation crisis of the week before.  The CIA terrorist interrogation crisis of the week before covers up Obama’s Illegal Memo — not even an EO — amnesty crisis for 5 million illegal immigrants from Mexico.  This unconstitutional Memo crisis granting amnesty for 5 million Illegals covers up… and it just goes on and on and on with no end in sight to Obama’s continual creation of weekly “crises.”  And what do the Republicans do?  Two or three out of 535 Republicans in the House and Senate cry “unconstitutional” while the majority of Republicans and Democrats tell the minority to “shut up!”  Shut up?  By all rights, the US House should be enacting impeachment proceedings against the most rogue president ever to occupy the White House in US history and the leaders of the majority political party — the GOP — are doing and saying nothing.  Meanwhile, the Fourth Branch of Government, the news media, gleefully reports every Obama-created crisis as if it was the most wonderful thing since sliced bread with honey and peanut butter spread on top of it.  The American people have already de facto screamed and voted in the last midterm elections for the US Congress to impeach Little Napoleon in the Oval Office but the pussies in Congress are too busy shoving billion dollar earmarks into their new Trillion Dollar budget as Xmas presents for the voters in each of their states so they can get re-elected.  If you think $1.1 Trillion is a big debt, unfunded future liabilities bring the US Total Indebtedness to over $250 Trillion — yes, you heard that right, a quarter of a Quadrillion Dollars in unfunded DEBT.  The National Debt.  Your Debt that you didn’t even vote for.  We haven’t seen numbers like this since the Weimar Republic in Germany just before WW II, during which a loaf of bread rose to billions of dollars per loaf and the Weimar Republic issued Trillion Dollar Reich Notes printed up on only one side to save the cost of ink and doled out to workers’ wives so they could dash to the stores with wheelbarrows loaded with money to exchange their worthless currency for tangible commodities as the currency was changing value hourly.  The entire middle class in Germany was wiped out in the 1920’s and Obama and his Gang with the Federal Reserve and Congress are trying their damnedest to wipe out the middle class in American today because clever Obama thinks America is guilty of “colonialism” and must be dragged down to the gutter where his economic mind prattles along in the gutters of state collectivism, muttering 19th century Marxist sophisms like the labor theory of value, minimum wages, zero sum wealth, and redistribution of other people’s wealth, the producers, based upon altruistic needs of whoever the government declares is currently — it changes daily — the neediest.  Who is John Galt?  Better yet, where is Ragnar Danneskjold, Atlas Shrugged’s pirate for free markets?  The murderous socialist government of Cuba can go straight to hell.  Barack Obama just made a stupid deal with the Devil, disregarding all the people who the Castro Regime has robbed, raped, and murdered over the last 50 years.  Some Libertarians such as Rand Paul should not try to play theoretician by claiming that free markets defeat dictators.  America is a prime example of how that isn’t true.  One-sided imaginary free markets only make dictators wealthier at the expense of the continual enslavement of the citizens because the dictators grab off all the cookies in the fake free trade agreements.  Freedom requires self-defense against those who initiated the use of force and fraud, namely the dictators.  Rand and other Tea Partiers will soon find out that the force of self defense — such as impeachment — will probably be necessary to stop our current American Dictator, as well as Cuba’s.  Fake free trade and capitulation to bullies are not the answer.  Why are we not shocked about Obama’s foreign policies?  He holds the same moral and economic philosophy as Fidel Castro.  La cage aux folles, birds of a feather flock together.

—  Tue Dec 16, 2014  Ho hum, once again for the last 50 years or more, it really doesn’t matter which major political party is voted into office.  Virtually nobody in the US understands why it always ends up the same, because virtually nobody in the US understands that the nation’s central bankers, not the politicians, are actually running The Big Show.  Who are the central bankers and what are they doing?  The US central bank is the Federal Reserve.  The Federal Reserve is not a government entity.  It is a private cartel that has taken over as America’s national bank.  Central bankers are those bankers who have convinced nations that said nations need a national bank to fund and manage said nation.  Central bankers are private cartels of bankers who, through national legislatures, have obtained the power to print and coin a nation’s medium of economic exchange, loosely called money.  The US Treasury has essentially been relegated to the role of printer for the Federal Reserve, using the Bureau of Printing and Engraving for expanding paper and fake coins when the Fed says so.  The Federal Reserve is not responsible to the US Legislature or any government agency and has never been audited.  Let me repeat:  YOUR national central bank, the Federal Reserve, has never been audited.  You do not know how much money they have actually created, or in what format, or where they are spending it.  If any business in the free market refused to be audited, they would have their corporate and other licenses pulled, their business shut down, and the corporate officers would be prosecuted and sent to jail.  The Federal Reserve has been active over the last 100 years in redefining the study of economics at all universities here and abroad.  The goal of the Federal Reserve has been to destroy the entire philosophy of individual rights and free market capitalism.  In its place, the Federal Reserve has implemented state collectivist economics departments at all US universities and makes sure that Phds in economics department teach state collectivist crap and win Nobel Prizes for their gobble-dee-goop baloney that passes for quantitative economic modeling and such.  Congressmen want to spend as much money as possible as a bribe to receive votes from their constituents and they use the private Federal Reserve cartel to provide the fake money for them, money that has no backing, no collateral.  Current economic thought by all major universities has devolved down to the level of convincing the useful idiots in politics and the American public that counterfeiting a nation’s medium of economic exchange is a positive act and will make everybody healthy, wealthy, and wise.  It’s called a “stimulus” and is a financial joke.  However, once the people believe this, and they have, the politicians are off and running like little lemmings leaping off the edge of a financial cliff to print up/create as much counterfeit money as possible in all sorts of ways from dumping gold and silver as the collateral for our national debt, to fractional reserve banking (printing up paper receipts for non-existent collateral, which is called counterfeiting because they’re receipts for nothing), and creating mortgage and other so-called derivatives with no backing, another joke.  What does the Federal Reserve gain?  The counterfeit money that the Fed creates is “borrowed” (from nowhere since there is no collateral) in the name of the American people, who are then charged interest for this forced “borrowing” while being taxed in the future to repay this “national debt.”  What a brilliant Ponzi Scheme.  Create money out of nowhere, loan it to the suckers via Congress, charge them interest, and call it a National Debt.  In fact, the Federal Reserve does not care a whit about whether Americans pay back the “National Debt” monetary principle because the central bankers want this Ponzi Scheme to go on forever as the Federal Reserve lives offthe interest.  One could say that the Federal Reserve is a Perpetual Monetary Interest Generating Machine, an Interest Generator.  When they finish trashing the housing mortgage market, they move to the education market:  student loans.  When they finish sucking the blood out of the students’ parents, they move over to Obama’s medical market.  It never ends.  Congress passes new laws to presumably “solve” each monetary “crisis” — blamed on Humpty Dumpty or Alice in Wonderland — and the EXEMPTED Federal Reserve move on to their next target.  Ain’s those central bankers brilliant?  The monetary principle doesn’t matter.  It was just made up out of nowhere anyway.  It can be defaulted upon and new debt can be created by the private cartel of National Bankers.  This is how the Federal Reserve is fleecing the American people; the Bank of the European Union is doing the same in Europe; the Bank of Japan is doing the same in Japan; the Bank of England is doing the same in Great Britain; and ad infinitum in all nations.  The central bankers in communist nations such as Russia and China are already, by definition, private central banks pulling off the same state collectivist crap that the Federal Reserve, the Bank of Europe, the Bank of Japan, and the Bank of England are doing.  By definition, all central banks are simply illegal extensions, private cartels of bankers, of one or more state collectivist nations managing their respective economies.  Hence there is no free market.  There are only controlled markets.  Controlled by the central bankers who control their respective government.  That’s why it doesn’t matter which major political party “wins” a national election.  Because the central banks are busy running every nation’s economy and the politicians are simply sucking up the money as national debt and dishing it out as Xmas presents to voters to maintain their political existence.  The people never see this banking activity going on behind the scenes, nor are they interested in economics.  Instead, the little suckers simply choose up sides in the fake war between each major political party, scream and yell at each other during election time, and then run off to vote for one of the two major parties in the national elections.  The Republicans are RINOs and the Democrats are DINOs (Republicans in Name Only and Democrats In Name Only).  They’re all state collectivists telling you that your highest moral philosophy in life is sacrifice yourself for the “good of the collective.”  You know, like Obamacare’s new tax call “Shared Responsibility.”  Yeah, right out of Karl Marx’s Playbook:  Socialism For Dummies.  The concepts of individualism and free market capitalism are deader n’ a door nail. George Bush, a Republican, is no different than Barack Obama, a Democrat socialist.  Barack Obama, a Democrat socialist, is no different than Mitt Romney, a Republican socialist (elcome to Romneycare in Taxachussetts).  Mitt Romney, a Republican socialist, is no different than Hillary Clinton, a socialist socialist.  And whoever becomes president in 2016 will be no different than any previous candidate in either major political party — unless some Libertarian Tea Party fluke happens to stumble into the presidency by accident — because we must all pay the private central bankers running America, Europe, Japan, England, and all the other nations in the world.  The Federal Reserve has taken one pink slip for one ’57 Chevy and counterfeited it over 250 trillion times, distributing it throughout the country and telling us how rich we all are.  Billions of people are now holding a fake receipt for that same one and only ’57 Chevy.  Just wait.  When they try to turn it in for the real car, of which there is only one, and which is not redeemable anyway, they will soon find out that nobody holds the pink slip for anything except a bunch of hot air from Congress and whoever is President of the United States.  That is the nature of central banking and only one President of the United States was able to abolish America’s first (or 2nd) round with US central banking circa the 1860s:  Andrew Jackson.  But then, in 1914,… the Federal Reserve, like Godzilla, re-emerged from the economic swamps of 19th century Marxist sophisms.  Marxist socialism.  Keynesian economics.  Jonathan Gruber phony baloney national health care, Obamacare, modeling.  Welcome to the Federal Reserve and why it doesn’t matter which major political party you vote for — until you END THE FED.  Until the US implements true free market capitalism with real money and real free market bankers instead of the crony socialist bankers running the Federal Reserve and pulling the puppet strings of Congress and the President, the US economy will continue to rise and collapse, rise and collapse, along with all social order.  Look for an economic riot to come to a city near you… soon.

—  Sat Dec 13, 2014  OK, everybody, refresh my brain.  Did we not just conduct a 2014 midterm election in which the American people voted against Obama’s illegal immigrant amnesty, against Obamacare, against the Obama Administration’s handling of the economy?  So, now that the Republicans gained 9 US Senate seats to take over the US Senate, more seats in the US House, obtained 35 governorships out of 50 states, and a majority in most state legislatures, how is it that yesterday US GOP House Majority Leader, John Boehner, and US GOP Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, caved in and voted YES for an unprecedented $1.1 Trillion budget that funds EVERYTHING that the Obama Administration and the Democrats wanted?  Did we just slip into some sort of alternate universe in which the now majority GOP doesn’t understand what the American voters just said?  It’s only been less than a month.  What happened to all the rhetoric by the GOP leaders that they could cut Obamacare and illegal EO Amnesty by not funding those portions of the budget?  Did they lie?  Did they forget?  Or are they just RINOs, Republicans in Name Only?  What happened to the impeachment of Obama for illegally using EOs to (1) illegally legislate portions of Obamacare and (2) grant amnesty to the illegal immigration of 5 million to 20 million people running across our southern border?  If Obamacare is not repealed in 2015, if Obama’s illegal use of EOs do not bring about impeachment proceedings, then one of several things could happen:  (1)  the people will simply revolt in some type of civil war against the Obama government, or (2) the Democrats will wipe out all the current gains made by the GOP in 2014 and usher in more of the same old state collectivist left Liberal crap, electing another dictator such as Hillary Clinton or worse, if that’s possible.  And that is the current state of our Union:  namely, so far there is no difference between the lying Republicans and the lying Democrats.  They could both be called the Demopubs or Republicrats.  Or how about just plain old “lying rectums.”

—  Sat Dec 13, 2014  Whoa, pull up the barn floor, shut up, and pour yourselves another hot cup of Rocket Java, girl friends.  What’s all this crap about the Democrats in the US Senate releasing a report — from California Senator Diane Feinstein’s little group of office girls — bashing the CIA for torturing Middle East terrorists in order to find out what further dastardly deeds they (the terrorists) were about to pull off immediately after said terrorists killed 3,000 Americans when they blew up the World Trade Centers in The Big Apple on Sep 11, 2001?  And President Obama and VP Joe Biden had to chime in to claim that Americans must confess to the immoral values for what the CIA did:  slapping the terrorists silly for a coupla minutes, making them stand on one foot listening to old Michael Jackson tunes, sleep deprivation, and water-boarding?  Obama and Biden are correct in that the actions of the CIA represent moral values but Obama, Biden, and Feinstein have their moral accusations backwards.  It is the terrorists whose moral values are corrupt, not the CIA’s moral values or the American people’s values.  Let’s quickly analyze what values we’re talking about here, folks.  Given:  Each individual has the inherent right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and that is a moral value based upon individual rights moral philosophy.  Individuals who initiate the use of force or fraud against others automatically forfeit their same rights.  Those who are attacked are called victims and have the right of self-defense.  Those who do the attacking are called perps and have forfeited their rights.  In the crime of murder, the victims, that’s the American people in this case, have the right to use any means necessary for self defense.  We are not talking about water-boarding some poor camel driver for swiping a lollipop from Seven-Eleven.  We’re talking about mass murder and further terrorist acts including nuclear bombs by the terrorists.  President Obama, VP Joe Biden, Diane Feinstein and all the little propeller beanie brain Liberals in the media have it backwards: the victims, not the perpetrators of terrorist acts, have the moral right of self defense and thus have the right to kick the terrorists’ butts, including water boarding, to prevent further acts of murder.  Releasing this CIA report is an attempt by the Obama Administration and others to blur the distinction between who is the victim and who is the perp, between inherent individual rights of self-defense and forfeited rights of the perp, and thus blur the moral philosophical distinction between correct values and incorrect values.  This is a shabby ploy by state collectivists, reminiscent of all the dictators in the past and currently the Obama Administration, to blame the victims and grant the moral high ground to the perps.  Obama uses this same method in his Marxist Class Warfare rhetoric between the so-called haves and have-nots, implying that the rights of the “neediest” supersede the rights of the producers.  He also uses this method in his Karl Marx Racist Warfare:  implying that individuals obtain their rights form an ethnic group instead of inherently from God or Nature, and that the rights of an ethnic group supersede the rights of the individual, even in self-defense.  In each case, the victim has been turned into the perp, and the perp has been turned into the poor victim.  Welcome to George Orwell’s “1984” where war is peace, lies are the truth, and wrong is right.  Do we see a trend here?  You bet.  Individual rights vs. state collectivism.  Altruistic state collectivism at that.  In the CIA case, it’s individual rights of self-defense vs. the state collectivist rights of the gang, the mob, the group we call terrorists.  Oh, the poor victims, the terrorists, claim Obama and his cronies.  If one didn’t know any better, one would guess that Obama is busy rooting for the terrorists.  Our Imperial President, VP Biden, Senator Feinstein and others in the US news media do not want you to distinguish the difference between an objective right and wrong.  They want to destroy your concept of moral values by switching who is the victim and who is the perp.  Just like in the Ferguson, Missouri shooting of self-defense and ensuing race riots created by the race baiters such as Al Sharpton and Obama, just like the illegal granting of amnesty with an EO for 5-20 million illegal immigrants, and now the CIA using self-defense to obtain further terrorist info from THE PERPs who bombed the World Trade Center.  The irony in all of this is that the so-called supporters of the concept of individual rights, the Conservatives, have not caught on to this ruse by Obama, Biden, and Senator Feinstein.  This shabby tactic is called, as Ayn Rand pointed out some time ago:  “obtaining the sanction of your victims.”  The victims are those who have not thought through the moral philosophy of individual rights, why victims retain rights of self-defense while perps forfeit their rights. Neither the American people or the CIA have lost their moral values and do not need to apologize for water-boarding Sheik Ali Baba to find out if he and the terrorists had any nukes or chemical or biological bombs ready to explode in the US.  They had already blown up the World Trade Centers and thus, as terrorists, HAVE NO RIGHTS.  So, President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and Dingbat Senator Diane Ficklebrain can stop riding their moral cotton ponies backwards and get with the American program:  it’s called objective reality and our moral philosophy is inherent individual rights and freedoms, obtained from God or Nature, not the government, not President Obama.  And that’s the name of that tune, Senator Finkle-dinkle-brain, and your secret ass report from Congress.

—  Sat Dec 06, 2014  All dictatorial tyrants throughout history — from King George to Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Mussolini, Mao-Tse-Tung, Fidel Castro, the list goes on and on — have one particular trait in common:  they just know they’re right AND they, therefore, have convinced themselves that they must take over all aspects of the government in order to implement their “good intentions” for all the masses.  Oh, thank you, thank you, for your “good intentions.”  Stage front and center, in walks President Barack Obama who not only has overtly taken over the US Legislative Branch of government by issuing countless numbers of illegal Executive Orders, but who is now also overtly trying to take over the third branch of government, the Judicial Branch, by showing up on national TV — for starters — and countermanding the verdicts of at least two grand juries in various cities across the United States so he can start race riots.  It doesn’t matter what the juries decided, innocent or guilty.  What matters is that the President of the United States — head of the Executive Branch of government — has no authority to usurp the US Constitution’s checks and balances between our three branches of government.  President Obama does not obtain authority from either the Constitution or its founding documents, the Federalist Papers, or any other statutes, to reprimand, revoke, or try to retry the findings of 12 Americans sitting on a grand jury looking at evidence that the President has not seen but is busy trying to second guess their verdict.  The reason why the Constitution establishes jury trials by citizens rather than by King George, Adolph Hitler, Fidel Castro, Mao-Tse-Tung, Vladimir Putin or President Whomever of the United States is precisely what Obama is attempting to fundamentally change.  We had an American Revolution over this concept over 230 years ago.  Was Barack Obama out to lunch or fell asleep in his Harvard Law Class 101A on the US Constitution’s Separation of Powers Lecture?  We dumped Britain’s King George, who was a dictatorial tyrant, for doing exactly what President Obama now wants to reinstitute for himself as Emperor of the United States.  Look at Obama’s actions.  First, he illegally uses EOs to circumvent the Legislative Branch to issue his own laws and, in the case of ObamaCare, completely rewrite entire portions of the law without Congress.  Now he uses his Oval Office to dispatch DOJ Attorney General Eric Holder to circumvent the Judicial Branch of government while he shows up on national TV to retry already-decided grand jury verdicts by yelling “Racism!” (when there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary) to incite race riots until he gets his way.  President Obama is now overtly acting exactly like all historical tyrants who just know that they’re right.  And if the masses refuse to obey the Emperor, then he will show them a thing or two.  Such as how he can take over both the Legislative and Judicial Branches of government, merging all three branches into his Exclusive Executive Branch.  After all, Obama knows what is best for everybody in America because he has “good intentions” and has a “pen and a phone” quote unquote… and is forming a civilian military to take over the function of the US military.  I’m surprised Obama hasn’t appointed an officer in charge of emptying garbage cans in Boise, Idaho.  He’s got his sticky little fingers in everything else for chrissake…  When will Obama’s tyrannical temper tantrums end?  When the US Congress grows enough cajones to impeach Emperor Obama because he is not going to voluntarily stop.

—  Sat Dec 06, 2014  Did President Obama already sign an EO granting amnesty to 5 million or more illegal immigrants or not?  Sources say it has not been filed in the Federal Register or elsewhere, yet.  Yet.  Maybe the Obama Administration lost it with the 2,700 pages of IRS documents they illegally obtained from the IRS to target their political enemies, who knows?  At any rate, why is House Squeaker John Boehner refusing to issue a federal budget in which he can defund Obama’s supposed new EO that grants amnesty to illegals?  It’s really easy.  All Boehner has to do is write in to the budget bill how much money can be used for implementation of Obama’s illegal EO while fully funding the rest of the 2015 budget.  So what if it doesn’t pass the Senate and/or President Obama vetoes the budget bill?  That’s on the Democrats, not the GOP as the Senate and President Obama will take the hit for shutting down the government.  This is an important constitutional issue that the people of America have just told the GOP in the 2014 midterm elections that they want taken care of:  no more abuse of power by President Obama-rama-lama-ding-dong.  On the same front, it’s time for the US House to implement impeachment proceedings against President Obama for his multitudinous abuses of power, especially his latest EO to grant amnesty to millions of illegals who dashed over the border from Mexico.  As the Constitution states, and the Federalist Papers give the reasons for, the US President can be impeached at any time, the US House initiating the procedure and the US Senate trying the impeachment case.  In addition, the President and any Executive Officer is liable after an impeachment to be tried in the regular court system for any civil or criminal offenses that the President may have committed while in office.  Impeachment simply removes a guilty Officer from his public office and can terminate all pensions or other emoluments received or to be received from said office.  By the way, impeachment of any Judicial Branch officer (judges, etc.) is initiated in the same manner.  Just thought you might want to drop this trivia pursuit on some of your left Liberal Democratic Progressive weenie-brained friends at dinner next week.

—  Sat Nov 29, 2014  After President Obama was caught on video over 25 times stating why he has no authority to grant amnesty to over 5 million (or more) illegal immigrants who ran across our southern border from Mexico, one wonders why he walked onto national TV and tap danced 180 degrees stating that all of a sudden he had all the authority in the world to issue an Executive Order granting amnesty to said illegals.  Could it be that President Obama is simply issuing an EO to establish his own pathway to US citizenship?  After all, it has never been settled whether Obama is a legal citizen of the United States or not.  Is there a clause in his recent illegal EO that provides a pathway to citizenship for Kenyans?  Do Obama’s two daughters qualify as “anchor babies” to allow President Obama to remain in the US because his daughters were born in America?  Do “anchor babies” qualify as establishing citizenship for illegals — e.g. Barack Obama — to then run for President of the United States?  Inquiring minds want to know.  One thing is for sure:  all the US Congress has to do to block Obama’s latest EO on granting amnesty to illegals is to repeal the statute upon which his EO is based.  No statute, no EO.  It’s just that simple.  Will Congress do it?  Probably not.

—  Fri Nov 14, 2014  Pull up the barn floor, shut up, and pour yourselves another hot cup of Rocket Java, girl friends.  ObamaCare just got a lot more interesting.  It seems that MIT quantitative economist — as opposed to Austrian Free Market Qualitative Economists — has confessed at least three times on three different nationally televised videos that, as the major architect of Obama’s so-called Affordable Care Act, he deliberately tricked the American public who he stated was “stupid” into voting for the ACA by purposely misrepresenting what it was and how it was going to be paid for.  Said the good professor, the American voters are so “stupid” that the way to sell the ACA was to claim that the government was going to tax the health insurance companies but — as Gruber laughingly pointed out in his lecture — knowing full well that the insurance companies must pass the higher costs along to the consumers.  Ha Ha.  Those dumb ass voters, he inferred.  Gruber snickered that one of his purposes was to make the ACA so incomprehensible that nobody would even know what it said because the entire exercise was to nationalize health care and move the ACA into a federal single payer program anyway.  So now we have the major ObamaCare architect — a Keynesian economist from MIT — confessing that he was paid by the Obama Administration to trick the “stupid” public into voting yes for ObamaCare by lying to them.  This confession shows that President Obama was complicit, along with House Leader Nancy Pelosi who stated at a previous press conference that Gruber was the main author of ObamaCare, and that he, Obama, knew full well that he was lying to the public about virtually every aspect of his national socialist health care program.  The irony of it all?  It is Professor Jonathan Gruber who is the stupid idiot, not the American public, who by the way, just voted last week in Midterm Elections against everything the Obama administration stood for.  Gruber, for one, is too stupid to know the difference between real economics and Keynesian bullshit.  He is stupid for getting a Phd in bankrupt quantitative economics, which most economists who know anything about the Austrian School of Thought, would simply call Physconomics — the quantitative school of thought that thinks that economics follows the same laws (the methodology) as the physical sciences and thus can be mathematically modeled.  Gruber does not understand that free market economics is actually a myriad of qualitative consumer priorities that cannot be studied in the same manner as the physical and life sciences because the reasoning methodology for economics is not conducive to quantitative measurements such as E=mc2, F=ma, or any economic algebraic/calculus formula.  The best that can be said of MIT Prof Gruber’s quantitative economic methodologies — and others’ like him such as Paul Krugman — is that they are simply making up economic models based upon historical commodity prices, none of which foretell future consumer actions in a qualitative market place comprised of trillions of daily economic decisions.  So, the joke is twofold:  Prof Gruber is the “stupid” economic idiot because his plans, well-intentioned or not, could never come to fruition for the same reasons that no socialist program can succeed in the market, and two, the stupid professor just confessed to his lies in front of 315 million Americans, thus dragging President Barack Obama into this nefarious lime light.  What a dummy the good professor is.  And how stupid was presidential candidate Mitt Romney in hiring Phd economist Jonathon Gruber to pull the same lying tricks to implement RomneyCare in the state of Taxachussetts?  Caution Republican congressmen:  Jump into bed with the Democrat Progressive Socialists and you earn the title of RINO, Republican In Name Only.  Welcome to the Big Lie of ObamaCare, the Un-Affordable Care Joke.

—  Tue Nov 11, 2014  Happy Veterans Day!  On that note, let’s talk about how Obama’s Sec of Veterans Affairs, Robert MacDonald, is going to clean up the complete total failure of America’s Veterans Hospitals across the nation.  He wants to start by firing at least a thousand employees in the bureaucratic mess we call Veterans Hospitals.  Will that work?  Absolutely not.  Why?  Because the root cause of the incompetency, the fake lists of veterans waiting for care, the lying, cheating, and general mismanagement of this huge national hospital system has nothing to do with its employees per se.  The problem is, quite simply:  socialism.  The Veterans Hospital system is a complete bureaucratic failure for the same reason that Amtrak, our nationalized train system, the US Post Office, our nationalized communications system, Public Education, our nationalize school system, and all nationalized state collectivist bureaus must always fail.  Socialist bureaus are not meant to respond to the clients, the consumers of their services.  They are established in order to respond to the government.  And the government is not a free market entity.  There is no profit and loss accounting in government agencies.  Therefore, there is no incentive for government employees to cut costs, invent new methods, or do anything whatsoever except collect their paychecks and complain that it’s not enough.  The solution to the Veterans Hospital fiasco is to sell this system to free market hospitals and get the government out of the business of trying to play medical care.  Oh yoo-hoo!  Does this ring a bell?  The Veterans Hopital debacle is the same reason why we should repeal ObamaCare:  because it, too, will end up just like our Veterans Hospital system only much much worse because it covers the entire medical system of the United States.  We can no more fix our Veterans Hospital system, or Amtrak, or the US Post Office, or the US Public Education system by rearranging the deck chairs on each of their respective Titanics than we can “solve” or “fix” any socialist bureaucracy.  The government has only one function: using its collective coercive power of LIMITED force to protect each individual’s inherent rights at both the national and international level.  It is not the function of government to try and participate in the free market, any more than it would be the function of football referees to actually participate in playing the game they are supposed to be refereeing.  Should the government pay for veterans’ private hospital care?  Yes.  Should the government try to run Veterans Hospitals?  No.  Happy Veterans Day and don’t forget to go hug a veteran today.  Or tomorrow.  And the next day.

—  Sun Nov 09  Talk Show hosts Rush Limbaugh, Dinesh D’Souza, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, Judge Janine Pirro and this web site all concur that last week’s shellacking of Democratic candidates in the 2014 Midterm elections is not the result of voters demanding that Republicans and Democrats in Congress come together with Dictator Obama — cum-bi-yah — but rather it is a demand for the US Congress to STOP and REPEAL Obama’s previous and continuing socialist state collectivism that is destroying America and the Middle Class.  President Obama showed zero remorse and willingness to undo any of his past social political economic interventionism into individual rights and the free market.  Those Conservatives who are shocked by Obama’s unchanging attitude still don’t understand his ideology and what drives him.  Obama is a true believer of 1930’s and 1940’s state collectivism:  German socialism, Italian fascism, and USSR communism.  He believes in all the state collectivist claptrap of Marxist socialism and the neocolonial absurdities taught to him by his communist mother and father and other collectivist mentors.  He actually believes in already disproven economic sophisms such as wealth being a finite quantity and thus must have been stolen by the wealthy and needs to be redistributed to others, that minimum wages increase jobs when, in fact, it causes unemployment, that trade barriers make nations richer when, in fact, trade protectionism hurts citizens of both trading nations, that value resides in labor per se when, in truth, value resides in the qualitative expectation of the consumers on both sides of a trade not in labor performed, and on and on through standard Marxist baloney economics.  Acting on this ideology, President Obama will not change his dictatorial actions because he is convinced that he is absolutely correct.  He is on a religious mission — socialism being his religion — to right all the alleged wrongs that his teachers have taught him are the fault of America and the free market.  In this sense, Obama is not intelligent, he is not smart, he is, in fact, rather stupid because — in spite of all the available data and results of his previous actions — he is unable and unwilling to conclude that his Marxist ideology is incorrect.  He is unable to learn from his mistakes.  That’s OK in his personal life, he has the right to be wrong as much as he wants.  But not when it affects the entire American economy and causes millions to lose their health insurance, doctors, jobs, and lives overseas in ridiculous Middle East Wars and his continuing support of the Muslim Brotherhood.  So the upshot for the GOP that just won the 2014 Elections is that they should not try to compromise with President Obama.  He is absolutely wrong in virtually every area he has intervened into.  It is the GOP’s voter mandate to STOP Obama, REPEAL Obama’s illegal Executive Orders, and, in fact, do everything possible to remove him from the highest office in the land which he has forfeited all rights to occupy by his previous disastrous and illegal actions.  And that is the direction that Obama is leading the US Congress:  impeachment, just around the corner.  And deservedly so.

—  Wed Nov 05  Today’s Headlines:  “Americans Vote Hell No! Against Obama’s Socialism.”  In a landslide vote yesterday in the 2014 Midterm Elections, the Republican Party overwhelmingly expressed their disapproval of President Obama’s social political economic policies, including:

  1. ObamaCare (socialist health care fiasco)
    2.  The Benghazi Ambassador murders/cover up
    3.  Deserter Bergdahl trade for 5 Muslim terrorists
    4.  IRS targeting of GOP politicians
    5.  NSA spying on all Americans’ phones, etc.
    6.  Veteran hospital fake lists and no care
    7.  Ebola virus do-nothing, no quarantine
    8.  Takeover GM, give investor money to unions
    9.  No budget for the last 6 years
    10. DOJ Eric Holder do-nothing against criminals
    11. Allowing 10 million+ illegal immigrants
    12. Losing US arms & billions of $ to Muslim BH
    13. Allow Fed Reserve to create Trillions in debt
    14. And the list goes on and on…

On the national scene, the US House gained 12 additional seats for a total of 242.  Demos dropped to 193.  The US Senate gained 7 GOP seats for a majority total of 53 Republicans, dumping current Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid into the garbage dump of statist history.  The Democrats have a minority of 46 Senate seats.  None of the three candidates for Louisiana’s US Senate seat received 50% of the vote and thus a run-off between incumbent Mary Landrieu and her GOP opponent next Dec 6 will occur.  Projections are a GOP win with a loss by Landrieu as the Independent/GOP split vote that Landrieu ran against will mostly go to the major GOP candidate.  That means the US Senate will increase its majority status to 54 GOP.  Sen Mitch McConnell stands to become Senate Majority Leader in 2015, although there exist rumblings that Sen Ted Cruz of Texas may challenge that position.  GOP governors increased by 10 or so, giving the GOP 35 out of 50 governorships across our 50-state Union.  This loss by the left Liberal Democrats/Progressives is a clear referendum against the state collectivist policies of the Obama administration and a pro vote for individual rights, private property rights, and the middle class that President Obama is hell-bent on destroying by whatever means possible.  Now it’s up to the GOP and its various constituent Tea Party and Conservative members to pull the RINOs in the GOP toward our Founding Fathers’ ideology:  namely, the idea that all individuals are born with inherent individual rights and thus must take responsibility for exercising those rights.  Step One:  time to undo all the harmful and intrusive governmental statism that the Obama Administration has tried to shove down our throats over the last six years.  Time for Obama to step down and relegate his legacy to the garbage dump of failed state collectivism.

—  Sun Oct 26, 2014  What a coinkydink!  President Obama’s White House last Friday interrupted US Congress’s committee meeting on the US Ebola crisis to show a photo op of Obama hugging miraculously-cured nurse Nina Pham in the Oval Office of the White House.  Just last week all the major TV networks interviewed Ms. Pham was laying in a hospital bed, quarantined — supposedly — with the deadly, lethal, watch-out-now Ebola virus.  Suddenly, Ms. Pham jumped up out of bed, totally cured, and was whisked away to the White House where she schmoochie schmooched in a photo op with Obama-rama-lama-ding-dong.  Wow.  Tell me this was not staged by the Hollywood script writers, just before the 2014 midterm elections.  News Flash!!  Obama saves world from Ebola epidemic.  Vote for the Democrats!  Yahoo and Hallelujah!

—  Sat Oct 25, 2014  Did I wake up this morning on Planet Mars?  Something stinks in Denmark.  And in the US.  The big news item of the day shows President Barack Obama hugging Ebola virus victim nurse Nina Pham in the Oval Office of the White House.  The news article goes on to claim that nurse Pham — who was in quarantine last week — miraculously got rid of ALL traces of the Ebola virus and is now just hunky dory AOK.  All this in about a week after being transferred to Emery (?) Hospital and supposedly receiving a blood transfusion from one of the also “cured” doctors who came back from West Africa after being infected by the Ebola virus and given a new untested anti-Ebola vaccine.  Second Ebola-infected nurse who worked with now dead from Ebola virus, a patient named Mr. Duncan, has also allegedly overcome this “lethal” virus and also reports no trace of the Ebola virus in her body, too.  Wow, what miraculous recoveries from what the CDC, the World Health Organization, and the majority of doctors world-wide have claimed is (or was) a lethal virus with no cure — except within the last two weeks apparently, just in time for a front page photo op with President Barack Obama.  Whoop-tee-doo, if you believe in coincidences and miracles.  And now, Canadian health organizations claim they have had vaccinations for Ebola since forever and sent a million shots to the World Health Organization for West Africa but it seems like nobody received these wonderful cures since some 5,000 West Africans have recently died from Ebola.  What did the doctors — both American and others in West Africa — do with these vials, drink them down at breakfast with their orange juice or flush them down the toilet?  Oh that’s right.  There are no toilets in Third World West Africa.  Why didn’t anybody give these wonderful antibodies to poor Mr. Duncan who lied his way into the United States from Liberia, only to drop dead from his Ebola virus at Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, Texas?  Why am I suspicious that maybe the two nurses didn’t really have Ebola and were simply sent to the hospital where — in record time, less than the 21 days of standard quarantine — they miraculously recovered just in time for a photo op with Dictator President Barack Obama one week before the 2014 midterm Elections?  How convenient.  Front page news.  And now, US pharmaceutical companies are all claiming they can ship “the Ebola cure” to everybody in the country by early 2015.  Holy moly!  Sounds like two movies:  “V is for Vendetta” and “Wag The Dog.”   Meanwhile Governors Christie of New Jersey and Dinkleberry of New York have just issued travel bans and quarantines for their respective states because another doctor from West Africa showed up to New York infected with Ebola.  He rode on the airlines, jumped in a taxi, ate at some restaurant, went bowling, and then notified the authorities that he sort of quarantined himself by taking his own temperature (103 deg F) each day for a week.  Really?  What a busy quarantine that was.  Hasn’t this newly infected doctor and the governors of New Jersey and New York heard the great news?  There is no possibility of an Ebola outbreak in the US because all ya gotta do is get a blood transfusion from one of the initial doctors returning from West Africa — like the two nurses hugging Obama in the Oval Office of the White House did — and you will miraculously be cured in less than a week, yippee, yahoo, and lah-dee-dah.  Somebody somewhere in the medical community, the CDC, the WHO, President Obama, and whoever else are either lying through their teeth or we are totally mis-communicating our knowledge about the Ebola virus all over the Internet, major TV news media, and through the Obama Administration’s White House.  Wow!  Are we living back in the lies and propaganda of the USSR or on planet Mars or where?  Good thing we’re implementing a National Socialist Health Care system:  ObamaCare.  I suppose you can keep your Ebola virus if you want to, along with your doctor who apparently doesn’t know crap about what’s happening with Ebola, much less your diabetes Type II.

—  Fri Oct 17, 2014  Welcome to Hidden Springs, Idaho, the HOA from hell!  No, it’s not all of the Hidden Springs Town Association (HSTA) members in the HOA that are from hell.  It’s the current and many past Hidden Springs Town Council members who fall into the category from Hades.  So whatsa hoppenink at Hidden Springs, 3-4 miles outside of Boise?  Seems like the Town Manager — employed some 5-6 years through the HOA management group AMI — has been charged with, and is currently being investigated for, allegedly pilfering HSTA funds from the Home Owners Association.  Imagine that.  This is according to information released by the HS Town Council at a meeting held last Wednesday.  Having served as one of five Town Council members for this very same HOA from hell for a full year in 2011 — after which we moved — I know all the players, past and present, and did my best to implement HOA Best Practices for the HSTA, such as obtaining annual financial audits (they had never had an audit), obtain fidelity insurance in case of embezzlement or theft (we had several million in HOA funds), obtain spare parts and pumps for the HSTA’s self-owned sewer plant, and various other Best Practices.  Unfortunately, I was met with total resistance from the other four Town Council members I served with and even had to walk to 850 homes with a petition to prevent the Board from investing over $350,000 of HOA funds into the stock market, which would have risked principal and interest.  My wife and I, and a few friends, stopped the other HS Town Council members from this imprudent crap shoot but not without a lot of argument and infighting.  The other four 2011 town council members continually voted “no” for a full annual audit and “no” to purchasing fidelity insurance against embezzlement and theft. There were numerous other issues that I do not have time to go into, but suffice it to say that various Town Council members were currently, or historically, engaging in conflict of interest activities and/or unethical acts.  While I had many suspicions that certain individuals from the Town Manager to Town Council members may have engaged in illegal financial activities, I had no real proof, and thus could only call for a forensic audit which, again, all the other 2011 TC members as well as 2012, 2013, and 2014 TC members turned down.  Fast forward to today, October 2014.  Lo and behold, the Hidden Springs town council just called an emergency meeting to tell the HSTA membership that their town manager of 5-6 years has been fired and felony charges of theft or embezzlement have been instigated with the Boise, Idaho police department.  I will be opening a bottle of champagne with those who tried to help me implement Best Practices at Hidden Springs, even though we failed in some areas but succeeded in others.  However, the real failure falls not on the alleged theft of HOA funds by a “trusted” town manager, but rather on all the town council members I served with in 2011 and many previous town council members who continually said “no” to implementing Best Practices, such as annual audits.  Even today, after the discovery of theft by the Town Manager, if you log onto the Hidden Springs Facebook page, current and former town council members are busy claiming that nothing has gone wrong, everything is A-OK, and that they still don’t need a full forensic audit.  Really?  That’s like trying to convince robbery victims that they really haven’t been robbed, move along, everything’s OK, nothing happening here.  Either they still don’t get it, or, is something else going on?  Who knows?  The take home message here is:  if you belong to an HOA from hell, the best thing you can do is to attend a legal HOA seminar from a respectable HOA law firm at which they can tell you how to run an HOA with Best Practices.  As for those Hidden Springs current and former town council members who are busy trying to cover their asses and snow the entire HSTA membership by writing on the Hidden Springs Facebook, the equivalent of “Nothing happening here, move right along,” methinks they do protesteth too much.  What are they trying to cover up?  Follow the money.  That’s why it is always prudent to implement an annual audit for your HOA… especially if your HOA has never had an audit, not just a flimsy accounting review that former Hidden Springs town council members said they did in 2012, what a joke, but also your HOA should purchase fidelity insurance.  Remember:  liability insurance for your HOA does not cover embezzlement or theft.  Only fidelity insurance covers theft, including currently unknown historical theft that may be discovered after the fact.  All I can say is:  Good luck to those of my friends still living in Hidden Springs, the HOA from hell.  Who knows what this current investigation will uncover.  I’m just glad my wife and I sold our house in Hidden Springs and moved to a better place.

—  Tue Oct 14, 2014  According to Col. Allen West, “The US Constitution, Article I, Section VIII, Clause number four, says that only Congress has the ability to make rules or laws regarding naturalization; President Obama does not have that authority.  So, when you go back and look at the executive order issued by Obama, calling it a DREAM Act, you look at this edict that he has sent down, it is an unlawful order.”  Since the DREAM Act is unlawful, nobody has to obey it.

—  Wed Oct 08, 2014  According to a blurb on Facebook, “Their numbers grow in every Western country, with Muslim births far outnumbering those of the western nations, and Mohammad being the most popular baby name in London. The Muslim population in some London hamlets is higher than 40%. Marseille, France 35%, Amsterdam, Netherlands 25%. And in Dearborn, Michigan USA almost half the population is Muslim according to the census.  Their goal is not to live side by side with the West but to convert the host nations by any means necessary. It’s often called ‘creeping’ Sharia. Our elected officials and our courts have failed to address Sharia in America. Bans on Sharia in the U.S. have been challenged and are stalled in the courts. Political correctness shuts down any debate over the dangers of Sharia in the West.”  Should we be worried?  You decide.

—  Sun Oct 05, 2014  Should the US dash back into the Middle East and continue fighting the Islamo fascists?  Is this the same as the US having dashed into Vietnam to fight the Commies?  Are the underlying premises, self defense, appropriate as reasons for entering either the Vietnam war or the Middle East war?  In Vietnam, a coalition of socialist/communist nations — North Vietnam, the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR), and Communist China — attached the rice farmers of South Vietnam.  The US came to the rice farmers’ rescue, which was morally correct, self defense, but the US did a horrible political job of implementing that war and eventually lost.  In Vietnam, the military was called “advisors.”  The US military was not allowed to fight the Vietnam war either strategically or tactically; US politicians ran and bungled the Vietnam War.  We supposed “partnered” with the South Vietnamese, trained their army, but the South Vietnamese threw down their weapons and ran at the first sight of their enemies.  Why?  Because they were just simple rice farmers who had no clue what the war was all about — an invasion by North Vietnam and their communist allies.  The South Vietnamese joined their army for the money.  Period.  Now, here we are again, about 40 years later, and the US is discussing whether we should “partner” with various factions in the Middle East to fight against the Islamo fascists called ISIL.  The Islamo fascists are not doing anything different than the North Vietnamese and their allies did in Vietnam.  Both invading groups initiated the use of force, torture, murder, rape, beheadings, etc. and both groups are essentially a variation on the theme of state or church collectivists.  Socialists, communists, and Islamic Jihadists are all the same, pushing a dog-eat-dog central government — Communism or a Caliphate — with the rottenest dogs on top running the show.  In both cases all individuals — in Vietnam and in the Middle East — lose their inherent rights, especially women, and there is no such thing as a free market.  While it is true that the US Federal Reserve had an initiating role in the Middle East by creating the Petrol Dollar with OPEC and using the US military to enforce its deal, the Obama Administration has totally bungled the Middle East mess that was created by former Presidents George Bush.  This is not to say that the Islamo fascists were not already on the war path against individuals and the concepts of individual rights and free markets.  But Obama has essentially given the ISIL fascists all their military weapons and directly or indirectly provided financing for the Islamos to conduct their war.  The question remains:  while it can be argued that it is morally correct to help the individuals in the Middle East against the invasion of a bunch of Islamos fascists, as well as ensuring said Islamos do not jump to the US, just as it was morally correct for the US and its allies to come to the aid of the South Vietnamese, if we use the same political methodology in the Middle East as we did in Vietnam — partnering with the natives — we will lose the war.  Why?  For the same reason we could not “partner” with the South Vietnamese:  like the rice farmers in South Vietnam, the camel drivers in the Middle East have no clue about the global ramification of what’s going on and they are only joining the army to receive the US dollar to feed their families.  They, too, will throw down their American weapons as soon as they see ISIL coming over the hill.  So, it appears that the US must either turn into Roman soldiers and conquer the Middle East with a million troops on the ground until we help them establish a real Constitution and Bill of Rights, or we just pull out, protect our own borders, and say, “Adios, good luck!”  But the absolute worse thing we can do is exactly what President Obama is doing today, kinda, sorta nothing, no objective, no strategy, and socially-politically-economically stupid acts of dropping a couple of bombs a day somewhere on somebody or an empty cardboard building.  That’s what happens when (1) a neighborhood organizer (Barack Obama) instead of an experienced military strategist tries to conduct a foreign war, and (2) our President appears to lean so far toward what he thinks are “peaceful Islamists” that his obvious turban is falling off his head.  Obama the Pied Piper is looking and acting more and more like a Trojan Horse from Syria than anything else.

—  Thur Oct 02, 2014  As mentioned previously in these pages, those of you who love to have your pets lick your lips as an anthropomorphic “kiss,” feed them from your dinner plates or hands and then not wash up, sleep with them in your bed, and generally allow your pets to run all over your house as if they were your human children, should jump on the Web and Goggle the Center for Disease Control (CDC) with a basic bacteriological/immunological question:  can viruses such as Ebola, polio, SARS, ENT D 68, and bacteria such as salmonella jump species?  That is, can viruses and bacteria jump from animals to humans?  And the answer is — wait for it, animal lovers, wait for it — YES.  Especially at risk are small children from ages 0 to five years old, older individuals, and sick individuals whose immune systems are already maxed out.  Should you break out the Lysol and slug down a bottle of Listerine?  No, but pretending that pets are humans and should be treated as humans is a form of anthropomorphism, attributing human attributes to non-human pets or even objects.  The old wives’ tale that one should purposely expose oneself to lots of viruses and bacteria because that will build up one’s immune system is balderdash.  The germ of truth that children can become immune by allowing them to come into contact with other children with the measles, etc., does not extrapolate to the general idea that it is good to expose your children to all sorts of viruses and bacteria and live in unhygienic environments.  If exposing people to bacti and viruses was wonderful, then we should allow pets to run all over the kitchens of restaurants and hospital operating rooms where they can lick everybody’s dinner plates and the wounds and incisions of patients undergoing surgery.  Wow, everybody would build up really great immune systems, right?  Buzz, wrong!  Americans today have become “pet happy” and have ignored basic hygiene concepts of keeping their pets outside (warmed dog houses during the winter), not allowing pets in kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms and not “kissing” dogs and cats or sleeping with them.  Pets are great companions and we all lover them but they are not humans and carry many diseases that can jump to humans.  It took hundreds of years after its initial discovery by Pasteur, Lister, and others for humans to accept the fact that bacteria and viruses are little critters that can be transmitted from person to person and animal to person and insect to person and now, today, as the Ebola virus that has become an epidemic in North Africa and carried by humans across the Atlantic to the United States, can be transmitted in more ways than one:  be aware; Ebola virus, for which there is no known cure, can jump species from pets to humans as well as from humans to humans.  Woof, woof, and meow to those who refuse to get it and/or have yet to find out the hard way.  Hope you never do, but a word to the wise is sufficient.

—  Thur Oct 02, 2014  And another Obama Administration top official, little Suzie Housefwife, head of the US Secret Service, bit the dust yesterday as she resigned under pressure from the US Congress.  What for?  Seems like she was busy collecting a big government paycheck for not doing her job.  Several cases of individuals jumping over the White House fence on Pennsylvania Avenue — right next to Marvin Gardens and B & O Railroad — and traipsing all over the White House before being apprehended led Congress to call for the head of the Secret Service.  Her tap dance before Congress was a joke as she simply folded under questioning and had no good answers about the security breaches that occurred under her watch.  What a surprise.  This is just another indication of how big government becomes so big and becomes so “politically correct” that it no longer can even function.  The US Post Office, Amtrak, the Secret Service, the IRS, the EPA, the NSA, Eric Holder’s DOJ, our Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama with no military experience, bankrupt/lying VA hospitals with fake lists, ObamaCare national socialist health, and on and on it goes.  Big Government that Democrats think is necessary to save and protect everybody has morphed into the exact opposite:  total bureaucratic incompetence that hurts everybody.  That’s what happens when free market activities are taken over by a central fascist state pretending that the government can function as efficiently as the free market.  Not to mention the loss of every individual’s inherent rights and freedoms.

—  Mon  Sep 29, 2014  Why is Eric Holder, America’s top cop at the Dept of Justice, resigning after 6 years with President Barack Obama?  Easy peasy, lemon squeazy.  Holder is on the verge of getting caught for all of his dirty deeds — make that non-deeds of doing nothing — in a dozen big time scandals.  Refusing to go after the IRS when it is clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that the IRS has been used by the the Obama Administration to target opposing political groups for tax exempt status, “fast and furious” gun running by the US to the Mexican drug cartels on the premise, which backfired, that the US could then trace the cartels by tracing the guns.  Unfortunately, the drug cartels are not as stupid as Obama and Holder and they simply filed off the serial numbers of the free weapons they received from Holder and then murdered US border agents.  What did Holder do about the murdered American ambassador in Benghazi in which then Sec of State Hillarious Clinton and Dictator Obama thought they could run guns in Libya and then when that failed tried to buy them back, which also failed, and is why the US Ambassador was killed?  Holder did nothing.  And it goes on and on with Obama and Holder playing the race card at every opportunity, especially when they ran up against one of their criminal brick walls and had nowhere else to go.  So it is no big surprise that after DOJ US Attorney Eric Holder was sanctioned by the US Congress, he had to jump ship and try to get out of being prosecuted for all his lies of commission and omission.  His favorite response to committees in Congress was, “Uh, I don’t really know…  Yeah, uh-huh, I don’t remember… Hmm, let me think, no, I don’t really know the answer to that question, I’ll have to look it up after I eat my Cheerios and wipe my derriere, whatever.”  Meanwhile, President Obama simply shakes Holder’s hand, smirks a sly grin, and says, “We’ll miss you.”  You bet he will.  Now Obama’s next trick is how to pick an Eric Holder clone for the DOJ top cop position and convince the Senate to OK it.  No problem.  Everybody on the Hill is making a deal just to stay in power in Washington DC.  Oh, and about the Middle East war that Obama supposedly ended and, well oops, is now re-starting up to fight ISIL, ISIS, the Taliban, Hamas, Al Qaeda — hey I can’t keep up with all the different camel tribe names in the Middle East desert?  Tune in next month for how Obama gets around putting American “boots on the ground” by issuing all troopers Air Nikes that somehow float 2 inches off the ground.  Yeah, just change the words so the deeds can follow.  Our F-16s have been redefined as “flying magic carpets.”  Bombs are now “popcorn.”

—  Sun Sep 21, 2014  So Scotland voted “no” to secede from the United Kingdom last week.  Why in hell would they want to secede?  Some lame answers that rolled in over the national news is that many Scots wanted more socialism, more welfare money from their national governments and from Big Brother England.  Really?  Are the Scots reallly that stupid?  Haven’t they heard the news:  Marxism died last century.  Capitalism has far outstripped anything socialism and communism could produce in any economy.  If you aren’t able to intellectually understand why all the Marxist economic sophisms were ridiculous and would fail, then you should be able to turn on the TV news and synthesize the empirical data from the last 200 years proving that socialism, fascism, and communism — all various forms of dictatorial state collectivism — have failed, and failed miserably with all kinds of accompanying Holocausts in which millions of people were murdered by the omnipotent state. So why would a Western Civilization like Scotland try to vote in more socialism?  Maybe because they don’t understand that one can’t get much more socialist than Britain already is, nor can they figure out that it IS the socialism in Britain — certainly not free market capitalism — that has brought both Scotland and Not So Great Britain to the brink of social political and economic bankruptcy.  Dying of cyanide, the Scots were asking for more.  Anybody who thinks Britain — or any other European nation, including Switzerland — is a free market needs their head examined.  Hell, the US is not even truly a free market.  The most that one can claim about America’s market is that, technically, it is a fascist dictatorship with so many government regulations that the Middle Class is essentially being wiped out.  In fact, at our current rate of decline, the US will soon pass up European socialism, and degenerate into nothing but Washington Rules and Welfare Recipients.  Instead of voting to secede from the UK, perhaps young Scots should be thinking about how the UK should secede from state collectivism.  Of course, that would entail something like thinking, or reading Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.

—  Sun Sep 21, 2014  So where is the United States on the ISIS crisis in the Middle East?  Without declaring an act of war, the US Congress has voted to give our 1960’s radical dictator, President Obama, several hundred million dollars or more in funding to send US military troops to the Middle East as “advisors,” — shades of a Vietnam instant replay.  Obama’s war cry of “no boots on the ground,” — which means that US troops will be wearing, what, Air Nike tennis shoes? — is a joke.  If you are going to fight a war, then fight a war to win, not for publicity stunts and photo ops.  This is exactly what happened in Vietnam:  America was morally correct to help the South Vietnamese in their defense against a coalition of the Communist North Vietnamese, the USSR, and Communist China but American politicians nailed the US military’s boots to the floor and did not allow them to fight a real military war, which would have ended in about 48 hours with very few casualties.  Instead, we “partnered” — ha ha “partnered” — with the South Vietnamese farmers qua pretend-military soldiers — and lost our butts.  Don’t shoot unless you are fired upon, now let’s go do “search and destroy,” etc. etc. and 500,000 US troops were simply emasculated into sitting ducks while the Soviets and Chi Coms rampaged through the South Vietnamese countryside committing the same types of atrocities that ISIS is now committing in the MIddle East.  A modern US Army does not “partner” with rice farmers and camel drivers and expect them to accomplish much of anything militarily.  Think about it:  rice farmers and camel drivers earn like five bucks a year and if you offer them a hundred bucks a month they will pretend to do anything you want just to keep their families alive.  This is exactly what happened when the US exited Iraq stage left, as in left Liberal, and ISIS ran down through Iraq.  The “partnered” camel driver army of Iraq threw down their American weapons faster than a New York Minute and ran for what few hills there were.  “Partnering” doesn’t work.  Foreign aid only enriches the current leaders, with much of the funding ending up in ISIS’s hands to further finance the war against the US “infidels.”  So, the upshot about how Dictator Obama is going to pretend that he is fighting a war in the Middle East is a military joke, both strategically and tactically.  The US has a moral right to help the poor camel drivers and others whose inherent individual rights are being stomped on in the Middle East — especially women — but Obama is not a military man, not even a very intelligent neighborhood organizer, and should not be our automatic Commander-in-Chief.  One last note:  it is becoming rather obvious that either Obama is gung-ho PRO the ISIS Muslim Brotherhood because he sympathizes with what he erroneously thinks is their previous neo-colonization by western nations, or else he is even more stupid than we previously thought.  Conclusion:  if one is going to fight a war, one must commit to fighting it correctly.  That is, with a minimum of loss of life and with a clear objective of what one is doing and how one should accomplish those objectives.  It is morally correct to come to the aid of an old lady being attacked on the streets by hoods using guns, but not by showing up with a butter knife and partnering with Estonia for $2 billion.  Nor should one show up with RPGs, Harrier jets, and a zillion rounds of ammo for the “partners” to give away to the ISIS hoods.  No boots on the ground?  Hey, lets’ break out our Air Nikes and tiptoe around the desert, pretending we’re going to stop a Caliphate.  Meanwhile, who’s coming across our southern borders with nuke suitcase bombs and such?  I wonder.

—  Fri Sep 12, 2014  Part III of Ayn Rand’s movie Atlas Shrugged, Who is John Galt? comes out today.  Go see it and find out how today’s economy ends and a renaissance begins.  By the way, where is Ragnar Daneskjold?

—  Sun Sep 07, 2014  Whoa, Idahonians, wanna know why public education costs so much in Idaho?  Pull up the barn floor, pour yourself another hot cup of Rocket Java and listen up, girl friends.  Outgoing Supt of Idaho Schools, Tom Luna, gave two top staffers raises amounting to about 50% and 37% respectively.  The salary for Deputy Chief of Staff, Jason Hancock, was bumped from $88,000 per year to $130,000 per year and Communications Director, Melissa McGrath’s salary was boosted from $72,000 per year to $98,000 per year.  Why?  Luna only said, “because they took on extra work.”  Most of the other 140 employees on Luna’s staff received a 1% salary and 1% bonus increase this year.  Compare this to private businesses:  Nobody in a commensurate salary job would receive a 50% or 37% pay raise unless they invented the wheel or discovered how to time travel.  Idaho’s Public Education system is riddled with these types of cronyisms and ridiculous expenditures.  The Pub Ed annual budget is about $2.0 billion per year out of Idaho’s $3 billion budget.  Adding in federal grants and other cookies from the fed for Leave No Child Behind, Race To The Top, and now Common Core, bring Idaho’s annual budget to around $3 billion per year.  When running for Dist 18’s Senate seat in 2004 I downloaded the entire Idaho State School Budget and discovered hundreds of redundant line items for busing, landscaping, special programs, Vice Principles not per high school but per each of 3-4 grades per high school, and on and on.  Many Idaho school district’s cost per pupil for K-12 education totaled — wait for it — totaled more than the then $35,000 per year cost to attend Harvard University.  Elementary schools with 50 or less kids had to duplicate everything that schools with hundreds of children had, from playgrounds to buses to cafeterias to gymnasium and so on.  If Idaho was really a Conservative state, Gov Otter and School Supt Tom Luna would have worked to dump public schools and moved education to privately owned schools.  Otherwise, these above mentioned pay raises for friends of friends, buddies of buddies, will continue until they finally bankrupt Idaho’s Pub Ed System.  Meanwhile, the kids are coming out dumber and dumber and do not even learn HOW to think much less what to think.

—  Fri Sep 05, 2014  Dinesh D’Souza’s latest book: America, Where Would the World be Without Her is a must read for anybody who is trying to keep up with current social political economics.  He explains why President Obama and the current crop of progressives are not stupid but are actually very clever at what they are doing, which is purposefully trying to downsize the United States for what they consider is just dues for America’s alleged past colonialism.  The progressives are, of course, wrong and D’Souza points out how in his very thought-provoking book plus a movie of the same title.  Think of D’Souza’s book as Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged Lite, not on intellectualism but on the style of writing.  Both books are great reads and both movies are, too.

—  Fri Sep 05, 2014  Next Friday on Sep 12 Ayn Rand’s Part III, the conclusion, to her trilogy film Atlas Shrugged will be playing at all major theatres.  I suggest you re-see Parts I and II so you can slide right into Part III with your buttery bag of popcorn.  Popcorn once a month or so is OK, for all you philosopher body builders out there trying to keep up with Ragnar Daneskjold, the pirate in Atlas Shrugged who keeps all government busy by blowing up or swiping all of their stolen cargo on the high seas and getting away in his super fast Ragnar-mo-ship traveling at the speed of sound.  Remember where we left off in Part II?  Dagny had just tried to follow a Jr scientist who figured out how to make John Galt’s energy machine work but crashed her plane at Galt’s Gulch.  Many scientists, businessmen, and musicians have already vanished to Galt’s Gulch from the regular altruistic state collectivist world and now Dagny will have to figure out why she is guilty for continuing to be a producer, a producer that keeps the state collectivists governments in power to continue their looting and destruction of the world.  When will she finally figure it out?  Tune in next week on Aug 12 at your local cinema and find out.

 —  Tue Aug 26, 2014  Here’s a good task for an investigative journalist out there in reader land to perform: contact all of President Barack Obama’s professors at Columbia University and ask them if they have copies of the grades they gave to each of their students, mainly to Obama.  Since one cannot obtain those transcripts from the staff at Columbia — they are, for some God only knows reason, sealed — the only avenue of investigation left is to go directly to Barack’s professors.  I’m betting that there is not one professor who can even remember having Barack Obama in ANY of his/her classes at Columbia, much less can they present a copy of any grade they gave to him for attending/completing any class.  This is exactly what Wayne Allyn Root, author of The Murder of The Middle Class, discovered when he attended a recent Columbia class reunion.  Wayne Allyn Root was Barack Obama’s classmate — if Obama even attended — at Columbia and he could not find one student or one professor who claims to have seen Barack Obama anywhere at Columbia University.  So here’s what I’m guessing really happened:  The powers that be enrolled Barack Obama at Columbia University in a clandestine manner for the future purpose of then getting him into Harvard Law School.  Obama never really attended any classes at Columbia — which is why nobody ever saw him there and why professors have claimed he was never in their class — and then the powers that be, along with the staff at Columbia who was in on this great hoax, “graduated” Barack Obama so he could then enroll at Harvard Law School.  Coming from Occidental College in LA and transferring to Columbia was the Big Hoax but the powers that be had to do it in order for Obama to then go on to Harvard.  All part of the Big Plan to elect the first black man as President of the US.  They knew that the guilt-ridden American youth and a huge majority of blacks in America would overwhelmingly vote yes for Obama, especially after they rigged his university pedigree that virtually nobody in the major news media has questioned — except Free Market Duck and other Tea Party/Libertarians.  So, the real Hercules Poirot moment, the Sherlock Holmes discovery, is for somebody to ask each of Obama’s professors or TAs at Columbia if they can produce a copy of his grades from their class(es).  My guess is:  Nope, because he never really “attended” Columbia.  Note that I did not ask whether the Columbia University staff, the perps who were in on this Big Scam, could produce any grades for his classes; I am asking each professor whether they can produce a copy of the grade they gave to him for each of their class(es).  If I am correct, they will say NO — or be afraid and say nothing, which is the same as a non-yes, a NO.  And that will be proof positive that President Barack Obama did not “legitimately” attend Columbia University and also, therefore, did not qualify for admittance into Harvard Law School.  The Obama University Hoax which dragged him into the presidency of the United Sates will probably be revealed in the future as one of the greatest hoaxes and true political conspiracies ever perpetrated upon this nation.  Any volunteers for this investigative journalism?  Afraid of the consequences?  You should be.

—  Fri Aug 22, 2014  Listen up girl friends, shut up and pour yourselves another hot cup of Rocket Java.  Let’s get educated here.  According to author Dinesh D’Souza in his book, Obama’s America, Unmaking the American Dream, here is a sample excerpt from Michelle Obama’s thesis regarding being black at Princeton:  “By actually working with the Black lower class or within their communities as a result of their ideologies, a separatist may better understand the desparation [sic] of their situation and feel more hopeless about a resolution as opposed to an integrationist who is ignorant to their plight.”  As D’souza correctly states, “The grammar is wrong; the tenses are garbled.  People are ignorant ‘of’ the plight of the lower class, not ignorant ‘to’ their plight.  And ‘desparation’ should be spelled ‘desperation.'”  As reviewer Christian Hitchens wrote about Michelle’s thesis, “These are not mere typos; they reflect an estranged relationship with the English language.  Moreover, they appear not in an off-the-cuff transcript but in a thesis that is supposed to reflect the culmination of one’s college career.”  As Hitchens further wrote, “To describe it [Michelle’s thesis] as hard to read would be a mistake; the thesis cannot be ‘read’ at all, in the strict sense of the term.  This is because it wasn’t written in any known language.”  This is the level of intellectualism that it takes to get a degree from Princeton University.  D’Souza added, “Remarkably Michelle graduated with honors at Princeton and was admitted to Harvard Law School.  And subsequently Michelle was hired by the University of Chicago to run ‘programs for community relations, neighborhood outreach, volunteer recruitment, staff diversity, and minority contracting,’ with a salary of $316,000 a year.  Yeah, so pour yourself another hot cup of Rocket Java and have a good laugh at what it takes to graduate with honors from Princeton and Harvard.  As a side note, President Obama also attended Harvard where he was President of the Harvard Law Review.  So how many editorials and columns did Obama write for the Harvard Law Review, according to D’Souza’s research?  A big fat ZERO!  The upshot:  one could draw the opinion that both President Obama and the First Lady were given special passes at several Ivy League universities (Columbia and Harvard for Barack and Princeton and Harvard for Michelle) because they were black.  If this is true, then it is racism to the nth degree, practiced by institutions of supposed higher learning.

—  Fri Aug 22, 2014  Sec of Defense, Chuckie Cheese Hagel, just popped onto national TV and exclaimed in a surprise voice that maybe the ISIS Islamo fanatics weren’t a Jr Varsity team like President Obama called them a coupla weeks ago… and, he continued, we had better take these fellas quite seriously and maybe start reading the Pentagon’s G2 intelligence summaries that the President and his administration receives every morning like clock work.  How do I know?  Because I worked with the Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence in the Pentagon and Saigon, Vietnam for two years and helped prepare those reports for the then President and Chief of Staff.  Apparently Obama has been throwing these reports into the garbage every day and playing 18 rounds of golf instead.  These reports are top secret crypto with half of them eyes only and if Obama was in the military being considered for this intelligence position he would have failed just on account of all of his past associates such as Bill Ayres, Rev Wright, the Communist Party, socialist affiliations, etc.  And now, this person who could not even qualify for the lowest level “Confidential” security clearance is the President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief.  What a horrible joke this is for America:  a treasonous NAZI in charge of our nation, becoming a dictator day by day by issuing simple-minded Executive Orders that nobody in Congress or the Judicial Dept will squash as totally illegal.  How long Obama will get away with his obvious dictatorial activities depends on the American sheeple.  When will  they wake up and what are they going to do about it?

—  Fri Aug 22, 2014  Hmm, girl friends, looks like Dictator Obama has broken at least two laws in his release of Pvt Bergdahl in exchange for five Gitmo terrorists:  (1) Obama neglected to give the US Congress 30 days notice of his intent to release Pvt Bergdahl, and (2) Obama neglected to obtain authorization for the funding to perform this action.  The Committee on Whatsmacallit in Washington (who cares what their real name is) just indicted the Obama Administration on both counts, which means the US Congress will call a special Let’s Impeach Obama Session over the Labor Day Weekend and the entire US population will rise up and revolt.  Yeah, when hell freezes over.

—  Tue Aug 19, 2014  Never mind the Democratic-created race riots in Ferguson, MO — created by implementing our nation’s welfare ghettoes — let’s ask an important Commander-in-Chief question.  What kind of Commander-in-Chief allows a large portion of his military arsenal to be abandoned and captured by the enemy in the Middle East during an American withdrawal?  What kind of Commander-in-Chief allows the fanatical Muslim terrorists in the Middle East to waltz into a major Iraqi city and take over the bank accounts worth over a half a billion dollars, re-routing the money to other banks so they can continue financing the Muslim fanatics’ war against innocent people?  The answer:  President Barack Obama.  What’s the problem?  The problem is that the elected president of the United States is automatically ensconced as America’s Commander-in-Chief.  That’s because America’s first president, George Washington, HAPPENED to be an officer in the American Revolutionary War and thus assumed the position of Commander-in-Chief after the War, too.  Now we have the ridiculous anomaly of all subsequent presidents being automatically appointed as Commanders-in-Chief, even though most of them have never served in the military, especially as a higher-up officer with tactical and strategic training or experience.  That’s how we get the ridiculous spectacle of a president like Barack Obama, with no military training or experience, coupled with his ideology of “fundamentally transforming America” — interpreted as fundamentally destroying America and its fundamental principles — becoming a Commander-in-Chief who has no clue about how to conduct a foreign war.  And so, since Obama was brainwashed as a youth into fanatical Islam, we should not be surprised that he (1) totally screws up as Commander-in-Chief in the Middle East, while simultaneously (2) leans heavily toward the supporting of fanatical Muslims fighting what he perceives to be America’s colonial imperialism.  The facts are becoming rather obvious:  Obama is doing everything possible to destroy the United States, its fundamental documents, and America’s principles of individualism — individual freedoms, individual property rights, and free market capitalism.  Funny — but not really — how the ideology and goals of the fanatical Muslims in the Middle East are the very same ideology and goals of the national socialists currently running the White House in America.

—  Mon Aug 18, 2014  Democrats created black ghettoes in all the major cities of America by implementing welfare programs.  Little pockets of socialism.  No fathers, more welfare.  More children, more welfare.  Nobody likes a condescending Big Brother, passing out welfare, insinuating that the recipient has no self respect and is nothing but a welfare slave to the state.  So who represents the state?  The cops in the welfare ghetto.  No wonder blacks in the ghetto hate the cops.  And it doesn’t matter whether the cops are black or white or pink or purple.  It’s a love-hate relationship caused by the welfare state:  gimme my freebies but I hate you for it.  [Note:  this is true for foreign aid on the international level, too.]  This has been going on since at least the 1960s.  In walks President Barrack Obama in 2008 who is hell bent on implementing more state collectivism, more state welfare to fundamentally change America.  Why?  We don’t really care at this point since we have already discussed Obama’s fallacious economic sophisms for creating socialism ad nauseum.  Suffice it to say that Obama’s intelligence level has never gotten past the bankrupt level of classical Marxist socialism.  The point is, the Obama administration knows how to write Hollywood scripts to take advantage of welfare-created racial issues in any city in America.  So last week, 18-year-old black punk Michael Brown and a gangsta buddy (Dorian Johnson) rob a local store in Ferguson, Missouri, steal $47 worth of cigarillos, rough up the store owner on the way out and then both youths proceed to wander down the middle of Main Street, holding up traffic and hurling insults to police officers who try to get the youths out of the middle of the road and to use the sidewalk.  One version of the story at this point is that the cop who hustled — or tried to hustle — Michael Brown and accomplice into a cop car because the two wannabe gangsta youths refused to stop traipsing down Main Street blocking traffic did not know — or may have known — that the two youths had just robbed a convenience store.  The youths, however, thought the cop was arresting them for robbing the store and therefore started fighting with the cop in the cop car.  From various reports, Michael Brown punched the cop, grabbed his gun, and fired off a round, missing everybody, and then dashed out of the cop car.  According to witnesses who took a video tape of this proceeding, Michael Brown suddenly turned around and ran back toward the pursuing cop like a mad bull.  The cop and several other cops then shot at Michael Brown when he refused to stop charging after they yelled, “Freeze!”  It took six shots to bring down Michael Brown by at least one white cop.  Downtown Brown, the looter, died on Main Street that day.  All of a sudden, the black Obama administration and the standard black shake-down artists, Al Sharpton et associates, scream the magic welfare ghetto word, “Racism!” and all hell breaks lose.  Ghetto blacks turn into street judges, jury, and executioners as hundreds of mostly black youths break into stores and ransack Main Street.  Like stealing flat screen TVs and clothing is justified because the cops shot a black robber whose actions were caught and broadcasted all over America on national TV.  The Democratic Gov of Missouri calls out the National Guard to quell the riot and President Obama takes a golfing break from his vacation at Martha’s Vineyard to show up on national TV and pretend like he is shocked by what he has continued to help set up as America’s welfare ghettoes.  Imagine this, Obama can’t bring himself to send National Guard troops to the southern border to stop hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants and terrorists from running across the border to the US but it’s OK for the National Guard to show up to Ferguson, MO.  Why?  Because the bigger the created “racial” crisis gets in America, the more excuse Obama has of invoking martial law and thus curtailing the 2014 or even the 2016 national elections.  Like this hasn’t already been planned out by the Obama administration.  Remember Obama’s war cry, “Never let a good crisis go to waste,” and this crisis is just one of the many crises that President Obama is implementing to “fundamentally transform America.”  Mark my words, President Obama’s pretended concern for the race riots in Ferguson is just that:  gross pretension.

—  Sun Aug 17, 2014  Recently published books you should read:  (1)  The Murder of the Middle Classby Wayne Allyn Root, how to save yourself and your family from the criminal conspiracy of the century.  What can you do?  The first step is to recognize who is responsible.  The Murder of the Middle Classexposes the crime and indicts conspirators, from the Obama administration to their willing accomplices in big business, big media, and big unions — naming names and pointing out their misdeeds.  But Wayne Allyn Root doesn’t just prove the crime and profile the suspects, he provides bold solutions to save American capitalism, the middle class, the GOP and YOU!  This middle class warrior gives you the game plan and the weapons to fight back.  Wayne Allyn Root is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee, political commentator, international speaker, CEO, serial entrepreneur, branding expert, and champion of small business and the middle class.  He appears on hundreds of radio and TV shows annually — including FOX News — and serves as executive vice chairman of the Conservative Caucus.  The second must-read book is: (2) Obama’s America, Unmaking the American Dream by Dinesh D’Souza.  This is D’Souza’s sequel to his hit movie 2016:  Obama’s America.  Can America survive four more years of Barack Obama?  No, says D’Souza, because America as we know it — wealthy, powerful, assertive — is not what Obama wants.  He wants a smaller America, a poorer America, and America unable to assert its will, and America happy to be one power among many, an America in decline so that other nations might rise — all in the name of global fairness.  To Obama, the hated “one percent” isn’t just wealthy Americans; it is America itself.  In Obama’s view, America needs to be taken down a notch.  [Note:  actually, as Ayn Rand would have said, it is the fundamental moral philosophy of America, the ideas of individualism: individual rights, individual freedoms, and individual responsibility that Obama wants to destroy, and replace the fundamental principles that America was founded upon with Obama’s fundamental ideas of state collectivism better known as classic Marxist socialism.]  A third book, also written by Dinesh D’Souza that you should read is: (3) America:  Imagine the World Without Her.  This book goes along with D’Souza’s latest movie of the same name.  A synopsis from Wikipedia states, “Setting the stage for a presentation of their views, D’Souza and producer Sullivan provide counterfactual histories in which George Washington is killed during the Revolutionary War, or the country is divided following civil war, creating a world without America that would be vastly worse off. He claims modern leftists are ‘telling a new story’ however, contradicting traditional veneration for America in order to ‘convince a nation to author its own destruction’ and ‘unmake the America that is here now.’ He then challenges several ‘indictments’ made against the country and American Exceptionalism, including sociology professor and activist Michael Eric Dyson’s claim that ‘Thievery’ was the ‘critical element’ for ‘American empire’ and historian and activist Ward Churchill’s assertion that the US is the world’s new evil empire.”  D’Souza says, “… 1960s Chicago radical Saul Alinski, historian Howard Zinn, and others have promoted guilt and resentment regarding wealth inequality that has helped shape the political careers of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

“D’Souza argues that America’s wealth has been created, not stolen. He says the $700 used to purchase colonial Manhattan from American Indians could buy many desolate parcels globally today, but that individual industry has made New York real estate worth billions. He states that in Europe, India, and elsewhere most countries have been founded on conquest, and observes that the American pattern of wealth creation hasn’t been the universal norm. He cites examples like Arab historian Ibn Khaldun preferring looting to trade and says that merchants form Hinduism’s second-lowest social caste.

“The film argues that American Indians exhibited this “conquest ethic’ among themselves, and that most of what American Indian depopulation occurred during European colonization resulted from the accidental transmission of plagues that had earlier devastated Europe, not an intent to wipe out a people. It says modern American Indians have little interest in returning to their hunter-gatherer past. In an interview Senator Ted Cruz compares the Texas Revolution to the American Revolution. Professor and Reconquista advocate Charles Truxillo is contrasted with an interviewed American of Mexican descent who says he has no desire to return to a poverty and crime ridden Mexico and instead wants to live the ‘American Dream’.

“D’Souza says that slavery impeded American development, rather than boosting it. The film argues that slavery was an omnipresent phenomenon for most of human history, but that its abolition was ‘uniquely Western’, noting the rarity of a ‘great war fought to end slavery’ like the American Civil War. According to the film, the Declaration of Independence essentially says ‘liberty is the solution to injustice,’ a ‘promissory note’ cashed throughout history by Americans such as Martin Luther King, Jr.  C.J. Walker, the black entrepreneur and daughter of slaves who is regarded as America’s first self made female millionaire, is cited as an example of the type of individual success story the American system allows that is ignored by historians like Zinn because it undermines their leftist narrative. Columbia University economist Jagdish Bhagwati is shown saying that the ‘world is embracing the free market,’ for which there is ‘no reason for us to be apologetic.’ The film outlines how free enterprise, consumer choice rather than coercion, has raised living standards by making existing goods cheaper and creating new ones.

“The film challenges the notion that America is a rapacious conqueror by arguing that Americans have sacrificed for human well being around the world, including places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Germany, and Japan, seeking in return only ‘enough ground to bury’ their dead, as former Secretary of State Colin Powell is quoted as saying. A US veteran of Hanoi Hilton captivity is interviewed discussing his desire to liberate Vietnam. D’Souza reflects on Lincoln’s assassination and the continuing cost of freedom, saying that we no longer have past heroes like Washington and Lincoln, but ‘we do have us’ in ‘our struggle for the restoration of America.’”  Both the book and the movie are must-read and must-see for anybody who wants a more objective review of what America is and should continue to be into the future, vs. the national socialist direction that Obama is currently pushing America.

—  Mon Aug 11, 2014  Whoa, girl friends, pull up the barn floor, shut up, listen up, and pour yourselves another hot cup of Rocket Java.  I got an important question:  what if there is no Allah?  I mean, that is the fundamental question in today’s terrorist Jihad, isn’t it?  If there is no Allah, then it begs all the other subsequent questions such as, why the hell are the Muslims trying to exterminate the Christians and Jews?  Or, who said that if you, as a Muslim, die while taking out a bunch of “Infidels” riding on a bus to work, then you will go to Heaven and hook up with 72 virgins?  What proof do we have that Allah even exists?  Much less the virgins?  Does anybody have a photograph of Allah?  How about a CD, DVR, tape recording, or any other sound or video device of Allah espousing anything?  Or even tap dancing on a camel’s back?  So, if nobody in the Caliphate in the Middle East can produce logical proof that Allah exists, why are thousands of Muslim barbarians running all over Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Iran, and even Europe, Africa, and the US shouting crap that Allah told us to do this, Allah told us to do that, etc.?  If you have some proof that Allah exists, just post it on Face Book or Youtube and let the whole world in on your little secret because, I for one, would like to see some proof that Allah exists and that Allah told Muslims like ISIS, the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Al Dummy et al to run all over the desert and shoot everything that moves.  Looks like most wars throughout history have been fought on Fairytale premises just like this.  The war in the Middle East is simply another example.  The truth is that a group of intellectually emasculated Muslim barbarians have simply conjured up a glob of ridiculous fairytales to justify their barbaric behavior.  Christians, Jews, and adherents of all other Earth religions, you might want to question some of the premises of your moral philosophy, too.  As a footnote, those who are mindlessly following every utterance of Billy Meier and the human ET Plejaren might want to rethink some of the translations regarding basic social-political-economics.  And if you think the English language does not provide enough clarity as high German then you can always read this praxeological information in high German since it was an Austrian economist, Ludwig von Mises, who wrote the original 1,000 page dissertation of free market economics in German.  Those of you who in the Billy Meier-Plejaren school of thought think English is just as developed as high German can read it in English.  Are you listening, translators of the Plejaren contact notes, those of you who have fallen for the false baloney that the English language does not lend itself to the nuances and supposed complexities of the German language?  Not referring to the Henoch embedded vibrational codes, of course.  That’s another story.  Billy Meier followers should rethink their premises and think for themselves instead of blindly following what could include many economics and political sophisms being put forth by those who have been so long removed from Earth’s level of evolution that they no longer can conceive of the intellectual evolutionary stage that we must go through to reach that of the Plejaren’s.  I suspect the main problem is an error in translation in that those doing the translations from Plejaranese to English are filtering their translations through left liberal rose-colored glasses.  Those who do not know what I am talking about can log onto www.figu.org and choose English to read all about it.  Still, back to the scene of the crime, there is no Allah and the ISIS terrorists have no logical reason to be performing their barbarous acts anywhere in the world — same for everybody else in every other nation, too.

—  Fri Aug 08, 2014  Now that the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, the Taliban, and Al Qaeda have nearly taken over all of Iraq using American weapons given to them by our “fast and furious” idiot President, our Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama, he dashed onto national TV today to “save a group of cornered Iraqi civilians” by ordering American war planes to bomb ISIS.  That’s after telling our Middle Eastern enemies everything tactical and strategic about the mission.  Such as, he will not put any boots on the ground, he will be sending F-16 fighter planes, and the US will be dropping food and water to the cornered civilians at 3 pm Eastern Standard Time.  Why not tell ISIS the names and addresses of the F-16 bomber pilots so the Jihadists in America can target the US pilots’ American wives and families?  President Obama is NOT an executive; he is NOT a Commander-in-Chief.  He is strictly a marketeer, a salesman selling his tired old left liberal politics written by Hollywood script writers to all the young university students across America.  He is the mouth piece for branding the Democratic Party.  That is all he knows how to do.  So, what does he do when it’s time to go to battle?  He either plays golf or goes onto national TV and reads the US’s battle plan ver batim off a teleprompter as if he was selling the Democratic Party for re-election in 2014.  Yes indeed.  I am sending in fighter bombers, vote for me.  They will be flying from the West and North and carrying surface to ground missiles, showing up, oh, how about 2 or 3 pm, if that’s OK with you guys in the Muslim Brotherhood?  And if elected, I promise you can keep your doctor, you can keep your current medical plan, and the IRS is not targeting the Tea Party, “not even a smidgeon,” deserter Bergdahl is a war hero because I cleverly traded him for releasing five — count ’em, one, two, three, four, five — Muslim Brotherhood bad guys from Gitmo so they could get back into the Middle East war.  Maybe we’ll see them in New York.  Who knows?  If our battle plans change, I will be sure to show up on national TV and radio and telegraph all our top secret moves to the Taliban and ISIS…because… I’m the Commander-in-Chief, my ratings are down, and we need to beat the Republicans in 2014 and 2016.  Hallelujah and God bless America… and Mohammed… OK, God bless Buddha, too.

—  Thur Aug 07, 2014  Here’s an interesting question:  what type of moral philosophy takes hundreds of millions of dollars donated as foreign aid to rebuild schools, hospitals, and churches and instead uses that money to build 40 concrete tunnels from one city to a neighboring city in order to kidnap and murder the target city’s inhabitants?  What type of moral philosophy creates a fictitious omniscient that its adherents claim instructs them to wipe out an entire neighboring culture?  We’re talking about a fanatical sect of Islam and its adherents called Hamas in the Middle East.  And you can add the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, the Taliban, and Al Qaeda to that list of crazies, too.  The target culture that Hamas et al. is trying to eradicate is Israel.  Hamas took over the political scene in the Palestinian Gaza Strip and is pretending that an omniscient has told them to exterminate all Jews in the world.  What kind of moral philosophy is that?  On a universal scale, what type of evolutional intelligence does it take to make this type of claim?  All Palestinians are not members of Hamas.  But one of the problems in the Middle East is that those Palestinians, those Islamists, who claim that they do not believe in the same genocidal tenets as Hamas, are doing nothing to curtail Hamas’ Jihad against Israel and the United States.  Not doing anything and keeping one’s Islamic mouth shut makes the Do-Nothings just as guilty as the crazies in Hamas.  Silence is the same as going along with the program.  This condition of condoning the war in the Middle East by doing nothing against those who have hijacked one’s religion would be tantamount to the major Christian religions in the US standing by and allowing a fanatical group like the KKK to enact a program of genocide against whichever ethnic group the KKK thinks God told them to eradicate.  The illogic of the Islamist fanatics is contradictory and ridiculous at face value:  First Hamas, ISIS, and the Muslim Brotherhood create an omniscient and then they imbue said omniscient with stupid human activities in order to do what an omniscient — by definition of being all powerful — doesn’t need humans to do for said omniscient.  Why would an omniscient who is all powerful need boob-heads on planet Earth to do what he or she could do all by him/herself?  In fact, why would an all powerful omniscient create a group of people on planet Earth and then ask another group of people to eradicate the former?  It is illogical to create the idea of an omniscient and then attribute human attributes to said omniscient.  That’s called anthropomorphism, not to mention contradictory.  If I was a human ET flying by planet Earth in my beam ship and saw what was going on between the major earth religions (moral philosophies), I would probably just shake my head and say, “Pass!”

—  Sat July 26, 2014  Listen up, girl friends.  Pull up the barn floor and pour yourselves another hot cup of Rocket Java.  President Obama has now started a civil war in the United States.  After Congress voted “No” three times against Obama’s so-called Dream Act, which was nothing but amnesty for the millions of illegal immigrants who have run across our southern border into the US, Obama then orchestrated a huge influx — tens of thousands per month — of illegal immigrant youths from Central America to storm across the Mexican-US border and demand citizenship.  Over 50,000 youths paying thousands of dollars each to drug cartels to ship them to the US border via Mexico have flooded our borders.  This was planned last year by the Obama Administration as they sent out an RFQ (Request For Quote) by the DHS (Dept of Homeland Security) asking for vendors who could supply transportation, shelter, etc. for an expected 65,000 plus immigrants who would be streaming across the border this summer.  I.e., the Obama Administration ORCHESTRATED, that is pre-planned, this entire mess in which children are being trafficked by drug cartels into sex slavery, drug gangs, and bringing in “Uncle Jose” druggies as “relatives” of these poor hapless children.  Jihadist terrorists are also among those flooding the border and they will no doubt pop up later with bombs to help destroy the US.  The Obama Administration has sent thousands of children to all states in the US in an effort to — as his administration describes it — redistribute the ethnic makeup of what our imperial President thinks are suburbs that are “too white.”  These are the suburban whites that Obama claims should not have fled inner city ghettoes, ghettoes which look like war zones and are a direct result of America’s federal and state welfare programs.  And now that Texas Gov Rick Perry has sent 1,000 National Guard soldiers to stop this Obama-created fiasco at the Texas border, President Obama just met yesterday with the Presidents of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador to discuss the possibility of his (Obama’s) issuing another illegal Executive Order to ostensibly pre-qualify those nations’ illegal immigrants in their native countries so they will already have “legal papers” and thus be able to just fly into the US without having to first go to Mexico and then running across the border.  This is tantamount to President Obama declaring a civil war against the American taxpayer.  Without using guns or militia, Obama and his socialist czars in the Oval Office are simply issuing new Executive Orders, twisting the law, to invade America.  This is no different than a foreign nation sending hundreds of thousands of “welfare soldiers” to the US to purposely overwhelm our already over-burdened welfare system and thus financially bankrupt the US.  There are two ways to destroy a nation:  guns and bullets or financial bankruptcy.  President Obama is making use of both methods at two different levels:  (1) his latest border fiasco to bankrupt the civil services of America, and (2), the international level, supplying military arms and foreign aid to our enemies in the Middle East.  If one were to sit down in a War Room and try to figure out how to attack, invade, and destroy America, one could not have come up with a better plan than what President Obama is currently inflicting upon the United States.  From implementing ObamaCare to using the IRS to target Americans to all the other illegal imperial orders he is issuing, President Obama has now totally emasculated the US Congress and pulled the Judicial Dept — run by his buddy US AG Eric Holder — into his Executive Dept.  There are no longer three branches of government.  There is only one:  Dictator Obama and his Imperial Executive Dictatorship, running an 18th Century Marxist Playbook.  Look around you:  Pied Piper Obama has implemented Marxist state collectivism against the American people, against our Founding Fathers’ moral philosophical principles of individual rights and responsibilities embedded in the US Constitution.  On the international level, Obama has created the groundwork for WW III as he supports the Middle East Caliphate bombing the crap out of Israel and many Middle Eastern nations.  This was all easily predicted back in 2008 as soon we saw who Obama hung out with and how he was educated.  Then again, what does all of this say about the voters who voted for Barack Obama?  And the so-called intellectuals who are running our educational institutions?  Who is John Galt?  Better yet, where is Ragnar Danneskjold?

—  Tues July 22, 2014  News Flash!!  Court ruling means Idaho could have avoided ObamaCare mandates, taxes.  According to a recent report from Wayne Hoffman’s Idaho Freedom Foundation, “A federal appeals court ruling means Idaho needlessly exposed its residents and businesses to Obamacare’s employer and individual mandates by creating a state insurance exchange,” Idaho Freedom Foundation President Wayne Hoffman said today.  “The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruledTuesday that the Internal Revenue Service erred when it wrote rules allowing insurance subsidies in states that have not set up a state insurance exchange.  Under the plain wording of the Obamacare statute, individuals and businesses are subject to Obamacare penalties in states where tax subsidies are available, but those subsidies are only available in states that choose a state insurance exchange.  In other words, states that do not set up a state exchange shield their residents and businesses from possible Obamacare penalties; states that do develop an insurance exchange, as Idaho did, can use the subsides, but they’re also exposed to penalties.  Idaho Freedom Foundation and the Cato Institute provided these details to state lawmakers and Governor Otter on multiple occasions, but they chose to establish a state exchange anyway.  This ruling validates our position that the state not only didn’t need to establish an insurance exchange but that also that Idaho’s exchange has become the vehicle for enforcing Obamacare’s penalty provisions,” said Hoffman, who was a member of the Governor’s 2012 taskforce studying the possibly of creating an insurance exchange. “We encourage lawmakers and the governor to keep monitoring this issue and consider action necessary to protect the state, its residents and businesses from Obamacare’s taxes and penalties. If the ruling stands, it means repealing the state exchange.  The ruling likely faces additional appeals and the case could ultimately land in the U.S. Supreme Court.”  [Note:  As Freemarketduck has stated over and over that Idaho’s setting up of an Obamacare socialist state health care exchange would mean that we would then be subject to all the enforcement rules of Obamacare and leave us with no legal recourse to refute those rules, we have now seen exactly what this means, from this recent US Court of Appeals.  Thanks a lot Gov Otter for, once again, erroneously interpreting what happens when you join forces with the federal government, accept their statist premises, and try to appease and compromise with state collectivist ideologies.  Obama and his thugs in Washington DC needed the sanction of their victims, and that is exactly what you, Gov Otter, provided to them when you voluntarily forced Idaho into Obamacare.]

—  Sun July 20, 2014  Hot diggity dog!  Russia has now shot down a commercial airliner flying 33,000 feet over the Ukraine, killing several hundred passengers and crew aboard.  President Obama and his cigar-smoking commie czars in the White House must be sitting around laughing their little butts off about their good fortune.  Now all the major news media have dashed over to yesterday’s airliner blowup and stopped reporting on Obama’s illegal trafficking of thousands of Hispanic children into America to destroy our suburbs.  Hooray!  Saved by a Putin plane crash.  Last week it was the trafficking of thousands of illegal immigrant children from Central America that saved — saved?? — Obama from his IRS Director and Lois “blank stare” Lerner’s “missing emails” on all her and other IRS officials’ supposedly “crashed hard drives” — which everybody knows is NOT where emails are stored — that reveal how the Obama Administration was purposely targeting Conservative political groups in denying them 501 c 4 exemption status.  And the week before that, the same IRS debacle saved Obama from the Bergdahl-5 bad Jihadists from Gitmo debacle.  And the week before the Bergdahl trade for 5 bad Jihadists from Gitmo, it was… never mind… it just goes on and on and on.  This president is working overtime to create as many national crises as possible in order to stymie Congress and the American people.  Nobody seems to know what to do.  The Founding Fathers set up 3 branches of government as a check and balance on each other but nobody thought of setting up a government solution that could take care of a President and DOJ who are conspiring to take down the government and crash it into total civil war.  The President totally ignores Congress’s laws and simply issues his own Executive Orders that countermand the nation’s laws with a US Attorney General who refuses to do anything about it.  Congress says they can defund Obama’s programs but guess what?  The private Federal Reserve can print up as much credit and fake paper as they want and fork it over to President Obama in all sorts of ways, openly and clandestine.  The CIA receives money not in the US budget.  Obama has already used budgets in all the major bureaus in the nation, FDA, EPA, etc. to buy up as much ammunition for firearms that he can get away with in order to create a severe shortage of ammunition for American citizens who refuse to give up their guns.  Obama has signed into law his ability to declare martial law and if he can do that, then he and his national thugs can take over the US Treasury and create as much real or phony money as they want.  Plus ration all goods and services.  The only question left today is: what crisis is the Obama Administration planning right now during this temporary news break focusing on the shooting down of a commercial airliner by the Russians in the Ukraine?  Maybe Abduhl qua Jose running across our southern border is hooking up the wires in his suitcase nuke while sitting in his room at one of our major city’s whoop-tee-doo hotels?  Nobody checks suitcases in hotels.  Maybe there are 10 Abduhls performing this same function all across America?  Kaboom!  Whaddaya know?  Time for Obama’s martial law and rations and NO ELECTIONS.  How clever…  Welcome to the Pied Piper’s Saul Alinksy invasion and takeover of the United States…  looky looky at my left hand while I stab you in the back with my right hand… and then blame it all on the Tea Party…

—  Wed July 16, 2014  The method to Obama’s Border Madness is that he is purposely flooding the US southern border with illegal immigrant children from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Mexico in order to redistribute what he calls the unfair demographics of ethnicity in America’s suburbs.  In other words, Obama’s racist czars are not only using former President George Bush’s absurd law that allows illegal immigrants under 18 years of age from non-contiguous countries in South America to NOT be deported, he is also conspiring — that’s right, CONSPIRING — with HUD’s (Housing and Urban Development) bureau called Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) to bus, fly, or transport by whatever means possible, thousands of illegal immigrants from our southern borders to middle and northern American cities.  Specifically, the feds are sending illegal immigrants to suburbs of predominantly white ethnic communities — without informing the Governors or anybody else in those states and communities.  In short, because all kinds of people — black, white, Hispanic, Asian, and probably Martians in green suits — fled most all of America’s inner cities, because they are crime-ridden ghettoes that were created by the federal government’s welfare programs, the Obama Administration is hell bent on turning America’s suburbs into outer city ghettoes with new federal welfare programs.  In short, the Obama Administration reasons that inner city ghettoes were created because “whites” fled to the suburbs.  Obama is claiming that it is a racial issue rather than a government welfare problem.  So he is now intent on dragging illegal immigrant Hispanic children and their families to the suburbs to “solve” this problem by implementing socialist welfare programs there.  As if socialist welfare programs in the suburbs will turn out differently than socialist welfare programs in our major cities.  The problem of crime and poverty in our inner cities is not due to whites fleeing to the suburbs.  The problem is socialist welfare programs per se, not the fleeing of whites, or anybody else, to the suburbs.  It is becoming more and more obvious that President Obama is turning into an Imperialistic dictator and becoming very vindictive when Congress and ordinary citizens rebuke him for his socialist actions.  In his zeal to redistribute the ethnic demographics of suburbia in America, Obama has turned into a trafficker of human beings, specifically children, in a mad attempt to implement his national socialist political objectives.  Obama is implementing the very racism he says suburbanites created by fleeing America’s ghettoes.  His solution is ridiculous because his stated “problem” is false.  Socialist welfare programs in America’s major cities is not due to whites fleeing to suburbia. Obama’s continual attack against the ideas of freedom embedded in our US Constitution and Bill of Rights shows that he is a stupid individual, not an intelligent person who follows objective logic and reason.  We do not need the government to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to ship illegal immigrants to communities in a wild ass attempt to play social engineering games with Americans.  Obama should be careful since he is walking a thin line now as even Democrats are beginning to wise up to his true intentions and actions.  It is rumored that border patrol agents in the DHS are refusing to allow their DHS bosses to send in swat teams against suburban protestors who are blocking busloads of Illegals to travel into their communities.  There is mutiny in the border patrol ranks, as border patrol officers are refusing to act against their fellow American citizens.  Hopefully this will get back to the Central American countries and thus bring a halt to Obama’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing bull$hit program.  Oh by the way, how many Abduhls are sneaking across the border with suitcase nukes, pretending to be Jose, Maria’s uncle, in this latest Obama fiasco?  Raise your hand if you still think Obama is not intentionally trying to destroy what he thinks is “imperialist” America.

—  Tues July 15, 2014  A Texas rancher near the Mexican border where thousands of Illegals traipse across his property every year discovered an interesting book along his fence line:  an Urdu to English/English to Urdu dictionary.  What is Urdu?  Urdu is the major native language of Pakistan.  Conclusion:  some of the Illegals traipsing across our southern borders are not South Americans, they are Middle Easterners.  One can assume that these Middle Eastern Illegals are quite possibly Jihadist terrorists blending in with Illegals from Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala who the Obama Administration have encouraged to flood across America’s borders to overwhelm our border patrol.  How did the Obama Administration accomplish this?  By sending information to said above nations that if they send youths 18 years or younger, or said youths accompanied by relatives, they cannot be deported under recent American law signed by former Prez George Bush.  How do we know that the Obama Administration purposely planned this Illegal immigration from non-contiguous South American countries?  Simple.  We have the proof.  In Feb 2014, the Dept of Homeland Security sent out an RFQ — Request for Quote — to venders who could accommodate — food, clothing, transportation — a huge influx of Illegals from Central America, which the RFQ said could exceed over 65,000 immigrants this summer, 2014.  In other words, the Obama Administration not only communicated this information to Central American nations, they set up a budget to pay for this mass exodus, and asked vendors to bid on it.  The RFQ email is easily obtained on the Internet.  In addition, the US sends hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign aid to each of these Central American nations each year — as well as some $500 million annually to Mexico, God only knows what for.  All of these nations’ governments are in cahoots with their local drug cartels running the Obama Administration’s abuse of children immigration scheme.  Last year, some 6,000 or so Illegal youths ran across the border.  This year it is over 55,000.  Next year it is estimated to be over 150,000.  This is truly an abuse of children that Obama is participating in since many of the children are sexually abused en route and sent into “sex slave” markets once they leave their home country.  To say that President Obama doesn’t know about this child abuse means that he doesn’t have a clue about what his Dept of Homeland Security is doing or else he does know and doesn’t give a damn.  The fact is, Obama refuses to even look into this problem because it is obvious from his recent TV appearances that he supports it and even helped create it.  Whether Obama is aware of the Middle Eastern terrorists who are coming across the border with the Illegal South Americans, we don’t know.  But we can guess.  If he doesn’t know, he’s not paying attention to his daily intelligence reports.  If he does know, he’s guilty as hell for the future havoc that may result from his dereliction of duty.  In addition, the Obama Administration has sent tons of lawyers to the border to help the Illegals immigrate into the US and has forbid DHS employees to take cell phone pictures for the news media as well as making each DHS employee sign a nondisclosure agreement to keep this information quiet.  This constitutes malice aforethought and proves the point that Obama has placed himself in a position of treason against America.  And, our US DOJ Eric Holder, is standing firm with President Obama on this issue.  That means the Dept of Justice, in cahoots with the Executive Dept, is purposely laying the groundwork for another possible internal Jihadist attack against America.  Why?  All you have to do is look at who Obama and Holder grew up with, who influenced their social-political-economic views and you have your answer.  And all of this — all of it — was known long before Obama was elected President of the US.  Of course if anybody were to bring this up, they would be called a racist.  Look for a future incident by Jihadists in America, and then prepare for Obama to call for martial law, suspending the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution which he has publicly spoken against throughout his entire life.  He has told you in no uncertain terms where he stands and what he is intending to do to America.  Believe him, he really means it.  He is the Pied Piper for many youths, not just American suckers who were brought under his spell and voted for him, but also South American suckers who are being enticed into the US by drug coyotes.  In the long run, this is a case of the blind leading the blind.

—  Sun June 29, 2014  Now that the US has lost the war in Iraq, and the Mulsim Jihadists have taken back most of the major cities in Iraq, President Obama is sending 300 military “ADVISORS” —  really, “advisors?” — back into that hell hole in order to… do what?  Nobody knows since there is never a stated objective to the war in the Middle East.  Is it to retrain the same American-trained Iraqi military deserters who threw down their weapons and uniforms the minute they saw the ISIS Jihadists storming across the desert?  The US taxpayer has spent a trillion dollars to:  build the largest consulate in the world in Baghdad, supply Iraq with military weapons from guns and bullets to tanks and rocket propelled grenades and uniforms and lollipops for whichever Muslim regime happens to be in charge at any given time, and nothing has stopped the onslaught of the Muslim Jihadists in the Middle East.  In fact, all of these military supplies — what a shock — have now fallen into the hands of the Muslim Jihadists and are being used against us.  Follow the money.  The Federal Reserve is cleaning up by printing up trillions of non-backed Petro Dollars and financing the Middle East war.  The Military Industrial Complex is cleaning up selling tons of equipment to the Camel Drivers of the Middle East.  Obama and Hillary are bungling everything by trying to run guns in a “fast and furious” debacle to whom they thought were our supporters with weapons ending up in the wrong hands.  When Obama and Hillary tried to fix their bungling, the result was the Benghazi murders of our US Ambassador and others in Libya.  Obama claimed the US was out of the Middle East, the war was over, we won, la-dee-dah and Michelle Obama is busy sucking on purple lollipops at the Vatican.  Give us a break, Mr. President.  Did we learn nothing from Vietnam, where we sent in thousands of “advisors” over and over until we finally had to cut and run, leaving Saigon to the Viet Cong, Chicoms, and NVA?  Wake up Obama; read a history book.  Hint:  you cannot “PARTNER” with Third World nations to fight their petty little civil wars unless you are serious about fighting it no holds barred.  Otherwise, it will backfire on you.  As usual, the Third World “trainees” will take your money and run, and then revolt against you.  For many reasons.  Social, political, economic, cultural.  Now that the war in Iraq is ha-ha “over,” and the Muslim Jihadists are storming back in and taking over, Obama wants to send $500 million more dollars to the Syrian Army to help fight against the ISIS Jihadists storming across Iraq.  But wait.  We already did that.  May I remind the President that the composition of the ISIS Jihadists storming across Iraq include those who the US previously supplied money and arms to in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, and Lower Slobovia.  We are simply financing our own destruction with no logical military, social, political or economic objective in mind.  If you are really going to fight a war, then fight it.  Otherwise, why not just lock yourself in a room and throw hand grenades at your own ass?  When will the US politicians learn that until the people themselves in the Middle East rise up against the Muslim Jihadists instead of just sitting there with their thumbs up their butts, no amount of American or any other foreign aid will change the social political economics of the Middle East.  Like Vietnam, politicians should not be running the war.  Anybody with half a brain can figure out that President Obama’s actions are about 2 millimeters away from outright supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and the Caliphate now forming in the Middle East.  On the US home front of this same battle, look for Muslim terrorists sneaking across the Mexican-US border mixed in with Obama’s purposely-created onslaught of Central American youth flooding across our southern borders to create a crisis for ICE and our border patrol.  This, too, will backfire as these hidden terrorists could easily bring in suitcase nukes, fan out across the US to hook up with their clandestine “bros” and detonate said bombs anywhere in the US.  After which time, Obama can then claim martial law, which will ignite a US civil war, and then it could escalate into WW III throughout Europe as their enclaves of millions of Muslim Jihadists living in European ghettoes revolt against their host countries.  I’m talking about France, Germany, Britain, etc.  Pay attention Americans.  Obama’s Daily Dose of Crises all across the US is becoming very revealing — and tiresome.  It’s his idea of an American Caliphate:  The IRS debacle, the NSA folly, the VA Medical Joke, the Bergdahl-Gitmo Trade Absurdity, the Borderless Border Bombshell, and the ObamaCare Fiasco, to mention just a few.  President Obama has BIG plans for you and they all revolve around his “fundamentally changing America” to pay for what he thinks is the “Imperialism” and “Colonialism” by America in the past.  Just like Mommy and Daddy taught him.  And, so far, nobody is stopping Obama, The Pied Piper, who history is already revealing will probably be the worst president ever for the US.  Philosophically speaking, we are in a war of the individual vs. the collective, a war of ideas:  individual/private property rights and responsibilities vs. the Omnipotent Collectivist State.  So far, the Collectivist State is winning.  Welcome to The Borg.

—  Sun June 22, 2014  Pour yourselves another hot cup of Rocket Java, girl friends.  Looks like we now live in the novel ‘1984’ in which up is down, left is right, black is white, and non-existent WMDs in Iraq have suddenly appeared out of nowhere right in the middle of Iraq.  The ISIS Muslim Jihadists have now taken over a big chunk of Iraq, including a compound at which Saddam Hussein stored chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction.  Hey, wait a minute.  Up until two weeks ago, all the news media in America have been reporting for a decade that the US invaded Iraq and found no WMDs.  Now, all the news media are reporting that ISIS Jihadists are in control of Saddam Hussein’s non-existent WMDs.  So which is it?  Was Saddam Hussein harboring WMDs or not?  Are we living in Alice in Wonderland in which for 10 years there are no WMDs in Iraq and then all of a sudden there are now WMDs?  Welcome to the world in which the Cheshire Cat stands on his own head, mice pop up out of tea pots singing, “Twinkle, twinkle lit bat, how I wonder where’re you’re at,” and blonde babes fall down rabbit holes to discover the Queen of Hearts.  Uh-huh.  Next thing you know, Barack Obama will turn up with a real birth certificate showing how he was born at the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, on the 4th of July and fought alongside Jim Bowie.

—  Sun June 15, 2014  OK, It’s Sunday.  What new crisis has the Obama Administration created now?  At the beginning of last week, like Monday, it was the VA Medical crisis.  70% of the VA Medical centers across the US were creating fraudulent lists of VA signups in order to lie to their bosses in Washington about what a wonderful job they were doing for our military veterans so Administrators in the VA medical facilities could pull down big salary raises.  Then, for Tuesday’s crisis of the day, the President traded US Army deserter Sgt Bowe Bergdahl for the release of five hardened Taliban mass murderers from Gitmo.  This was done to (a) cover up the VA Medical Mess dominating the news media, and (b) allow Obama to openly support the Muslim Brotherhood while pretending to save one poor, captured, tortured soldier who — lies upon lies — “honorably served” in the US Army.  Then, by Wednesday, we had Obama’s next “created crisis” — right out of his socialist playbook:  tens of thousands of South American illegals ran across our southern borders to claim, “Yarriba, OK, I surrender, send me to Detroit or Honolulu.”  Hundreds of thousands of illegals who are under age 18 and thus cannot be “legally” deported turned in their coupons for free tickets to ride to any city in the US.  Yahoo for Obama, trying to create a bigger Democratic voting class by playing Border Santa Claus.  Then, for Friday’s crisis of the day to cover up all the news about the illegals storming across the border to become future Democrats, Obama revealed how he had no idea whatsoever that the Islamic-Syrian-Iraqi-Dinkleberries (ISIS) had blitzkrieged across most of Iraq, taking no prisoners, reclaiming major cities, and were on the verge of taking back Baghdad.  Where was Obama during his intelligence briefing on Thursday?  Who knows, but on Friday he jumped into his Air Force One Playboy Jet, flew off to California and and gave a fund-raiser speech to students at Low to No IQ High School.  In the afternoon, he played golf in Palm Springs which has over 120 golf courses in the middle of a water drought.  What’s Obama going to do about Iraq?  Nothing since it was, multiple choice:  (a) George Bush’s fault, (b) we have the Taliban “on the run,” (c) everything is “looking stable and secure,” or (d) I hope Ghana beats the US in the World Cup next Monday because I like basketball.  For those who still don’t get it, Obama is purposely creating crisis after crisis after crisis via the Saul Alinsky Revolution by Crisis Method that he learned from Marxist Mommy and Daddy and Granny and Grandpa — plus tutors on Mercer Island in Seattle during his youth — to totally overthrow America’s Constitution and free market capitalism.  So what is the new big Saul Alinsky crisis that Obama and his Behind The Scenes Brown Shirts plan on staging?  Martial law?  A civil war?  World War III?  Hey, what ever happened to the initial atrocity against America called ObamaCare?

—  Sat June 14, 2014  Wow, Border Babies Invade US Southern Borders.  What a coincidence that tens of thousands — soon to be hundreds of thousands — of Guatemalan, Honduran, Mexican, and other Hispanic youths under age 18 have all shown up simultaneously to dash across the borders of our southern states:  Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and California.  After dashing across the border and purposely running right into the arms of the astonished American border patrol, the illegal immigrants smooch them and yell, “OK, I give up!”  Since it’s against the law to deport youths 18 years or younger, the American border patrol has no other choice except to sign them up as “visitors,” hand them a piece of paper to sign that says, “Uh-huh, you betchum, I promise to return to the local courthouse in San Antonio or Nogales or Dry Gulch next Tuesday to plead my case,” and then the border patrol gives them a free ticket — courtesy of the American taxpayers — to go to ANY city they want in the United States.  Of course, the illegal immigrants NEVER show up to court and hippity-hop with their cell phones to whatever city they choose.  I’d pick Honolulu.  Surf’s up.  How about you?  The Big Question is:  who sent out the email to everybody in South America advertising that it’s Free Immigration Season in the United States?  Some political analysts say it’s just part of President Barack Obama’s Big Plan to “fundamentally transform America.”  All the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants pouring into the US over our southern borders are expected to be very grateful to Uncle Obama, their new Sugar Santa Claus, by voting for Obama’s National Socialist Party, aka the Democrats, in the very near future.  It would be rather hilarious if the new illegals jumped party lines and voted instead for the Republicans.  Like, what do they know about one political party from another?  Most of them can’t even spell “Obama.”  If the GOP was smart, they would send Welcome Wagons filled with tacos and pinatas and yell, “Welcome to America, vote for me!”  Too bad nobody is passing out free birth control pills, too.  Oh, by the way, how many Al Qaeda terrorists with the knowledge about how to build nuclear suitcase bombs are sneaking across the border with all the illegals?  Apparently nobody knows and, what’s worse, Obama doesn’t really care.

—  Sat May 31, 2014  Obama dumped VA Health Secretary Eric Shinseki yesterday not because of all the deaths and mismanagement that have been going on over the last umpteen years at the VA Medical centers but rather because he has to cover up the fact that what happened at the VA medical centers is exactly what socialized health care — specifically ObamaCare — must inexorably morph into in the future.  The problem is not personnel; the problem is the system per se, the state collectivist nature of the system.  What happened at the VA would never have happened in a free market.  Heads would have rolled a long time ago and any medical system that operated as the VA did would have gone bankrupt.  Medical clients in an open market would have immediately opted out for another competing medical facility.  The VA medical debacle in which vets were not put on waiting lists, never seen by doctors, and other vets put on fake lists for two weeks after waiting on another list for months or years so the fake two-week list could be sent to VA bosses in Washington in order to obtain salary raises and bonuses is exactly the type of socialist bureaucratic crap that will occur under ObamaCare.  That is why President Obama had to quickly dismiss VA Sec Shinseki: to stop the continued investigation and get on with the pretended solution to this socialist VA medical problem.  Think about it:  why couldn’t the VA medical system simply be a voucher system in which returning vets could go to their own private doctors?  We didn’t have to create a state collectivist VA medical system, but we did.  And now we see the results.  Is anybody learning from this?  It’s no different than the socialist medical systems in Sweden, Britain, Germany, Cuba, China, the former USSR and all other countries that have tried socializing their health care systems.  And this goes for all commodities or services in the market, not just health care.  The postal service, Amtrak, etc. lose billions of dollars every quarter and still we persist in financing these economic albatrosses.  Will America learn its lesson from the VA health care debacle?  Probably not.  Because Americans do not see it as endemic to the system of state collectivism; they see the problem as one of personnel.  Just change the guy in charge and socialism — if they even recognize it as such — will work, they think.  It’s not the socialist in charge that makes the system unworkable; it’s the system itself.  Mainly because it violates all universal laws such as the Law of Identity and the Law of Cause and Effect.  Socialism is simply Communism on the installment plan.  The US will end up in a civil war and an international war unless Americans finally figure out that state collectivism — Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s progressive socialism — is the problem.  Free minds and free markets are the answer, not more government controls.

—  Tue May 27, 2014  Everybody should take a good look at how the US Veterans hospitals are run.  The are a foreshadowing of how the ObamaCare national health care system will run, only much much worse since it will be huge.  Notice that not only are the VA medical facilities not responsive to their clients, they have fabricated phony lists to report to their bosses in Washington DC how great they are doing.  Two medical lists:  one listing when the veteran first called or signed up for care, and then another list — a false list — of updated calls and sign ups for care for the months or years AFTER the real doctor’s visit or call.  In other words, the VA centers were lying to their bosses in DC, rigging the updated listing of patient visits to show that the patients were being taken care of in a timely fashion when, in reality, patients were lingering for months or years without any contact or care whatsoever.  Some 40 or more patients died while waiting for the VA medical center to respond to them.  No hospital in the private sector would dare treat their clients this way.  They would soon go out of business.  But government bureaucracies do not have to respond to their clients, only their Washington DC bosses to get pay raises.  Watch out Americans.  If you think the VA medical debacle is bad, wait until we get full blown ObamaCare.

—  Fri May 16, 2014  What’s the Vatican up to lately?  Pope Francis says all governments should redistribute their peoples’ wealth to the poor, downtrodden masses.  How droll.  How about if Pope Francis and His Merry Gang of Cardinals redistribute their $10 fricking billion dollars worth of art, gold, silver, and bank accounts to all the poor, downtrodden masses first, you know, as a sign of good faith — pun intended?  I mean, what the hell — pun intended — is one of the major Earth religions doing with billions and billions of dollars worth of idol worship and other Earthly junk?  Rumor has it that two previous Popes were actually poisoned (made to look like a heart attack, beep-beep, heart attack, uh huh, you bet) by an inner circle of Vatican Cardinals who were being investigated for siphoning off millions of bucks for themselves.  So Pope Francis is proposing all governments institute altruistic state collectivism — a polite term for socialism, fascism, and communism — as great forms of social political economic institutions.  Has Pope Francis not read recent history of the last 100 years?  Does he really not understand how socialism in all countries that have tried it has turned into the most murderous regimes ever recorded, including the Holocaust?  Has he not been to North Korea, Communist China, the former USSR, the Middle East, Cuba and on and on?  Does Pope Francis have his holy history-head stuck up his dumbed down derriere?  Has he not heard of individual rights and free markets as the best provider and natural distributor of wealth in the entire history of humankind on planet Earth?  Capitalism has lifted millions up out of poverty while socialism has enslaved and murdered millions.  What are we supposed to think of the moral philosophy of the Vatican when the Head Cardinal, Pope Francis, utters such social political economic nonsense as redistributing the wealth created by producers?

—  Fri May 16, 2014  Just spent the last hour listening to the Idaho Governor debates on Idaho Public TV. Coupla loons in there, for sure.

Who won?

Well, it wasn’t Harvey D. Brown, the crazy biker and it wasn’t Bayes the Bearded Bible Banger.

The fact that everybody knows that Gov Otter insisted on including Brown and Bayes in the Governor’s debate does not bode well for him. I think Senator Russ Fulcher will gain a few notches on the votes in next Tuesday’s Primary Elections because most individuals in Idaho hate ObamaCare (implemented by Gov Otter), dislike federal control of education (Common Core), and want the feds off Idaho lands. Those are the issues and everybody knows Gov Otter has failed miserably on all of them.  The other important issue — as Senator Russ Fulcher pointed out — is that Idaho’s budget is 36% in hock to the federal government.  What does that mean?  That means the federal government currently owns Idaho.  If Idaho doesn’t do what the feds say, Washington pops the monetary tit right out of Idaho’s mouth and forces us into bankruptcy.  Think Idaho education dollars; think think health care dollars; think all kinds of other money and earmarks coming to Idaho from the federal government.  It’s like being in extortion debt to The Mob.  How does one ever get out from under it?  And who pays for this?  49 other states through taxation and hyperinflation of our monetary system by the Federal Reserve, printing up bogus dollars.  Idaho is somebody’s slave and that somebody is the federal government.  President Obama says, “JUMP!” and Gov Otter says, “HOW HIGH?”  Because Otter thinks he’s a “realist.”

It doesn’t matter how many Idaho legislators were tricked into voting for ObamaCare, initially, by Gov Otter and his insurance cronies. It matters what the majority of voters think today, NOW, after seeing all the dismal results of ObamaCare at the national level, and the BLM land grab fiasco in Nevada last month.

Also, RomneyCare just went belly up in Taxachussets.  Another RINO who pushed for ObamaCare.  ObamaCare totally failed in Maryland and Oregon. The FBI is investigating the Oregon health care failure, which lost millions of dollars.  Same for many other states who can’t spell “free market” for health care, education, or any other market commodity.  Current high health care costs are not due to a free market.  They are due to previous presidents’ Lyndon Johnson and George Bush governmental interference into the health care market.

When Otter says as Governor, one must face “reality” — he said it over and over — he was claiming that he must cave to the “reality” of Washington DC. Namely, the presumed power of the federal government. This is how all national dictators gain power: they obtain the sanction of their victims. Obama gained the sanction of Gov Otter.  Gov Otter has thus made Idaho a “victim” and has, acquiesced to federal power. That’s how the victims turn into supporters of their own oppressors, granting them power, thinking that later, some day, they will overcome their national dictators, which rarely happens. Example, Austria in the 1930s, was tricked by the Third Reich into becoming a victim in order to receive “free” education, “free” health care, and voted 98% to become part of Hitler’s German Regime.  Then Adolph lowered the boom and the victims who sanctioned their own chains found out, too late. Fast forward to Idaho and Gov Otter. History repeats itself.  Welcome to Atlas Shrugged.

All in all, the left Liberal Idaho Statesman and the left Liberal panelists asking the questions won the Governor’s debate in that they got to host a GOP RINO circus on Idaho Public TV that was probably picked up by national news syndicates. Left Liberal House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi probably tuned in and had her first orgasm. But, I also think that Idaho’s Senator Fulcher gained a lot of credibility because he stuck to his points and was the most “normal” person in the debate. Fulcher has a very good chance of winning the Governorship and then everybody will forget about the two loonies that Gov Otter foisted upon the IPTV debates.

—  Sun May 11, 2014  If you haven’t been paying attention to politics over the last five years, the Obama Administration has committed a whole host of unlawful actions against the American people, all on the premise that those in power know what’s best for everybody else.  Senator Ted Cruz and others have listed some 75 or so violations of the law, among them being Obama’s taking over of General Motors, stripping the original investors of their stock holdings, and giving the proceeds to the United Auto Workers Union (the UAW), implementing an unlawful act to force Americans to purchase an economic commodity whether they want to or not, namely nationalized health care, running guns and ammo to the wrong terrorists in Libya and covering up a murderous attack against our Libyan Embassy when attempting to buy back the weapons, blaming the attack on a ridiculous Youtube movie by some Hollywood loonie which has since been disproved as the cause of the Libyan terrorist attack, allowing and encouraging the IRS to selectively target Conservative political groups — and not one Democratic group — who tried to qualify for tax exempt status, the President claiming he was born in the US and thus qualifies to be a US President when all evidence points to the opposite with witnesses dying left and right, and the list goes on and on ad infinitum.  In fact, that is part of the Obama national socialist policy to completely usurp the US Constitution and drag the entire United States into a socialist political culture in keeping with all the Marxist and state collectivist claptrap that he was taught by his parents and educational mentors throughout his life.  That the American Democrats, US left Liberals and European socialists — and perhaps, depending on whether German translations are correct, even the Plejaren and/or their followers in the Billy Meier movement — have not been able to see, to easily predict, what is obvious to even the most casual Libertarian or Tea Party American, is extremely distressing since they are walking right into the typical trap set by the altruistic state collectivists past and present  (among which include past tyrants such as Mussolini, Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Chavez, and Castro to mention just a few) and now our current wanna-be tyrants, such as Barack Obama and former Sec of State Hillary Clinton.  What is preventing the above-mentioned categories of social political economic observers from extrapolating that which philosophers such as Ayn Rand explicitly made crystal clear?  Why can’t they see where the current actions of the Obama Administration — or the beginning actions of historical state collectivists — will inexorably lead to?  Left Liberals and socialists in the US and Europe as well as individuals in most other nations on Earth have a lame excuse:  they are not thinking logically and only think in terms of disconnected thought globs instead of logically-related concepts.  State collectivisms are so illogical they must re-think every single action as if those actions were new or do not fall into previously thought-out concepts long ago disproved.  Thus, nothing makes sense to them and they have to re-invent their conceptual “wheels” for every social political and economic act.  Most of the time they get it wrong and obviously cannot or do not connect the conceptual dots.  Adding to this, the left Liberal socialists think that everything is relative, malleable, and not an objective absolute.  To them, there are no universal laws, in physics or political economy.  Black can be white, a train can be a cup, water can be sand, depending on the moment, thus violating the basic universal law of identity.  Extrapolating to social political economics, robbery can now be a simple “redistribution” of wealth.  National health care forced down everybody’s throats — a violation of individual rights — becomes an OK economic policy.  Once these immoral outrages become commonplace law, all truths can be thrown out the window.  Robbery, murder, and looting by the government become the law.  The law becomes opposite of the truth.  The concept that all individuals are born with rights to their own bodies, minds, and souls gets thrown out the moral philosophical window as the “rights of the recipient” of robberies, murders, and looting by the government become accepted and sanctioned by the victims themselves.  All based upon who can “prove” they are the most “needy.”  Witness how Americans continue to vote for those politicians who abuse their rights.  And that is exactly where we are on planet Earth today:  the altruistic state collectivists in all nations have now obtained the sanction of their victims.  Even those in the universe who claim that all individuals have a right to choose their own non-conflicting actions and must be responsible for their own acts, have apparently fallen for the state collectivist claptrap on Earth.  At least, until they jump onto a chronin time flow and travel to the “future” to see the results of that which is happening today.  It is not difficult to predict the future outcome of America and the world at large if the current moral philosophical trend of state collectivism does not change.  And one does not have to time travel to “predict” it.  In fact, if one can only “predict” the future through time travel, rather than extrapolating conceptually, then one must not be able to understand how current concepts lead to future events.  There is, after all, a big difference in extrapolating how action A leads to action B leads to action C, and having to jump to the future through physics to find out.  Which means one is still not able to figure out the “how” and “why” a particular “future” will happen.  Which means further that one is doomed to repeat one’s inability to extrapolate conceptually and thus will fall into the same, in this case, state collectivist claptrap.  Not being able to predict that the state collectivist actions of the Third Reich, for example, must inexorably lead to The Holocaust is no different than the inability to predict that the state collectivist actions of the Obama Administration must lead to a similar outcome: a probable civil war in the US and WW III.  Wake up people.  History is about to repeat itself… and for the very same reasons.

—  Fri  May 02, 2014  Ah ha!  So now we have the smoking gun connecting the dots between the White House — President Obama himself and his Oval Office thugs — and the terrorist attack in Benghazi in which our Libyan ambassador and 3 Americans were killed on 9/11/2012.  That is, it has now been revealed that everybody in the White House, including President Obama, knew that the attack on our Benghazi consulate was NOT due to some ridiculous Youtube video on the Internet — as Obama and his cohorts had all been claiming for months and months after it was already disproven — but rather the Behghazi fiasco was a pre-planned terrorist attack against our embassy.  In an email by one of Obama’s inner circle staff members, the author, Ben Rhodes, stated that talking points for Susan Rice’s appearance on five major TV media talk shows should stress that the Benghazi attack was not due to the President’s foreign political policies but rather due to what everybody already knew was not true:  the infamous Youtube video making fun of Mohammad.  Copied on the receipt of this smoking gun email was one of Sec of State Hillary Clinton’s minions.  Therefore, Hilly knew about the cover-up, too.  Even the CIA, who said they provided the “talking points” from their people working at CIA headquarters in Langley, VA, instead of relying on CIA field reports at the scene of the crime, claim that they did not know about any Youtube video being the cause of the Benghazi attack.  Looks like a lot of people at the White House and State Department have been lying their butts off and need to get their fairytales in synch.  So now that the US House Committee investigating the Benghazi debacle had to obtain this email info from a third party journalist who had to obtain it from a court order invoking the Freedom of Information Act — instead of it being voluntarily sent to the House two years ago when Chairman Issa asked the White House for all Benghazi information, where do we go from here?  One thing is for sure:  Obama’s US Attorney General, Eric Holder, is not going to bring charges against members of the White House since he’s already up to his eyeballs in a dozen other obstruction of justice issues involving the White House.  Nobody’s going to investigate themselves.  The only avenue left open is for the US Congress to set up a bipartisan committee to investigate Obama and his Brown Shirt thugs running rampant all over the White House, implementing programs that socialist and communist dictators in other countries could only dream they had the power to implement.  And which RINOs in Congress are going to have the cajones to set up such a committee?  Republican House Leader John Boehner?  Any Democrats?  We shall see.  But now we at least know the truth:  it has finally been outted.  Obama and Hillary appear to have an unholy alliance about what the Benghazi terrorist attack was really all about:  namely, another one of Obama’s “Fast and Furious” gun running deals (like with the Mexican drug cartels) that went haywire — providing arms and ammo to the Mid-East terrorists — and about which neither Obama nor Hillary can comment or tell the truth without incriminating themselves.  And these are the political a$$holes running our country.  Make that RUINing our country.  There is no difference between Germany’s Third Reich in the 1930s and today’s Obama government.  If nothing changes, we can expect the same results as in the Third Reich.

—  Thur Apr 24, 2014  Those Conservatives — Glenn Beck, Krauthammer, and O’Reilly — and others who are now attacking Rancher Cliven Bundy for his First Amendment right to say what he believes about various ethnic groups should take a giant step back and answer the following ad hominem debating ruse usually uttered by junior debaters in high school:  can a prostitute be a witness to a murder?  In other words, the fact that Bundy is not an intellectual academic with a Phd in the English language does not lessen the fact that the federal government has overstepped its bounds in attacking Bundy’s ranch, killing his cattle, and attempting to usurp land in Nevada through nefarious court methodologies.  If we want to judge people by their statements, then President Obama and most of the politicians in Washington DC should be strung up by their gonads for uttering all of their pro-NAZI — national socialist — statements.  The difference between Bundy and, say, President Obama, is that Bundy is not trying to shove blacks into slavery, but Obama is unquestionably trying to shove all of America into economic slavery of the worst possible kind:  altruistic state collectivism under which millions of individuals have literally been slaughtered throughout the last 100 years.  The real issue in the Bundy case still stands:  the federal government vs. the individual.  And, by the way, the answer is yes, a prostitute can be a witness to a murder.  A witness or victim’s lifestyle does not mean they are physically blind.  Same for Bundy.  Wake up Glenn Beck, Krauthammer, and O’Reilly.  Time for you to go back to Moral Philosophy & Basic Logic 101A.

—  Wed Apr 16, 2014  In a move lawmakers and farmers are calling “the biggest land grab in the history of the world,” the Environmental Protection Agency is requesting jurisdiction over all public and private streams in the United States that are “intermittent, seasonal and rain-dependent.”

The EPA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in late March jointly released a proposed rule, Waters of the United States, in an effort to clarify which streams and wetlands are protected under the Clean Water Act.

A statement issued by the EPA says “the proposed rule will benefit businesses by increasing efficiency in determining coverage of the Clean Water Act.”

But some lawmakers strongly disagree.

According to congressional budget testimony last week, Waters of the United States would give the EPA authority over streams on private property even when the water beds have been dry, in some cases for hundreds of years.

Calling it “the biggest land grab in the history of the world,” House Appropriations Committee Chairman Rep. Harold Rogers, R-Ky., said the “economic impact of that would be profound.”

“A community needing to build on private land that had on it one of these so-called streams that you considered a waterway under the new rule would have to travel thousands, hundreds of miles to D.C., to get approval,” Rogers said.

The congressman argued it “would absolutely freeze economic activity in this country.”

Rogers said the proposal is “proof in and of itself of the mal-intent of this administration toward the private sector.”

After what we’ve seen the federal government’s BLM try to do to Rancher Bundy last week in Clark County, Nevada, and the fact that Nevada’s Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid used 200 secret service agents to rustle Bundy’s cattle and take so-called BLM land for his own commercial profits (selling said land to a Chinese solar company), why should we trust that the EPA in collusion with other US Congressmen will not attempt to do the same thing if they control all the land in the nation by redefining water rights?  The last thing we need in America is an extension of any government agency’s power over our individual and private property rights.  The EPA, BLM, IRS, Fed Reserve (a private banking consortium) and all the other thugster agencies need to be abolished, not extended.

—  Mon Apr 14, 2014  It’s been one day after the BLM and 200 secret service agents called it quits rustling Rancher Bundy’s cattle in Nevada and left the scene of their (the BLM’s) crime.  How many major news media have covered the real reason why the BLM raided Bundy’s Ranch?  A big fat zero.  As suspected, the major TV news media are pretending that they do not know that this entire debacle is all about Senator Harry Reid and his son’s attempted land grab to sell the property to the Chinese government to develop a $5 billion solar energy project.  So much for ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, and FOX News.  Let’s see how long it takes them to pick up the real facts of this story… if they ever do.

—  Sun Apr 13, 2014  After lying about reaching their goal of 7 million people signing up for ObamaCare by March 31, 2014, Health and Human Services Director Kathleen Sebelius resigned from her position.  What’s this all about?  All part of Obama’s script.  Since, in reality, Ms. Sebelius failed miserably on ALL FRONTS of the implementation of ObamaCare, schedule-wise, financially, and you-name-it, the Obama Administration first had to claim victory and then get her out of her HHS position immediately after so they could continue their phony victory lap.  But it’s not over.  Everybody and their brother knows that ObamaCare did not reach its goals, it is still a bankrupt system that is depriving millions of citizens of their previous health care policies and doctors, and it will eventually be overturned either by future legislation or by the market itself.  National socialist health care systems are not financially feasible, they are a violation of individual rights, and must by definition turn into either bankrupt health rationing systems or simply go bankrupt.  We are now living in Orwell’s 1984 with Washington politicians spewing out nothing but lies lies and more lies.

—  Sun Apr 13, 2014  News Flash!!  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tried to grab a Nevada cattle rancher’s leased land so Reid can build a $5 billion Chinese solar project after selling said land to the Chinese.  Hey, what’s a hoppenink here?  Over the past several days, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and 200 secret service agents armed with high powered sniper rifles and automatic weapons descended upon cattle rancher Bundy and told him to get himself and his cattle off the BLM’s land.  Why?  Ostensibly, to save the desert tortoises.  But the desert tortoises were moved from this land to a compound in Nevada years ago and are now actually being killed by the government because they ran out of budget money.  So much for this fake “endangered species.”  Fake reason # 2:  Rancher Bundy’s cattle may wander onto nearby roads and are, therefore, a hazard to the public, said the government.  Really?  One stray cow may have been struck by a car over the last 20 years.  Wow and whoop-tee-doo.  Open grazing land near roads and highways are common all over the West and warning signs are posted.  Fake reason # 3:  the land belongs to the BLM.  Buzz.  Wrong.  The grazing land in question belongs to Nevada, not the federal government.  Rancher Bundy’s family has been farming watermelons and grazing cattle on this land since the 1800’s.  Bundy refused to pay the BLM increased grazing fees back in 1994, claiming they had no right to implement those fees on state-leased property.  The feds did nothing for 20 years.  Now, all of a sudden, out of the clear blue sky, the BLM and 200 secret service agents descended on Bundy’s grazing land and started swiping his cattle and tazing his sons and daughter and anybody else who got in the way.  Then, dum da dum…  the public finds out about this whacko attack against Rancher Bundy and a coupla thousand armed cowboys and militia from other states descended upon the scene to stand up for Bundy.  Cowboys out-rustled the federal BLM cattle rustlers and hauled Bundy’s cattle back to his ranch.  Traffic was stopped and blockaded on Interstate-15.  This entire hullabaloo soon went viral on the Internet and independent news journalists started researching what’s a hoppenink down at the Bundy Ranch.  As in, why is the BLM attacking some poor rancher and trying to take his land using phony excuses?  After about 5 nanoseconds of simple research, Internet journalists discovered that Senator Harry Reid and his attorney son have been working behind the scenes for several years to buy — at dirt cheap prices — Bundy’s cattle grazing land and sell it for a tidy profit to a Chinese government energy company that the Reids have been setting up — via federal legislation — to build a $5 billion solar project.  To this end, the Reids have already talked the states of Nevada and Idaho into building a federal Transmission line from Idaho Falls, Idaho and through Nevada to — ostensibly — run the power from the Chinese solar project IF IT IS SUCCESSFUL.  So here’s the upshot:  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his son have allegedly tried to pull off a land grab in Nevada in order to sell state land to a Chinese solar company to make a profit by selling the Chinese some grazing land.  Yesterday, after a standoff between armed BLM secret service thugs and armed cowboys from other states, the feds called it quits and pulled out.  The real reason, however, is that Sen. Harry Reid got caught with his fraudulent pants down, found out the news media was all over this scam, and no doubt President Obama weighed in and told him to cool it, dude.  Now it remains to be seen whether any of the major news networks will continue their investigation and bring it to the attention of the judicial system.  Will anything happen to Senator Reid of Nevada?  Time will tell but I wouldn’t bet on it.

—  Tue Apr 01, 2014  Hallelujah!  Just as the last day to sign up for ObamaCare in 2014 occurred yesterday at 11:59 pm midnight, President Obama and his National Socialist Administration announced that they have reached their goal of signing up 7.1 million people in their socialist health care system!  What a coincidence. They amazingly reached their goal of 7 million sign-ups for ObamaCare.  Who’d ‘a ever thunk it, especially after failing to reach their milestones every single month since Oct 2013?  Wow.  What a last minute surge.  But… there remain a zillion questions concerning the numbers such as what constitutes “people who have signed up” or “people who have actually paid for it” or “people who are new enrollees” or… ?  In short, we believe the government simply decided to redefine the stats and lied about how many people have actually signed up for ObamaCare.  All of these real or faked numbers are immaterial anyway since the real issue is individual rights vs. government mandates, individual rights vs. The Omnipotent State.  It doesn’t matter how many millions did or did not sign up for ObamaCare.  Your personal health care is a private free market issue between you and your doctor.  It is no different than your right to choose what car to buy or not to buy a car at all.  Health care is just another commodity in the market over which you, as an individual, should have total control vis a vis an exchange with your choice of health care professionals.  Health care is not an individual right; education is not an individual right; having the government provide you with a car or a computer or a home or any other commodity is not an individual right.  Rights are not commodities.  Rights are freedoms that you are born with.  Rights are universal and are not obtained from a government or a piece of paper.  Those individuals, such as Republicans or Conservatives or Tea Partiers, etc., who are busy arguing against ObamaCare based upon real or imagined statistical data instead of as a violation of individual rights will lose this debate because their Democratic state collectivist opponents will simply use statistics to lie and then claim victory.  Which is exactly what just happened yesterday.  Today, or soon, President Obama will probably show up on national TV and lie to the public that his administration has reached their numerical goal of signing up 7 million people for his socialist health care system and, thus, claim that his program is right on schedule to save everybody from polio, cancer, and stubbing their collective big toe on the way to their local pub.

—  Fri Mar 28, 2014  In the No-Honor-Among-Thieves Dept, over ten bankers/traders coincidentally died within the last several months.  My, my, how mysterious.  According to Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge News, 5 guys allegedly committed suicide, 2 guys fell from JP Morgan rooftops (one in London, one in Hong Kong…how clumsy of them), one guy jumped in front of a train, and one guy shot his own ass deader ‘n a door nail with a nail gun.  The rest of the deaths are categorized as, “We don’t know, investigation pending.”  Meanwhile, central banking bankers in JP Morgan, B of A, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo and others have been ordered to pay fines of over $100 Billion while still making profits of over $76 Billion last year.  Yippee and yahoo, printing up unlimited supplies of dollars, yen, pounds, and plastic cards still pays well.  And Americans are now over $17 trillion in debt to, hmm, let’s see now, oh yeah, their own silly little selves for allowing Congress to allow the central bankers to hyper-inflate our currency and call it a National Debt.  Looks like the bankers are either knocking each other off in a Gangsta Banksta War or those working in the financial districts happen to be really really clumsy walking around on the roofs of buildings, waiting for trains, handling nail guns, and playing with their kids’ jump ropes.  So far, the following bankster/traders have kicked the bucket.  Our condolences:

1 – William Broeksmit, 58-year-old former senior executive at Deutsche Bank AG, was found dead in his home after an apparent suicide in South Kensington in central London, on January 26th.

2 – Karl Slym, 51 year old Tata Motors managing director Karl Slym, was found dead on the fourth floor of the Shangri-La hotel in Bangkok on January 27th.

3 – Gabriel Magee, a 39-year-old JP Morgan employee, died after falling from the roof of the JP Morgan European headquarters in London on January 27th.

4 – Mike Dueker, 50-year-old chief economist of a US investment bank was found dead close to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Washington State.

5 – Richard Talley, the 57 year old founder of American Title Services in Centennial, Colorado, was found dead earlier this month after apparently shooting himself with a nail gun.

6 – Tim Dickenson, a U.K.-based communications director at Swiss Re AG, also died last month, however the circumstances surrounding his death are still unknown.

7 – Ryan Henry Crane, a 37 year old executive at JP Morgan died in an alleged suicide just a few weeks ago. No details have been released about his death aside from this small obituary announcement at the Stamford Daily Voice.

8 – Li Junjie, 33-year-old banker in Hong Kong jumped from the JP Morgan HQ in Hong Kong this week.

9 – James Stuart Jr, Former National Bank of Commerce CEO, found dead in Scottsdale, Ariz., the morning of Feb. 19. A family spokesman did not say what caused the death

10 – Edmund (Eddie) Reilly, 47, a trader at Midtown’s Vertical Group, committed suicide by jumping in front of LIRR train

—  Fri Mar 14, 2014  Quote from the former Premier of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus:  “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency.  It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president.  The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America.  Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince.  The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool.  It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

— Wed Mar 05, 2014  Ex IRS official Lois Lerner wrote in an email, “Tea Party cases are very dangerous,” in regard to granting them tax exemptions such as a 501 (c) (4) for their political group.  However, at a special Congressional committee today in which Chairman Issa asked Ms. Lerner what she meant by her email statement, Ms. Lerner exercised her Fifth Amendment rights and refused to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate her.  She stood on the Fifth on several questions before Chairman Issa finally called the meeting to a close.  Ms. Lerner, the day before, wanted immunity in order to testify but she was not granted immunity because nobody knows what her testimony would be in order to grant her immunity.  The bigger question is:  if she did nothing illegal, for what reason would she request immunity?  Immunity is usually for those who are admitting guilt but are making a deal to squeal on others in exchange for that immunity.  Just what does Ms. Lerner want immunity for?  Further, how can her answering questions about her emails be incriminating unless she did something illegal?  Looks like somebody in the Obama Administration got to Ms. Lerner in the last two days and either threatened the crap out of her or bought her off with some Xmas presents… or both.  At any rate, something stinks to high Heaven in Washington DC, once again, vis a vis the IRS selectively targeting Conservative political groups in their granting of IRS tax exemptions.  Get this:  no Democratic political groups were denied IRS tax exemptions during the Obama Administration.  Somebody lower in the IRS food chain than Ms. Lerner needs to come forth and blow the whistle on this entire stinking matter.  We suspect it leads directly to the White House and their attempts to thwart all Conservative political groups from running against Obama’s left Liberal socialists who now control the government.  And people wonder why Eric Snowden who blew the whistle on the NSA gathering everybody’s emails and other communications had to flee the country and then blow the whistle.  Otherwise he would probably have ended up in jail or dead. Or both.  Welcome to the beginnings of Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany.  That’s how they did it; and now that’s how the Progressives in the US are doing it:  taking over the entire nation with force and fraud.

—  Sat Mar 01, 2014  Guess how many citizens in the great state of Oregon have signed up for ObamaCare?  Zero.  Why?  The geniuses in left Liberal Oregon volunteered to implement ObamaCare as its own ObamaCare project in a new state health care exchange.  So Oregon has spent millions and millions of dollars on computer software for their state ObamaCare system that, oops, doesn’t work.  If you live in Oregon, which of Obama’s Executive Orders are you, or your business, adhering to in order to fulfill the mandates of the Affordable Care Act, i.e. ObamaCare?  Do you follow the original mandates in the ACA law passed by Congress or the 28 Executive Order changes unilaterally made by President Obama (illegally) without the vote of Congress.  Executive Orders are meant to clarify the verbiage of existing law, not to re-write the mandates of existing law.  And Idaho is not far behind Oregon.  Idaho’s voluntary state health care exchange is a total bust, too, with hundreds of thousands of Idahoans losing their current health care policies, their doctors, and being encouraged to sign up for state Medicaid.  Unfortunately, there is not enough money in all the pockets of all the citizens of Idaho to pay for the extrapolated increase in taxes to cover this new Medicaid cost.  Thank you, Gov Butch Otter, for shoving ObamaCare down the throats of Idaho’s citizens.  Hopefully, you will not be serving a 3rd term for your RINO cohorts in Idaho after the Elections of 2014.

—  Tue Feb 18, 2014  As we have stated numerous times, President Barack Obama is now moving into the 2nd level of the standard state collectivist personality trait:  the blame game.  The 1st level was proposing state collectivist economic programs such as national socialist health care, government automobiles, or federal lollipops for everybody.  The 2nd level consists of the dictator, Obama in this case, blaming everybody except oneself when his/her socialism fails.  So what is the Obama administration doing now?  They’re using the IRS to force businesses to sign a document stating whether businesses laid off people because of budget cuts due to ObamaCare.  Think about that for a moment.  By what right does the Internal Revenue Service force businesses to state why said business may have cut employee expenses or any other reason, whether for higher health care costs, higher production costs, or any other expense?  And then make it criminal if a business says “Oh yeah, I chopped 10 employees because I couldn’t pay their health care costs.”  We just can’t wait for level 3 of Obama’s dictatorial personality trait:  “OK, all you guys who are guilty of not trying hard enough to implement ObamaCare line up for the train to your re-education center in Arizona where we will show you how to sacrifice yourself for the good of the majority.”  Oh, and this is immediately after President Obama stated in his interview with Bill O’Reilly of FOX TV, “Oh no, Bill, the IRS was not involved in targeting Conservative political groups to prevent them from obtaining 501 (c) (4) exemptions, not even a SMIDGEON.”  Uh huh.  And not even one Democratic political group was turned down or harassed by the IRS.  Not one.

—  Mon Feb 17, 2014  In the Water Drought Hypocrisy Dept, Obama golfs at water-guzzling desert golf courses while preaching about the California drought.  According to Patriot Update, “After preachingshared sacrifice [FM Duck Note: key word for state collectivists:  shared sacrifice] to assuage the California water shortage, Obama has played some of the country’s thirstiest golf courses.  President Barack Obama traveled to California Friday to highlight the state’s drought emergency at two events near Fresno, calling for shared sacrifice to help manage the state’s worst water-shortage in decades. He then spent the rest of the weekend enjoying the hospitality of some of the state’s top water hogs: desert golf courses.  Vacationing with DVDs of his favorite television shows and multiple golf outings with his buddies, the duffer-in-chief played at two of the most exclusive courses in the Palm Springs area. On Saturday, Obama played at the Sunnylands estate, built by the late billionaire Walter Annenberg, which features a nine-hole course that is played like 18 holes. The following day he golfed at billionaire Oracle founder Larry Ellison’s 19-hole Porcupine Creek. On Presidents’ Day, Obama hit the links at Sunnylands once again.  The 124 golf courses in the Coachella Valley consume roughly 17 percent of all water there, and one quarter of the water pumped out of the region’s at-risk groundwater aquifer, according to the Coachella Valley Water District. Statewide, roughly one percent of water goes to keep golf courses green. Each of the 124 Coachella Valley courses, on average, uses nearly 1 million gallons a day due to the hot and dry climate, 3-4 times more water per day than the average American golf course.”  Water shortage, right?  Not over-population?

—  Sun Feb 16, 2014  President Barack Obama and his Progressive Boot Lickers are now calling for the IRS to slap down all the Tea Party, Republican, Libertarian, and Conservative political groups who are running ads against ObamaCare for the 2014 Elections.  Democrats who voted YES for ObamaCare are now running for the exits and don’t know what to do to convince voters that ObamaCare is not a failure as some 6.5 million Americans have now lost their health insurance and doctors.  Calling for the IRS to save their little state collectivist butts only one week after Obama was interviewed before the Super Bowl Game, Obama stated that not only was the IRS not involved in harassing Conservative political groups over the last two years but that there was not even a “smidgeon” of involvement by the IRS.  Ya-yesssss, not even a “smidgeon.”  Uh-huh.  One week later on national TV, Senator Schumer called for the IRS to target Conservatives to stop them from running campaign ads against the failure of ObamaCare.  Schumer wins the Cheshire Cat Big Fake Grin Award for 2014, surpassing Vice President Joe Biden and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in 2013.  “Huyuck, I guess we’ll just have to read the 3,000 pages of ObamaCare to find out what’s in it, huyuck, giggle, snort,” said Pelosi, as she spread more lipstick on her big fat Pinocchio nose.

—  Thur Jan 30, 2014  President Obama lied through his pearly white teeth in his State of the Union speech.

Lie # 1:  The Obama administration has created over 8 million new jobs over the last 4 years…  yea, scream, screech, applause from the Democratic socialists in the audience… but, oops, not true.  Since the start of Obama’s dictatorship, only 3.2 million jobs have been created, many of them PART TIME GOVERNMENT JOBS, and the US still has 1.2 million fewer jobs than in 2007.

Lie # 2:  Obama said, “Today, women make up about one-half of America’s work force, but they only make 77-cents for every dollar that a man earns.  That is wrong, and in 2014, it is an embarrassment.”  …yea, scream, screech, applause from the Democratic socialists in the audience…  Really?  77-cents?  Buzz, wrong, you lied, not true, Mr. President.  Obama is using figures from the Census Bureau and comparing apples with oranges regarding types of jobs.  In some jobs, paid hourly, women make 14-cents to 19-cents less than men while in other jobs, salaried management, women earn just as much or millions more than men.  Salary is not the only comparison for total compensation; women receive maternity leave that men do not.  Many women want to raise children; they do not want a CEO position, and on and on.  Obama is pretending that women are being frozen out of good jobs in the work place and that is simply not true.

Lie # 3:  Obama’s shameless inflation of the ObamaCare enrollment numbers.  He said, “More than nine million Americans have signed up for private health insurance or Medicaid coverage,” implying that these numbers are the result of his Affordable Health Care program.  …yea, scream, screech, applause from the Democratic socialists in the audience…  6.3 million of the Medicaid numbers are HIGHLY questionable, earning a rating of 3 lying Pinocchios from industry sources.  And 3 million of the private insurance members from ObamaCare statistics are absolutely false.  ObamaCare stats counts the number of people who logged onto the ACA Healthcare.gov system, NOT the number of people who successfully obtained health care and paid their first premium.  How do we know this?  Because the software for the insurance payment has not been written yet.  In reality, if you haven’t finished enrolling or even made a payment, you are not insured.  The fact is, over 6 million people have LOST their current health insurance due to ObamaCare and the new rules his program has imposed upon America.  ObamaCare has actually gone backwards, accomplishing exactly the opposite of its socialist goals?  Wow, where have we seen that before?  Not only that, but software consultant after software consultant has testified to Congress that the ObamaCare computer system is not safe, is hackable by identity thieves, and has, in fact, already been hacked.  Yet, President Obama was pretending in his State of the Union speech that ObamaCare is a raging success while the facts show that it is a resounding failure.  Plus, it cost the American taxpayer over $680 million, almost $600 million more than the original estimate, and it ain’t over yet, folks.  The Obama administration just issued another $90 million software contract to a new group to try to save the current failure.

Meanwhile, Human & Health Services Director Kathleen Sebelius sat there during Obama’s SOTU speech and received a standing ovation from the Democratic socialists for the lies being told about her system.  She should be fired immediately and President Obama should be impeached for lying to the American people and illegally changing the ACA mandates (i.e. legislation passed by Congress) with Executive Orders that violate his limited statutory authority granted in the US Constitution.

So much for all the imperial pomp and circumstance at President Obama’s latest State of the Union pack of lies.

—  Wed Jan 29, 2014  Ah yes, the President’s State of The Union address last night.  What did he tell us?  Both overtly and between the lines?  Overtly President Obama aggressively put forth his ideology of Marxist socialism.  As predicted, he has now passed the point of insinuating the implementation of his socialist principles by using mamby-pamby words such as “hope and change” and “fundamentally change America.”  Now that his socialist programs have failed, the economy is approaching ruins, people have lost their jobs, lost their health insurance, and the wars in the Middle East are still raging, President Obama — like all previous socialist dictators before him in every nation — is now openly displaying his anger.  He now says he is not going to work with the US Congress to do anything.  He is going to sign off on dictatorial Executive Orders to bypass the checks and balances of the US Constitution.  He is the President of “No Authority.”  It is not the number of EOs that he is issuing that’s the major problem; it is the substantive depth of the changes that the EOs are intended to bring about.  Total dictatorial authority.  There is no statutory authority for President Obama to use an EO to change the legislative mandates of, for example, ObamaCare.  EOs are meant to clarify and expedite existing legislation, not re-write the legislative mandates.  Mr. Obama is now going through the same process that all wanna-be state collectivists go through when they see that the people are rejecting their government programs:  bullying, threatening, and openly waging an all-out war against the very people he is screwing over, ironically, in the name of the very people he is screwing over.  In this 2nd Marxist stage of How Dictators Take Over Nations, Obama is following in the footsteps of Stalin, Lenin, Adolph Hitler, Mussolini, Mao-Tse-Tung, Fidel Castro, Idi Amin, and Genghis Kahn.  He knows what’s right.  He knows what should be done.  He knows that if only he could play Total Dictator, dump Congress and dump the Supreme Court, he could save everybody from all the evils in the world.  But the people and Congress will not cooperate.  They refuse to buy health insurance through ObamaCare.  Nor should they because this $680 million government program doesn’t work, puts personal information at risk to hackers, and, most importantly, restricts all individuals’ freedoms to choose their own doctors and health insurance policies.  Millions have lost their health insurance due to ObamaCare.  But Obama lies about ObamaCare’s failure.  The people, he claims, don’t know what’s good for them.  Only he knows.  And he knows so much about economics, he thinks, that he can’t understand why the dirty rotten people and his political opponents don’t just divvy up all the money in the world, create work communes, and distribute the wealth equally among everybody.  Well, almost everybody.  Not himself or the other Rulers in his dictatorship.  They get more cookies than everybody else because they’re in charge.  Obama and his cronies are so brilliant and they have to manage all the trillions and trillions of market exchanges, buys and sells at the government-approved “correct” prices in the not-so-free market so that everything works like the well-oiled-machine that they know Marxist socialism will create.  Uh huh.  Right.  Screw the consumers.  What do they know?  Screw the free market; it’s not fair, said Karl Marx.  Obama still believes in the outdated “Labor Theory of Value.”  Even socialist economists — an oxymoron — don’t believe in the “Labor Theory of Value” any longer, and yet every economic sophism Obama puts forth rests in part on this false axiom.  In the 3rd stage of How to Implement Socialism, when the communes and redistribution of all the money in America doesn’t work, somebody must be at fault and they will have to pay.  With their lives.  First, by loss of freedoms.  Then by incarceration and finally by extermination.  The Marxist path is well-known.  Those who still don’t understand the ideology that President Obama is following will soon discover that they have made a grave mistake.  But, unless Obama and his ideas are curbed, it will be too late.  The USSR, the People’s Republic of China, Socialist Cuba, and now Obama’s “Fundamentally Changing of America” with “I got a pen and a phone” to bypass Congress and issue a thousand illegal EOs.  Obama’s SOTU speech last night is an open war against the individual, against, the rule of law, against the US Constitution, and against the concepts embedded in the inherent rights of man.  Last night, President Obama openly declared war against America, against YOU, and he has told you his game plan.  Wake up, people!

—  Fri Jan 17, 2014  “I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone,” said President Barack Obama.  Remember how FM Duck told its readers the major steps that most Dictators take on their Marxist tromp towards implementing state collectivism?  Step One:  The would-be Dictator, e.g., Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Fidel Castro, Mao Tse-Tung, and Barack Obama, for example, reveal how they have solved every problem in the world by reading Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto.  Step Two:  The would-be Dictator passes legislation or beats people to death to implement, for example, a national socialist health care system to save everybody from every sickness in the world.  Step Three:  The would-be Dictator’s national health care plan crashes and burns and brings about the exact opposite of its proposed results. Step Four:  The would-be Dictator claims his national socialist health care system was/is being undermined by his enemies and everybody else.  This is where the US is currently at in 2014 with President Obama’s failed ObamaCare system.  Step Five:  The would-be Dictator issues proclamations to FORCE his national health care system down everybody’s throats under penalty of incarceration.  Referring to the US Congress which Obama considers irrelevant, Obama is now ready to go around Congress by issuing Executive Orders (his illegal socialist proclamations) and calling his enforcers on the phone to implement his dictatorial proclamations.  Step Six:  Those who fail to “voluntarily” participate in the would-be Dictator’s national socialist health care system will be fined, taxed, shipped to re-education camps, and eventually, exterminated for failure to make the Dictator’s national socialist health care system a raging economic success.  It’s the people’s fault, not the would-be Dictator, he claims.  That is how it always happens and that is how Obama intends on becoming Dictator of America — all for “good intentions” of course.  Will he succeed?  Tune in for the results of the 2014 and 2016 Elections and find out.  Yahoooooo, it’s Adventure Time!  “I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone!”

—  Tue Jan 14, 2014  Where is the birth certificate?  Among the many records the Obama camp has refused to release are the marriage license of his father (Barack Sr.) and mother (Stanley Ann Dunham), name change records (Barry Soetero to Barack Hussein Obama), adoption records, records of his and his mother’s repatriation as U.S. citizens from Indonesia, baptism records, Noelani Elementary School (Hawaii) records, Punahou School financial aid or school records, Occidental College financial aid records, Harvard Law School records, Columbia senior thesis, Columbia College records, record with Illinois State Bar Association, files from his terms as an Illinois state senator, his law client list, medical records and passport records.  Various court cases are winding their way through America’s judicial system.  When they will show up, nobody knows.  Possibly as early as March 2014.  Possibly others who have knowledge about this issue will get run over by a MACK truck, fall off a building, or crash in a plane in the ocean.  But one thing is for sure:  somebody is hiding something.

—  Sat Jan 11, 2014  The Obama Administration just fired the computer contractor, CGI, who blew $680 million of taxpayer money and failed to implement Obama’s Healthcare.gov system.  Now, the Barack Hussein Obama Administration is signing a new contract for $90 million with a new computer contractor to take over.  Why isn’t this front page news?  Where is the left Liberal news media?  $680 million plus $90 million equals $770 million plus whatever else it has cost the government to try and implement a national socialist health care system.  Just think, all we really had to do to implement a reasonably low cost health care system is the same thing we have done to implement a reasonably low cost iPhone system, or automobile system, or shoes, or food, or any other free market commodity:  get the government out of the way of the free market and allow everybody to shop for health insurance anywhere in the world, cut the absurd medical lawsuits, and laissez-fricken-faire.  We all want inexpensive health care.  That’s not the issue.  The issue is the methodology to bring it about.  The quickest method for the most people with high quality health care — just like for every other commodity — is through free market capitalism, not via the government.  Wake up Obama!  Wake up Liberals!  Socialists are those individuals who understand nothing about money, nothing about economics, nothing about freedom, nothing about private property rights or… the politicians understand all the above; they’re just plain crooks who make their living by playing the role of redistribution brokers, redistributing the fruits of YOUR labor.  Or, let’s just be nice and say Liberals are naive little 12-year olds whose educational level regarding money and economics is still at an ele

mentary level, my dear Watson.  Meanwhile, where is Congress in approving this new $90 million that the Obama Administration is preparing to throw down another government rat hole?

—  Sat Jan 11, 2014  Liberal reasoning:  assumption, people are inherently too mean, rotten, stupid, and bad to allow them to live in freedom, i.e., free market capitalism.  Liberal solution: all the inherently mean, rotten, stupid, and bad people who are incapable of living in freedom go into a voting booth and vote for other inherently mean, rotten, stupid, and bad people (by definition, remember) to govern all the inherently mean, rotten, stupid, and bad people.  Wait a minute.  Isn’t this a contradiction?  How can inherently bad people elect good government?  Are we supposed to believe that inherently bad people morph into saints by stepping into a voting booth and perform that which they were incapable of doing in freedom?  Is a voting booth some magic contraption?  Or could it be that Liberals are starting out with a false premise, using false methodology, and, therefore, bringing about a disastrous result:  namely, the creation of the very problem the Liberals presumably set out to solve?


—  Sat Jan 04, 2014  Was President Barack Obama born in the US and then pretended on US college applications that he was a foreign student born in Kenya and attended primary school in Indonesia?  Or, was President Obama actually born in Kenya and grew up in Indonesia?  If the former is true, and if American colleges Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard fell for it, then we can understand why the powers that be had to hide all of his college paperwork since they would have revealed that he applied for entrance and financial aid as a “foreign student,” even though he was not.  That would constitute fraud and is a criminal offense.  He would immediately be impeached.  If on the other hand, he was actually born in Kenya, then he does not qualify to be president of the United States and would thus also qualify to be impeached.  Something has to explain why his college paperwork has been hidden from the public.  Whether it’s the first reason or the second reason, he should be impeached.  If there is a third reason, namely, that he was just a regular Joe Doe American born in Hawaii, then why hide all of his university paperwork?  One does not have to be the famous Belgian detective Hercules Poirot to conclude that something stinks in Washington DC vis a vis faux president Barack Obama’s curriculum vitae.

—  Sun Dec 29, 2013  You know your society is doomed:

When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion.

When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing.

When you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors.

When you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you.

When you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice. — Ayn Rand, 1958

—  Fri  Dec 27, 2013

How Big is a Trillion Dollars?
Dec 27, 2013

Washington, DC  –  Whoa, girl friends, gather round, shut up, and pour yourselves another hot cup of Rocket Java.  Have you ever seen a million dollars?  How about a billion dollars?  What does One Trillion dollars look like?

   All this talk about “stimulus packages” and “bailouts”… A billion dollars here… a hundred billion dollars there… Eight hundred billion dollars for President Bush’s TARP bailout… Eight hundred billion dollars for President Obama’s ARRA “stimulus package”… One TRILLION dollars…

   What does that look like?

   Let’s start with a $100 dollar bill, currently the largest U.S. denomination in general circulation.

   A packet of one hundred $100 bills is less than 1/2″ thick and contains $10,000.  Fits in your pocket easily and is more than enough for a week or two of shamefully decadent fun.

   Believe it or not, this next little pile is $1 million dollars (100 packets of $10,000).  You could stuff that into a grocery bag and walk around with it.

   While a measly $1 million looked a little unimpressive, $100 million is a little more respectable.  It fits neatly on a standard pallet…

   And $1 BILLION dollars…

   Next let’s look at ONE TRILLION dollars.   More…

— Wed Dec 25, 2013  Understanding the US economy in two easy steps:

US Tax revenue: $2,170,000,000,000 (trillion)

Federal budget: $3,820,000,000,000 (trillion)

New debt: $1,650,000,000,000 (trillion)

National debt: $14,271,000,000,000 (trillion)

Recent budget cuts: $38,500,000,000 (billion)

Let’s now remove 8 zeros and pretend it’s a household budget:

* Annual family income: $21,700

* Money the family spent: $38,200

* New debt on the credit card: $16,500

* Outstanding balance on credit card: $142,710

* Total budget cuts so far: $385

Got it ?

—  Sun Dec 22, 2013  President Obama has now declared that the Affordable Care Law passed by Congress is only a set of Suggested Flexible Guidelines that he can alter at will — which he did, again, last night for the umpteenth time.  And from where does Obama claim he obtains this newly found power to alter Congressional laws?  Certainly not from Article 2, Sections 1, 2, 3, or 4 which enumerate Executive Branch powers, or from anywhere else in the US Constitution.  Obama, last night before jumping on Air Force One to play golf in Hawaii for the next 17 days over the Christmas holidays, popped up on national TV and declared his umpteenth change to Congress’s Affordable Care Act:  namely, individuals whose health plans were canceled — what are we up to now, 6 million people? — will now automatically qualify for a “hardship exemption” from the ACA mandate. If they can’t or don’t sign up for a new plan, they don’t have to pay the penalty tax. They can also get a special category of ObamaCare insurance designed for people under age 30.  This is 2-3 times higher than people were paying before losing their existing health care plans that Obama PROMISED (but knew otherwise) they could keep under the new ACA.  Obama’s latest announcement was not a surprise to the insurance companies who thought the Affordable Care Act was a real law, with mandates that, if violated, are punishable by law.  And, in fact, the insurance companies had to drop millions of health care policies over the last three years because the Affordable Care Act mandated that their insurance policies be changed in accordance with the new law.  So, we have at least two big questions:  (1) From where does Obama’s Executive Branch obtain the authority to change Congress’s legislative laws, and (2) which is the real Affordable Care Act law that all Americans must follow or end up being taxed, fined, sued, or end up in court?  Which suggestion or guideline that Obama issues in regard to his latest alteration of the Affordable Care Act should attorneys and judges refer to when insurance companies and individuals show up in court to adjudicate any differences of opinion?  What would the Supreme Court rule upon:  the ACA as passed by Congress, or the ACA as changed day-to-day by President Obama and his Executive Department?  By the way, you know that parking ticket you received last week for parking in the red zone in front of that fire hydrant in downtown New York?  You don’t really have to pay it; it was only a suggested guideline.  Welcome to America where there are no longer any laws, only Suggested Flexible Guidelines.