—  Tue Dec 17, 2013  Referring to the Obama administration’s executive action to unilaterally allow younger illegal immigrants brought to the United States by their parents to be exempt from enforcement laws after Congress rejected the DREAM Act, Congressman Gowdy said Obama was “substituting” his judgment for Congress’s.  The Big Question is:  which other laws can the president ignore?  “If you can turn off immigration laws, if you can turn off mandatory minimums in our drug statutes, if you can turn off the so called Affordable Care Act, why not election laws?” Gowdy said. “Assume that a statute said you had to provide two forms of ID to vote. Can the president require three forms of ID? Can the president require one form of ID? Can he suspend all requirements that you show ID? And if not, why not. If you can turn off certain categories of law, do you also not have the power to turn off all categories of the law?”  And this is why many Americans are so concerned that President Obama will try to declare martial law, suspend the US Constitution, and demand that he continue to be President for an unknown further period of time.  Why not?  This is exactly what he’s doing with Congress’s Affordable Care Act and other pieces of legislation.  How far can he go in violating the Constitution?  When will the US Congress take action to curb President Obama’s unconstitutional actions?

—  Thur Dec 05, 2013  Very few people understand the moral philosophical principles underlying President Barack Obama’s motives for creating and implementing a nationalized health care system — the Affordable Care Act, commonly called Obamacare.  What are those principles and where did they come from?  First, President Obama believes in altruistic state collectivism, not just for health care but for every commodity and service in the market.  His dictum is:  “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”  In other words, all goods and services do not belong to those who produced them.  They belong to the “collective” and should be distributed by the government, and the basis for that distribution should be “needs-based.”  Obama’s view:  screw the producer, the other half of the producer-consumer exchange process.  In the field of health care, President Obama consulted the brother of Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s previous Chief of Staff and now Chicago’s first Jewish mayor. [Note: now there’s a contradiction in terms: a Muslim Brotherhood’s President (Obama) with a Jewish Chief of Staff.  Go figure.]  Rahm Emanuel’s brother is Ezekiel Emanuel, a medical doctor at the National Institute of Health (NIH) and a member of that institution’s Bio Ethical Department.  Ezekiel Emanuel and other MD’s published many papers such as an article in Lancet in 2009 regarding how to ethically choose which patients should receive how much, if any, of which treatment, from flu shots to organ transplants.  The moral philosophical basis for Ezekiel’s so-called bio-ethical choices all rest upon the philosophical foundation of the idea that people are cogs in a state collective, with the government’s function being the redistribution broker.  Which means the function of the government doctors — along with bureaucrats — is to ration medical services and commodities to the members of society as per their “usefulness” to the state collective.  Contrast that ideology to: individual rights to freely exchange, private property, and free market capitalism.  In the latter, goods and commodities are not rationed; voluntary market forces bring supply to demand.  And then prices drop.  In a socialist system, there are no free market prices to even determine if there is a market shortage in one of the many millions of related services or commodities that result in finished products.  Bureaucrats set fake prices using Sears Mail Order Catalogues, as they did in the USSR.  So, right off the bat, President Obama followed the ridiculous advice of a group of so-called bio-ethical medical doctors at the NIH who not only hold metaphysical, epistemological, and moral philosophical views of state collectivism — i.e. socialism — they co-authored papers in the medical journal Lancet that not only discusses how to ration medical care but also show charts for what former Alaskan Gov Sarah Palin called “Death Panels.”  Ezekiel Emanuel’s charts were called “Reaper Charts.”  Why?  Because they showed the age groups — such as before age 15 and above age 60 — that various types of medical care should be withheld based upon various criteria such as the individual’s usefulness to the state collective. The Big Question is: determined by whom?  You may not have heard about Ezekiel Emanuel’s “The Complete Lives System.”  It’s the intellectual underpinning for Obama’s Affordable Care Act, and it’s frightening.  You can Google Ezekiel’s articles for bio-ethics in Lancet Medical Journals.  Now let that morality sink into your brain for a minute and you will start realizing what President Barack Obama and his left Liberal administration is trying to shove down your throats with Obamacare.  Gov Palin had it correct:  Obamacare is the moral philosophical concretization of Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel’s state collectivist ideology and that ideology’s driving force for government rationing of health care ultimately rests upon their “bio-ethical” premises underlying their “Reaper Charts” — or “Death Panels.”  This is the same ideology that led to — not at first, but the ultimate logical conclusion — of Adolph Hitler’s national health care system that ended in The Holocaust as it’s final solution.  Classes of individuals were declared “unfit” or “not useful” for the political leaders’ state collectivist regime.  So they, as a class of people, like America’s class of youth under age 15 or over age 60 in Ezekiel Emanuel’s moral philosophy, are targets for elimination under the 2,700 pages of Obamacare legislation — plus 20,000 pages, so far, of IRS and other bureaucratic rules.  Obamacare — ridiculously called the Patient’s Protection and Affordable Care Act — is one of the most evil and pernicious pieces of moral philosophy ever proposed by an American President.  Plain and simple, it is simply another form of genocide couched in Hollywood marketing of the worse kind.  For doctors, Obamacare is blatantly against their Hippocratic Oath to save and protect all life.  Obama’s current marketing campaign for the next 20 days before Christmas in 2013 is to try to gain the sanction of his and Ezekiel Emanuel’s victims, which is you.  Your job is to vote in the Elections of 2014 and dump all those politicians — both Liberals and RINOs — who support Obamacare.  It’s worth your life.

—  Tue Dec 03, 2013  Called “Evangelii Gaudium” (The Joy of the Gospel), Pope Francis blamed the existence of money, free market capitalism, and — by implication — the entire moral philosophy upon which rests the ideology of individual rights, private property rights, and the foundation of a limited republic as the CAUSE of poverty throughout the world.  Really?  What a dope the Pope is.  There are so many misconceptions and untruths underlying Pope Francis’ assumptions and thus erroneous conclusions that one wonders where to start to refute them.  Let’s just hit the basic basics of economics and free market philosophy.  First, money per se is not bad.  Money is simply a medium of economic exchange, taking the place of direct barter until said commodities/services can be exchanged later.  Nobody intends to eat gold money — or a paper receipt for it — or build a house out of it.  What Pope Francis is erroneously referring to as the result of money and capitalism is actually the result of fiat currency and the market being manipulated by the state collectivists (fascists, communists, socialists, dictators) who have gotten control of our paper and credit money supply, namely the Federal Reserve and all other national central banks in the world.  But these monetary manipulators are not free market capitalists and their manipulated money is not backed by anything.  They are counterfeiters.  Pope Francis — like most people — does not understand what money is and what constitutes the foundational ideas of free market economics.  So he erroneously believes the propaganda spewed out daily by government news media and thus blames the wrong group and for the wrong reasons.  In short, the Pope is rather ignorant about basic social-political-economics.  It is government intervention into the free market, going off the gold and silver standard for money, and the philosophy of Karl Marx — from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs — that has brought poverty to a large portion of the world.  Prices of products under true capitalism tend toward zero as capital is accumulated; “prices” under socialism tend toward infinity — i.e. absence of goods on the shelves — as there are no real “prices” under socialism, only government mandated math values stuck up on items or issued with ration cards.  Does capitalism get rid of all crooks?  Of course not.  But that’s the only reason for government:  to protect and adjudicate law breakers.  Does socialism get rid of crooks?  Absolutely not, and, in fact, it routes the most vicious clever crooks directly into positions of government power where they are then in charge of making up the laws to protect their criminal actions.  Capitalism produces the highest quality of life for the most people than any other arrangement because it is founded upon principles of individual rights and responsibilities.  Socialism is founded upon dog-eat-dog vicious politics.  Pope Francis, in attacking free market capitalism and not defining what money really is, does himself and his global congregation a huge disservice by drawing wrong conclusions from wrong foundational assumptions.  His ideas are not defending the poor; his ideas are sending them into the very poverty he is complaining about.  Note that Pope Francis and President Obama have come to the same fallacious economic conclusions… based upon the same fallacious economic sophisms.  And hence the birth of Liberals in the US and their continued fallacious education — from Kindergarten through University grad school — in the Marxist philosophy of altruistic state collectivism.

—  Thur Nov 28, 2013  US Dictator-President Barack Obama has just broken the law again.  Now what?  The Affordable — Ha Ha Affordable — Health Care Law mandates that small businesses must start participating in ObamaCare next week.  This is the law.  It is not just a guideline passed by Congress.  It is the law, just like all the other laws passed by Congress and subject to judicial and statutory regulations.  But now, as of yesterday, Dictator-President Barack Obama has just declared that small businesses do not have to start enrolling their employees into the Affordable Ha Ha Affordable Health Care system until Nov 15, 2014, two weeks after the 2014 Elections for Congress.  What a coincidence.  And what a law-breaking action this is.  No president or US Congressman or judge can just pop up one morning and declare that certain sections or clauses of a US law can be arbitrarily changed.  This can only be done by Congress by going through its legislative procedures as outlined in the US Constitution.  That is why we have checks and balances between the three branches of government:  to prevent the dictatorial actions that Obama has just taken.  US Dictator-President Barack Obama is now embarking upon dangerously litigious territory:  unconstitutionally declaring changes in various laws, specifically his ACA Obamacare Law.  The Big Question:  will the US Congress just sit on their thumbs and pretend that US Dictator-President Barack Obama can rewrite their legislation any ol’ time he feels like it?  Or will somebody in Congress finally grow a pair of cajones and call the President’s on his illegal action?  By the way, some additional 50 – 100 million people may well lose their current health care insurance as ObamaCare kicks in and employers figure out that it’s cheaper to not cover their employees through the ACA.  Ceteris paribus, if nothing else changes, all private insurance companies will soon go out of business and the Obama thugs will have obtained their single payer government system — a national socialist health care system — which was their goal in the first place.  Anybody who didn’t see this coming is blind as a bat.  Like, who is John Galt?

—  Fri Nov 22, 2013  Here’s the Big Question of The Day:  Did the Obama Administration cleverly and knowingly orchestrate the failure of Obamacare’s roll out on purpose or are they simply as incompetent as they appear?  First, let’s trek down Logic Path A that assumes Obamacare was, and is, being engineered to fail at all levels in order to reach the goal of a single payer government system:  nationalized health care.  (1) Obamacare is passed by Congress with 2,700 pages of gobble-de-gook that nobody has fully read or understands.  (2)  US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts — either acting under threats from the Obama Administration or delusions of what constitutes “Constitutionality” — introduces the term “tax” into the Obamacare Bill in order to get around the term “fee,” so he can rule (5-4) that “taxes” are constitutional, and thus Obamacare is “constitutional.”  This was necessary for the next steps.  (3) The Obama Admin knowingly rolls out a flawed and incomplete Healthcare.gov Web Site for people to try to sign up for Obamacare.  5.5 million people lose their current insurance and doctors, receive notices that double/triple or quadruple the cost of a new insurance policy and/or deductibles, but cannot sign up on the Healthcare Web Site because it’s broken and the payment software programs have not even been written yet.  Which means nobody can or could have signed up.  (4) President Obama pops up on national TV and illegally pulls a new change to the Obamacare Law out of his ass and declares that everybody can keep their previous insurance that the Affordable Health Care Act “legally” says they can’t.  All of a sudden, nobody knows what the real law is:  the one Congress passed and the President signed off on, or the latest change that Obama ad-libbed in a rambling diatribe on national TV?  Which direction do you go?  Can you, or a company, be sued if you, or a company, choose one direction or the other?  Can the government be sued? (5)  Now that Obama has purposely dumped 5.5 million people off their current insurance policies, he and Valerie Jarrett will next watch as 50 – 100 million employees lose their insurance polices when employers discover that the costs are prohibitive and dump their insurance coverage for employees.  (6)  Now, as planned, 150 million or more individuals have either no insurance, or have extremely high insurance costs, or have now qualified for Medicare, Medicare that is now an unfunded liability to the tune of $90 trillion or more dollars.  (7)  Now that the entire health care system of the US has been completely wiped out, the Obama Administration can finally blame the insurance companies, the youth of America who chose to pay a fine rather than sign up to subsidize everybody else’s health care costs, and your grandmother’s dog’s left ear.  (8)  Oh, what to do, what to do…  “Oh, I know,” says Obama.  “We simply have to morph the Obamacare system into a single payer, national socialist government health care system.  You know, the type of system that we originally planned for and have arrived at by pretending to implement a fake market-based health care system.  Yahoo, thank you, my dear little victims!”  Welcome to Hell.  Or let’s take a quick gander at the Logic for Path B, entitled, We Are Seriously Trying to Implement Good Health Care But We Are Just a Bunch of Incompetents.  (1)  Obama and the socialist Democrats pass Obamacare, not knowing what’s in the 2,700 pages of gobble-de-gook.  (2)  The IRS and HHS add thousands more pages of contradictory rules. (3)  The US Supreme Court says Obamacare is “constitutional.”  See Chief Justice John Roberts actions above.  (4) The Obama Admin hires a bunch of computer incompetents to write the software code and implement a totally botched up Healthcare.gov Web Site that cost $680 million, 5 times or more over budget, and the payment routines have not even been written.  (5)  Obama shows up on national TV and lies again about virtually everything he can think of.  (6)  The incompetent people rolling out Obamacare, both at the techie computer level and the personal contract level, continue stumbling along seriously trying to make everything work.  Ha Ha, seriously?  (7)  Obama’s ratings fall lower than whale shit at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean but he and his cohorts continue to push Obamacare down Americans’ throats in a “ha ha serious” attempt to save everybody’s health care.  (8)  The system continues to blow up as more and more people lose their health care insurance and the Obama Administration hopes and prays they win the 2014 Elections and the 2016 Elections to keep Obamacare floating all the way to Hell and back.  So which Path, national socialist A or faux serious B, do you think the Obama Administration is traveling?  Are they crafty little socialists who have planned the crash and burn of the current health care system AND the Affordable Care Act ON PURPOSE, or are they simply a bunch of dummies stumbling down the path to Nowheresville because they still haven’t figured out that socialism doesn’t work?  My guess is that Obama is traveling down Path A:  Screwing it up on purpose to arrive at a national socialist health care joke, plus traveling down Path B, namely they are Seriously a Bunch of Dummies in the first place for trying to choose any other path than free market capitalism.

—  Mon Nov 18, 2013  Whoa, pull up the barn floor, pour yourselves another hot cup of Rocket Java, shut up, and listen up, girl friends.  Did the United States of America just morph from a limited republic to a dictatorship overnight?  President Obama — a month after his ridiculous heath care Web Site rolled out and crashed over the cliff, causing 6 million people to lose their current health care coverage — strolled out in front of national TV and said, “Oh $hee-it, man, I’m so sorry for lying to you that y’all could actually keep your original health insurance policies and doctors.  Dang, and weren’t you a bunch of fools to believe my crack-snorting little ass, but ya-yesss, I take full blame — cough-cough, make that full credit — for fumbling your health care lives on my own 1 yard line — ’cause that’s about how far my program got (99 yards to go) before it blew sky high on Oct 1, 2013.  And now I promise, again, ha ha, fool you twice, that the football game ain’t over, that I will pick up this $684 million over-budget football and run toward the 2 yard line before I fumble the ball again because this game — and I do mean “game” — ain’t over yet.  Ya-yesss, boys and girls, my little subordinate victims, I am now declaring that I can just step up onto the national stage and claim that I have the constitutional authority to change any law I desire and thus undo those portions of Congress’ Affordable Care Act that I think may be inconvenient in my Obamacare Mess, for which I take full responsibility even though it’s not my fault.  Double speak, double speak.  Soooo, cough-cough, and I’m not standing here naked as a Jay bird, y’all don’t have to follow the original Obamacare law passed by Congress.  Follow whatever I last say on TV.  There will be no lawsuits, I promise.  Ha ha, you dumb $hits.  You don’t have to give up your health care policies for a whole year ’cause, well, because I said so.  And I’m above the law.  Which law?  All the laws.  Never mind that the original law — which I just dumped with HARDLY ANY OBJECTIONS FROM 535 MEMBERS OF CONGRESS — says you got until Jan 1, 2014, to comply.  Forget about that law.  I just declared a new law.  And, if I feel like it, I will override the new law tomorrow, and then that law the next day, and then the following day until Hell freezes over.  Whatever I feel like because I am the CEO of America.  And we are the Borg.  We all live in one big commune.  Congress, the US Constitution and all of our current laws are now irrelevant until I say so in one of my Executive Orders.  Left, right, left, right…  In fact, I am changing the freeway speeds in all 50 states from 65 MPH to 13 1/2 MPH as of, let’s say, uh, midnight tonight, OK?  Why?  To save the Borg’s fuel costs and cut down on CO2 emissions on Saturdays while we’re driving to our nation’s fantasy football games.  US laws are now only, well, you know, like, Temporary Guidelines.  We now have only one branch of government:  the Executive Department, better known as ME, Barack Obama.”  Yo-ho, yo-ho, a pirate’s life for me.

—  Tue Nov 12, 2013  Howdy Idahoinians:  a whopping 100 Idahoans have signed up for Gov Butch “The RINO” Otter’s state healthcare exchange.  Way to go, Butch.  We tried to tell you it was a bust and you tried to claim you were a Libertarian.  What a joke.  6 million Americans have lost their health care insurance all across the US within the last month and a half.  Less than 50,000 of the anticipated 500,000 that were expected by the Obama administration to have signed up by now have either paid for Obamacare insurance or left their shopping carts on healthcare.gov without signing up.  7 million Americans are necessary to sign up to even fund Obamacare, which looks like it ain’t gonna happen, folks.  At the current rate of signing up for O-Care, it might take a few hundred years to get rolling.  Like hello, we’ll all be dead by then.  Healthcare.gov R.I.P.

—  Mon Nov 11, 2013  Think about this:  The IRS, the taxing agency that has been chosen to monitor, implement and enforce our nation’s new national socialist health care system with 16,000 new IRS agents, has sent over 650 income tax refunds to the same address.  This means that the programming in the IRS computer system is just as bad or worse than the computer system underlying Obamacare.  How difficult is it for the IRS programmers to write the following simple routine:  (1) sort all the IRS refund checks by address, and (2) if the current address equals the last address, flag this data item.  I mean, come on, this is simple Computer For Idiots 101A and the IRS has not implemented this type of error checking in its refund program?  So now we have to ask the question:  What sort of error checking has been implemented in the botched up Obamacare system?  None?  This system has cost the taxpayers $680 million, with an original budget estimated at $80 million.  If any private company had received an initial estimate of $80 million to create a computer system and the cost approached double, $160 million, the project would have come to a complete halt and heads would have rolled.  So what happened when the cost of Obamacare passed double and approached triple?  Nothing.  How about quadruple, $320 million?  Nothing.  How about quintuple, $400 million?  Nothing.  How about adding in the fact that the system would not be completed on time?  Nothing.  And the “project manager” and HHS Secretary Sebelius are still busy trying to “fix” whatever is wrong with their ridiculously overrun Obamacare project while Congress sits on their thumbs and says, “Oh well.”  President Obama pretends everything is on schedule and it will be a great system.  Millions of citizens have already lost their current health care coverage and Obama says their health care policies were substandard and they will get better coverage under Obamacare — if they can ever log on to sign up.  But this train wreck is just the tip of the ice berg.  Look at the IRS system, sending $4 billion to duplicate addresses.  This is the type of error checking you can expect to find in whatever the future Obamacare system ends up as, too.  And the IRS, who can’t even clean up their own system, is in charge of the Obamacare system?  Just think, all we really needed to do was to dump the current health care system that the government implemented over the last 50 years, go back to the free market, and start over.  The free market is not the cause of our previous lousy health care system; but it IS the solution.  Same for the USPS, Amtrak, and all the other government bureaucracies that have intervened into the free market.  Once again, health care is not a right.  No commodities or services are rights.  Health care is a marketable commodity and if the government would get out of the way, prices would plummet, just like for all other commodities in an open market.  Obamacare doesn’t need more time; it needs to be abolished.

—  Sat Nov 02, 2013  Newsflash to all Left Liberals:  before Obamacare, the health care system operating in the US was NOT a free market system.  It was — and has been for the last 50 years — operating, technically speaking, in a quasi fascist economic system.  Fascism is defined as the state issuing government rules to control the means of production.  Socialism is defined as the state taking over and actually trying to run the means of production.  So, Obamacare is not replacing a previous free market health care system. Obamacare is replacing a previous fascist health care system which — since President Lyndon Johnson intervened with his Great Society — has been screwing up America’s health care with all its governmental interventions for the last 50 years.  Obamacare is simply another variation, an extension, on our previous state collectivism.  And it, too, will fail for all the same basic economic reasons that its predecessor was failing.  Obamacare, stripping away the veil of the government acting as the robbery broker, is nothing more than one group of individuals stating that they have the right to demand that doctors and health care professionals must provide them with health care.  In other words, the rights of doctors are supposedly subservient to others who are demanding that doctors owe them their health care services as a natural right.  But this defines a master-slave relationship, American citizens being cast as the masters and doctors cast as the slaves.  In a free market system, American citizens and doctors would be voluntarily exercising their rights to choose which health care services they want to exchange.  In a free market system, nobody has a right to demand that another person must be his/her economic slave and thus must provide their services or products as a so-called right.  Medical care is, therefore, not a right.  It is simply an exchangeable service or commodity in the free market.  This is true for all services and commodities in the market, including education, cars, food, computers, etc.  Nobody’s services should be somebody else’s demand to receive as a right.  Otherwise, we are simply establishing a culture of slavery.  Rights are not exchangeable commodities.  Rights are individual freedoms, not commodities and services.  Freedoms such as freedom of speech, religion, association, etc. are not bought and sold commodities in a free market.  And this is where Liberals get very confused.  They first distance themselves from their robberies by using the government as their robbery brokers and then claim that they have a right to other people’s commodities and services.  Thus, they create government robbery programs and give them fancy names such as The Great Society, Social Security, Medicare, The Affordable Care Act, and so on, as if it’s not a robbery if they use the government to perform the robbery for them.  And the more people who commit the robbery, the less of a robbery it becomes?  The real irony is how the victims in this great government robbery scheme often fail to reason what is really going on and begin calling for the very robbery that robs them in their own profession.  Teachers and doctors do this all the time, and then wonder why their profession starts crumbling into total disarray as the government performs its robbery duties.  Hence we get monstrosities such as Leave No Child Behind, Race To The Top, and Obamacare.  The predictable end result:  civil war and The Holocaust, since, in reality, reciprocal rip-off rights can never be implemented and somebody must be blamed.  Remember, Obamacare is not about health care; it is about individual rights vs. coerced state collectivism.

—  Wed Oct 30, 2013  Lying through his teeth, President Barack Obama claimed over two dozen times, “If you like your current health care plan and doctor, I guarantee that you will be able to keep them under Obamacare.”  Lied?  Yes, lied, because he already knew damn well, as far back as 2010, that some 60% to 70% of  individuals would not only lose their individual health care plans but that the cost of new health care plans would greatly increase.  This was no accident.  The President and his advisors have planned this canard for the last 4 years and were advised by both health care professionals and the IRS that individual costs would skyrocket.  While the President claimed that everybody’s existing plan would be “grandfathered in,” and that everybody could keep their existing plan, HHS AND the IRS issued rulings that CHANGED the definition of “grandfathered in” so that if insurance companies did anything such as change a premium or merged with another company or fed a Doggie Bon Bon to their dog, then the “grandfathered in” definition does not apply.  Hence the Obama Administration knew from the outset that virtually nobody in this category (14 million individuals) would be able to keep their existing plans, and thus begets the Big Lie.  Why did Obama and his handler Ms. Valerie Jarrett lie?  Because their REAL GOAL is for Obamacare to fail so that they can move the United States onto a government-run national socialist health care system.  And that’s why this entire health care debacle is so troubling:  namely, those in charge have known all along that their ultimate goal was to move us onto a nationalized health care system, which is tantamount to institutionalizing fascism for at least one-sixth of the American economy.  Once again, as we listen to the Obamacare congressional health care hearings, we must remember that the real issue is individual rights, not the cost of the system or when will errors be corrected or any other empirical parameters.  That’s like arguing during the Third Reich in Germany in the 1930s about the parameters and problems in shipping Jews off to re-education camps rather than the question of individual rights of Jews being shipped off to anywhere.  Who cares about the problems and parameters of a government program that is violating individual rights when it is the moral philosophy of the violation of individual rights that should be of major concern?  Let’s face it, if the government can violate one of your rights to implement a program, then we have established the precedent for the government to violate ALL the rights of everybody to establish anything.  In other words, once the Republicans on the health care committee accept the premise that it is OK to violate the individual’s right to choose in an economic exchange process, then they have lost the debate.  Accept a false premise, and you have already lost the argument.  That’s — unfortunately — where we are today:  not arguing about individual rights but rather how best to violate said rights.  What trait for the commodity we call health care exempts it from all the basic laws of free market economics?  Does free market economics really fall apart depending upon the specific commodity or service being exchanged?  Really?  If so, then perhaps the laws of physics changes in different galaxies, too.  Wow, what a discovery: no universal rights for humans and no universal laws in physics.

—  Sun Oct 27, 2013  Well, well, well.  Looks like the Tea Party and other Libertarian groups can now say, “I told you so!”  The roll out of Obamacare on its online Web Site, healthcare.gov, has been a total disaster.  Millions have tried to log on.  Only a few thousand — or less in many states — have succeeded in traversing the computer obstacles  to obtain some kind of health insurance, mostly at a higher cost that their previous insurance.  Policies cost a lot more than citizens expected.  No, Obama, citizens did not get to keep their current insurance.  Obama lied.  And if you don’t obtain health insurance by next March or whenever the Affordable Health Care law mandates, you will be “TAXED” not fined by the IRS.  The difference between a “fine” and a “tax” being the distinction by which Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, John Roberts, ruled that Obamacare was constitutional because taxation (not a fine) is legal.  What a stretch that was: Justice Roberts had to first introduce the term “tax” into the Obamacare law in order to then rule that a “fine” could morph into a “tax.”  Now that Obamacare has rolled out — and over the cliff into nowheresville — we have the televised spectacle of a Congressional committee trying to find out what went wrong.  Why is healthcare.gov bombing out all over the place?  Why did it cost $684 million, 5-6 times more than originally estimated?  All the project vendors working on this Healthcare Titanic are simply pointing fingers at each other or CMS — the government entity responsible for implementing the ACA under HHS Secretary Sebelius who didn’t bother to show up to this important Congressional meeting.  Meanwhile, President Obama is busy giving a news conference in the Pink Room of the While House, blabbering about how badly the US needs to grant amnesty to 20 million illegal Mexicans who he expects to vote for the Democrats in the future.  What does he care about the total train wreck of Obamacare?  He’s busy buying future left Liberal votes.  Back to the congressional hearing on why Obama’s healthcare.gov Web Site is a total failure, the excuses coughed up by the computer project vendors who failed — along with CMS and HHS — are a real hoot.  It is obvious that there was NO project management whatsoever.  The project is five times over budget.  Over $600 million dollars for an initially estimated $90 million computer project.  When asked why didn’t the lead computer company inform CMS whether the project would bomb or not, a Ms. Campbell (in charge of CGI Federal) responded with, “It wasn’t our responsibility to advise CMS whether the system should be a go or no-go.”  Errrt, screech, halt!  Are you kidding?  It is exactly the project vendor’s prime responsibility to inform the client — CMS and HHS — about whether the project should be implemented or not.  In fact, this should have been done long before the budget doubled, tripled, quadrupled, and quintupled.  Ms. Campbell is a total incompetent.  So is CMS, and Sec of HHS Sebelius, and President Obama for not asking a simple question:  namely, hey guys, where are we on the healthcare.gov project?  And it wasn’t the prime vendor’s responsibility to provide status reports?  Or Sec of HHS Sebelius’ responsibility to demand status reports?  Wow, see how wonderful state collectivism works?  And if you don’t sign up soon on this broken Obamacare Health Care system, the IRS will come knocking on your door and FINE — oops, I mean TAX — your ass.  Ironically, Obama and RINO politicians such as Sen. John McCain have asked private enterprise from Silicon Valley to show up to solve healthcare.gov’s computer problems.  You know, the private sector that the government says is why they had to transfer our nation’s health care system to the government in the first place.  Because the free market and private enterprise are pig pirate capitalists, right?  Now it’s “help, help, help us fix our Health Care Train Wreck!”  What a contradiction.  But here’s the real problem:  Obamacare is an individual rights issue, not an argument about empirical data results.  Obamacare is a violation of your individual right to choose which services or commodities you want to trade or exchange or purchase in a free and open market.  This issue is not about how much Obamacare costs or whether it was implemented on time or what the parameters of the online system will be.  And now we have the spectacle of Republican and Democrat politicians screaming at each other on nationalized TV about the empirical results of the online system while virtually NOBODY is zeroing in on the real issue:  namely, Obamacare must be abolished not because the rollout of healthcare.gov doesn’t work, but because it is a violation of your individual rights.  Note:  Obamacare is not “settled law.”  It is what is called “pretended law.”  Pretended law remains in force until it is challenged and overturned by — in this case — another Supreme Court judgment or via the US Congress or via the people.  There are various constitutional appeals winding their way through the court system today that could easily overturn Obamacare, one of which is that the “fee” clause which Justice Roberts relied upon to redefine as a “tax” did not originate in the US House.  It originated in the US Senate.  This is a violation of the Constitution’s Origination Clause, which rightfully belongs to the US House, not the US Senate.  The Origination Clause states that fees, including taxes, must originate in the House, not the Senate.  The US Supreme Court could overturn ALL of Obamacare on this one issue alone.  Let’s hope this happens.

—  Thur Aug 29, 2013  So here’s the Big Question, and I’m directing this to those who are following around (like little puppy dogs) our off-planet friends (the Plejaren) living on Erra in another dimension that is a fraction of a second off from our own vibrational time frame.  Those who don’t know what I’m referring to can log onto www.figu.org and catch up to the fact that we are not alone in the Milky Way Galaxy, much less the entire universe.  Look it up; I don’t have the time and space — no pun intended — to educate you here or now about this subject.  Anyway, the Big Question is: who is worse, a president such as George Bush who knowingly lies to us and pulls off a lot of stunts for his military industrial complex and banking buddies to further enrich themselves OR a naive president WITH SUPPOSEDLY “GOOD INTENTIONS” who stupidly leads us down an economic path of total altruistic state collectivism — let’s just call it socialism — that must inexorably end up in economic destruction and World War III?  Neither is good but the point is:  “good intentions” by ignoramus presidents is not better than “bad intentions” by bad presidents.  They’re the same:  bad.  The real problem that I have noticed from the Plejaren and Billy Meier and their lock-step followers is that NONE of them in this intellectual camp understand the basics of simple economics and thus think that just because somebody has “good intentions,” they are OK guys and will become a suitable president.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Any leader who is an idiot is exactly that:  an idiot.  And he will lead you over the cliff just as surely as a smart bad buy will.  This brings up a very interesting phenomenon:  ET humans — of which there are some estimated 7.5 million different races in the Milky Way Galaxy alone, according to the Plejaren — have not evolved equally in every area of intellectual endeavor such as physics, chem, bio, and especially economics so that they have these areas fully and equally integrated into their intelligence.  By “equal” I do not mean individuals, I mean “equal” areas of intellectual endeavor.  Thus, one ends up with ET humans who can jump to hyper light speed, traverse what we call “time” whether it’s a “dimension” or not, but don’t understand how basic economics works.  Thus they do not comprehend the difference — and its ultimate economic effects — caused by, for example, using fiat currency vs. hard commodity money.  They do not understand how prices — which are simply qualitative subjective value judgments by individuals — can only be formed in a free market and once that market is destroyed, say by central bankers counterfeiting the money supply, the economy must necessarily go into self-destruct mode.  Why don’t the ET Plejaren understand this?  After all, they are some 18,000 years ahead of us in physics, medicine, astronomy, etc.?  Look at it this way.  Like us, they are living in a culture that took a long time to build up and the current Plejaren did not invent their past discoveries any more than our current Earth humans invented the internal combustion engine, light bulbs or computers.  Yes, the people on Earth today know how to drive a car, use a cell phone, and take antibiotics but they did not invent them.  Similarly, most Plejaren today, like most Earth humans, have no clue about how economics really works.  THEREFORE, — and this is a big THEREFORE — the Plejaren make the mistake that all you have to do is WANT to make the economy “prosperous” and it will happen.  That’s why in the 1930’s and 40’s the Plejaren mistakenly gave (via telepathic vibrations) the plans to build beam ships to scientists in Germany’s Third Reich and then had to cancel those plans and beam ships when they discovered that the Nazis weren’t the “good guys” they thought they were.  Amazingly, the Plejaren were not aware that national socialism must inexorably lead to the Holocaust and the economic destruction that it did.  Thus, today, the Plejaren continue to make the same mistake and for the same basic reason.  They think that US president Barack Obama’s “good intentions” are all that it takes to lead America and the world out of its current Recession/Depression.  If they understood anything about basic Austrian free market economics, they would not come to that conclusion.  Similarly, if I could transport 10,000 Egyptian children from 5,000 years ago and raise them in today’s US economy, they would all learn how to use iPhones, drive a car, and turn on the TV.  But that does not mean they understand how these inventions work and they would not necessarily be the ones who invent anything new.  Same for the Plejaren.  They are living off previously invented technology and very few of them, if any, especially hard physical scientists, understand anything about praxeology (human action) which is the subject of free market economics.  Conclusion:  thanks to the Plejaren for all the physics and time travel info and saving the planet Earth from other ET “invaders” in the past — which they claim and I believe them — but I caution you all from Erra to please bone up on the basic laws of econ.  Those who just live and breathe every word from the contact notes of the Plejaren should learn to question intellectual issues using your own brain and stop just re-hashing what you heard or think you heard from our ET friends.  Do I question the Plejaren’s existence?  No.  Do I question how fast they can travel through the universe?  No.  Do I question how they farm their agriculture or build beam ships?  No.  Do I question their knowledge in every area of endeavor?  Yes.  Especially basic economics.  And that’s the name of that tune.  They claim that they support Obama and that he is one of the best presidents the US has ever had — or at least that’s what some Earth humans have translated from the Plejaren.  Obama may have “good intentions.”  But, as we have stated above, that is not the issue.  The road to hell is paved with good intentions.  We are concerned with rational results from rational intentions.  Obama is obviously an ignoramus — especially in economics — whose strings are being pulled by other ignoramuses.  The road to Hell is paved with “good intentions,” and that’s exactly where Obama and his “handlers” are leading us: straight to economic Hell and thus to WW III.  Good thing the Plejaren are forbidden by the Galaxy’s High Council to not overly “influence” the direction that Earth humans are going; otherwise, they might think it would be great to implement a world state collectivist government on planet Earth.  Then again, we could do with more intellectual “influences” from the Plejaren regarding free market capitalism as a basis for more rational social-political-economics.  Unless of course, we are supposed to go through Hell in order to get to “Heaven” — rational thought, not a location in Earth major religions — and Obama is just playing his part?  The Plejaren may be 18,000 years ahead of us in technology but they appear to be about 200 years behind us — at least Libertarians — in economics.

—  Sun Aug 11, 2013  Entrepreneur Donald Trump said it best:

“Let me get this straight:

We’re going to be “gifted” with a health care plan we are forced to purchase and fined if we don’t, which purportedly covers at least ten million more people, without adding a single new doctor, but provides for16,000 new IRS agents, written by a committee whose chairman says he doesn’t understand it, passedby a Congress that didn’t read it but exempted themselves from it, and signed by a President whosmokes, with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn’t pay his taxes, for which we’ll be taxed for four years before any benefits take effect, by a government which has already bankrupted Social Security and Medicare, all to be overseen by a surgeon general who is obese, and financed by a country that’s broke!!!!!”

—  Sun May 26, 2013  Perhaps we are lucky that Barack Obama was elected in both 2008 and 2012 as President of the United States.  That way, we got beat over the head with the left Liberal ideology of altruistic state collectivism early on, in one big whopping fell swoop.  We are now experiencing first hand — in fast motion, fast and furious motion — how economies evolve from a half-ass free market (mixed economy) directly to national socialism.  Not since the 1930s have we have such an opportunity.  ObamaCare with the IRS running our national socialist health care program is about as Hitlerian Brown Shirt as you can get.  Just think, if we had elected a Republican In Name Only (RINO) — such as Mitt Romney — or your standard Hillary Clinton type of left Liberal, they would have fed us their poisonous Marxist ideology piece meal, very slowly, so we would have never noticed how we were evolving from a free market to a whoop-tee-doo, gung ho, full-fledged military dictatorship with Der Fuhrer, Barack Obama, at the top dispensing favors, cookies, money, and crackerjacks to his/her friends and government accomplices.  This is exactly what is going on with both the RINOs and President Barack Obama today, only at breakneck speed.  The major root of all evil in the economy today is the destruction of all of our values as our money has been destroyed because that is what money really is, in reality, an exchange of values.  Money is not paper.  Money is not even gold.  Money is a medium of economic exchange, an exchange of prioritized values between individuals.  And when that value system between free individuals is taken over and counterfeited into fake values by either a government or a group of bankers sanctioned to perform theft by a government, then that is the end of your society, your culture, your economy.  The slow transition of switching our money from gold and silver, to paper, to plastic, and then to simply numbers created out of nowhere on a big mainframe computer in the bowels of the Federal Reserve central banks is, in actuality, the slow transition of dumping our society’s values and replacing them with lies, lies, and then more lies.  Hence, we have inflated Federal Reserve Notes, wrecking the free market process of price creation in the market, lying to the citizens about the stored values of their money in a bank, or a Certificate of Deposit, or an annuity, interest rates, or even the value of gold stock which the central bankers are currently manipulating on a daily basis in the commodities market.  This process of destroying all of our values in the economy, both financially and morally, was greatly sped up with the election of President Barack Obama as he has doubled our national debt from $10 trillion to $17 trillion in 4 short years and is trying to force the IRS between you and your doctor.  Not understanding what money really is or how it represents a moral value system, Obama is on such a rapid path of economic destruction — and thus total value destruction — that it is now becoming quite obvious to even the most liberal of the Liberals in this nation.  They are now concerned; they are running for cover from Obama and his immoral culture of corruption.  If this fast forward to national socialism helps us to understand sooner and more clearly how bad it would be living under that type of regime and thus helps us to not go in that direction, then that is all for the good.  So maybe we should be thanking President Barack Obama for enlightening us much earlier than we otherwise would have been about the Laws of Cause and Effect — although not intentionally on his part.  One wonders that if Obama’s Perfect Storm of (1) his Benghazi Incident of getting our Ambassador murdered while trying to cover up his international gun running to Al Qaeda, (2) his use of the IRS to deny tax exempt status to Conservative and Tea Party groups, and (3) his use of the Justice Department to spy upon and rip off AP journalists’ personal communications, if that tri-fective screwing over of our moral values does not wake up Americans about how socialism evolves in an economy, then nothing will.  So, thank you Mr. President, for the fast track lesson in How To Get To National Socialism Faster Than Hell.  We know you meant well, but the road to Hell is paved with good but stupid intentions.  Presidents and central bankers rarely see or care about the disastrous results of their policies, the inflation, the unemployment, and the wars.  And even if they do, it’s always somebody else’s fault.  Now it’s time for an impeachment.  You, Mr. President, your impeachment.  For all the high crimes, felonies, and misdemeanors you’ve committed against the citizens of the United States.  Time to get back to individual rights, freedom to voluntarily exchange, and a real constitutional government.

—  Thur May 23, 2013  IRS Tax Exemption Director, Lois Lerner, planned to take the Fifth Amendment when called to testify before the US Congress yesterday.  So she took the stand and immediately issued a statement saying she was a good little girl, never took the candy from the cookie jar, didn’t break any laws, goes to church every Sunday, never swears, eats her asparagus before getting her ice cream, and closes with, “and I am not answering any questions today and am invoking my 5th Amendment privilege, so there, nya nya nya nya nya.”  Whoa, hey wait a minute, girl friend.  First, can one invoke the 5th Amendment Privilege while testifying before the US Congress?  After all, it ain’t a court room.  If the answer is ‘NO,’ then Ms. Lerner could go to jail for contempt.  Number two, if the answer to (1) is yes, just like in a court room, one cannot waltz, jitterbug, or foxtrot into court, make statements of denial, “Like, yo, I did not rob that bank,” and then proceed to take the 5th Amendment.  Once you open your big fat mouth and start talking, you have waived your 5th Amendment rights to further questioning and answering or else what is the purpose of the 5th Amendment in the Bill of Rights? If you say you are standing on the 5th Amendment for ALL of the upcoming questions, then invoke it and shut up.  But don’t show up to court or Congress and start issuing all sorts of statements and denials and then claim you’re not going to answer any future questions because you’re standing on the Fifth.  Either stand on the 5th or don’t.  And while it is OK to take the 5th on your choice of questions, then do so but don’t sit there and say you are taking the 5th on all further questions that haven’t been asked yet and then rant and rave about your innocence to questions that haven’t been asked yet.  Ms. Lerner’s attorneys must be idiots.  Remember, the reason one takes the 5th Amendment is because one is claiming that an answer to a question may tend to incriminate oneself and one cannot be compelled to testify against oneself.  So if you don’t know the question yet, how can you know that said future question may tend to incriminate you?  This is just more of the same arrogant action by IRS employees lately who have been called before Congress to answer for wrongdoings and don’t want to answer any questions.  Just why were you running a program of tax exempt discrimination against Conservatives, Tea Partiers, and other Patriot groups, Ms. IRS goon?  Tell us.  and, more importantly, tell us WHO gave you that order to do so, so that we can trace it all the way back to whichever oval room in the White House it originated.  Oops, did I give you a clue?  I doubt it was in the kitchen or the laundry room.

—  Mon  May 13, 2013  Time for the US Congress to impeach Mr. Peachy Obama.  Why?  For lying to the American public about why he told the US military guarding the Benghazi Consulate to “stand down” and allow our ambassador and three other Americans to be slaughtered on the premises.  And why would Mr. Impeachment-bait do that?  Because it looks like he was trying to cover up the running of guns to the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria.  Not that the Syrian government is any great saint.  Neither the Syrian government or the Muslim Brotherhood are fighting for individual rights and freedoms.  They’re both just different shades of altruistic state collectivism, or rather altruistic church collectivism, same thing in the Middle East.  But the problem with Obama playing this dangerous game is that he apparently was willing to sacrifice American officials and then try to cover it all up by hoaking up a phony anti-Muslim video and blaming it on some poor nitwit producer in Hollywood.  And while Sec of State Hillary Clinton may not have given the “stand down” orders — mainly because the Joint chiefs of Staff do not report to the Bitch of State who likes to lie to US Congressional investigators — she participated in the whole UN Ambassador Susan Rice fake video ruse.  And Clinton had the temerity to scream — literally scream — at the US Congressional investigators, “At this point, who cares” about how the terrorists overran the Benghazi Consulate and raped, tortured, and murdered our Ambassador and three other Americans.  “Maybe the terrorists were just out for a stroll, or maybe who knows whaterver,” she implied as she then yelled, “At this point, who cares, the deed is done?”  Well, Bitch of State Clinton, guess what?  The murdered victims’ families care.  We care.  We care because now we know what you think of us.  Now we know what Obama and YOU think of us American citizens and how you wouldn’t hesitate to throw us to the wolves if it advances your political agenda both here and abroad.  It’s one thing to have done the murderous deed, both at the Obama “stand down” level and the Clinton “I’ll go along with that” level; but it’s quite another to blame some poor innocent slob making a Grade F anti-Muslim movie, send our UN Ambassador Susan Rice around to lie on all the major TV network talk shows, and try to cover it all up.  Nixon resigned over a 10-cent Watergate burglary that was nothing but a pissy-assy bugging of the opposition party’s politicians.  They got him for obstruction of justice and the cover up, not the bugging crime.  Obama and Thugs, however, set up a murder of four Americans to hide their nefarious gun running to the Muslim Brotherhood rebels, and then tried to cover it up.  If this isn’t an impeachable offense, then I don’t know what is.  President Obama and former Sec of State Clinton deserve at least to be booted out of politics:  as in forever.  And today can’t be too soon.  Strike three, Bud, you’re outta there!

—  Sun Apr 07, 2013  Ah yes, Obamacare “Navigators.”  Exactly what this nation now needs to push our economy right down the tubes into total national socialism.  What the hell is an Obamacare Navigator?  What kind of federal job is that?  A Navigator is a previous Obama Acorn neighborhood “organizer” — or pimp — whose job it will be to explain to the public, door to door, how to navigate through the bureaucratic federal health care maze that is being shoved down our throats because US Supreme Court Justice Roberts did not have the balls to call a spade a spade:  i.e. Obamacare should have been dumped a long time ago because it is obviously unconstitutional.  A 12-year child could have figured that out.  Obama’s cleverly created new militia of health care police, the Navigators, are slated to be paid up to $48 per hour, which is about $100,000 per year plus benefits.  How many Navigators does Obama think we might need in the US?  Estimates for California are 21,000 Navigators.  Crunching the numbers, if CA has 38 million people and the US population is 315 million, that means the US needs about 8.3 x 21,000 Navigators.  That equals about 175,000 Navigators to tell Americans how to navigatethrough our screwed up nationalized health care system.  What else will these Navigators do?  According to the White House, Navigators should be the same ethnic percentage of those whose neighborhoods they will be invading.  That way, they will all be speaking the same ‘George Orwell 1984’ New Speak, especially when the Navigators get to the bottom of their forms and ask Joe Citizen for his political affiliation information.  No lie.  They will be asking for the home owner’s/renter’s political affiliation.  And, oh yeah, they will also be asking about each Joe Doe’s personal medical information so they can do their job of navigating the poor slob through Obama’s 2,700 pages of federal health care bullshit, which even Congress and the President can’t decipher.  But the Navigators can.  Somehow.  Because as soon as you attach the words ‘federal government’ to anything, it becomes clear as a bell.  Ding dong.  How do you feel about telling some pimp-looking Bozo knocking on your door all about Aunt Tillie’s back ache, sister Suzie’s pregnancy, and Mom’s cancer treatment, plus give out the social security numbers for everybody in the family so the Navigator can do his/her job?  Swoosh, there goes doctor-patient confidentiality out the door.  Bingo, there goes your SS number into the files of all the computer hackers in the world as the Navigators figure out they can make a lot more money selling your personal info to hackers and advertisers with mailing lists.  The sheer invasion of privacy alone should make Americans and state politicians shudder with fear.  Unfortunately, it didn’t make Idaho legislators shudder with anything since the idiots were the first GOP state to pass a state health care exchange in the nation and have now been informed — the dolts — that the state, not the federal government — gets to pick up the costs for their state Navigators.  Yeah, really brilliant, Gov Butch Otter.  Really brilliant.  Didn’t see that one coming did you?  And there will be lots more bureaucracy coming Idaho’s way, too.  We tried to tell you not to deal with the devil but you wouldn’t listen.  Maybe you’ll catch on later, who knows?

—  Fri Jan 25, 2013  More on Sec of State Hillary Clinton and the so-called Congressional Inquiry into what happened regarding the Benghazi Murders at our US Embassy in Libya.  First, it was not an inquiry.  All Democratic Senators on the committee simply smooched Hillary Clinton’s butt and gave a speech.  Second, only three Republicans asked Hillary any pertinent questions.  Third, Hillary did not answer any questions — pertinent or not — but rather went off on tirades that had nothing to do with a real inquiry.  But the really horrible thing that happened was that the whole “investigative” circus reveals how absurd Congress has become, what low level bureaucrats the US now has installed in important positions of power — such as Sec of State — and how bad off the US will be perceived in the near future.  Ms. Clinton stated that the State Dept has 70,000 employees.  70,000 employees!  If we have 70 embassies in 70 major countries, that’s 1,000 State Dept employees at each embassy.  What overkill!  What could all these clowns be doing?  Certainly not their jobs or else we wouldn’t be talking about the Benghazi Murders at an investigative hearing in Congress.  Hillary states that she was not aware of much of anything.  She had no budget money, she claims, but Sen. Rand Paul pointed out all the millions of dollars the State Dept has spent on parties and other crap.  Hillary, in response to Sen. Johnson’s question about the sequence of events that brought about the Benghazi Murders and storming and burning of our embassy, literally jumped out of her chair and screamed, “Who cares?  We have four dead people.  What difference does it make whether it was a terrorist act or some guy decided it would be fun to knock off Americans at our Libyan Embassy?”  But wait a minute, Ms. Sec of State.  It DOES make a difference and that is precisely WHY we are conducting this hearing.  As Sen. Rand Paul stated, “I would have relieved you of your post, Ms. Secretary.”  Sen. Paul asked whether Hillary was aware of what was going on in a huge warehouse building next to the Benghazi Embassy since it was widely rumored that guns and other weapons may have been stored and distributed from said building as there has been a lot of recent shipping activity nearby.  Hillary said she did not know anything about the goings on at a building next door.  I have an important question for Hillary:  if you are building an embassy, doesn’t it behoove you to know what is going on around your embassy?  Same with the supposed Osama bin Laden compound in Pakistan right next door to Pakistan’s “West Point.”  Doesn’t it behoove the Pakistani govt AND the US to know what the hell is going on in what looks like Ft. Knox down the road apiece?  Duh.  Bottom line:  Obama has no foreign policy; Sec of State Hillary Clinton was just a low level mindless bureaucrat going through the motions, and Congress is showing itself to be totally irrelevant.  Along with the Judicial Dept and all of Washington DC.  You are now witnessing the rapid decline of the American Republic.  If anybody who worked for me replied as Hillary has over the last two days, I would have immediately fired their little asses.  Which is exactly what should have happened to Ms. Clinton four months ago.  And our US President is not even a legitimate citizen, much less a president of anything.  At most, he’s a puppet of the Federal Reserve.  Plus, the GOP has totally imploded into it’s own altruistic state collectivism, no different than the economic fascists who call themselves “progressives.”

—  Wed Jan 23, 2013  Sec of State Hillary Clinton has now recovered sufficiently from her fake “bonk on the head” to show up to a Congressional Inquiry about the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the Benghazi Embassy murders in Libya last year that took four American lives.  Prez Obama and Ambassador Rice concocted a ridiculous story that some bozo in Hollywood created a YouTube video that made fun of Muslims and Allah, and that that sparked a riot against the US compound in Libya.  Rice ran around babbling this YouTube video excuse on all the major TV talk shows, President Obama babbled this same excuse in the Rose Garden with Hillary standing by clinching her teeth and not looking like she agreed with him, and the FBI even arrested and detained some guy in Hollywood who supposedly produced or financed or shot the alleged video.  We now know that the YouTube video excuse was total bull dukie.  The big question is:  why did Obama and the administration try to pull the wool over America’s eyes?  What was really going on?  Did the Obama administration try to do a “fast and furious” guns deal out of Libya with other nations such as Turkey, like the failed “fast and furious” guns deal with Mexico?  Or is Obama and his administration really just a bunch of bunglers in foreign affairs?  Now, Sec of State Hillary Clinton is testifying before Congress that (1) she needs more money, (2) it’s her responsibility but wasn’t her fault (really? how does that work?), (3) American embassies are being attacked all over the world (I wonder why), (4) she has implemented a new better plan so it will never happen again, (5) Obama did the right thing, (6) Ambassador Rice did the right thing, and (7) blah blah blah bureaucratic double-talk about everything except the who, what, when, where, why and how behind the Benghazi incident.  Nobody asked Sec of State Clinton any REAL questions — except Senators John McCain and Rand Paul who completely disagreed with her answers, refuted all of them, and ripped her a new one.  In short, the upshot of the congressional hearing today was nothing except the Liberals kissing Hillary’s butt, only one or two GOP senators standing up to slap her stupid answers silly, and all that was accomplished is that Hillary was a good little girl who pretended to exonerate the Obama administration — and cover her own ass — so she can run for the Oval Office in 2016.  Nobody, and I mean nobody, except possibly Sen. Rand Paul at other times outside today’s Benghazi Hearings, have asked the fundamental question:  what the hell is the US doing sticking its nose in the business of all the nations in the Middle East in the first place?  We are there because the central bankers and OPEC oil ministers are hell bent on fixing the monopoly price of oil, forcing all participants to use only Federal Reserve Notes for all oil transactions as agreed upon at the last Bretten Woods meeting some time ago.  And these banking/oil parties have convinced both GOP and Liberal Congressmen to use the US Military to protect those fundamental banking interests.  So now all we hear about is a continual tit-for-tat response to whichever side’s latest bombing, or who shot at who last week, or who blew up which embassy or trade center last.  It’s no different than two tribes in the jungle committing atrocities against each other for whatever the other tribe did last week.  America has been reduced to a feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys.  Nobody wants to ask the fundamental question.  And the people who keep the wars going, the bankers, the oil companies, the arms manufacturers, the vendors supplying the military, and the bureaucrats who wring their hands at committee hearings such as the Benghazi Murders and bloviate a bunch of bullshit are busy running the Big Show.  With you, the taxpayer, financing all of it — in more ways than you will ever know.  Hyper-inflation of non gold-backed money has serious consequences, both nationally and internationally.  If you do not understand how the central bankers are the fundamental root problem, then you do not understand what money really is.  And Hillary may get away with the Benghazi debacle and run for president in 2016.

U of Idaho Wallace pleads GUILTY in $136 mil University Place fiasco…

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You are on the right track.  But you need deeper background.  I have it.  I know where every skeleton is buried.  But I need deepest cover.  You cannot reveal anything about me, not even where or how or by what means you obtain info from me.  Zip, zilch, zero, nada.  You must protect this source even if a judge threatens to send you to jail for contempt.” — Deepest Throat, anonymous source

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     Table of Contents    

Chapter  1 – The Cookie Monsters
Chapter  2 – All The Governor’s Men
Chapter  3 – Cryptic Partners
Chapter  4 – Shark Frenzy:  Give-Us-Your-Purses
Chapter  5 – Holy Eureka, It’s “Hoover Time!”
Chapter  6 – UI and UIF Cookie Jars
Chapter  7 – Nolo Conflicto?
Chapter  8 – Governor’s Legislative Dog & Pony Show
Chapter  9 – Boise’s Watergate
Chapter 10 – ISBA Throws Monkey Wrench at UIF

Chapter 11 – UIF fires Cryptic Partners for $18 mil? 
 Excuuse Me?

Chapter 12 – Whistle Blower Winstead
Chapter 13 – Follow The Money
Chapter 14 – “Absolute Power Corrupts”